Gaming on a $60,000 Computer

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Liqid's badger den server is so crazy that we wondered what would it be like to GAME on the dang thing... Let's find out.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. emersonleon85

    emersonleon853 hours ago

    If I paid $60k on a computer I better get 12k@flawless 500fps on every single game. I don’t even wanna see a single drop frame!

  2. Quotable Gaming

    Quotable Gaming16 hours ago

    M I N E C R A F T S E R V E R

  3. Digital Scythe

    Digital Scythe21 hour ago

    linus looks like hes aged 50 years

  4. enzobrunog #5853

    enzobrunog #5853Day ago

    “You might think you know, ‘Oh, 200, 290 FPS, that’s pretty good.’ That’s terrible” What!? W h a t ? 55-60 fps average for me is already a dream. 200-290 fps average to me is like god coming down from the earth right after creating it and making a computer from the *freshest* materials. Don’t say it’s bad.

  5. blake is dum

    blake is dumDay ago

    am i the only one that cant skip ads lately

  6. Travis C77

    Travis C77Day ago

    Of course you did

  7. Terran tucker-strashok

    Terran tucker-strashokDay ago

    I fricken love Linuses intros. haha.

  8. TheBigDickBandit

    TheBigDickBandit2 days ago

    It can’t run roblox phantom forces

  9. Sebastian Leal

    Sebastian Leal2 days ago

    Linus: Okay guys today were playing with a $60,000 computer In real life: this is a fucking JET

  10. I’m shit with Comments

    I’m shit with Comments2 days ago

    Why does that pc sound like my old ps4


    EPICSUB2 days ago

    2:33 optical illusion

  12. Vnm 04

    Vnm 043 days ago

    Hackintosh using this when?

  13. mohamed zerrouki

    mohamed zerrouki3 days ago


  14. Anonway Tech

    Anonway Tech3 days ago

    Somtimes i feel he is playing with his toys as like kid!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. SK4M Gaming

    SK4M Gaming4 days ago

    Linus: "Thats how many cores Cyberpunk can hit..." Me: cant see what the screen says

  16. ded chennel nothing

    ded chennel nothing4 days ago


  17. Diego O

    Diego O5 days ago

    This is the cost of some people houses...

  18. SkillGaming

    SkillGaming5 days ago

    The reason why there is no RTX 3000 series is because linus is hogging em all

  19. MrGlennJohnsen

    MrGlennJohnsen5 days ago

    That sound!

  20. Loser

    Loser5 days ago

    thic boi

  21. Brett Hepler

    Brett Hepler5 days ago

    that sounds identical to a jet engine lmfao

  22. Licke Licke

    Licke Licke6 days ago

    another episode of "I cant afford it"

  23. gunnar

    gunnar6 days ago

    Wow it's so cool

  24. Nyten

    Nyten6 days ago

    Pc players: AAAAA LOUD PS4 players: ??? Wdym?

  25. Alan

    Alan7 days ago

    If we can make 100 core CPU can't we can make GPU better?

  26. Kevin William

    Kevin William7 days ago

    The sound is like a airplane

  27. Ivor

    Ivor7 days ago

    lol watching this on an under $200 refurbished workplace PC

  28. orcite

    orcite8 days ago

    btw! Overclocking the memory timings on the GPU gives MASSSIVE performance boost in cyberpunk

  29. Rex

    Rex8 days ago

    linus forgot to say nice when the cpu is utilized at 69%.

  30. Nixzy

    Nixzy8 days ago

    Sound of the server made me think he was playing on a PS4

  31. Kalahan

    Kalahan8 days ago

    How about two RTX3090 with SLI with this rig? :D

  32. Jonasa_t

    Jonasa_t9 days ago

    ultra high settings with 4k and 43 fps* Rig about to take off* "A small price to pay for salvation"

  33. beetrickson

    beetrickson9 days ago

    Why pay 60K for a plane sound effect when you can buy a PS4 for 100

  34. A27M Cromwell 1

    A27M Cromwell 19 days ago

    11:12 Xbox one and ps4 players YES

  35. TeknoScience

    TeknoScience9 days ago

    my gta still looks the same with gt 710 and 4 gig ram(ddr4 2666 mhz) click *noice*

  36. Abdulrahman Alawadi

    Abdulrahman Alawadi9 days ago

    my laptop got hot running this video

  37. Lxst

    Lxst10 days ago

    BEWARE gt 1030 fan blades will kill u.

  38. Swee

    Swee10 days ago

    the server is actually only $200, the 3090 is $59,800

  39. JakeSkellington

    JakeSkellington10 days ago

    I could be wrong but I think that if the game and game engine isn't set up to support the transfer speeds that ssd's can put out, they won't load as fast as they could. Like I said. I could be wrong. I got a 7gb/s ssd and tw3 and skyrim load almost instantly but I feel like if the game is set up to utilize those transfer speeds, loading screens wouldn't exist, even if they're just showing up for a couple seconds.

  40. keeman Friends

    keeman Friends10 days ago

    Linus. I have an idea for an click in rgb light for xbox series x. It would basically give you rgb light in the fan of the series x without having to open up your console. I see another of people opening the xbox and putting in lights and I've got an idea to make one that just clicks into the back. I'm only 19 tho so idk where to start

  41. New World

    New World10 days ago

  42. Microsoft Word

    Microsoft Word10 days ago

    Omg i will save for this to play roblox lmao

  43. Brexy FN

    Brexy FN11 days ago

    Sounds like a ps4

  44. Matt B

    Matt B11 days ago

    Why game when you can mine for bit coin

  45. Cheezburger15

    Cheezburger1511 days ago

    Anyone else wondering why a prebuilt pc company decided to sponsor a channel based off of CUSTOM PC’s?

  46. Emmanuel Jimenez Martinez

    Emmanuel Jimenez Martinez11 days ago

    wait pcs can go up to $5,000 ?

  47. Jacob Padlock

    Jacob Padlock11 days ago

    "Sometimes things that are expensive........ are worse"

  48. sami houmaira

    sami houmaira11 days ago

    Imagine a computer with these specs: 4 RTX 3090s, 4 overclocked 4.5 gigahertz Threadripper 5990X CPUs, 1 TB of dual-channel RAM, and 5 10TB M.2 SSDs, all under a 1080p display

  49. Gunwant Jain

    Gunwant Jain12 days ago

    8:34 ooke

  50. If you say So

    If you say So12 days ago

    Hey Linus can i get a 2080 or above because my uncle gave me a radeon 480 and I can’t afford a better gpu it would really mean a lot if you could help me out. Thanks

  51. Julio Cesar Caballero Martinez

    Julio Cesar Caballero Martinez12 days ago

    There is nothing here but sHiT and I only watch your videos searching good content but I think that @Enderman does better shit than you

  52. Julio Cesar Caballero Martinez

    Julio Cesar Caballero Martinez12 days ago

    This is for mean comments 2022

  53. Seth Swann

    Seth Swann12 days ago

    I wonder if that thing can play minecraft tho

  54. The 2ky

    The 2ky12 days ago

    My omen 30L pc could run Modern Warfare at 180 FPS At medium grafics So I would never buy this lol 😂

  55. iedutz

    iedutz12 days ago

    At CS:GO, you forgot to write in console "fps_max 0" to get unlimited fps.

  56. halfbox

    halfbox12 days ago

    Still not as loud as my 2006 laptop trying to run roblox

  57. TheRobloxDeafults

    TheRobloxDeafults12 days ago

    did i just hear a terabyte of ram?

  58. NasaBoi 1

    NasaBoi 112 days ago

    Can a lo come up in your crib?

  59. Thomas Hellecke

    Thomas Hellecke13 days ago

    You just won the Internet with this vid

  60. Amari Howell

    Amari Howell13 days ago

    Can u built a pc and ship to me

  61. KDRatio

    KDRatio13 days ago

    The cpu's are slow af though arnt they?

  62. Leo

    Leo13 days ago

    Linus has become a lumberjack

  63. jjDub331

    jjDub33113 days ago

    Welcome to the future where we find out what a pc will look like 10+ years from now.

  64. Mr. Techo

    Mr. Techo13 days ago

    All the people who don't know a thing about computers (including me): WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??????????????

  65. Garfungel

    Garfungel13 days ago

    My ps4 is still louder

  66. Garfungel

    Garfungel13 days ago

    My ps4 is still louder

  67. First NeverFollows

    First NeverFollows13 days ago

    He sounds like he works on a tunnel and trying to give instructions!

  68. Shah Bano Siddiqui

    Shah Bano Siddiqui13 days ago

    Bruh am I then only person in they runs who runs at lowest settings? You could get up to probably 150 FPS if you put cyberpunk to lowest settings

  69. Ryan Seidenstricker

    Ryan Seidenstricker13 days ago

    when he said multi disk at 5:50 it sounded robotic

  70. Fait

    Fait14 days ago

    You would think a 60k pc would have rgb it obviously gives more fps

  71. Jeremy Saklad

    Jeremy Saklad14 days ago

    You can practically taste the carbon footprint.

  72. Drake Hurley

    Drake Hurley14 days ago

    And this, ladies and gents, is a reminder how shit cyberpunk is

  73. Evil Goblin

    Evil Goblin15 days ago

    Even this cannot run cyberpunk 2077 in 120 fps

  74. Nuno Alexandre

    Nuno Alexandre15 days ago

    Why didn't he use a quadro rtx 8000 or some gpu like that? The 3900 was bottlenecking the hell out of that monster rig... A better gpu would've been far more interesting


    NOOBIE PIE15 days ago

    I think minecraft will run on 9999+ fps

  76. Rublox Guy

    Rublox Guy15 days ago

    why are you in my recommendations

  77. solidreactor

    solidreactor15 days ago

    The silence from the noisy fans after the video ended.... ahh... how I missed you

  78. tilatkaa soupcast

    tilatkaa soupcast15 days ago

    Linus bro i have a prebuild from my dads work with 2 xeon r 2.6 ghz v5 and a 3070 but still runs my games around 90 fps any tips

  79. Aidil Nizam

    Aidil Nizam15 days ago

    Bruh why does he looks like Justin Bieber

  80. Rynxx

    Rynxx15 days ago


  81. Mayor Mcnoober

    Mayor Mcnoober15 days ago

    Gtav is still way better than cyberpunk

  82. Tqrtl3

    Tqrtl315 days ago

    did anyone else notice that when linus was playing gta the money was at the 32 bit integer limit


    NINJA BOSS16 days ago

    1 terabyte of ram. Is that even legal...

  84. Wolfforlunch

    Wolfforlunch16 days ago

    Hey man, can you make a gaming PC? thanks, I'm poor.

  85. mathew evern

    mathew evern16 days ago

    Linus takes the fun out of pc's what next gaming on 100000 pc then 1000000 or building some unessesary pc to pile on the rest of the junk pile nothing but click bait videos

  86. Adam Malts

    Adam Malts16 days ago LINUS I FOUND YOUR OLD CAR)))

  87. Sebastian Gabor

    Sebastian Gabor16 days ago

    "Only 43 FPS..."

  88. Preston Belgarde

    Preston Belgarde16 days ago

    dod you replace "these shits" with "videogames" at 7:45?

  89. Ajeen entertainment

    Ajeen entertainment16 days ago

    Nividia bread and msi butter

  90. Jexxy

    Jexxy17 days ago

    fortnite kids watching this🤓

  91. Potato Man

    Potato Man17 days ago

    Im a few months older than this channel

  92. Home Theater Fanatics

    Home Theater Fanatics17 days ago

    What camera was this filmed on? The quality is stunning? And what mic?????

  93. Boomer Juice

    Boomer Juice17 days ago

    This guy looks familiar

  94. Mashallah Meri Routine

    Mashallah Meri Routine17 days ago

    Good video Nice video Carry on Stay connect Amazing

  95. Memeow

    Memeow17 days ago

    linus: lets play games on this $60,000 server my laptop when watching this: *hehe fans go brrrrr*

  96. Nexus Hexus

    Nexus Hexus18 days ago

    Is he high

  97. Keelous

    Keelous18 days ago

    Can someone donate a graphics card to me? 🥺💙

  98. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf18 days ago

    You are a master pc builder. I too needed a gaming pc 😭

  99. Rishi

    Rishi18 days ago

    Cyberpunk needs a meme here that even $60,000 can't give 60FPS on full settings They made best game to test how efficient the system is 😂😂

  100. Johann Nefdt

    Johann Nefdt18 days ago


  101. Nefdtie101

    Nefdtie10118 days ago