Smell-O-Vision is REAL

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link:
iTunes Download Link:
Artist Link:
Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. Manwitha Machinegun

    Manwitha Machinegun9 hours ago

    No shit... Theme park rides have been doing this for literally YEARS

  2. Max6244

    Max6244Day ago

    Would love to use one in the future with doom eternal, would smell very nice :)

  3. Coconet

    Coconet2 days ago

    When he says “Kick in” it’s sounds like a little bit of auto tune

  4. N_twice11 YT

    N_twice11 YT2 days ago

    1:52 at kick in linus uses autotune lol

  5. Quintin Goostree

    Quintin Goostree5 days ago

    Used to think V.R. was the future of games, but after I saw Elon's neural link my mind has changed. Just wait til a chip can trick you olfactory senses to smell anything imaginable...see anything...feel anything. It's gonna be crazy boys and girls

  6. Dennis Nattkämper

    Dennis Nattkämper5 days ago

    dont play the fracture butthole XD

  7. foul play

    foul play9 days ago


  8. Tim Nicholson

    Tim Nicholson14 days ago

    I need one while I watch this video to figure out if it actually works

  9. Los Danke

    Los Danke14 days ago

    That one with the coffee reminds me of infinity blade 2

  10. m4chia

    m4chia16 days ago

    Now imagine: A machine that processes air and creates organic scent molecules

  11. SixKoi

    SixKoi16 days ago

    Who asked for this? I'll take my VR without smells, thanks.

  12. Max Mad

    Max Mad18 days ago

    What about Feel Real Search Feel Real In internet /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\

  13. fireplays

    fireplays20 days ago

    gamers who bought it for extra cooling in their tall desktops: You may use it for the smell but we use it for cooling

  14. Kyle Huber

    Kyle Huber20 days ago

    what the hell does water smell like? is he serious!?

  15. Skittys

    Skittys22 days ago

    I'm pretty sure there was a device like this called the iSmell like 10-15 years ago that did something similar?

  16. Javian Brown

    Javian Brown22 days ago

    so when I'm Bloodhound I can actually smell my prey

  17. Alumlovescake

    Alumlovescake20 days ago

    What Bloodhound?

  18. Toq The Wise

    Toq The Wise23 days ago

    I’m congenitally anosmic, meaning I was born without a sense of smell, so this video makes zero scents to me. Thank you, I’ll be here all night.

  19. j k

    j k24 days ago

    But do those smell vials have RGB? Edit: Apparently yes, they do.

  20. fop8

    fop824 days ago

    now my anime gf vr simulator will be more immersive !

  21. Cody Bonner

    Cody Bonner26 days ago

    I just watched 4 LTT April fools videos in a row and couldn't tell if this was a 4th LOL

  22. Iberra 6000

    Iberra 600026 days ago

    Imagine playing cod with one of these and smelling the sweats

  23. Sawta

    Sawta26 days ago

    The tech is neat, but as someone who has Hyposmia (reduced ability to smell) I would most certainly not be the target demographic for this sort of experience. It's interesting to hear Linus and Colin talk about the "smell" that water and pine trees give off, it's not really something that makes a whole lot of sense from my perspective. It's like saying "Look how shiny that car is!" when the car is a mile away and there's a bunch of other cars next to it. The car _could_ be shiny, but how you could possibly tell just relies on you taking the person's word for it unless you have a telescope on hand, or have seen the car up close before. It's not that you don't know what shiny cars look like, it's that you have no idea how they could possibly _see_ that the car is shiny from that far away. Anyway, getting back to the tech, I think that although the idea is interesting, practically speaking, I would worry that the room or area that the smell setup is stationed would be stained with a permanent combination of every scent. It'd be like walking into the house of someone who is a chronic smoker, or someone who constantly burns incense. There's just this thing that's kind of burned into every surface of the room. Maybe essential oils are different and aren't as long-lasting as cigarette smoke? I would worry about it damaging the neutral smell of the room compared to the rest of the house. It also might mean that the user needs to take a shower afterward if they've been gaming for more than a few hours. I just imagine the entire area kind of having a weird odor to it over time and would hope I don't have a carpet in that area.

  24. Raska The Slaanesh

    Raska The Slaanesh27 days ago

    you know what would be better ?.... put like a chip underneath or QR code to instantly tell the software "this is coffee smell", "this is waterfall smell" instead of it being manual or set in stone settings Will also allow you to run different configurations without needing to set anything

  25. Nicholas

    Nicholas28 days ago

    imagine setting this thing up to work with Binding of Isaac. Instructions to diy authentic smells; Okay so for the shit and piss simply shit in one of the jars and piss in another one. For the smell of rotting corpse leave a bit of meat out to rot for a week or two then put in jar. For burnt corpses I recommend lighting some roadkill on fire, you wanna get the bones in there for that authentic burnt body smell. Now getting placenta might be tricky if you aren't pregnant but you may be able to arrange to get one from a farmer after one of their animals give birth, either way be sure to keep as much blood from the birth as possible.

  26. Feoniix Music

    Feoniix Music29 days ago

    In the future, this is gonna be done by sending signals to your brain to simulate sense-stimulation. I bet they're looking back laughing at this.

  27. elite kill

    elite killMonth ago

    can you smell a fart?

  28. Ray14

    Ray14Month ago

    in 10 years we'll be like "wow that was the best they could do?!"

  29. Dad's Play

    Dad's PlayMonth ago

    Cybersniff 2000!

  30. evilmark443

    evilmark443Month ago

    Imagine playing a zombie game with this ... I'd probably puke repeatedly, lol

  31. Mohammed Imaad Iqbal

    Mohammed Imaad IqbalMonth ago

    When he said that he would try it with Minecraft, I actually thought that he would use the VR mod along with it

  32. Dustar ion

    Dustar ionMonth ago

    This would be great for a home cinema too... this + dolby Atmos.. man

  33. RedEvee

    RedEveeMonth ago

    where is the blood and rotting corps smell .. you need that for most games

  34. ICEknightnine

    ICEknightnineMonth ago

    Ah yes, I can't wait to inhale rotting flesh smell whilst fighting zombies in Minecraft.

  35. TallTaleTuff

    TallTaleTuffMonth ago

    1:53 autotune linus

  36. Eugeemz

    EugeemzMonth ago

    Remember nosulus rift? This is him now Feel old yet?

  37. mick muller

    mick mullerMonth ago

    I leave this under every video I watched, it helps the algorithm..

  38. zlac

    zlacMonth ago

    Just wait for the PH integration, You'll get free bottles with special odors when you buy a 6 month subscription. You'll get: "o de twat", "standard sweat", "nutsack", and (of course) fish, piss, blood and poo.

  39. Ian Visser

    Ian VisserMonth ago

    Smells like sh*t... someone's hunting gryphons

  40. Palmelasan

    PalmelasanMonth ago

    i don't like Colin, he gives me serial killer vibes

  41. Joe Kesler

    Joe KeslerMonth ago

    let me know when they make a fart smell

  42. Sniperclysm sniperclysm

    Sniperclysm sniperclysmMonth ago

    I think its a big wast of smell lol

  43. Grumbledore

    GrumbledoreMonth ago

    can't wait for this in skyrim

  44. Tycoonmaster460

    Tycoonmaster460Month ago

    Rotten scent for zombie and horror games

  45. Lukas

    LukasMonth ago

    Do you actually want a blood smell is the better Question. Dead people don't smell that nice and neither do guts.

  46. Ethan Ward

    Ethan WardMonth ago

    Gwyneth Paltrow x Cyberpunk 2077 Smell-O-Vision

  47. I'm Sorry

    I'm SorryMonth ago

    Its not as simple as that "the vape ban" not really a ban, i can still buy flavored vape juice. Just companies need to fork over millions to get regulated. Its fucking corrupt honestly i hate the fda it shouldn't exist in the way it does.

  48. Skrrty Curty

    Skrrty CurtyMonth ago

    Linus: hot coffee mod Me: linus no. Thats illegal

  49. momorain

    momorainMonth ago

    Do you need to refill those jars?

  50. momorain

    momorainMonth ago

    Watch 2 girls 1 cup with that and you are going to have a rough time

  51. horn rug

    horn rugMonth ago

    lol if only hot coffee mod was in minecraft

  52. Lucious

    LuciousMonth ago

    the unreal demo reminds me of infinity blade

  53. Carl Tercak

    Carl TercakMonth ago

    Just imagine.. Fill up dose vials with fart spray :D

  54. leberkaesss

    leberkaesssMonth ago

    bro someone tell me what this is

  55. Metal Videos

    Metal VideosMonth ago

    use this well playing conker's bad fur day.

  56. Akrista

    AkristaMonth ago

    Smells like adventure, make my day

  57. Coordinate Plane

    Coordinate PlaneMonth ago

    Minecraft with this.This, with Mambience mod, with sonic ethers sound physics mod, with animated textures resource pack, With shaders.

  58. darek4488

    darek4488Month ago

    And some people have pixels so big they can smell them already.

  59. Harvey Sullivan

    Harvey SullivanMonth ago

    it's a building block for sure but this is really cool stuff and I can't wait to see what people do with this!

  60. Bro_Gaming

    Bro_GamingMonth ago

    Bro we’re getting closer to full dive virtual reality

  61. mrshmuga9

    mrshmuga9Month ago

    The real innovation will be when you only need one cartridge or no cartridges. Although I do wonder about the health concerns of constant smells for hours, like perfume.

  62. Xeb

    XebMonth ago

    Am I the only one who doesn’t know what water smells like??

  63. ccc310

    ccc310Month ago

    It's all fun and games until you enter your pig farm in Minecraft.

  64. Muhammad Firda Husain

    Muhammad Firda HusainMonth ago

    Future game setting: Graphics : low,medium,high,extreeme Sound : voice,sfx,bgmusic Smell : water,soil,trees,blood,victorious,failure,etc,etc Wind blows : on,off Water splash: on,off And put your game-suit on, so you can feel more experience on your skin

  65. Intent Store

    Intent StoreMonth ago

    From the moment I saw the title I was waiting for him to say *It is a matter of time* ...

  66. Ronald Dixon

    Ronald DixonMonth ago

    Linus.... u know how to run in minecraft right?????

  67. Connor Casey

    Connor CaseyMonth ago

    Does anyone know the game on the TV?

  68. Douglas Fish

    Douglas FishMonth ago

    do the kids even know what the hot coffee mod is anymore?

  69. alpenjodel24

    alpenjodel24Month ago

    No sponsor segway whaaaat

  70. Ghost400055

    Ghost400055Month ago

    i just thought of something imagine doom or mordauh with a blood scent that would be sick

  71. Yulti Haif

    Yulti HaifMonth ago

    What we conceive as smells are nothing more than stimulus that our brain detect as such, in the future once we reach a more advance knowledge of our brains there would be hardware made specifically for this purpose and as in real live...the effect would be pleasant or horrible depending of where you are

  72. Bix

    BixMonth ago

    i thought this was gonna be in a south park game

  73. shperax

    shperaxMonth ago

    OOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGG. Red Dead Redemption 2 VR, with Gun Powder smells. Campfire Smells. Cow and horse shit smells. Blood smell, Water smell. Forest Smells. TAKE MY MONEY NOW.

  74. Salah Muarrawi

    Salah MuarrawiMonth ago

    Am I the only one that thought that in the thumbnail these things looks like the infinitystones? xD PS: I didn't watch the video.

  75. Robin Galvez

    Robin GalvezMonth ago

    honestly, this is awesome! I hope this gets developed more.

  76. josh davis

    josh davisMonth ago

    He said faces hole lol

  77. Tricky Tanner

    Tricky TannerMonth ago


  78. Monsieur K

    Monsieur KMonth ago

    you should make a video with all last tech on VR

  79. Bryan Moyna

    Bryan MoynaMonth ago

    Spraying unknown chemicals in my home/body? Thats not gonna happen. Actually, the RGB itself is a huge red flag about the quality and safety of the product, in my opinion.

  80. Dylan Presi da Fonseca

    Dylan Presi da FonsecaMonth ago

    Finally. Rtx fard.

  81. emimib

    emimibMonth ago

    10:27 lmafooo

  82. bloedbiber

    bloedbiberMonth ago

    25 years ago we already made our jokes about the newly developed smellblaster-card...

  83. Hunter Rodrigez

    Hunter RodrigezMonth ago

    The amount of sewer levels in video games will always stop me from getting something like that...

  84. A bunny that will chew on your cables

    A bunny that will chew on your cablesMonth ago

    8:56 LMAO 😂 GOOD ONE LINUS 👏🏻👏🏻

  85. Friday Californiaa

    Friday CaliforniaaMonth ago

    Internet : exists for a long time 2020 : *Fart-o-Vision*

  86. Jesus Flores

    Jesus FloresMonth ago

    imagine rocket league

  87. Minefreak2000

    Minefreak2000Month ago

    Might be worth checking out perfumers apprentice for this..

  88. B H

    B HMonth ago

    I get the feeling the military is going to be the number one customer for this

  89. Michael

    MichaelMonth ago

    Rumor has it that Joe Biden is heavily invested in this. Large quantities of human hair smell have been shipped directly to his basement.

  90. Fluffy Explosives

    Fluffy ExplosivesMonth ago

    2:50 *sad Source Engine noises*

  91. Lasky Labs

    Lasky LabsMonth ago

    I can just do a homebrew version of this. Just get some friends together when playing VR and have them light different candles and spray air freshener while playing games. Like when you get to the distillery in Half-Life Alyx, just have them splash you with rubbing alcohol to really immerse you.

  92. p shitpost

    p shitpostMonth ago

    Race fuel? im sold.

  93. NO WAY

    NO WAYMonth ago

    OMG lol. he has the same PC tower that i have... but certainly without the nice wheel modification to be able to roll it around.. (when you have to visit your parents again and dont want to spend the whole evening talking to them)

  94. andres paladines

    andres paladinesMonth ago

    Smell resolution!!... oh man.. it's really awesome :o

  95. Erik Lindahl

    Erik LindahlMonth ago

    Just noticed... Why the heck are you using letterboxed videos on USlikes? Stop being weird, go 16:9.

  96. Aaron Johnson

    Aaron JohnsonMonth ago

    Drug dog simulator

  97. PowerfulTimmu

    PowerfulTimmuMonth ago

    Smell vision on diablo 2 or witcher 3 would be amazing

  98. Evan Crain

    Evan CrainMonth ago

    Will this work with VR p0rn? Asking for a friend.

  99. Mike Tillman

    Mike TillmanMonth ago

    Filter fans for scent-o-vision pixel switching time. lol

  100. ARROW327

    ARROW327Month ago

    Is it me or is linus becoming nicer? Slowly though, minus a few slip ups

  101. Allan Keane

    Allan KeaneMonth ago

    Imagine smelling Trevor from GTA5