Nvidia 3000 Series IS COMING - WAN Show Sept 4, 2020

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Timestamps: (Courtesy of Michael O'Brien)
00:00:00 - Stream Start!
00:00:31 - Hello!
00:00:37 - Topic #1: Nvidia 3000 Series (Jump to 00:02:17)
00:01:03 - Topic #0: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 (*Not covered*)
00:01:12 - Topic #2: Intel Tiger Lake Announcement (Jump to 00:36:41)
00:01:22 - Topic #3: Super Mario Brothers 35th Anniversary (Jump to 00:42:12)
00:01:39 - Intro
00:02:17 - Topic #1: Ampere/RTX 3000
00:02:30 - General feature overview
00:04:49 - RTX 3090 Specs, $1499
00:06:31 - RTX 3080 Specs, $699
00:07:24 - 2000-series vs 3000-series pricing, new & used
00:09:42 - Release date recap
00:10:01 - CUDA core count, new = old
00:11:09 - By Our Powers Combined, lttstore.com
00:12:05 - RTX 3070 Specs, $499
00:16:35 - Release cycle duration vs performance uplift
00:18:14 - Release excitement vs Logic
00:21:22 - DigitalFoundry's benchmark flaw?
00:24:06 - Wait for reviews, then buy, skip the hype
00:26:21 - Riley's hot take
00:28:41 - Luke's conclusive summary
00:29:50 - Hot take on new features
00:32:42 - How many will use them?
00:33:49 - Convert to lttstore.com streaming
00:35:21 - Meme moment
00:36:42 - Topic #2: Intel Tiger Lake
00:37:18 - It's "ex-eee" graphics, not "zee"
00:38:14 - Project Athena product validation, by Intel
00:40:32 - Ambiguity around Intel's launch dates
00:42:12 - Topic #3: Super Mario Bros 35th Anniversary thingy!
00:42:42 - RC car you can drive via your Switch
00:43:18 - Channel Super Fun re-enactment?
00:46:05 - Super Mario 3D All Stars Packet bundle
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00:51:51 - Meme moment
00:51:57 - Unofficial Topic #1: Cats vs Dogs
00:53:36 - Unofficial Topic #2: Battery Free GameBoy
00:54:52 - What is it though?
00:59:15 - Unofficial Topic #3: Floatplane Live on App Store
01:00:42 - Dark Mode Everything
01:01:51 - Unofficial Topic #4: "Cyborg" pig
01:02:53 - FitBit in your skull
01:04:12 - Black Mirror ftw?
01:05:05 - Google's algorithms at work
01:07:12 - Riley's summation of Luke's comparison
01:11:07 - Superchats!
01:11:45 - Inception Nvidia 3000-series question
01:14:50 - Riley's mustache!
01:15:38 - Goodbye!
01:15:42 - Outro!


  1. chinthor

    chinthor13 days ago

    Nintendo rips off the FPV camera on an RC car that Linus demonstrated

  2. ilovehotdogs125790

    ilovehotdogs125790Month ago

    Wtf people are selling their 2080tis for $800 on ebay, not ONE card i saw was sub $700. This is stupid, where do you find $300 2080tis. Idiots actually paying more than $500 on a 2080ti

  3. Adam Sthilaire

    Adam Sthilaire2 months ago

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  4. Adam Sthilaire

    Adam Sthilaire2 months ago

    Dame da nae

  5. wisico640

    wisico6402 months ago

    Cats can be weird but even the worst weirders one are great ❤ But yeah, after 8 years my cat is mostly a dog 😂

  6. Bobbydog66

    Bobbydog662 months ago

    56:50 That actually sounds like a million dollar idea. Every keystroke slowly but surely powers an external battery you could use for what have you.

  7. nope.

    nope.2 months ago

    1:08:20 lol yes, I had one of those jedi toys and it was awesome

  8. Giovanni Giò

    Giovanni Giò2 months ago

    you should review a new monitor from asus: XG27UQ, the minor brother of PG27UQ but still 4k 144. why? because of the new rtx 3000 series

  9. jhon lee

    jhon lee2 months ago

    R you thinking of creating your own USlikes channel? Than n i have some suggestions for you Clickk Here www.digistore24.com/redir/299134/babu1986

  10. Robert Mayhew

    Robert Mayhew2 months ago

    so i dont know the exact reason but maybe the messaging from this video got throgh to people selling hardware on ebay. I have the 2080 super founders card and today is the 14th and this morning i see a used founders card sold for 600. seamns maybe the intital hypee is starting to drop to a more rational response. or maybe that is a fluke and my card is really worhtless lol

  11. Lukaroast

    Lukaroast2 months ago

    LUKE dropping straight TRUTH about cats and owners

  12. lars K

    lars K2 months ago

    i still have a 970 and i am luckly upgrading when the 3080 comes out and not before :P

  13. Dave Carsley

    Dave Carsley2 months ago

    Riley is the nicest guy in the world... Not a great podcaster.

  14. Bratislav Metulski

    Bratislav Metulski2 months ago

    WTF??? The 3090 is double the price and only get 10 to 20 fps more? WTF??? uslikes.info/house/lXWn0ber2H2PmrY/video.html

  15. Elias Armendariz

    Elias Armendariz2 months ago

    I already love your videos/channels and I whole heatedly think you should do monthly giveaways or at least quarterly.

  16. Diablonar

    Diablonar2 months ago

    Liking the late additions of 720p60, it's noticeable here but only on Luke's side. It doesn't show up with the HD symbol in that quality, which is interesting.

  17. zapp

    zapp2 months ago

    cries in gt 610 :(

  18. Tuấn Tô

    Tuấn Tô2 months ago

    Please keep Riley for Wan show! Love this guy!

  19. Sandalwood

    Sandalwood2 months ago

    They accidentally started another livestream with this exact title an thumbnail today. 😂😂

  20. LanceQ10

    LanceQ102 months ago

    wow Linus u changed

  21. CFWhitman

    CFWhitman2 months ago

    I've read that tabby cats tend to be more affectionate. Our tabby was certainly affectionate. He used to settle in looking out the window just before the time that people would get home from work just so he could greet them.

  22. Mac

    Mac2 months ago

    Can it run Flight Sim 2020?

  23. Daniel Schädler

    Daniel Schädler2 months ago

    I guess scrapyard wars is dead, but you could do a similar competition, where you get a budget, but one specific part is fixed; like you have to have a rtx 2070 or something, maybe its provided up front or you have to find one and its just the gpu that counts, so if you get a high tier overclocked card you might be able to win or if you dont you have to get a good cpu or good value.. might be interesting 🤔

  24. Taran Jones

    Taran Jones2 months ago

    Until I can play RTX flappy bird at 144 fps then I won't be satisfied.

  25. Game tested

    Game tested2 months ago


  26. Mike E

    Mike E2 months ago

    Ya luke wait for them to be in ppls hands and more reviews to come out, so they'll be out of stock when u realize u really want one lmfao.

  27. Evan Johnston

    Evan Johnston2 months ago

    Watching Luke at 60fps, and Riley at like 30 is a huge disrupt. Frames Win Games!

  28. António Marcos Magalhães Peixoto

    António Marcos Magalhães Peixoto2 months ago

    I've bought the RTX 2080Ti, and I'm keeping it! At the time, in Portugal, the diference between the 2080 and 2080ti was 300€...in a 6000€ system, it was not a major issue...

  29. tamalesux

    tamalesux2 months ago


  30. Fabrizio Arosio

    Fabrizio Arosio2 months ago

    Riley transformation in Adam Savage started...

  31. Tabula Rasa

    Tabula Rasa2 months ago

    Michael Reeves made it so that Star Wars device was driving/accelerating a car. It was wild. uslikes.info/house/n4SZ2LVs16epl74/video.html

  32. John Olooney

    John Olooney2 months ago

    What a great reason to put a 2080ti in my second PC OR perhaps buy a second 2080ti for preanuts and run SLI ...... I am a 2080ti owner, do i sell my £1200 card for £400 to buy a £1500 3090 that ISNT twice as fast as my 2080ti - or do i simply buy a second 2080ti.... It is looking like ill be running SLI

  33. Allemand Instable

    Allemand Instable2 months ago


  34. Chrono Soul

    Chrono Soul2 months ago

    I can perfectly hear Riley imitating the classic line "No. I'm with the SCIENCE TEAM!"

  35. Heimvar the Apprentice

    Heimvar the Apprentice2 months ago

    Yoooooooo I've never seen a PNY card in any of your reviews hit em up and get some samples !! I've had a PNY 960 XLR8 since 900 series launch and it's been reliable and I've always like their aesthetics and it's been interesting seeing coverage of other cards but a lack of PNY inspection

  36. Jared Tavernari

    Jared Tavernari2 months ago

    RTX 3070 LEAKED A MONTH EARLY !!! uslikes.info/house/rIujpdqbmZuehJU/video.html

  37. Aaron Nakano

    Aaron Nakano2 months ago

    wish linus was here during the elon musk neural chip topic to mediate his usual ethics debate with luke, it was a good opportunity for some lengthier discussion

  38. Bullwinkle

    Bullwinkle2 months ago

    Craigslist ad- Brand new in box 2080 ti Founder's Edition, sacrifice for $1500 😆🤣🤪

  39. PSYCHO

    PSYCHO2 months ago

    RTX 2000 series is a perfect example to avoid buying 1st gen new architecture products (talking about RTX hardware).

  40. JHON REI

    JHON REI2 months ago

    Can you give me any loptop or desktop computer you review Pls read this coment and pls reply Or coment I'm desperate to have gaming laptop or desktop computer Like one you build,unbox or review pls. Read and see my coment pls

  41. Daniel Filippus

    Daniel Filippus2 months ago

    Nvidia should give a money-back coupon if you bought the 2080 ti within the last 6 months.

  42. UnashamedlyHentai

    UnashamedlyHentai2 months ago

    you are falsely associating social traits with "dogness". most cats are social. if you have difficulties with cats, that's your problem.

  43. ChaosTherum

    ChaosTherum2 months ago

    2 x 3080s would be awesome for vfio getting two doesn't always mean you're trying to do sli.

  44. ISOHaven

    ISOHaven2 months ago

    AMD 3970X and a 2080Ti on a 1080p monitor. 60Hz. What about? Just built it late last year. STILL waiting for a decent 4K monitor. Come on ASUS where the heck is the PG32UQX!?!?!?

  45. Nocturnal101 Ravenous

    Nocturnal101 Ravenous2 months ago

    Ray Tracing is one of those things they did an absolute poor marketing and explanation of. Sprites->Vector->Voxel->Raster->Ray Tracing Its a form of rendering, not a gimmick. Eventually when the compute is there we will be transitioning. Its based on Nvidia's claims but in action the Bethesda Doom 3080 Demo, and Digital Foundry. Digital Foundry got the card first because they are more scientific based and understand a significant more about graphics technology compared to just other youtube journalists, they have cred with a wide variety of audiences.

  46. Power Pro

    Power Pro2 months ago

    that idea of building pc for random person 😛 ... I will be happy to be first one 😂😂 .. Also I'm one of hyped persons for 30 series ( since I have 1080ti ), but 100% waiting for reviews first

  47. Samuel Schwager

    Samuel Schwager2 months ago

    Living under a rock wouldn't be too bad in 2020 all things considered...

  48. Zappy

    Zappy2 months ago

    Smashing on cats... "Ryan from Level1Techs...You dog people sicken me".

  49. Aino Hautamäki

    Aino Hautamäki2 months ago

    I got a 2080 Super about a year ago, not unhappy at all. It's been treating me well. Main reason is that this card will carry me well until the "RTX3000 refresh" cards come out, what Super cards were to 2000 series. That's when I will upgrade. A lot more games utilizing the "new level of horsepower" will be out (with many appearing on sales), drivers will have matured, the usual.

  50. HateG Plus

    HateG Plus2 months ago

    That was good fun. Could WAN work with four talking heads? Hmm ...

  51. APGGP

    APGGP2 months ago

    y’all in the 3000’s? I’m still running on a 970. My cpu is from 2008 😎✌️. I have only 8 gb’s of ram as well.

  52. e21big

    e21big2 months ago

    Glass Linus and Thicc Linus talking to themselves

  53. Kittentheboss

    Kittentheboss2 months ago

    hell i still game on an i5 4460 with a 1060 3gb. couldnt be happier. Mabey getting a new chipset in the future but my gpu is solid for 1080p60 gaming. Can't run demons souls on this build tho.

  54. Twotrue 210

    Twotrue 2102 months ago

    500 fps in league here I come

  55. Twotrue 210

    Twotrue 2102 months ago

    I'm taking out a loan for the 3000 series

  56. Ace55

    Ace552 months ago

    Is it worth it to upgrade from a 2060 to a 3070?

  57. The Innocent One

    The Innocent One2 months ago

    Downvote for the Digital Foundry snub 😏

  58. imperiajor

    imperiajor2 months ago

    00:42:12 - here is the link to "Real Life Mario Kart R/C Race" :) uslikes.info/house/f4583ZOArWmopK4/video.html

  59. JDXgamerboy 0329 playz

    JDXgamerboy 0329 playz2 months ago


  60. ebennett365

    ebennett3652 months ago

    can I have a gaming PC PLEASE????

  61. Haragoth

    Haragoth2 months ago

    Dude's really planted his flag on the "don't get hyped for this gpu" hill. I don't see any reason no to hype for this. Even if it doesn't hold up to all of the hype, it will still be a massive upgrade compared to the last gen. For anyone who skipped out on the 2000 cards, this will be a massive upgrade. All of the new new games are using ray tracing, UE5 will lean heavily into this tech. If you jump into the 3000 series now, you'll be able to ride this for the next two or three years before you need an upgrade. New 3000 cards will be better, but there won't be anything you won't be able to handle with the first three cards. I really don't see why you shouldn't hype in this case.

  62. Max Kochkin

    Max Kochkin2 months ago

    I run my Rtx 2080ti on a zowie 1080p 240hz

  63. Murdock

    Murdock2 months ago

    How this guy got his hands on a 3000 series first then Linus... I don't know. uslikes.info/house/lYt7lJSxtombhqY/video.html

  64. Christy Kail

    Christy Kail2 months ago

    Anyone else noticed the intro audio starts quiet and then rises? I'm guessing it's so they can talk over the first bit and let it rise, but, let's face it, the WAN show is always way too chaotic to organise something like that 😂

  65. pool Boy

    pool Boy2 months ago

    What if I just want a 3090, putting a 3070 in a god level system is lame.

  66. T P

    T P2 months ago

    Build me a pc.

  67. vcrclock

    vcrclock2 months ago

    The stuff about cats hurt pretty bad. Screw you luke. :/


    DOMINIC FENIX2 months ago

    All saying in chat that are getting the 3090 and 3080, the real questions for me are, "where is the 3060?", "will it be better than 2070 super?", because if the answer to those is "November" and "Yes it is", THEN I'll be hyped xD

  69. Bernie Williams

    Bernie Williams2 months ago

    Since I own 2 x EVGA 2080ti' FTW3 Hybrid's. One for me and one for eldest son... Well, I will take the hit and not sell them, will pass them on to the other kid's machines and as they will be good for quite a while. I'm really not that worried as I'm not seeing any games that have taken advantage of the 20x series to make me think that anything will really change. Plus don't own an 8K tv and unless they start making games that are better, I think it will be another 2 yrs and a new game engine for things to start to change.

  70. UndisputedFN

    UndisputedFN2 months ago

    PLEASE HELP ME AND READ!!!! i'm in desperate need of a new pc someone please help me out with any unwanted parts that are above my current pc specs, my specs are listed under my videos by default from nvidia control panel with my gtx 760. i don't even have an ssd currently running of a 500gb hard drive and an optiplex pc. message me on instagram @undisputed.ig PLEASE HELP.

  71. Papa Snarf

    Papa Snarf2 months ago

    As a league of legends player I will definitely get one of those 3090s lol 😂 thanks for calling me out like that

  72. Tylaris1

    Tylaris12 months ago

    Why did I get a notification for the friday stream on monday morning? Bad USlikes... bad.


    DOMINIC FENIX2 months ago

    Riley's expressions are hilarious xD

  74. Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson2 months ago

    56:40 video challenge ahead...see how long various LTT staff can self power the new 3090!l, so basically how long they can hold 350 watts on an exercise bike (or bike with a power meter) 😅 Would be a good illustration of just how much power 350w really is.

  75. pupple

    pupple2 months ago

    very manly man

  76. Hugsy Malone

    Hugsy Malone2 months ago

    18:12 - Luke starts spitting some truth

  77. Biocomputers 707

    Biocomputers 7072 months ago

    we need a smart guy to tell the truth about NVIDIA's business practices and ethics, milking customers, underhanded schemes , rtx and the super series way over priced with a hidden short shelf life, etc

  78. Ginger Knight

    Ginger Knight2 months ago

    I am SO glad my last GPU Purchase was November 2017!

  79. mason cooper

    mason cooper2 months ago

    the soy face thumbnails are truly horrific

  80. Pharma Exxis

    Pharma Exxis2 months ago

    Hi refresh 8k lol incing

  81. Blakey Lake

    Blakey Lake2 months ago

    Thumbs down just for the cat comments 😉😂👎

  82. Paul FG

    Paul FG2 months ago


  83. Harry Snell

    Harry Snell2 months ago

    Gonna be the guy who points out that PAM4 has 4 levels, meaning it transfers two bits at a time (as opposed to one bit at a time with two levels). It's a standard name which fortunately nVidia have used rather than inventing a new one lol

  84. Fabi Voltair

    Fabi Voltair2 months ago

    is it even possible to put less effort into preparing this show? cmon guys it's not hard to do this right...

  85. Spectre Airsoft

    Spectre Airsoft2 months ago

    Not sure what you guys use to stream for your podcasts buuuuut as a fellow caster I feel like I can recommend something called streamyard for you guys it's more than likely would be easy for you guys

  86. James Romano

    James Romano2 months ago

    I sold my 2080ti on ebay 3 weeks ago for $1210..... Best decision I ever made

  87. Just Anoman

    Just Anoman2 months ago

    Yeah, I've a 2080Ti and I use it to watch USlikes mostly. Well, I actually got it for Nier Automata, but in the end, I've issue playing the game as 3D RPG makes me a bit dizzy. I even upgraded to an ultrawide for improved field of view because i heard that helps and... it didn't, at least not much.

  88. Joh447

    Joh4472 months ago

    i would probably go for a 3070 if i actually had a 4k monitor. still on 1080p 144hz though so that would be exceeedingly stupid. 3080 seems excessive to me and 3090 is lottery territory to me. that said i should probably upgrade my processor... 4690K is not that much of a bottleneck for my 1070 unless the game in question is especially CPU-bound and newer.

  89. Luka Andrejević

    Luka Andrejević2 months ago

    Wel if your eyes gets hurt by white bage on internet that means that you have problem with white mode not the dark one.. XD as ewryone else, thats why we all love dark mode :)


    Unexpected SPANISH INQUISITION2 months ago

    I am defiantly building a new mid tier PC with a 3070 or a 3060 if that actually comes out and hopefully if I got the money a good I7 Coffee Lake, if I am short on money probably one of the good I5 Coffee lakes. I currently have a I5 7500 Kaby Lake, a GTX 1060 6G, 2x8 3200 Trident Z sticks, and a meh MSI B150 M3 Motherboard. The only bottleneck I have is the fact my Mobo's max ram freq is 2400 MHz while my sticks can go to 3200 MHz. I would assume if I kept used the It 7500 in an RTX 3070 build, it would bottle neck very badly, anyone got any CPU recommendations. I want to build a PC for 1500 or less. Preferably less lol.


    Unexpected SPANISH INQUISITION2 months ago

    Now that I think about it, a Ryzen 9 Would probably be the best for the price, though that would mean I would need a new cooler. But if I do a Ryzen 9 3900XT, that gives me 12 cores with a 3.8 base clock speed and 4.7 boost speed, which is far superior to my current I5 7500, not to mention it is probably half the price of any Intel CPU that has similar performance lol.


    Unexpected SPANISH INQUISITION2 months ago

    It doesn't have to have a 3070, but that is preferred but at 500 bucks that will defiantly limit what I can use as my CPU, I can just re-use my current ram, storage, and CPU cooler which would probably save me around $233 if I don't get more ram. Actually now that I think about it, I could easily build a 1500 or less build with the 3070, just don't know what CPU I could use that wont bottle neck with the shear performance of the 3070 that is not $1k lol.

  93. ncf

    ncf2 months ago

    horrible when listening in car - no audio compression 😭😭😭😭😭

  94. Arnas N

    Arnas N2 months ago

    I think Nvidia learned from intel failures :D

  95. Roelf van der Merwe

    Roelf van der Merwe2 months ago

    I have such a crush on Riley.

  96. Lu Tello

    Lu Tello2 months ago

    suck mouth :O :O

  97. Davie Russell

    Davie Russell2 months ago

    You can’t have a title saying “it’s coming” while having a thumbnail saying “it’s here” that’s flat out click bait......

  98. Andrew Babasick

    Andrew Babasick2 months ago

    I'm buying a 3090 for my 720p 60Hz monitor

  99. LaudeNuff

    LaudeNuff2 months ago

    keep those mouths open soy boys

  100. Christopher Kiddy

    Christopher Kiddy2 months ago

    I'm going to wait for the 4570 to come out.

  101. Gregory Norris

    Gregory Norris2 months ago

    The thing that really sucks with the limited time run of the Super Mario games is that I don't have a Switch and can't find one for a reasonable price. Add to that the fact that there's apparently going to be a new Switch console probably next year (I don't think Nintendo has made a public announcement yet but they have reportedly told investors they'll be releasing a new system with 4K capabilities that's compatible with current games and NVIDIA did just recently make upgraded Tegra chips).

  102. 〉〉GameHacKeR〈〈

    〉〉GameHacKeR〈〈2 months ago

    30:50 yous rant on for a good bit about Nvidia's reflex and broadcast then say how they're killing in the software department then dump on AMD saying they're software is letting them down then never mention how for over a year AMD have already had Anti Lag(same as reflex) and Broadcasting and Recording video even even gif's in game from the overlay.

  103. Tato Noot

    Tato Noot2 months ago

    An rx 6900 would be n i c e