Xbox is Backwards Compatible with... Everything??

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  1. Will Phillips

    Will PhillipsMonth ago

    When Xbox is more backwards compatible with PlayStation than PlayStation

  2. Wayne Garner

    Wayne Garner8 days ago

    @PC GameBoy Sony won't be all that bothered, Nintendo will be raging though they made MVG take some of his vids down if I remember rightly

  3. REAL6

    REAL612 days ago

    @Sir1Liner Yup, as a PS guy, it's the truth. Might have to get this xbox also

  4. froggo doggo

    froggo doggo14 days ago

    hol up

  5. Jason Chappell

    Jason Chappell16 days ago

    @PC GameBoy No, whats funny is people not realizing there is a huge difference between someone emulating on their home PC, or an open source project, that lacks the legal resources to fight Nintendo, and a company such as Microsoft, consistently in the top 4 most valuable companies on the planet (Nintendo has never even cracked the top 10), with its teams of lawyers ready to actually prove it is legal in court.

  6. MrJ0mmy

    MrJ0mmy17 days ago


  7. Jake Orabanec

    Jake Orabanec17 hours ago

    So are you paying for a service microsoft offers that gives you access to run these? So when they decide to stop supporting it in 5+ years none of these will be playable? Just wondering..

  8. Big Daddy Rifty

    Big Daddy Rifty18 hours ago

    Linus: you can do this as little as 20 minutes The video: 13 minutes is the best I can do. Me: confused on what do do for the next 7 minutes.

  9. TheJazzhands

    TheJazzhands22 hours ago

    Microsoft: we wanna make playing games as easy as possible with gamepass! also Microsoft: minecraft java and Mincraft bedrock are incompatible and we don't have bedrock edition on game pass so you gotta pay $30 for a game you already own, also that promo we did for java to upgrade? yeah not anymore



    SSSHHH Nintendont is watching you Microsoft.

  11. Nye

    NyeDay ago

    Nintendo Switch modding: Paperclip

  12. Dylan Staff

    Dylan Staff2 days ago

    Pretty sure you can do the same with ps vita

  13. Jacob Evenson

    Jacob Evenson2 days ago

    This gave me an actual reason to want an Xbox now...

  14. Matthew Davidson

    Matthew Davidson2 days ago

    could somebody use this to run linux/ other os??

  15. Blox Works

    Blox Works2 days ago

    Playstation: Best i can do is 5 ps3 games


    THE THINKER3 days ago

    X-box has better technology


    THE THINKER3 days ago

    X-box is making all the right moves

  18. The Nerfanator 4000

    The Nerfanator 40003 days ago

    Does this mean I can play uncharted on my series s that I don't have

  19. NCG

    NCG5 days ago

    Retroarch, AKA the program with possibly the WORST GUI, settings, stability and consistency i've ever seen

  20. Unknown Shredder

    Unknown Shredder5 days ago

    NCAA 14 on the 360 ???????????????

  21. Nitro

    Nitro6 days ago

    Huge props to Microsoft for doing this

  22. Skeptical Boi

    Skeptical Boi6 days ago

    Now my Xbox can be useful to me again

  23. mizo mint

    mizo mint6 days ago

    I think it's just easier to run an emulator on a pc and buy a controller.

  24. PlayStation Psycho

    PlayStation Psycho7 days ago

    I remember when the ps5 promised backwards compatibility and then took it all away and were like "well ps4 is backwards compatibility" I don't think a game that came out like 5 months ago really counts as backwards compatibility

  25. Stephen Bailey

    Stephen Bailey9 days ago

    The downfall of the Dreamcast was caused more by Sega's poor internal management as opposed to the fact that it was easy to pirate games for the system. The PS1's copy protection was defeated rather easily, and the console not only established the foundation for sony as a player in the market, but it still holds it's title as one of the best selling video game consoles in history. Sega probably would've survived had they not severed the trust of commercial distributors, developers, and even consumers through their own poor business management; dumping resources into developing addons for the mega drive for instance, only to release their new Sega Saturn console only months after the release of the 32x rendered the time and money put into developing their previous addons almost worthless. They also prematurely released the Saturn ahead of schedule, which upset both developers and retailers alike, resulting in a low-key boycott of Sega. To add insult to injury, the console was massively overengineered with a prohibitive price tag to boot; it's safe to assume they lost a lot of money just engineering the hardware for the Saturn. Realistically, Sega at this point had made the majority of their profits almost exclusively from the Mega Drive alone; they were losing money trying to compete by developing new hardware, reporting a net loss of over 300 million USD in 1998. The Dreamcast was a small success in the sense that it not only managed to kick-start the 6th gen of consoles, but it also managed to make a profit for the company after a slew of failures... until other companies quickly developed superior hardware with a much wider range of support from both developers and retailers. This presented a major problem for Sega; Sega's "sports" line of titles, for instance, simply couldn't compete with the likes of EA's line of sports titles; games that guarantee sales for consoles. Without support from more established developers, and with big retailers like KB Toys refusing to stock Dreamcasts along it's 6th gen competitors... it's easy to see why the Dreamcast eventually went the way of the dodo, and why Sega had finally decided consoles would no longer be profitable for them in the longrun. To imply that the lackluster copyprotection of the dreamcast had much to do with it's fall is... well, a little misinformed, to say the least.

  26. Roxor128

    Roxor1289 days ago

    Fun fact about breaking console security: The PS3 remained unbroken until Sony removed support for other operating systems. Once they revoked the ability to run your OS of choice, a determined effort to break the system's security started. It's not piracy that drives the cracking of consoles, but homebrew. Microsoft is being smart here. Now _there's_ a sentence you don't see every day!


    OOGY BOOGY9 days ago


  28. Goran Novakovic

    Goran Novakovic10 days ago

    9:45 what about pc then lmao

  29. Team218important

    Team218important10 days ago

    When Xbox is more backwards compatible with PlayStation than PlayStation

  30. Aaron Shelton

    Aaron Shelton13 days ago

    This is sweet. Does this make it possible to mine crypto with an Xbox?

  31. Michael Benson

    Michael Benson13 days ago

    This would have interested me as a student, but I don’t have time for this level of tinkering so I’m sticking with my official systems.

  32. Der Serandi

    Der Serandi13 days ago

    BUT!!!!! There are WAY TOOOOOOO FKN LESS xbox classic games to play backwards!!!! Why the hell I can't play def jam, Oddworld Munch's Oddysee or Dino Crisis 3 on the new Xboxes!???? That's my biggest problem on some of the best Xbox games to myself I go I was always been a Playstation guy!! But these and other big games should run again!!!!!

  33. I Hate Communism

    I Hate Communism13 days ago

    I've had Dolphin on my all of my phones, pretty much. I'm always playing Mario Kart or Windwaker..

  34. Walther Penne

    Walther Penne10 days ago

    Good to know. Another victim for the biggest hacker-weapon in the 21st century? Do you yhave a Steam-account too? Because it miht be,in a few months it will simply no longer be there lmao!

  35. Andrej

    Andrej13 days ago

    Piracy is still more convenient and better than the DRM. Nice try tho Valve

  36. Jacob Baranowski

    Jacob Baranowski14 days ago

    I am thinking about cheting on Plastation with Xbox because of the bakwards compatibilety and the retro emulation with Pilgrim vs the world complet edition on switch , stem, pastation, xbox,reles date 1/14/2021

  37. AhegaoComics

    AhegaoComics14 days ago

    Jokes on you! I dont have gamepass and dont want to spend $60.

  38. ryan reston

    ryan reston14 days ago

    watching this as im playing sega dreamcast

  39. Ryan Twomey

    Ryan Twomey14 days ago


  40. NightOwl

    NightOwl14 days ago

    gotta say this is the only sponsor I've clicked on was curious what they sold.

  41. pancon5

    pancon514 days ago

    That Dremel mod is just crazy. MVG is s great channel!

  42. meadsource

    meadsource15 days ago

    If Anthony doesn't get that same intro for every video from this point forward, I'm unsubscribing.

  43. demonpride1975

    demonpride197515 days ago

    now that this is out, make sure you have 2 versions, one that you connect to the web and one that is offline only, because you know Microsoft is going to patch this.

  44. uruwow 8

    uruwow 815 days ago

    That was a great Xbox commercial... lol...

  45. Mookan Kandiah

    Mookan Kandiah15 days ago

    Why do i always think that happy face wearing headphones in the intro is an among us space man

  46. Trev

    Trev15 days ago

    Ok, so theoretically if someone made a UWP crypto miner, we could mine on an xbox?

  47. Butter Finger

    Butter Finger15 days ago

    Please dont abuse this, these types tools help small game developers like me and it would really suck to see these tools go away.

  48. Oneandonlyagust

    Oneandonlyagust16 days ago

    Is this series s exclusive or series x as well

  49. Football Legends Live

    Football Legends Live9 days ago


  50. Joseph Jarman

    Joseph Jarman16 days ago

    lol his face in the tv -

  51. Ashwin Kundeti

    Ashwin Kundeti16 days ago

    Or just build a cheap gaming pc

  52. 松谷春樹

    松谷春樹16 days ago

    Anthony’s voice is so relaxing! Love him in LTT videos

  53. Davide Nastri

    Davide Nastri16 days ago

    Woooow so basically like... A pc? XD :P

  54. Baggy Trousers

    Baggy Trousers16 days ago

    Wasn't Wrath of Cortex available on the original Xbox anyway?

  55. Ants Sweden

    Ants Sweden16 days ago

    nerd tech xbox stuff for 12 minutes vs 1 minute of ruggs

  56. darriell hayes

    darriell hayes16 days ago

    I knew it was him

  57. ClockworkAvatar

    ClockworkAvatar16 days ago

    i'd still rather hack the console.

  58. ᅚᅚQix

    ᅚᅚQix17 days ago

    People bitching about nintendo, they said every console up to the Wii (maybe the cube) is ok to emulate.

  59. joshndroid

    joshndroid17 days ago


  60. Lewis Eaton

    Lewis Eaton17 days ago

    What so with the Xbox developer thing, can I put the windows calculator on it?

  61. SzTech & Tv

    SzTech & Tv17 days ago

    Why yo summary longer than that Kom Jong Speech. Jk lol😁

  62. alpham777

    alpham77717 days ago

    Crash bandicoot was before Dualshock linus. and updates.

  63. 1UPAlpha

    1UPAlpha17 days ago

    I can admit i was so against Xbox Game Pass they got me...i like it.........a lot :)

  64. EyesOfByes

    EyesOfByes17 days ago

    9:17 Scalpers kind of ruined that business model. The ratio of non-activated PS5 vs sold units is apparantly big enough to worry Sony execs 😏

  65. Bonswally

    Bonswally17 days ago

    So just use pc for emulation instead. Got it.

  66. TheKHfan358over3d

    TheKHfan358over3d17 days ago

    once RPCS3 starts working with xbox Series X hoo boy the Series X will be superior to PS5.

  67. Braxton Burtis

    Braxton Burtis18 days ago

    They're fine as long as games aren't pirated. U ca run whatever u want on em

  68. Diego Marquez

    Diego Marquez18 days ago

    game cube on Xbox new emulation

  69. Joshua Bowden

    Joshua Bowden18 days ago

    or you own the game but ubisoft wont register the game key so you cant access the game's online features *cough* Splinter Cell: Blacklist *cough*

  70. Just Dom

    Just Dom18 days ago

    When you giving Antony his own show?

  71. DJ Smith

    DJ Smith18 days ago

    They are praising Xbox more than the sponsor lol

  72. Michael Rumbucher

    Michael Rumbucher18 days ago

    Anthony now always needs this into!

  73. Smart Guy

    Smart Guy19 days ago

    Just buy a ps3 fat and your set

  74. Smart Guy

    Smart Guy19 days ago

    Works way better aswell

  75. Admiral_Hoshi

    Admiral_Hoshi19 days ago

    Didn't know that Linus had god's phone number... oh wait that's just Anthony, the legend.

  76. Guillaume Briand

    Guillaume Briand19 days ago

    Can it run the CEMU (WiiU) emulator?

  77. Hadrian Decurtins

    Hadrian Decurtins18 days ago

    I had the same question, and what about citra or even yuzu?

  78. darrell

    darrell19 days ago

    ive been using retro arch for years on my pc big fucking deal

  79. izaac plays

    izaac plays19 days ago

    3:30 saying idiosyncrasies to sound smart ;) i gotchu linus. for the record i do the exact same thing 😅

  80. socks

    socks19 days ago


  81. Cycke86

    Cycke8619 days ago

    That Anthony intro though...

  82. Debilepski HipHop

    Debilepski HipHop19 days ago

    I bought my Xbox 360 modded to run burned discs right off the bat. Found someone who sold the burned games, and managed to get any game for £3. I still bought official games, but it was cool to be able to play burned games, online as well. Maybe it's not legal, but if you can't afford them, you can't afford them, and you're forced to other alternatives.

  83. Fabrizio Massaccesi

    Fabrizio Massaccesi20 days ago

    Damn, is that PSone ok?!

  84. Daniel Kovář

    Daniel Kovář20 days ago

    Poor PlayStation 😢

  85. Gringorilla

    Gringorilla20 days ago

    I really don't see how this is any different than my PS3 running RetroArch. Anyone care to explain? This seems to have trouble with the exact same games as my PS3 does. The only difference is that I don't have to pay a subscription to play games on mine.

  86. inkadence

    inkadence20 days ago

    Reminded me of the psp glory days when i modded a battery into a pandora battery to load custom firmware

  87. Kevin Michael

    Kevin Michael20 days ago

    Best ad spot ever! Hope you lot had a good holiday Seasonic Team :)

  88. dude_420420

    dude_42042020 days ago

    Nobody: Linus: Yeet PSone

  89. The Florida Man

    The Florida Man17 days ago

    It hurt me when he did that

  90. Boblatte123

    Boblatte12320 days ago

    seasonic is the most chill sponser ive ever seen


    CROWNLESS20 days ago

    2:23 what a fucking legend hell yea.

  92. Chris Funk

    Chris Funk20 days ago

    That Seasonic ad sold a power supply this week. Less is more here, people.

  93. StrangePinata

    StrangePinata20 days ago

    7:14 BSOD (69%) Error code LTTSTORE.COM Nice

  94. weeblife boi

    weeblife boi20 days ago

    ok Okay

  95. Dirty Dog

    Dirty Dog20 days ago

    I fuckin' love Anthony. Bro let me buy you a beer at some point if I ever come to VC lol

  96. Curt.exe

    Curt.exe20 days ago

    The disrespect at the beginning.

  97. ThatOneGuy

    ThatOneGuy20 days ago

    Ruggable is just the rug version of Displate

  98. NoUsernameHere

    NoUsernameHere20 days ago

    the og xbox has been defeated

  99. tibuforever

    tibuforever20 days ago

    Anthony is amazing. The real king of LTT

  100. Carlo Pepi

    Carlo Pepi20 days ago

    Arguement number 2, 90%+ people own or have access to a pc so why not just have a windows 10 mode in the console? that would give everyone a reason to own a series x it makes sense, hell id pay a 50$ fee to do so.

  101. Marc Wolfe

    Marc Wolfe20 days ago

    "Check out modern vintage gamer's video, we'll link that below" *doesn't link it*

  102. Data Banks

    Data Banks20 days ago and There you go

  103. Marc Wolfe

    Marc Wolfe20 days ago

    I put this off until I was extra bored. If Crash was in the thumbnail, I was have watched right away.

  104. ETO统帅叶文洁

    ETO统帅叶文洁20 days ago

    Chen's video presenting anti-piracy is public? It actually talks a lot about how Microsoft manages to prevent hacking from its hardware and firmware perspective, which make is unbreakable anyway. Linus's understanding of using monthly dev sub to eliminate the will to piracy is very interesting. Maybe? but I tends to think this is a mechanism towards developers to make it easier to poke around UWP and (hopefully) make it a popular platform.

  105. bsiccs

    bsiccs20 days ago

    The Linus on the black screen is gold

  106. Kalder

    Kalder20 days ago

    Can it run ps3 games?

  107. Burger Hands

    Burger Hands20 days ago

    Scam :/

  108. Retro Gaming123

    Retro Gaming12321 day ago

    wonder if it can run moded java, id try it but i don't use xbox... PlayStation forever!

  109. The Bear Minimum

    The Bear Minimum21 day ago


  110. Goutham Raj

    Goutham Raj21 day ago

    Latest Amazon Offers Are Huge! Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 drops to $250 ($150 OFF); Seagate Ultra Touch 1TB External SSD drops to $140 ($25 OFF); TicWatch Pro Smartwatch + TicPods ANC Bundle at $249 ($100 OFF)

  111. Raza_Blade

    Raza_Blade21 day ago

    Me: Sees Anthony My brain: Yes Yes Yes