The All Corsair Gaming Setup!

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Corsair’s stable of products is massive, covering everything from mice and keyboards to pc cases and SSDs. You name it, they probably have it covered. So what do you do with that knowledge? Build an entire game streaming setup of course!! Let’s see how far we can really get with an all Corsair build.
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. Ash S

    Ash S13 hours ago

    My OCD approves

  2. Deepfreeze Kicks

    Deepfreeze Kicks15 hours ago

    When does the 'All Rosewill Gaming Setup' video come out? It would be cool to see somethig that I could actually afford.


    DSTNCT21 hour ago

    my man was playing peggle

  4. Brodrick Siemens

    Brodrick SiemensDay ago

    8:54 Linus “just gotta use the old trick 8:55 hump* hump*



    the corsair pc just looks like a damn christmas tree

  6. TheRenZolution

    TheRenZolutionDay ago or 6 orrrr you wanna go wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong @6:56 .....wrong

  7. Karam Marji

    Karam MarjiDay ago

    is anyone gonna talk abou the fact he got the vengeance led, not the RGB pro?

  8. elijah calilung

    elijah calilungDay ago

    watch the first 10 seconds of the vid with ur eyes closed

  9. William Erenhouse

    William Erenhouse2 days ago

    Why does he need the commander pro?? Why can't he just be normal and go for the node pro

  10. xXTheBestGamerXx

    xXTheBestGamerXx2 days ago

    Worlds most expensive rainbow light

  11. pool Boy

    pool Boy2 days ago

    The extra 4pin connector on the mobo, is frequently for additional pcie slot power.

  12. Harry Powers

    Harry Powers3 days ago

    Why do you have a ring light but no webcam?

  13. Barry Caminiti

    Barry Caminiti3 days ago

    This is what I like to see

  14. Randommemedude

    Randommemedude3 days ago

    Corsair 2021: can i have an rgb gaming chair? Corsair 2069: Hey corsair, can i buy one of ur rgb houses?


    ZST COMPUTERS3 days ago

    The z490e is the same price as your motherboard In KSA parts are very expensive

  16. anton schöön

    anton schöön3 days ago

    1:11 ummm the CPU is pretty outdated

  17. AbandonedCheeto

    AbandonedCheeto3 days ago

    Truly a sight for sore eyes

  18. Neelan Madhavu

    Neelan Madhavu3 days ago

    I don't know why but why is rbg so important fir me light is like nothing I nerve notice that for what is rgb needed for ram and fan and cooler why

  19. Neelan Madhavu

    Neelan Madhavu3 days ago

    Linus I guess what ever u made thr pc in this challenge sell it u got some lot of money

  20. Neelan Madhavu

    Neelan Madhavu3 days ago

    That mother board is costlier that my dream pc

  21. Kevin Cailipan

    Kevin Cailipan4 days ago

    The rad orientation :(

  22. Notorious Gamer

    Notorious Gamer4 days ago

    Bro his ram is almost as expensive as my laptop that I try to play games on

  23. john swan

    john swan4 days ago

    You forgot the ls100 lightstrips round the monitor must of been loosing at least 50 fps in peggle there

  24. FROZEN

    FROZEN4 days ago

    i like corsair stuff but its just quite expensive

  25. Dan W.

    Dan W.5 days ago

    Wish I could afford a Higher tier MOBO. I don't usually spend much over 100$ on motherboard lol Better to put money elsewehere... LOL 200$ for a keyboard... gtfo

  26. Roy Slim

    Roy Slim5 days ago

    Can you pls make me a pc cause I only have a Xbox 1 pls I am begging 🙏

  27. Connor Gaming

    Connor Gaming6 days ago

    wow we need computer for our new gaming send computer to spokanne wash now

  28. Masud Khan

    Masud Khan6 days ago

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  29. TitaniumSurf

    TitaniumSurf6 days ago

    Screw it in from the back? Why, Mr. Darcy!

  30. VGASM

    VGASM6 days ago

    Is Linus a Mandalorian?

  31. Ronán

    Ronán7 days ago

    Idk where the hell ltt gets the money to keep making builds daily

  32. JupiterHollow

    JupiterHollow7 days ago

    I am also currently freeballing

  33. 124friendme

    124friendme7 days ago

    Why is Corsair making everything magnetic, it’s amazing but why

  34. Masaters

    Masaters7 days ago

    desk, chair, monitor, gaming socks, gaming cup...

  35. name name

    name name8 days ago

    Thats, Thats the almost carter PC's Case OMG BRUh

  36. Zen Scorpio

    Zen Scorpio6 days ago

    Rip George floyd 😔😔

  37. orgelekS

    orgelekS8 days ago

    What does Linus Tech Tips do with all these builds? Sell them? Store them? Play with them? Donate them?

  38. pingu

    pingu8 days ago

    Noot noot

  39. ًbaygrub

    ًbaygrub8 days ago


  40. LeAkEd !

    LeAkEd !8 days ago

    If you switch the o with the r what do you get? Crosair? Ofc so does it improve my aim?

  41. oliver morris

    oliver morris9 days ago

    do one nxzt next

  42. Ignacio Bologna

    Ignacio Bologna9 days ago

    Linus send me a pack of coolers for mi birthday chinese !!!!!!! i pay the plane to argentina

  43. Alex Dunne

    Alex Dunne9 days ago

    Ever budget gamer wish they have Apple Fessional gaming company that does give them all the stuff

  44. AttackerD

    AttackerD9 days ago

    You know he’s lying to make Corsair happy when he says “it’s pretty darn...”

  45. Mason Middaugh

    Mason Middaugh9 days ago

    Is it just me or did it seem like Corsair kidnapped Linus and forced him to make video for them?

  46. David Sidwell

    David Sidwell9 days ago

    Steve from gamers nexus would kill you if he saw your aio placement

  47. suyash gupta

    suyash gupta9 days ago


  48. Ethan Leahy

    Ethan Leahy9 days ago

    thought u werent supposed to mount a radiator with the tubes at the bottom?

  49. VEJI

    VEJI10 days ago


  50. Christian Lewis

    Christian Lewis10 days ago

    Go to hell Linus, I was sleeping and your yell scared me awake. 8/10 because I still love you.

  51. NoconnectionGamer

    NoconnectionGamer10 days ago

    0:14 linus: of course you did Me who went to get a glass of water: well yes but actually no

  52. TNT Fireball

    TNT Fireball10 days ago

    At 4:41, can Linus really sound that good for once

  53. The Truth Beyond The Unreachable

    The Truth Beyond The Unreachable10 days ago

    I need a Corsair RGB cpu in my life Yesterday!!!!

  54. Demon Fin

    Demon Fin11 days ago

    that's my case!

  55. VR Experience

    VR Experience11 days ago

    I wish Corsair had CPU’s motherboards and gpu’s

  56. umeng2002

    umeng200212 days ago

    How does a 15 minute ad for Corsair get 1 million views?

  57. umeng2002

    umeng200212 days ago

    "... this video's sponsor: MSI..."

  58. Wishful Thinker

    Wishful Thinker13 days ago

    I hate RGB so much and idek why

  59. lapinus

    lapinus13 days ago

    Normal people: ok let me set my fan speed to low Linus: ok let's stick my finger inside the fan to check if it worked

  60. lil snopi

    lil snopi13 days ago

    I wish i Can have this setup

  61. Adrian

    Adrian13 days ago

    is their a chance i can have it?

  62. Tim villarreal

    Tim villarreal13 days ago

    Logitech logitech logitech

  63. Soup Stonks

    Soup Stonks14 days ago

    i hope someone can answer my questions. I need help. 1. do the wires come with the parts 2. how many fans did he use. like did buy the 3 pack and then buy another 3 pack 3. where did the black fan in the back come from. did he buy or did it come with the case please help

  64. HK Gaming

    HK Gaming14 days ago

    what was the GPU?

  65. Vineet Kukreja

    Vineet Kukreja14 days ago

    at this point I'm surprised corsair doesn't make an rgb chair

  66. The Dragoneer

    The Dragoneer3 hours ago

    Just wait

  67. Hi Ok

    Hi Ok2 days ago

    @Mr Sinz ikr

  68. Benjamin Cusack

    Benjamin Cusack2 days ago

    @Mr Sinz it would

  69. Mr Sinz

    Mr Sinz3 days ago

    that would be sick tho

  70. Abdullah Makhdoom

    Abdullah Makhdoom14 days ago

    can you do an all gigabyte pc

  71. Artics

    Artics15 days ago

    how many times do you think he's said "bang for the buck" throughout his channel history

  72. Swift

    Swift15 days ago

    Me watching being unable to afford a decent pc: ;c

  73. D. Rais

    D. Rais16 days ago

    All Corsair motherboards are out of stock in my country. Dams scalpers...

  74. Diego Oliveira

    Diego Oliveira15 days ago

    Corsair does not produce motherboards

  75. Just_Marö

    Just_Marö16 days ago

    I swear this is one of the most quick throw together videos they've ever made

  76. Just_Marö

    Just_Marö16 days ago

    No b-roll shots?

  77. ElectroN

    ElectroN16 days ago

    Corsair is such a beauty like if you agreed

  78. Vantablack YT

    Vantablack YT16 days ago

    Tell me how many PC´s you build

  79. YFNGaming

    YFNGaming16 days ago

    how do you get all these stuff i could never get a thing in that room lol

  80. Brandon Grays

    Brandon Grays16 days ago


  81. Hunter

    Hunter16 days ago

    For anyone wondering, if corsair wouldn't have provided them with these products, they would have spent over $3500 USD. And before peripherals is around $2300 USD. (I did not calculate taxes or anything these are rough estimates)

  82. Jonathan Brown

    Jonathan Brown16 days ago

    He said "11 USB ports" I went wooooow 11?? whats the name of this board it comes in at $300 oh nvm

  83. 5orrowful YT

    5orrowful YT16 days ago


  84. Silent Sleeper

    Silent Sleeper16 days ago

    ML 120 pros? Did Corsair not want to commit to this sponsor? LL 120s kits are $130.

  85. Steven Capp

    Steven Capp17 days ago

    AIO Radiator is mounted wrong, tubes should be at the top

  86. Korgii

    Korgii17 days ago

    Building a system to play Peggle :')

  87. Neil Parrish

    Neil Parrish17 days ago

    Shouldnt the AIO be mounted with the lines at the top of the radiator? So flip the radiator 180?

  88. Dingo Prod

    Dingo Prod17 days ago

    pc builds are getting a little old guys ^^

  89. ScreenTalker DotOrg

    ScreenTalker DotOrg17 days ago

    Every other human being on the planet, very careful and takes their time when building a pc. Linus... not so much

  90. Yngwie Sta Ines

    Yngwie Sta Ines18 days ago

    More pc builds!!!

  91. TangentSeven521

    TangentSeven52118 days ago

    I dont know why but the way linus show how long screw looks like feel like verge pc build reference

  92. jjay8319

    jjay831918 days ago

    I will run duel gpus if possible

  93. Andrew Mudd

    Andrew Mudd18 days ago

    pro tip: at the beginning of this video keep slowly spamming left arrow. you'll thank me later.

  94. Reiiz

    Reiiz18 days ago

    Corsair Ring light and cannot RGB? nope, not gonna buy that. Waste of money!

  95. Gavyn Garrison

    Gavyn Garrison18 days ago

    If your looking to give away this computer I will take it!

  96. Unearthed Robloxian

    Unearthed Robloxian18 days ago

    that is a badass description

  97. Game Time

    Game Time19 days ago

    Yes peggle

  98. will. k

    will. k19 days ago

    Definitely not sponsored

  99. Gavyn Yearwood

    Gavyn Yearwood19 days ago

    peggle, i am getting nostalgia from playing this on xbox 360

  100. Mr. White :D

    Mr. White :D19 days ago

    "coirs you did"

  101. Costality

    Costality19 days ago

    Wow at least I got a pc that has 6 fans preinstalled

  102. William

    William19 days ago

    Attach the modular PSU cables before screwing the PSU to the case and attach the power cables to the motherboard before the fans!

  103. Datone channel

    Datone channel19 days ago

    We better watch out for the new Corsair Motherboard and CPU

  104. Admiral Gama

    Admiral Gama19 days ago

    I want Corsair GPUs and Motherboards. Then you could build a PC with ONLY Corsair other than the CPU.

  105. Duck of Death

    Duck of Death18 days ago

    Intel does license x86 to 3rd parties, so, why not a Corsair CPU, too? :D Anyhoo, I just got that case in black and I love it! Well, except for the single USB 3 front connector. Other than that it's a really well built sub-100 case with lots of room to hide cables.

  106. RGC_Wizard

    RGC_Wizard20 days ago

    This is what I like to see. I am a Corsair simp

  107. Andrass

    Andrass20 days ago

    Linus Tuck Tips

  108. anita pelia

    anita pelia20 days ago

    I wish corsair made their own graphics card