Okay Mark… the Quest 2 is a GREAT value…

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The Oculus Quest 2 is (almost*) better in every way than the original, provided you have no problem signing in with your Facebook account. But how does the standalone experience compare to PC VR this time around?
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  1. Linus Tech Tips

    Linus Tech Tips12 days ago

    A couple updates since we filmed this: - Oculus has released the 90Hz update for the Quest 2 - Oculus Link is now out of beta, and also supports 90Hz on the Quest 2 - You can also now cast directly to a web browser

  2. kirito kirigaya

    kirito kirigaya15 hours ago

    Linus is it possible to connect a webcan in pcie slot and rampup the quality to maximum like mobile devices

  3. Uilliam56 X

    Uilliam56 XDay ago

    I've never EVER payed for any program,game etc that i own ,really...

  4. Uilliam56 X

    Uilliam56 XDay ago

    @DRVideosdon't worry m8,i don't live in the USA, where's fbi and other 💩 where government always watches you.I live in place where you legally get away (especially in the internet) with a lot of stuff,i dont care they dont know a tiny bit about me.And remember, i got 400+likes in a reply,haven't beaten my best one (2000 likes) but still cool Did it for the likes

  5. DRVideos

    DRVideosDay ago

    @Uilliam56 X don’t worry m8 google already has more data stored on you anyway 🤡

  6. Unkown

    UnkownDay ago


  7. tsartomato

    tsartomato4 hours ago

    what would stop me from creating a new facebook account?

  8. todd

    toddHour ago


  9. The Bird Nerd

    The Bird Nerd4 hours ago

    The fact that he wouldn’t take the sponsorship unless they let him leave nothing undisclosed shows how much he genuinely cares

  10. Freal Solidus Auxil

    Freal Solidus Auxil6 hours ago

    Have you guys tried virtual desktop gaming(basically playing pc games by streaming it rather than cable) and setting the settings to 90hz using custom commands ?

  11. T Greaux

    T Greaux7 hours ago

    I have a Rift S and as soon as they force me to link it with Facebook in 2023 Im buying a Valve Index or Reverb G2 or whatever new headset is out at that time. I will NEVER link any of my social media pages or any content that can be perma banned by a f-ing AI and turn my expensive piece of tech into a literal paper weight. No thanks Zuck, ya fu*k.

  12. Snappy

    Snappy9 hours ago

    It's white too, matches the color of fleece!

  13. ACurlyFry

    ACurlyFry14 hours ago

    Is the 64gb one fine or is the 256gb one worth the extra $100?

  14. kirito kirigaya

    kirito kirigaya15 hours ago

    Linus is it possible to connect a webcan in pcie slot and rampup the quality to maximum like mobile devices

  15. ForbiddenFateGaming

    ForbiddenFateGaming17 hours ago

    I love how lovingly awkward linus is. I bet its alot of fun working for/with him

  16. TheSwagGuy5000

    TheSwagGuy500022 hours ago

    it would be a great value but I can't recommend this because I literally got two faulty units in a row

  17. RenewAgain

    RenewAgain23 hours ago

    No, it's NOT a "Great" value, or a "Good" value, or even a "Mediocre" value... it is a TERRIBLE value (objectively) as you are tied to spyware Facebook accounts that can render your entire device inoperable if your account ever gets deactivated or banned. Facebook/Oculus would need to PAY customers hundreds of dollars (at least) to use this device for it to be even a mediocre one, let alone a good one, let alone a "great" one. It is literally the worst value in VR history.

  18. todd

    toddHour ago

    Na it is actually a great value. And also having a facebooK account is no different than having a google account.

  19. Liam Kelly

    Liam KellyDay ago

    Did a VR version of Superhot really need to exist?

  20. Rick .Saissore

    Rick .SaissoreDay ago

    Do I need a pc or can it stand alone

  21. Neo

    NeoDay ago

    Are you guys gonna do a video on the reverb g2?

  22. Darks D

    Darks DDay ago

    Keep in mind their quality control is absolutely garbage!! Lense defects, dead pixels, controller buttons stick. Im on my 4th headset now and the lenses aren't as good as the first, but the controllers are better. This is my experience, probably bad luck, but statistically relevant in my case. In fact best buy is warning me to just suck up complaints or be threatened with a fraud claim on my account... go figure, blame the customer for Chinese production issues...

  23. 7sleek

    7sleekDay ago

    Virtual Desktop is actually superior over wired, glitchy Oculus link. You guys should try it again. Just saying.

  24. WhaleShark In Vr

    WhaleShark In VrDay ago

    at 0:43 seconds how many times did you drop it

  25. Wolfie HD

    Wolfie HDDay ago

    When your friends dad helped in the making of Vader immortal... I was like: 0_0

  26. Dr. Dodi

    Dr. DodiDay ago

    This video is sponsored by Facebook, no need to tell anything more

  27. David

    DavidDay ago

    I'm high af and 8:10 tripped me out like crazy because my name is David lol

  28. Okay Boomer

    Okay BoomerDay ago

    Me who knows damn well all of my info is already out there: iLl TaKe YoUrE EnTiRe StOcK!

  29. Unkown

    UnkownDay ago

    I could go without the guy in the background just yelling as Linus is showing off the headset

  30. Keith Roberts

    Keith RobertsDay ago

    I was going to legitimately buy this for the holidays until I learned you need Facebook....

  31. todd

    toddHour ago

    Just make a burner facebook account.

  32. MWilliamGoody2303

    MWilliamGoody2303Day ago

    I haven't finished watching the video yet but you said at the beginning your wireless to PC experience using what I assume was Virtual Desktop, was way worse than with Link. How up to date are your tests? I've recently bought a Quest 2 and the wireless to PC experience has been absolutely amazing. There are of course some cons, but I'm running on a 5Ghz Wifi signal at 866Mbps and the latency is so marginal it feels so close to nonexistent in many games.

  33. Jacob L. Perry Jr.

    Jacob L. Perry Jr.Day ago

    So much for not sweeping anything under the rug. I wonder how much Facebook paid for him to make this Ad. At the very least, a truly credible video from LTT would have mentioned the trade off in the display: sacrificing the immersive true blacks of OLED (Quest 1) for the higher resolution but more washed-out LCD (Quest 2). He HAD to have noticed the difference playing Beat Saber.

  34. Ethan Meadows

    Ethan Meadows2 days ago

    Anyone mind telling me what game that is at 8:30? Looks like fun!

  35. Okay Boomer

    Okay BoomerDay ago


  36. Luca Herman

    Luca Herman2 days ago

    Nice 11 minute ad

  37. goldeneyeforevercom

    goldeneyeforevercom2 days ago

    What fricken video card are you running on your PC for the link? C'mon guys.

  38. Lucas

    Lucas2 days ago

    John Carmack: I WILL MAKE THE MOST IMPRESSIVE WIRELESS VR HEADSET EVER! Marck Zuckerberg: but Facebook.

  39. Mr Shadow Kin

    Mr Shadow Kin2 days ago

    "Facebook wants to spy on me" people type on USlikes after logging in on their Google account on their pocket device that is tracking everything thing they say and everywhere they go. Then log onto their Amazon account and type a review on their Amazon account about how Facebook wants their information.

  40. todd

    toddHour ago

    Yeah its funny how people forget every company is after your shit.

  41. Blood Shade Games

    Blood Shade Games2 days ago

    My opinion on Facebook and the oculus quest 2 is no just no something that requires you to use a Facebook account is garbage fuck you Facebook everyone save your money go buy a valve index instead

  42. avrona

    avrona2 days ago

    Too late already bought a Quest 2.

  43. Aussie Boi

    Aussie Boi2 days ago

    Just as Linus commented on the sharp quality, my video quality went down.

  44. David

    David2 days ago

    Day 149 of asking for a PC thanks 👍😁

  45. TheAngryGamerTAG

    TheAngryGamerTAG3 days ago

    Facebook is the WORST the second that a better competitor comes out EVERYONE i know will leave oculus/facebooks bs and never go back unless they fix their shit

  46. Carlos Munar

    Carlos Munar3 days ago

    why would i care about facebook? can someone explain to me

  47. avrona

    avrona2 days ago

    @Luca Herman Well can anyone explain why on earth it's apparently so bad if Facebook knows anything about you? They can't make a nuke out of your taste in VR games.

  48. Luca Herman

    Luca Herman2 days ago

    @avrona I would argue that yes, tracking everything I do is wrong, and if they change their TOS they could start tracking more such as using their mew image recognition AI to scan your room. The account deletion is not a massive wide spread problem but head over to r/oculus and you will find a lot of examples. On top of this I personally find it wrong someone could revoke my right to a game I already own with no warning, do I not own it? Imagine if all your NES games deleted themselves because you used a turbo controller

  49. avrona

    avrona2 days ago

    @Luca Herman The account deletion right now is just fear-mongerin seeing how the product just came out, and there's nothing really wrong with them tracking what you do with your headset.

  50. Luca Herman

    Luca Herman2 days ago

    They could delete your account for any reason and take all your games and track everything you do

  51. avrona

    avrona2 days ago

    Becaues this is an amazing value VR headset? For such a low price you really can't get a better one anywhere else.

  52. jake

    jake3 days ago

    I couldnt find the batteries!!!????

  53. FaultyTwo

    FaultyTwo3 days ago

    Don't let the price weaken your will, men! I know other headsets are more expensive.. but they came with the greatest feature. And that is freedom! So don't giving up saving those money. Your dream headset, will be yours one day..

  54. anonymous name

    anonymous name3 days ago

    Doesn't it support wifi 6? Future video idea?

  55. GasMaskGarry

    GasMaskGarry3 days ago

    "Requiring a Facebook account can help insure data security"... *Facebook wants to help insure data security*

  56. GitDat

    GitDat3 days ago

    Virtual Desktop over a dedicated WiFi 6 router is the way to go 👍

  57. Flying Pig

    Flying Pig3 days ago

    I got an oculus quest 2 ad before this video...

  58. Andrei Grozea

    Andrei Grozea3 days ago

    I just don't understand the point of having a fb acount for it lol

  59. todd

    toddHour ago

    Same reason why you need a google account to do anytihng.

  60. Luca Herman

    Luca Herman2 days ago


  61. Grosso pro

    Grosso pro3 days ago

    Hell isn't a swear word🤡

  62. Nithin

    Nithin4 days ago

    "we're not going to sweep everything under the rug" sweeps almost everything under the rug

  63. Wantlesssquid 68

    Wantlesssquid 684 days ago

    I’m mainly impressed of Linus skills in beat saber, it’s pretty hard I have to say.

  64. Basil

    Basil4 days ago

    300$ somehow translating to 350 euro in east europe, god i fucking love europe's economy

  65. walt686868

    walt6868684 days ago

    The FB mandatory thing is a HUGE disincentive.

  66. Kenneth D

    Kenneth D4 days ago

    I was jazzed until FACEBOOK became a requirement. Big tech should only have so much control!

  67. MK sortabl

    MK sortabl4 days ago

    You will not lie to me linus

  68. pretty good gamer

    pretty good gamer4 days ago

    Having to link a facebook acct when I don't have on makes me kinda mad when if I do get one I could get banned at any time

  69. pretty good gamer

    pretty good gamer22 hours ago

    @GeorgeBonanza yeah ikr but I do have proof of being alive tho is that enough

  70. GeorgeBonanza

    GeorgeBonanza2 days ago

    And you will get banned too, guaranteed.

  71. GameSyner

    GameSyner4 days ago

    This is so tempting, but Facebook... I don't know.

  72. Smashmouth Hockey

    Smashmouth Hockey4 days ago

    Zuckerberg came up with this idea when he was “smokin some meats”

  73. Steven Fong

    Steven Fong4 days ago

    BARF Not with forced facebook account. Fuck that.

  74. Jesse Potter

    Jesse Potter4 days ago

    If you think the Quest 2 is cool, wait until the Quest 3. It'll be twice as powerful for an even cheaper price. You just have to agree to full-house monitoring by fb. I'm not too worried about it. Privacy was gone a long time ago.

  75. Blazing Guns

    Blazing Guns4 days ago

    Barely any games support the cross-buy. not "Most" Facebook says, Paraphrased "Devs can choose to opt out of allowing it" and most do. Beat saber is one that opted out. Check to make sure your game is on the cross-buy list before you buy it for the quest unless you want to have to buy two versions.

  76. Jasper Charlie

    Jasper Charlie4 days ago

    If I get one I won’t be able to use oculus link

  77. Big Mac

    Big Mac4 days ago

    Lost me at Facebook Account

  78. Sean Halnon

    Sean Halnon4 days ago

    Ill probably just create a new facebook account with a screen name for gaming. Back it up with some new gmail account. Basically make it so the accounts connected to the oculus (facebook and email) are ONLY used for playing oculus. That way, its not able to integrate my gaming data with whatever they have gathered from my actual facebook account. Making the data they are gather only about as useful as the data other services like steam gather on their users.

  79. Luca Herman

    Luca Herman2 days ago

    You will loose all your games once you get banned

  80. Blazing Guns

    Blazing Guns4 days ago

    You will get banned from both your real and your fake as they will detect it as botting. already did quite a bit of research on it. Wanted to warn you. you do that at your own risk.

  81. Justin Bocchino

    Justin Bocchino4 days ago

    Great value for anyone looking to playing arcade games yeah!

  82. George

    George4 days ago

    Damn facebook.. I was really thinking of getting one of these too :(

  83. GeorgeBonanza

    GeorgeBonanza45 minutes ago

    @todd This is in no way true. I can make as many google accounts as i want with any ridiculous name or identity I want, its not tied to social media and it wont get banned. quit running defense for facebook.

  84. todd

    toddHour ago

    Having a facebook is no different than using a google account.

  85. GeorgeBonanza

    GeorgeBonanza2 days ago

    Dont bother. Low graphics, 2 hour battery life, all your content is tied to whether or not they ban your facebook account, the only good thing is the lack of a tether which wont be an issue pretty soon when they start implementing wireless technology to your pc.

  86. David Neylon

    David Neylon4 days ago

    Facebook account needed! REALLY!!! hard pass for me. Such a shame.

  87. bosnis

    bosnis4 days ago

    Can you play Half-Life: Alyx, from my PC on this?

  88. Lane Silva

    Lane Silva3 days ago


  89. Ethala

    Ethala5 days ago

    This sounded so great, but that MANDATORY Facebook connection so SO SKETCHY It's seriously the only thing stopping me from getting this, and not just waiting for someone more trustworthy to make it better.

  90. ELtwistedJRP

    ELtwistedJRP5 days ago

    vrchat: does it have pc avatar support? does it have pc avatar support without usb? i prob wont buy anyway but this will definitely break it for me i think ill wait until the next vive to come out or something on similar level that has full body support

  91. Anil

    Anil5 days ago


  92. Lundo

    Lundo5 days ago

    do I need a Facebook account if I'm just playing games through steam?

  93. Baboon5

    Baboon55 days ago

    Oh, hi MaRk

  94. Aditya Gupta

    Aditya Gupta5 days ago

    plz stop calling everything ..............PUPPY

  95. Sztrovacsek81

    Sztrovacsek815 days ago

    This video was obsolete almost the day it came out.

  96. Legion Red

    Legion Red5 days ago

    Yeah, that's gonna be a hard no from me.

  97. MP ELITE

    MP ELITE5 days ago

    Video starts at 5:06

  98. avimose

    avimose5 days ago

    Riley is lit

  99. Angel Acosta

    Angel Acosta5 days ago

    I got mine on release day, I love this unit glad I didn't go for the G2. The controllers last for months before replacing the battery. I also read an article that sound like the Quest 2 will also eventually get a 120Hz boost from 90Hz. I guess is on testing at the moment and is so that is going to rock!.

  100. Looking at the ????

    Looking at the ????5 days ago

    I liked the Hacksmith reference of the light saber

  101. powder

    powder5 days ago

    I’m getting a Quest 2 for Christmas, but my PC didn’t pass the Steam VR performance test, and it said I needed to upgrade. Can I still enjoy the Quest 2 without using my PC?


    I CAN SPELLE5 days ago

    I was thinking of buying it till I learned about the mandatory Facebook I mean shit book

  103. BoopLoopy

    BoopLoopy5 days ago

    If I were LTT I would be offended that companies that are getting bad PR or going to shit start sponsoring me for every little thing they can. Facebook, Intel, Nvidia's 3090 "8k" gaming

  104. Player 2 Nation

    Player 2 Nation5 days ago

    Linus makes a video recommending a product, SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE LOL Dude stop!!! Lol you're ruining Xmas for everyone lol

  105. Kotz

    Kotz5 days ago

    How long until someone hacks that thing to not require a Facebook account anymore?

  106. Luca Herman

    Luca Herman2 days ago

    Apparently it’s almost done

  107. Calvin Engram

    Calvin Engram5 days ago

    Who else is hopefully getting this for Christmas?

  108. Taurick

    Taurick5 days ago

    Review the G2!

  109. Monkey Vlogs

    Monkey Vlogs5 days ago

    You should get better at the games you play even though your a tech reviewer.But you wold look even cooler

  110. Richard Lynch

    Richard Lynch5 days ago

    @0:03 what happened to that? So it's 100% the best thing ever with no downfalls or compromises in any way?

  111. Scott Newell

    Scott Newell5 days ago

    So where was the mention of the specs here, specifically FOV range. IPD adjustment? These are completely lacking on the product spec sheet (which IMO makes it NOT a spec sheet) but they shouldn't have been missing from a review by a VR enthusiast.

  112. Blazing Guns

    Blazing Guns4 days ago

    This exactly. especially because there is a pathetic IPD adjustment of only 3 presets so if you got wonky eyes, tough shit. idk if there is a workaround, i'd imagine there is.

  113. Dripurp

    Dripurp5 days ago

    When linus was playing beat saber it reminded me of the king off clickbait... ALI A

  114. Shenanigans

    Shenanigans6 days ago

    Will never understand why Facebook bought the rights

  115. Luca Herman

    Luca Herman2 days ago

    Money, data, preparation for the future

  116. powderedwater

    powderedwater6 days ago

    fuck this sponsored shit I need a 100% bias review video (edit): especially if its for a non pc vr headset

  117. DogTheBoss

    DogTheBoss6 days ago

    i heard sponsored by oculus and immediately lost interest, i'm hoping this will still address the obvious data concerns edit: it looks like they only address it as far as their sponsorship allows :l

  118. Max B.

    Max B.6 days ago

    Facebook ruins it for me. For years I REFUSED to go to facebook. It's bad enough I'm practically forced to use Whatsapp. These fuckers seriously need some competition on the VR market!!!

  119. nonanon

    nonanon6 days ago

    This is an ad.

  120. V1Gibby

    V1Gibby6 days ago

    Facebook has not helped society.

  121. Mike K4ISR

    Mike K4ISR6 days ago

    FB required? Hell no. We can hope that someone will have a bypass hack shortly after release day.

  122. Steven Fong

    Steven Fong4 days ago

    @Blazing Guns ANYTHING can be hacked. No one is special.

  123. Blazing Guns

    Blazing Guns4 days ago

    They are into the root of the headset, but as far as actually getting the store and such to work, doesn't seem likely.

  124. QuazamGaming

    QuazamGaming6 days ago

    I be glad when I can buy my own VR Headset. I just need more space in my room.

  125. My Seventy

    My Seventy6 days ago

    Oculus Quest 2 more like Anal Probe 2

  126. Raymond Pennington

    Raymond Pennington6 days ago

    Doesn't matter if I get the one with more memory or the one with less memory Oculus Quest 2

  127. Raymond Pennington

    Raymond Pennington6 days ago

    Can the quest 2 do steam VR

  128. Quintin Bey

    Quintin Bey6 days ago

    When I start to think people are smart, I hop on USlikes and visit the comments section to remind me how silly most people are. YOUR F***ING SECURITY HAS BEEN GONE SINCE 1997. Get tf over it.

  129. Dawid Taras

    Dawid Taras6 days ago

    9:49 - so socks & sandals style is not only european thing ?

  130. rhY -

    rhY -6 days ago

    Yeah, but we wanna see some crazy mods. Like GTA 5, or Red Dead, or some super cool game....

  131. phooogle

    phooogle6 days ago

    You're really letting yourself down having anything to do with FB.