The Nightmare Build - Pyramid PC Pt. 2

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We meticulously planned the placement of every component in the Pyramid PC to make sure it all would fit. It would really suck if someone released the largest and most powerful graphics card ever halfway through the build...
Part 1:
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. Elliot Williams

    Elliot WilliamsDay ago

    Face diapers again? wtf is wrong with you people

  2. Elliot Williams

    Elliot WilliamsDay ago

    God forbid you get the cold

  3. Alhossien LEEN

    Alhossien LEENDay ago

    Everyone taking this as a joke but yeah of you know the truth you couldn't even talk about it

  4. Tontoinatutu Redirect

    Tontoinatutu RedirectDay ago

    This thing is so ugly

  5. kolai

    kolai2 days ago

    يا ماسوني يا فتال

  6. Hazy J

    Hazy J5 days ago

    This is basically the Red Green show now

  7. Can Ozmen

    Can Ozmen6 days ago

    Clients are Saruman and Gollum. Gollum: "My precious." Saruman: "Yes, my dear Gollum it's our precious."

  8. GLN TV

    GLN TV8 days ago

    Plot twist; there is no client they just wanted to build that pyramid pc lmao (Haven't watched part 3 yet)

  9. TheMrNathwoz

    TheMrNathwoz8 days ago

    0:00 why does that look like Alan Walker’s Drone from his songs 🤔

  10. AwkwardChickenNugget

    AwkwardChickenNugget8 days ago

    2:28 wait was that intentional or.....

  11. Rhema Jumbo-Nze

    Rhema Jumbo-Nze9 days ago

    How much money is this costing?

  12. Mindseas

    Mindseas12 days ago

    14:30 So much for the "planning out really well" ;D

  13. Apollo the one

    Apollo the one12 days ago

    Who else noticed immediatley after the welding was done, that the GPU slots were out of sync with the rod things that hold the panels in place XD.

  14. Mushu Porkie-pie

    Mushu Porkie-pie14 days ago

    I think they learned exactly why you tack everything, then check for fitment, and then fully weld it in.

  15. arfyness

    arfyness18 days ago

    8:39 Pain is temporary. GLORY IS FOREVER. - Martin Molin

  16. Nick Figueroa

    Nick Figueroa18 days ago

    Man I hope they do more content of this homie building cool custom cases like this they could make a series out of it just an idea. I like watching this shit. It’s very entertaining even tho I’m fucking retarded and don’t know what half the shit they are talking about. Regardless dope ass content hopefully one day I can build my own computer it’s so fascinating. I had to go to this micro center store where I live by and they charged me $4,000 not going to lie it’s better than my old computer. they even let me pick out all the parts and shit but the fuckers didn’t let me watch them build it. which was very disappointing. But at least now it never crashes. I don’t think I will ever us Apple computer now. That shit was so so slow. I’m so happy now I can connect 3 huge 4K monitors with out the text to look tiny as hell or blurry. Does anyone know if I have to have the maintenance checked on the water cause they never told me and I know they added water to it to keep it cool with a fan with pumps and shit like a radiators in a car?? I forgot to ask if I have to add water every so often or so??

  17. Adarsh G

    Adarsh G19 days ago

    Dbrand pulled off a good one tho

  18. snelhest

    snelhest20 days ago

    "Alright, that's about an inch" That's what sh... never mind.

  19. Bill Gene Soon

    Bill Gene Soon20 days ago

    Alex is a lot smarter than people give him credit for. Given the parameters, Small-ish Pyramid, pushy client. Only I'd do differently, is make every Panel have a very Slight Diagonal, inward facing incline and mount a ton of Noctua fans at the bottom for intake, the side with the eye has a small mesh panel entrance that can fit a 200mm noctua fan. This would ensure that at least the entire case would have cool air. Also, why not a copper top head? you could sink it to the CPU and GPU, though any metal may cause grounding... just tell the client: "Don't touch the head while it's on, you might invoke the Pharoah's Wraith." Lol. Amazing work. Next time you gotta give him a sphinx lol. (Would have been easier too).

  20. Barrackz

    Barrackz20 days ago

    Media Offline ?

  21. tumbal gb

    tumbal gb21 day ago

    Alan Walker ?

  22. Samit Iyer

    Samit Iyer21 day ago

    "This right here is a thread cutting tool" You could also call it a ThreadRipper...

  23. Bobbydog66

    Bobbydog6621 day ago

    15:17 Huh, I didn't know linus could cross his eyes.

  24. Max Hülle

    Max Hülle21 day ago

    As an Event technician I usually use those Astera Tubes on concerts as background lighting not as PC RGB 😅

  25. Odhran Lynch

    Odhran Lynch21 day ago

    I feel like it’s for Anthony or another close friend of theirs.

  26. Khalsa Bally

    Khalsa Bally19 days ago


  27. Odhran Lynch

    Odhran Lynch21 day ago

    Brian the electrician.

  28. Yevgen4000

    Yevgen400021 day ago


  29. Best -assassin

    Best -assassin21 day ago

    Imagine stubbing your toe on that case

  30. Atom Artz

    Atom Artz21 day ago

    I think the client is DBRAND. I just have a feeling

  31. Steven Call

    Steven Call22 days ago

    And this is why you first build everything in CAD before you start building

  32. Joe W

    Joe W22 days ago

    Was the client Jeff Bezos cos spending 2k on Ram alone sounds insane

  33. Aixoon

    Aixoon22 days ago

    ان لله وان اليه راجعون

  34. hash JARVIS

    hash JARVIS22 days ago

    The person who ordered this watching this like:👁️👄👁️

  35. Chris Ord

    Chris Ord22 days ago

    That actually looks like the exact lathe that was on the first ship i ever served on, HMS Nottingham! So cool :)

  36. Obito Tries

    Obito Tries22 days ago

    Is that for the KKK?

  37. Riyan Goins

    Riyan Goins22 days ago

    2:28 wtf?

  38. Mikael Mikkelsen

    Mikael Mikkelsen22 days ago

    it's an interesting idea for a case, but that metal work is shocking. It's not just bad, it's worse...

  39. The Glitcher

    The Glitcher22 days ago

    The client is probably going to stare at his PC until Linus sues him...

  40. nightly gamer

    nightly gamer22 days ago

    What's with the "media offline" red screen?

  41. Poison Rationality

    Poison Rationality22 days ago

    Linus could save so much by just hiring a fabrication outfit and get better results. Delineate between your teams hobbies and your business

  42. Bob

    Bob22 days ago

    2:30 bruh oof

  43. ggrekyks

    ggrekyks22 days ago


  44. Mythos TD

    Mythos TD22 days ago

    As a small way to make building easier, use weld nuts, instead of regular nuts when attaching nuts to metal.

  45. Ant Smith

    Ant Smith22 days ago

    reckon they're like elon musk and he'll reveal it on twitter for the giggles

  46. Bala

    Bala22 days ago

    I can really see Alex's hardwork behind this project, great job👍🏼

  47. ThatGuyCanmanNC

    ThatGuyCanmanNC22 days ago

    Bet the client is Austin, or some other youtuber The client would have to be close to Linus to get roasted and Linus said talking about the client ""Oh i heard from a friend that theres a better one", i told you about the better one" That means that the person is not an expert as Linus and again confirms that they are friends, ive not seen part 3 yet, ive come to watch the 2 first videos first. Tldr: its Austin

  48. The Door

    The Door22 days ago

    Are you building a PC for Satan?

  49. Luis Mercado

    Luis Mercado22 days ago

    In the first video they said the client is a female.

  50. R H

    R H22 days ago

    3:45 well to be fair they really did build things right back in those days. Absolutely chunky overkilling beasts... you know what nvm not chunky but CHONKEY

  51. R H

    R H22 days ago

    gotta go back and watch part 2 before I finish part 3 I dont know how I missed it

  52. NotMuchHere27709

    NotMuchHere2770922 days ago

    this vacuum is the best ... no man ... that vacuum sucks

  53. Ghastify

    Ghastify22 days ago

    I have 1050 (no ti)

  54. Nnay

    Nnay23 days ago

    wow that's easily the ugliest pc I've ever seen. crazy tech tho

  55. C L

    C L23 days ago

    This is my PC. I am the world leader of the Illuminati. This PC is for my personal office.

  56. Scott H

    Scott H23 days ago

    $4k for a 50 year old machine There IS something to "they don't make em like they used to" Turn out, when you don't intentionally plan obsolescence into your product, it lasts longer

  57. kaiden fennell

    kaiden fennell23 days ago

    with the first threadripper cooler can you not just install it after you screw in the mobo

  58. MundMoriginal

    MundMoriginal24 days ago

    LGR did a cooler pyramid build.

  59. Alfredo Ochoa

    Alfredo Ochoa24 days ago

    Linus sounded like my math professor here’s the problem solve it. Is it this no. How about this, nope. Ahh i see this and this. Yes.

  60. Allen Young

    Allen Young25 days ago

    Could have Alienware 3090 they are the smallest ones out.

  61. O K

    O K25 days ago


  62. SushiiUnavailable

    SushiiUnavailable26 days ago

    Everyone is asking who’s the client . But they never ask how’s the client

  63. Jillian Angell

    Jillian Angell19 days ago

    Dbrand is fine lol

  64. Ciqiq

    Ciqiq22 days ago

    @Jonathan O gotta make sure hes ok

  65. Jonathan O

    Jonathan O22 days ago

    He's doing ok

  66. Frank AutiWele

    Frank AutiWele26 days ago

    That Would've been extra cool points if you managed to fit that thermosiphon cooler in. Shame.

  67. AK Lb

    AK Lb27 days ago

    Y is there masons things in this channel u disappointed me

  68. DeftestAphid20

    DeftestAphid2027 days ago

    Now when threading why didn't you guys use threading oil

  69. Cayden Widing

    Cayden Widing28 days ago

    so thats where they get their money selling a 100k pc

  70. оставление

    оставление28 days ago

    I didn't know pyramid head was a pc gamer

  71. Because Bacon

    Because Bacon28 days ago

    Plot Twist: The client is Alan Walker. Aren’t surprised huh?

  72. ali hamza

    ali hamza28 days ago

    Sir I want to tell you that if you are a free mason or illuminati than you should know that on the top of the piramid the satan is ordering the people

  73. ali hamza

    ali hamza28 days ago

    I think that illuminati or masons ordered this pc

  74. ali hamza

    ali hamza28 days ago

    Do you worship satan if you do that note that I am not afraid of him



    That was a fast sponsor

  76. Definate Human

    Definate Human29 days ago

    These shoes are vegan, like who is going out and eating shoes?

  77. Javier Garcon

    Javier Garcon29 days ago

    What happened to Part 3? You tweeted you finished it. It looks good but I want to see the speed. Hows the heat?

  78. Stuart Marriott

    Stuart MarriottMonth ago

    2.29, you need to relink a media file and re-export your MP4.

  79. John The Weeb

    John The WeebMonth ago

    If you turn your playback speed to the lowest and go to the timestamp 1:06 you will see an Illuminati eye

  80. Alejandro Sosa

    Alejandro SosaMonth ago

    Am I the only that thinks that pc needs a paint job?

  81. Collin Burke

    Collin BurkeMonth ago

    Plot twist this was actually for Linus

  82. SayNo 2H8

    SayNo 2H8Month ago

    My ring matches this computer to a T

  83. SayNo 2H8

    SayNo 2H8Month ago

    Hire me please as well

  84. SayNo 2H8

    SayNo 2H8Month ago

    Can i please have that

  85. Mike Soda

    Mike SodaMonth ago

    With as heavy as those cards are, won't they bend or even break that notched mount they're on in shipping?

  86. Preda Daniel

    Preda DanielMonth ago

    Nothing better then building a custom pc for a freemason that probably watched k word with s in the end and p word with n in the end .

  87. abo flah

    abo flahMonth ago

    WTF you are Mosconi

  88. Igor Cesar Madruga

    Igor Cesar MadrugaMonth ago

    The client is obviously iilluminaughtii

  89. Candid Avocado

    Candid AvocadoMonth ago

    The pope is gonna love his new pc.

  90. Vortex Sky

    Vortex SkyMonth ago

    Why does it have the masons logo on it and the illlumimati as well they are adaptations of each other but nkt the same

  91. Bryan Valencia

    Bryan ValenciaMonth ago

    This shit mad ugly

  92. Repo gaming /ريبو

    Repo gaming /ريبوMonth ago

    سبحان الله و بحمده سبحان الله العظيم اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد عليه الصلاة والسلام الله اكبر الله اكبر الله اكبر💖💖💖💖💖

  93. ThePoorConnoisseur

    ThePoorConnoisseurMonth ago

    I am sure this customer compensated for his switches, I know I would and they wouldn't be doing that shit otherwise lol. Linus don't take shit from no one.

  94. Chris Maguire

    Chris MaguireMonth ago

    Why does your intro say new world order in Latin?

  95. Satan's son bob

    Satan's son bobMonth ago

    What’s the button for?

  96. Kevin Stratton

    Kevin StrattonMonth ago

    This has got to be the most overpriced weird spec build in existence. Brand new 3090s but what is soon to be last gen threadripper. This person certainly gives no fucks about money lol

  97. مستر أكس جيمر mr x gamer

    مستر أكس جيمر mr x gamerMonth ago

    الله أكبر

  98. Kevin Kern

    Kevin KernMonth ago

    Does anyone else see this as a piece of art and that these two are artists not just mechanics? Alex is truly an artist!

  99. Tushar 2001

    Tushar 2001Month ago


  100. ali

    aliMonth ago

    Add a top hat, a pair of legs and arms and then it’s complete

  101. Am Mir

    Am MirMonth ago

    hey look its the free masons logo o wonder what that is

  102. Светлозар Янчев

    Светлозар ЯнчевMonth ago

    How can I buy it for 20€?

  103. Techtot

    TechtotMonth ago

    I'm thinking mr.beast

  104. Nick Corkery

    Nick CorkeryMonth ago

    It's is difficult to watch. Computer guys trying to be fabricators. Respect the effort but still cringy af.

  105. Akul Hampi Sirivantha

    Akul Hampi SirivanthaMonth ago


  106. Jeremy H.

    Jeremy H.Month ago

    I'll bet it's Deadmau5.