The WORST Money I've Ever Spent

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  1. Andika Hetris

    Andika Hetris4 hours ago

    It’s a mouse trap

  2. Dalmaen

    Dalmaen7 hours ago

    Most money spending decisions are not made based on logic, rationality, and research. Decisions are made based on how the spender feels about the product and how buying the product will make them feel. We do the same thing with virtually everything in our lives, who we vote for, who we form relationships with, and how we live our lives. The result Linus spent $90 product cost and $21 shipping, for a $12 Hanging File Folder Holder, free Prime Shipping. 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Ian Mak

    Ian Mak8 hours ago

    Lollll regular light has a way way way higher frequency and its still non-ionizing radiation.

  4. Mmmm Hmmmm

    Mmmm Hmmmm10 hours ago

    I'm in one of Ting's US fibre optic test neighborhoods and I will vouch that they are the "bee's knees", whatever that means.

  5. npphil

    npphil15 hours ago

    Actually electric and electromagnetic fields are the same thing. Rest in peace, James Clerk Maxwell, rest in peace ...

  6. Absolute Randomness

    Absolute Randomness15 hours ago

    It's the COVID19 pandemic that made these morons sell these stupid products out of premade office supplies, just to scam people into the "snake oil" sales pitch.

  7. Amhiel

    Amhiel17 hours ago

    So this was all very funny but I have an honest question about it: wouldn't the cages work better if they were grounded?

  8. Kyle Baldingone

    Kyle Baldingone21 hour ago

    Forgot to ground out the cage

  9. x35gaming

    x35gaming21 hour ago

    just use ethernet

  10. Julius

    JuliusDay ago

    you do know you can return it ``??

  11. Jon Brodie

    Jon BrodieDay ago

    an electromagnetic field is just a magnetic field and an electric field at the same time, electronic devices create both so we say emf but saying they create an electric field is not inaccurate.

  12. babybirdhome

    babybirdhomeDay ago

    Why do I read the USlikes comments section anymore? I want a version of the app without any comments at all. It’s harder to be stupid when you have to work hard at it.

  13. Doc Rusty

    Doc RustyDay ago

    Soon as I watched the teaser “pre” advertising plug, i was laughing my ass off. OMG

  14. John Nixon

    John NixonDay ago

    well a faraday cage isn't just a random metal cage. the spacing in the mesh needs to match the wavelength you want to block. so I doubt the office accessory developer happened to have the exact spacing for WIFI.....

  15. hubertnnn

    hubertnnnDay ago

    If I remember correctly, a Faraday's Cage requires to be grounded to work. So I am amazed you had any signal drop.

  16. Marco Piampiani

    Marco PiampianiDay ago

    ITS A SCAM. DONT ACTUALLY BUY THEM - It should be OBVIOUS, but since no one seems to be screaming that out loud that I can see, I thought I would. They are also NOT PROPER FARADAY CAGES, as you have to GROUND THEM to work properly. If you are trying to find a product VISUALLY, you can use an app called "Google Lens", it's quite good at taking an image you snap on your phone and finding it for you.

  17. Stephen Gere

    Stephen GereDay ago

    From Amazon: "How do you know that it is working? " Answer: Hello! You may use an EMF tester, but if you do not have on available, one home test is to notice that there is less dust gathering around your router, then before it was inside the Faraday cage. EMF emissions dry out air and cause a lot of dust to accumulate around your electronics. If there is less dust than before, you can tell that less electromagnetic frequencies are escaping. Another home test is to notice how you feel before and after the Faraday cage was used. if you work in an office space close to the router, sleep within a few yards of the router, or spend prolonged periods of time next to the router, you may notice a decline in your health-most noticeably in sleep quality and energy levels. When I put this faraday cage in my home, I noticed I slept better throughout the night and had more energy throughout the day. I also had more patience for my work and a subtle sense of well-being once my router was inside the cage. I used my EMF meter and saw that the EMF emissions around the box were much less than before I put it inside the cage. The effect on my health is cumulative, and subtle, but I did notice it right away, and my family noticed as well. Faraday cages are gaining popularity today, but they have been around since 1836. The technology is simple but effective. Microwaves, the common kitchen appliance, come equipped with Faraday technology to protect against harmful radiation that could emit from the microwave without the Faraday cage (notice the pattern on the window of the microwave. That is a Faraday cage!) If you have any other questions about using the Faraday cage, please ask away. This is a simple but truly fascinating item that will improve your home or work space! see less By Travel RX SELLER on December 3, 2020

  18. TheBalls

    TheBallsDay ago

    That shot at 5 mins was sick

  19. Stephen Gere

    Stephen GereDay ago

    "From the harmful WiFies" 😂

  20. ra30r

    ra30rDay ago

    Have you tried to ground the grid?

  21. Egon Freeman

    Egon FreemanDay ago

    Actually, there's a number of factual issues here: 1) 5G actually has 2 frequency ranges (FR1: 500 to 900 MHz, 1.5~6 GHz with some gaps, and then FR2: 24 GHz upwards), generally grouped into 3 bands (low-band sub-1GHz, mid-band 1~6 GHz, high-band 24 GHz+); it's likely that most will have to use _the first two bands,_ since high-band is _very non-penetrating_ (meaning it'll only go very short distances - it gets stopped by walls, windows etc.); 2) the opponents of 5G don't claim _either_ thermal or ionizing effects - they claim EMF sensitivity syndrome, and _non-thermal effects_ which, according to some research, are still largely unknown (and according to other research, don't exist at all). The syndrome itself is generally characterised by some very non-specific issues like elevated pressure, headaches, mild nausea, insomnia etc., which can typically be attributed to a whole slew of other conditions and/or issues (hence, non-specific).

  22. Stoner 'ologist

    Stoner 'ologistDay ago

    The true WAP Wireless Access Point

  23. Tim Neumann

    Tim NeumannDay ago

    8:00 Subtitles: "were still cooking via WiFi." Hold on, what?

  24. jibjams

    jibjams2 days ago

    When I was working in retail I had a customer looking for this exact thing she then proceeded to tell me off for haveing my phone in my pocket

  25. damkjaeren

    damkjaeren2 days ago

    Linus.. What are you doing mate.. U need to test the amount of EMF your body get expoved to using an EMF meter, not your smartphone dummy! Look here for some help

  26. 4RedDwarf3

    4RedDwarf32 days ago

    Although these products are next to useless there is a difference between man made and natural EMF. Welcome to the silent killer. The addiction to smart phones, smart watches etc, will eventually cause you harm in some way, its just a matter of time before people wake up. Or you can just carry on believing what the industry keeps telling you... "its safe". Enjoy your cancer later in life, (and yes I wear a tinfoil hat before the sarcastic comments come). :D

  27. Xander

    Xander2 days ago

    AHAHAHAHA! This is the ultimate scam xD Anyone who legit bought this should be ashamed of their pea brain!

  28. WuxinZ

    WuxinZ2 days ago

    Build a PC in it AHAHAAHHA

  29. Cheri Strobbe

    Cheri Strobbe2 days ago

    Hey Linus, you missed a great opportunity to REALLY test that thing. There have been studies showing that seeds won't sprout or grow well when placed near a wifi radio. Now is your chance to duplicate that test and make it better because you have the cage (hopefully). I'd be interested to see if it had ANY effect whatsoever. If you decide to take on this experiment, please do a better job than MythBusters. They almost never did a thorough job of testing with any significant sampling or control tests.

  30. Carl Wells

    Carl Wells2 days ago

    Let us know if anyone bought it off that affiliate link 😊

  31. 2011Kestrel

    2011Kestrel2 days ago

    You can tell these are crap because they didn’t use genuine Saskatchewan sealskin bindings to hold them together. 😋

  32. TotallyNotRedneckYall

    TotallyNotRedneckYall2 days ago

    A faraday cage has to be engineered, can't just use any old metal. Also needs to be grounded/charged I think.

  33. Cheri Strobbe

    Cheri Strobbe2 days ago

    It's not a faraday cage. It's an RF shield. It works like the hole-filled screen on the glass of a microwave door. The holes allow you to see inside, but they're just small enough to block the larger radio frequencies from leaving the microwave. Without that shield it would be like microwaving with the door open.

  34. Gerard Kean

    Gerard Kean2 days ago

    15:14 tinfoil hat?

  35. Shawn Penson

    Shawn Penson2 days ago

    I believe a Fariday Cage actually has to be grounded to work properly.

  36. Ben Rompen

    Ben Rompen2 days ago

    Wow... I guessed exactly what this was from the thumbnail. EDIT: Well, I didn't expect it to actually *suck* as a Faraday cage. Or to be a repurposed paper holder. XD

  37. Gerard Kean

    Gerard Kean2 days ago

    I recommend this product for antivaxxers

  38. Mike O

    Mike O2 days ago

    If you buy one of these you don't really deserve the money it costs or wifi signal it blocks

  39. Sycholic TheBigDukeSix

    Sycholic TheBigDukeSix2 days ago

    Proof that humanity is too stupid for itself and will very much wipe itself off the planet soon enough..

  40. jordan secrist

    jordan secrist2 days ago

    What if your router uses those massive shielded wires that tony stark uses in the avengers? 4 of those?

  41. The GOD of GREEN

    The GOD of GREEN2 days ago

    they sell these as target as a paper holder

  42. Vish Prem

    Vish Prem2 days ago

    Linus, thank you for showing that those “Yellow-Wabbits-Over-Thar” are NOT only victims of “Middle-Men” [as per the actual cost difference, between “Ying-Hua” and Uncle’s/”Nazism’s” Taxation-&-Credit/"Revolving-Door" Freedbies but that, “Dem-Yellow-Wabbits”, in order to “overtake Uncle-Sammy’s-Economic-Might”, need-to “endure” Dem-Middle-Men’s disparagng-remarks too [you know what those are, like for starters, turning from “Yellow” to “Red” {Da-Trumpeter’s-Horde’ Swan-Song}], etc.. Without “The-Revolving-Door” [and other “Patenting”] policies, Taxation & Credit would NOT have been possible [the method by-which “Riley” is able to change Sell,Sell,Sell to Buy,Buy,Buy, Jest-Like-Zat]. As ALL very-well know, “Addiction” is The-Moment when having The-Ability to “Suss-Fings-Out”, aka “When-Knowing-Will-DO-NO-Goode”, will NOT stop A-Victim from becoming ”Addicted” [to “Shinny-New-Products”/Owing-The-Saviour, “Da-Karib’s-Best-Friend” and Its $GaZillions of “Overseas-Hording”, being a prime example]. FYI, ”Electro-Magnetic-ism” is “The-Right-Side”, aka “Ego-tism”/Activity/”Aggressiveness”. Or “Chi” [in Chinese] or “Pranava” [in Sanskrit]. The fact that ANY increase in “Electro-Magnetic-ism seems to do NO harm to “The-Human-Body” [except those who are “Borderline-Cases”] is due to the existence of “The-ONLY-Energy-Creator”, who is “Absorbing” most of the “Excess-Chi”, said “Chi” being emanating from “The-Sun “, aka “Jesus-Christ”, which is “A-Living-Body” and is actually The-[Original-]Source-Of Oil/”Petroleum”. If True [but how will ANY Human be able to realize so] what does that tells you? Witness, therefore, how The-Sun/”Divinity” is seldom mentioned when “Climate-Change” is touted-about [other than The-Hypocrisies “discovered”/uncovered, thereafter, in addition to “The-Carbon-Emmission-Tax”, but NEVAH, EVAH, said Hypocrisy, of course]. Money-Making/”Eyes-Gottas-Lives-Boss”, aka “Selfishness”, is when “Diaper-Sniffers” [DS] deliberately Compromised/“DS-ed” ALL into Imaging/”Thinking” that ONLY “Money”/Materialism exists. NOT when ALL “Animal-Mothers” UnConditionally care for its “Off-Springs” until “Aggressiveness” rears Its “Aggression” again.

  43. Muz Lee

    Muz Lee2 days ago

    See a doctor please.

  44. Jamie Moller

    Jamie Moller2 days ago

    i kinda want one, that way i can put my router in my microwave an not have it make the magic smoke

  45. Flowxing

    Flowxing2 days ago

    You have to ground the cage too.

  46. steve polychronopolis

    steve polychronopolis3 days ago

    WAP = @9:05

  47. James Logan

    James Logan3 days ago

    *"Chinese Yen"*

  48. SgtJacques

    SgtJacques3 days ago

    Damn, wish i thought of this lol

  49. Geoffrey Hughes

    Geoffrey Hughes3 days ago

    You know that thing has a pretty good use too for small offices it could hold the modem or switch to step accidental "employee" tampering wth the cables connected or resetting it on and off like some people do basically It could just an anti-tamper layer around something non WIFI.

  50. Clayton Carter

    Clayton Carter3 days ago

    Got my parents an Orbi network because they were complaining about their network. My mom than read something on Facebook and bought something like this and now they complain about the satellites not working.

  51. Sebastian Cornish

    Sebastian Cornish3 days ago

    The zigbee network that digital power meters use is only rated safe for 10 connections per minute but they actually make thousands of connections per minute and are proven to cause health issues. I'd buy a real faraday cage for that...

  52. Robert Bowmaker

    Robert Bowmaker3 days ago

    You know, you missed the worst+funniest aspect of this thing: the Faraday cage will attenuate the signal from the phone/laptop to the AP, which means the phone/laptop will be forced to compensate by INCREASING its output level. So in practice, if your sitting next to you laptop/phone and the AP is significantly further away (i.e., the most typical situation), this cage is most likely to INCREASE your exposure to Wi-Fi signals. Not that those signals would actually do any harm either way, but still, that would have been an amazing thing to demo.

  53. Charles R

    Charles R3 days ago

    Soooooo you put it in the box versus just turning off the radio broadcast?! I think they are marketing those to the tinfoil hat crowd......

  54. SemmyRace

    SemmyRace3 days ago

    Why does this even exist

  55. Lara

    Lara22 hours ago

    @Cheri Strobbe any research links on that?

  56. Cheri Strobbe

    Cheri Strobbe2 days ago

    Because studies have shown that plants don't grow well around wifi routers due to the RF energy they emit. This experiment has been proven countless times. The scenario is even worse around the radios on cell towers. RF will slowly kill living things. It's not conspiracy... but the amount of danger you're actually in is debatable.

  57. Brian Baird

    Brian Baird3 days ago

    This is one of the funniest videos they have ever done!

  58. Eventorizon

    Eventorizon3 days ago

    We aught to be selling these people lockable metal boxes they can climb inside to protect themselves from harmful visable wavelength microwave radiation. Or linking them videos of the brave man who cemented his head inside a microwave, perfect for locking harmful 5G and visable light radiation!

  59. Jonathon Wisnoski

    Jonathon Wisnoski3 days ago

    Something like this (but a true faraday cage) might actually be pretty useful for small businesses worried about security. While they lockup their store for the night, they can also lockup their wifi.

  60. Grant Wallace

    Grant Wallace3 days ago

    Does it come in black?

  61. DJ ESKY

    DJ ESKY4 days ago

    What if you wrap your WIFI router in Aluminium foil?? CAn you do it so I don't have to??

  62. Waskomsause

    Waskomsause4 days ago

    One thing this MIGHT do to help you out? Prevent people from hooking onto your wifi in any way. I only use wired connections, like ever, and with a line running to my pc, I turn off the wifi chip or for my next build I'mma just not get one and just use the port. I've had people tell me they hate having friends or family hook onto their wifi if they only use it for their PC using a line, and then a phone when at home to check things for multi-tasking. Hell, market it as a shield against wifi hook-ups to allow for only wired connections and people might have a use for them. Though, ya know, it needs to be a REAL FUCKING CAGE! And not a paper holder!

  63. Mark Grassl

    Mark Grassl4 days ago

    12:57 Linus: Hey look at my new pet wlan router. o.o Router: kill me. -_-'

  64. Razerfange

    Razerfange4 days ago


  65. Rgee

    Rgee4 days ago

    They sell them at Kmart for $4. They're just branded as a waste paper bin, I think they call it that to be sneaky.

  66. Wesley Edwards

    Wesley Edwards4 days ago

    And these are the people who can vote along side us... 🤦‍♂️

  67. Astrid Alaniz

    Astrid Alaniz4 days ago

    It was so ineffective as a Faraday cage because the spacing of the mesh wasn't tuned to the frequency of the WiFi lmao

  68. Brendin Lloyd

    Brendin Lloyd4 days ago

    Why don't these people just turn off wifi from the settings XD.

  69. -

    -4 days ago

    Mfs will buy this then go outside in the sun for 8 hours with no protection 💀

  70. Not Available

    Not Available4 days ago

    Physics teacher ≠ Technology expert

  71. gamingfox98

    gamingfox984 days ago

    I just wonder why the frick I am still stuck in university .... the money seems to lay on the street ...

  72. marios panos

    marios panos5 days ago

    The only can harm from the rooter if you crash it on your head. But technically If you want to really block something on a Faraday cage you must to connect the cage on the ground and the mesh holes must be smaller than the wavelength of the signal...

  73. Logan Fox

    Logan Fox5 days ago

    the stand up one is on amazon as a "hanging file holder" for $11.99

  74. GrandeTaco

    GrandeTaco5 days ago

    Does it come with a tin foil hat?

  75. Cameron Bean

    Cameron Bean5 days ago

    I regret not coming up with this idea and successfully fleecing idiots out of their money.

  76. 3Runner95

    3Runner955 days ago

    Type of shit my aunt's will find on facebook

  77. TILR

    TILR5 days ago

    I’ve seen these for privacy applications and shielding electronics from EMP and Solar Events, but what’s the point of this......

  78. Stephen Cunniffe

    Stephen Cunniffe5 days ago

    It is such a scam product 😂

  79. Aykan Kızılkaya

    Aykan Kızılkaya5 days ago

    this is router cruelty, let them be free! someone call reta and end this menace!

  80. LoggyVR's Tutorials

    LoggyVR's Tutorials5 days ago

    Smartmeter guard pc case

  81. Loudvic Palamara

    Loudvic Palamara5 days ago

    This is just a tax on the stupid lol

  82. Umair Aijaz

    Umair Aijaz5 days ago

    35 chinese YUAN , yen is japanese sir

  83. rbapf

    rbapf5 days ago

    WAP=wireless access point

  84. RogerWilco

    RogerWilco6 days ago

    Please include lightbulbs in your list of "wireless devices" as well. Light is also EM-radiation, same photons, just a different wavelenght. Oh, and your heater is emitting infrared radiation, as is your TV remote. I think including items like that, puts the whole thing into perspective.

  85. RogerWilco

    RogerWilco6 days ago

    Someone actually put some effort in making those. But the holes are too big for 5GHz.

  86. Fergus McIntyre

    Fergus McIntyre6 days ago

    The bedroom caged wifi speed is faster than my download speed standing next to the box lol

  87. HawkFest

    HawkFest6 days ago

    3:34 today, Amazon Canada sells those recycled desk organizers for 165$ 🙄

  88. Alan Clemmer

    Alan Clemmer6 days ago

    You know since we started pushing paperless all those companies that make paper holders had to find a new market.

  89. 天皇Ten'nō

    天皇Ten'nō6 days ago

    A new fish trap that's $70.

  90. MrDarales LLC

    MrDarales LLC6 days ago

    I know it's a gimic product. But try grounding the cage! It works better for this stupid reason

  91. imnotdavid

    imnotdavid6 days ago

    "I put 4 in at once and didn't have to worry about the thickness at all"

  92. KingKool2099

    KingKool20996 days ago

    Linus: The Worst Money I've Ever Spent Liao's Neon Sign: I'm about to ruin this man whole career

  93. Jonny Eenkhoorn

    Jonny EenkhoornDay ago

    @Ryoku Hasu No, there was a price breakdown of all his parts, it did not go over :) $5k goes farther than you think

  94. Ryoku Hasu

    Ryoku Hasu3 days ago

    That wasn't Linus' money, it was Intel's, the sign was still stupid and I'm pretty sure Dennis did go over budget

  95. 虞江孟

    虞江孟4 days ago

    why? the sign was at least pretty

  96. dmfbg

    dmfbg6 days ago

    you should've connected the "paper holders" to ground, that would have been much more effective, if the metal parts are not connected to ground they mostly reflect em waves.

  97. Raindog4444

    Raindog44446 days ago

    Do they come in a phone case size? I need something for the 5G.

  98. Iggy Norant

    Iggy Norant6 days ago

    holy shit you bought a paper tray for 200 bucks. Wanna buy a bridge?

  99. bluescreenmod

    bluescreenmod6 days ago

    It was funny but i think to be effectiv, the cage would need a ground connection.

  100. TacticalPotato

    TacticalPotato6 days ago

    There's probably some dude sitting somewhere in Asia looking at his bank account and laughing at how stupid some westerners are.

  101. Chris Robinson

    Chris Robinson6 days ago

    Let's just hope natural selection does its work

  102. stealtho ninja

    stealtho ninja6 days ago

    You could just turn off ur router 😱

  103. Sameer Apte

    Sameer Apte7 days ago

    I am actually quite disappointed that LTT decided to put up affiliate links for this tomfoolery. There is no real excuse for supporting (even if indirectly) pseudoscience that preys on people's irrational fears. Profiting off of it...that's even worse. LTT = integrity, to me, which is why I still watch. This is off the mark. There's only a small step between profiting off of an affiliate link, and selling the snake oil yourself.

  104. Muz Lee

    Muz Lee4 days ago

    I mean, they even made a joke about putting there the link. So it's probbably just because of the joke

  105. Milo DH

    Milo DH7 days ago

    Linus really do be testing unprotected WAP

  106. Krischna Gabriel

    Krischna Gabriel7 days ago

    This is ridiculous ... This is so ridiculous xD

  107. TheMacel66

    TheMacel667 days ago

    Someone keeps leaving pamplets in my local grocery store about how bad 5G is and i throw them away everytime i see them. They even made up some american scientist who vouches against it and provide no source on their claims.

  108. MechaJeb Kerman

    MechaJeb Kerman7 days ago

    Do they make a smaller size for my phone? Somewhat difficult to carry this one around.