I've never seen anything like this...

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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  1. Gioele Gatti

    Gioele Gatti5 hours ago

    Please put that cover back on while it's running!

  2. D tv hungarya

    D tv hungarya21 hour ago

    Try it with cryptotab please. ;-)

  3. MadScientist512

    MadScientist512Day ago

    Would AMDs monster CPU core and memory lane count systems work better with this kind of optane setup or even ever be compatible?

  4. jordan secrist

    jordan secrist2 days ago

    Can you imagine how much you’d owe them if you dropped that? Wow.

  5. Amiga Wolf

    Amiga Wolf3 days ago

    And was was the Cinebench R23 score?!?!?!

  6. Malte Almroth

    Malte Almroth4 days ago

    i don't understand why he said "five hundred AND TWELVE gigabytes" i mean we knew it was AND TWELVE because its imposible to have just 500

  7. svjness

    svjness6 days ago

    Gahhhh I wonder how this thing does at Chia plotting

  8. mind_combatant

    mind_combatant8 days ago

    the fact that you'd even /try/ to run windows on something like this is ridiculous, let alone that you got it working. this is very much meant to run linux.

  9. Mike's Tech Talks

    Mike's Tech Talks8 days ago

    Not many can take advantage of the tiered storage. Could be an interesting HPC node though.

  10. Gustavo Lara

    Gustavo Lara13 days ago

    14:06 Tech Borat vibes

  11. darney catimbang

    darney catimbang14 days ago

    maybe you and mr. beast build a pc wahahahaha

  12. Eric Brogen

    Eric Brogen15 days ago

    Sounds like my pc with 6 noctua 140mm industrial fans.

  13. Cornelius Antonius

    Cornelius Antonius16 days ago

    Can it play Crysis ?

  14. raka asadullah

    raka asadullah16 days ago

    i know this is silly question, but what application takes 50GB or more RAM...

  15. King shil0h

    King shil0h17 days ago

    can i have one please just one

  16. Kevin Burgess

    Kevin Burgess19 days ago

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Data Center Servers.

  17. rob b

    rob b19 days ago



    CAMTECH20 days ago

    Now the time will come when they will start putting SSDs on RAM sticks

  19. Danker Things

    Danker Things20 days ago

    Bruh I got an ad with linus in it lmao

  20. Arthur V

    Arthur V20 days ago

    Yesterday I started a single SCC job that I assigned 2 Tb memory to. Mad how much memory some jobs require.

  21. OpenEye Automobile

    OpenEye Automobile21 day ago

    In July 2020 - Linus Tech Tips : May I have a server for review? - Server provider Marketing Officer : Guys, let's send him the best possible (monster) server we can make. Back to the drawing board and make a 6TB ram server. - 6 months later... Here is the server

  22. Danny Weasner

    Danny Weasner21 day ago

    High end Hardware is a completely surprisingly crazy U.S. price. Wild Mind blown hardware in this video.

  23. Myk Al

    Myk Al21 day ago

    "For the savvy among you... but for everyone else." Me: "Im everyone else! woohoo yeaahh babyyy"

  24. Chris Balch

    Chris Balch21 day ago

    4:36 D.I.M.M. Dual Inline Memory Module so yes in fact you did day memory module.

  25. Leaded Zel

    Leaded Zel21 day ago

    So is it possible to use all this ram as a boot drive/ storage and ram. And is it worth it? Or is an ssd faster.

  26. Kevin C

    Kevin C22 days ago

    0:50 best intro transition ever

  27. John Lannon

    John Lannon22 days ago

    11:21 Linus uses facebook messenger 😶

  28. tihzho

    tihzho23 days ago

    Linus didn't drop it...

  29. Joseph Boss

    Joseph Boss23 days ago

    haha sever go brrrrrrrrrrr

  30. gaming_ master

    gaming_ master23 days ago

    Chrome: im hungry

  31. Ragical Plays

    Ragical Plays23 days ago

    But can it run Crysis?

  32. Charles Joseph Escoto

    Charles Joseph Escoto23 days ago

    6TB Me: running at 16gb of hdd

  33. TMKC

    TMKC24 days ago

    Upgrade the CPUs and run the LTT Minecraft Server off the thing xD

  34. James Luna

    James Luna24 days ago

    Try cyberpunk on it pls

  35. Tim Soethe

    Tim Soethe24 days ago

    Just got an ad for pulseway apparently linus is his own advertiser 😂

  36. steltekx

    steltekx24 days ago

    The 2TB is the memory limit on Windows 10 Pro. It’s 6TB on Pro for Workstations or Enterprise, but you’d need to go to Server 2016/2019 to use it all.

  37. rasheedqe

    rasheedqe25 days ago

    I like how he is explaining how to properly configure the boot menu for optimum performance like any of the us will actually own one and need to set it up.

  38. rdillon517

    rdillon51726 days ago

    It was built so 10s of thousands of devices could access it. If you're running a website cant do that with a desktop.

  39. RubbST

    RubbST27 days ago

    Looks like the max for chrome tabs in about 5 to 10k

  40. mobile gamer213

    mobile gamer21327 days ago

    Gaming pc

  41. mobile gamer213

    mobile gamer21327 days ago

    But can it run minesweeper

  42. Zebra

    Zebra27 days ago

    You have more ram in this server than I have storage in my pc, oof.

  43. J Dub

    J Dub28 days ago

    Wait, I missed the part where it was running Crysis... So??.....................



    60k server to run Windows 10... Now that's funny!

  45. piter pitero

    piter pitero29 days ago

    Boom headshot ;)

  46. Maeryaenus

    Maeryaenus29 days ago

    Chrome: challenge accepted!

  47. TerTls

    TerTlsMonth ago

    Pog finally we can launch chrome

  48. Astro_Manta

    Astro_MantaMonth ago

    But Linus, I ask, can it game?

  49. Victor van Dijk

    Victor van DijkMonth ago

    Does it run Crysis?

  50. Nomisuke Deadman

    Nomisuke DeadmanMonth ago

    Linus: For a good laugh, why don't you go ahead and hammer the DIMMs back in with your fist like you did with that ROG Rig Reboot where you dropped the dude's 10900K on the desk prior to the actual build? That would be HILARIOUS.

  51. Munk Puppy

    Munk PuppyMonth ago

    4:01 ..they might prossibly be.. XD

  52. Jim Moore

    Jim MooreMonth ago

    I need one of these. I don't know why, it's just the dog's bollocks of server hardware, right there.

  53. Rum Have

    Rum HaveMonth ago

    " PCI Express would be a bottleneck" My mind 🤯.

  54. Balakrishnan Swaminathan

    Balakrishnan SwaminathanMonth ago

    Can it run crysis

  55. Daniel Williams

    Daniel WilliamsMonth ago

    Is it just me or does the principle of storage as ram sound similar to the way Cerny explained PS5's architecture? I wonder if he took any inspiration from server tech innovations.

  56. PowerDuDe_DK

    PowerDuDe_DKMonth ago

    3:56 "Prossibly" we've got a new word from the evolving language of Linus

  57. tharindu supun

    tharindu supunMonth ago


  58. Noname2014

    Noname2014Month ago

    Good RAM Disk Machine

  59. Michael Kulbe

    Michael KulbeMonth ago

    😭 Its...oh my G0D...thanks for showing.


    AWARHEROMonth ago

    People should know by now NOT to let Linus carry anything of value...

  61. Moritz Lässer

    Moritz LässerMonth ago

    How many chuncks can you render with this server (in minecraft)

  62. Moritz Lässer

    Moritz LässerMonth ago

    Perfect minecraft server

  63. Michael18751

    Michael18751Month ago

    But can it run Cyberpunk 2077?

  64. Thorvilk Williams

    Thorvilk WilliamsMonth ago

    Our data warehouse runs on SAP HANA (in memory database).

  65. Crossfire_Bolt

    Crossfire_BoltMonth ago

    But can it run Cyberpunk 2077? XD

  66. Dante Deloden

    Dante DelodenMonth ago

    can it run crysis?

  67. John Johnson

    John JohnsonMonth ago

    Wow I need to update my ram

  68. Rich Morgenstein

    Rich MorgensteinMonth ago

    Why is everyone now looking like homeless person lol? Did covid 19 make everyone forget what showers and shaving is for >_

  69. Slai Daniel

    Slai DanielMonth ago

    Amazing server dude! Thanks for the content.

  70. IraQNid

    IraQNidMonth ago

    I'm just waiting for the thing to tumble off the table as 1/2 appears to be sticking OFF the table :) Seems to be ideally suited for distributed computing. Too late to save the world from a pandemic. No the case for solving all the rest of mankind's ailments. Or, you'll probably try to play games on it.

  71. Sawyer Mervis

    Sawyer MervisMonth ago

    You should try to launch GTA on it for a benchmark.

  72. Sawyer Mervis

    Sawyer MervisMonth ago

    Linus: So we've got 384 gb of ram Me: Lmao weak

  73. Gregorioux Jimenez

    Gregorioux JimenezMonth ago

    Is this what we need to play cyberpunk 2077?

  74. Hamza Arshad

    Hamza ArshadMonth ago

    After starting the server, it would have said, " WARNING! Linus' spit blocking memory ram access.

  75. Konrad Mosoń

    Konrad MosońMonth ago

    Ohhh… the old server LTT stuff I liked to watch instead of gaming stuff :D

  76. Robert R

    Robert RMonth ago

    The ordinary client bilaterally fool because aries temporarily jam versus a uncovered siamese. tearful, infamous spruce

  77. The13Bot

    The13BotMonth ago

    10:19 PS4 Pro running games

  78. ResidentEvil202

    ResidentEvil202Month ago

    Isnt it that Windows 10 can just handle up to 2 TB of RAM and you would need Windows Server to handle more? Or just use Linux, thats what i would prefer on a machine like this :) EDIT: I checked online, on Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit you can handle "only" up to 2 TB of RAM, You could use Windows 10 Pro for Workstation or Enterprise to handle up to 6 TB Windows Server 2016 and 2019 can handle up to 24 TB (essential version only up to 64 GB) im pretty sure Linus used a standard Win10Pro for that quick test and should have used a Windows Server one to get more "proper" results for Windows showing the hardwareinformation And a quick fact to you Win 7 Lovers: Win 7 Home Premium can handle only up to 16 GB of RAM which most of us would make this an unusable version of Windows.

  79. Fred Lakota

    Fred LakotaMonth ago

    and here we are , stuck with ssd and hard disks.. as usual we have to wait another 10 years for new tech.. by the time we get new tech for gamers.. the tech actually is already 10-15 years old already.. same with the gpu's... they give you regulary a little upgrade over the previous version.. while in the big companies they use cards and processors 10 years ahead from what we have today as gamers

  80. kevin krebs

    kevin krebsMonth ago

    A good old 1u super micro chassis. they sound like a goddamn Formula One car if you run them with the case open

  81. Fuchsfalke

    FuchsfalkeMonth ago

    Can they still sell the server after Linus dropped it?

  82. Thomas Perry

    Thomas PerryMonth ago

    Run A Minecraft Server.

  83. Goose Moose

    Goose MooseMonth ago


  84. shaddorry

    shaddorryMonth ago

    you can run Cities Skylines with probably all available assets and mods on that.

  85. black knight

    black knightMonth ago

    So if I install one 8gb dimm with two 4gb dimm will it still be dual channel (with the same speeds)?

  86. Backup_jack

    Backup_jackMonth ago

    This video came out the day before my birthday

  87. BlackHeartScyther

    BlackHeartScytherMonth ago

    Just bought 2 of these a few months back, nice to see a video released on it. One thing to note, as of right now these dimms only work with xeon gen 2 CPUs ifirc, you cant just plop these guys in your desktop and expect them to run. [I tried :(] That said, if you have compatible hardware and bios, these puppies usually run about $2/GB on ebay, basicly half off or less than what linus quoted.

  88. Ryan Zmuda

    Ryan ZmudaMonth ago

    why aren't you running a server os on that?

  89. Michael Tarasyuk

    Michael TarasyukMonth ago

    Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit supports up to 2TB

  90. Hareesh Kg

    Hareesh KgMonth ago

    @Linus, run vSAN HCIBench test may be for benchmark test?

  91. Ronny Svedman

    Ronny SvedmanMonth ago

    That beard tho! I shaved clean today. Even the stache.

  92. Lan Dolenc

    Lan DolencMonth ago

    Note that I didn't say memory module; DIMM=Dual In-line Memory Module

  93. Anonim Hackerescu

    Anonim HackerescuMonth ago

    1000th dislike sorry linus

  94. Viktor Gorlov

    Viktor GorlovMonth ago

    Can it run cyberpunk?

  95. Mr Shady

    Mr ShadyMonth ago

    I really wanna put Redis Enterprise on that and do some work, wow that’s a crazy system!

  96. Combine

    CombineMonth ago

    But can it run Crysis ?

  97. Lillie Patterson

    Lillie PattersonMonth ago

    The boiling plow ipsilaterally hand because food taxonomically place through a proud organization. utopian, annoying consonant

  98. Cal

    CalMonth ago

    freakin sweet - peter griffin

  99. Jelle Smid

    Jelle SmidMonth ago

    Seriously, i have an attic full of old pc's including stacks of different AthlonXP based computers and NOW i hear about dual channel capability with 3 ram sticks? Linus, you never dissapoint

  100. Patrik Kolbel

    Patrik KolbelMonth ago

    meh 60K $ and 0 RGB ...

  101. Julian

    JulianMonth ago

    wtf that's more RAM than my hard drive.

  102. Koi Thema

    Koi ThemaMonth ago

    Can it run Cysis?