I bought a TRANSPARENT TV for $7000 :*(

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link: uslikes.info/house/gn-d3NB-tmujh74/video.html
iTunes Download Link: itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova/id936805712
Artist Link: soundcloud.com/laszlomusic
Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High uslikes.info
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE


  1. vega fisher

    vega fisherHour ago

    would be fun to set up as a window and scare the heck out of people

  2. Imperfectionist Gaming

    Imperfectionist Gaming10 hours ago

    that ending.....scary good 😅

  3. Haterade

    Haterade10 hours ago

    I dont know about 7K but that TV is awesome.

  4. Harvie

    Harvie13 hours ago

    Imagine this installed at an archaeology site, so you can see the remains through it and it projects the original architecture on top of it...

  5. Yi Wei Zhang

    Yi Wei Zhang14 hours ago

    This is pretty cool, but not sure it'll be popular. Will probably go the way of the curved TVs. Though it could be interesting if they made transparent phones.

  6. Rj Creations

    Rj Creations16 hours ago

    Make it curvy 😁 it would be mesmerising ❤️

  7. Karthik V V

    Karthik V V17 hours ago

    If this is used in mobile display just a sq cm, can get rid of the notch, and keep the front cemara and other sensors behind the display🤟

  8. dorkydeni

    dorkydeni17 hours ago

    I think amusement parks would use technology somehow

  9. Shekhar Sharma

    Shekhar SharmaDay ago

    8:44 Heavy sweating from apple😂😂

  10. WatchMeSayStuff

    WatchMeSayStuffDay ago

    ⅓¢ per pixel.

  11. Allen S

    Allen SDay ago

    Sooooo Linus is in trouble, who’s 📱 911!?

  12. Poodleinacan

    PoodleinacanDay ago

    Imagine finally being able to play 2 games superimposed at the same time.

  13. Hoagie

    HoagieDay ago

    This is the future and they're just making fun of it...

  14. Michael Croft

    Michael CroftDay ago

    Like number 192,497

  15. GhostPanic

    GhostPanicDay ago

    I really dont see the point of this tech?!! Most people have their TVs against the wall or in a corner, and use it to hide wires behind, The only bonus a TV like this could bring is if it plays the picture on both sides so people could sit both sides of it and watch it too! But then wouldn't everything be played horizontally flipped anyway! so text would read backwards etc, Think this is kinda useless!

  16. Inquatic 336

    Inquatic 336Day ago

    I like the dark mode intro

  17. Travis Terrell

    Travis TerrellDay ago

    Sorry Linus, this is pretty awesome. However, it needs a second LCD layer that can make a black background behind it, such that it's switchable between transparent and not. Imagine replacing all your windows with these panels.

  18. Dan ek

    Dan ekDay ago

    How ??????

  19. Atlas I

    Atlas IDay ago

    Tardis color kitchen *wooshes*

  20. KyeGKY

    KyeGKYDay ago

    Do we have a car with that as a wind shield?

  21. Shynn _

    Shynn _Day ago

    12:27 thank me later

  22. Babak Badri

    Babak Badri2 days ago

    Hi there, I was wondering how this TV looks from the other side? like If I want to put it in the middle of my big room and can watch TV from both sides. Thanks

  23. Elias Chen

    Elias Chen2 days ago

    youtube: ya wanna see a man play around with a tv that's also a window? 4 million people: Hmm, Intresting

  24. Chapzer

    Chapzer2 days ago

    Is it stupid yes, but is is also extremely cool.... yes

  25. Tunk Suradat

    Tunk Suradat2 days ago

    Wow wow wow

  26. Ibrahim Chaudhry

    Ibrahim Chaudhry2 days ago

    Why "ting" *Im sorry* Why are you still here Ok nice your still here I said sorry which means no payback

  27. Berry_flavored

    Berry_flavored2 days ago

    I guess humans are kinda like Pokemon

  28. Lucky Zoom

    Lucky Zoom2 days ago

    No pls, not xiamerd

  29. OfficialReggarf

    OfficialReggarf2 days ago

    Got TV for chinese market and angry about dead pixels. :D

  30. Jiggy Dreamz21

    Jiggy Dreamz212 days ago

    That’s a men beard right there if I do say so

  31. Funeasy

    Funeasy2 days ago


  32. Sean Maloney

    Sean Maloney2 days ago

    1960: "I bet they'll have flying cars one day in the future!" 2020: "we have the office on our window"

  33. Meme Player

    Meme Player2 days ago

    Fuck Tempered Glass PC cases. I prefer Tempered Glass TV instead.

  34. Andrew kim

    Andrew kim3 days ago

    "Only available in China" "Innovation for everyone" Hmmm

  35. Sean Maloney

    Sean Maloney2 days ago

    Finally, a company that finally gives us the transparency that we consumers deserve.

  36. CDDevelopment

    CDDevelopment3 days ago

    Nah man... this is future tech. Like for reverse hipsters...

  37. RobotWarrior

    RobotWarrior3 days ago

    Pass. I'm just waiting for a curved, 3d, transparent TV.

  38. Jacob Patton

    Jacob Patton3 days ago

    I love the new intro and I like the black background better then the white one.

  39. MrReptay

    MrReptay3 days ago

    What is a name of the movie? Thank you

  40. roman terradellas

    roman terradellas3 days ago

    what the fuck, you need to know chinese to switch the tv to english, great job


    LUFCGEEZAR3 days ago

    How much was this tv? I don’t think he said how much it is

  42. joel saju

    joel saju3 days ago

    please shave ur bear i like the old style u had in 2019

  43. David Herron

    David Herron3 days ago

    The only thing I can think of for it is like a cock pit of a fighter jet or gunship something and they have that already

  44. Khorzho

    Khorzho3 days ago

    5:22 - Good luck with that CCP intelligence gathering malware you just put on your device.

  45. Kylie Kim Slider

    Kylie Kim Slider3 days ago

    Oh my goodness! Well,we do have this tv but linux...it's too fake for us guys too low for just 0.34 cents.Imagine it?

  46. Justin Z.

    Justin Z.4 days ago

    This is some Nvidia-Level Transparency.

  47. Matt Lozoya

    Matt Lozoya4 days ago

    Sometimes... Things that are expensive... Are worse...

  48. Atlantean

    Atlantean4 days ago

    Screw the CCP.

  49. IchbinJonqs

    IchbinJonqs4 days ago

    I saw this and wnt wtf why!

  50. Cinestudio

    Cinestudio4 days ago

    Tu Shit on acid must be trippy

  51. Owari Da

    Owari Da4 days ago

    How does it look from behind?


    DELIBRIUM4 days ago

    still with the socks and sandals

  53. Anikai Riddle

    Anikai Riddle4 days ago

    Put one in front of a window with a smart shade. Just a thought.

  54. Tomek Zagrzejewski

    Tomek Zagrzejewski5 days ago

    Can someone tell me what is the name of the movie on 11:20 ?

  55. George Ibrahim

    George Ibrahim5 days ago

    That type of technology with a little bit of improvement in a car windshield with an infrared camera attached to the car would improve visibility at night dramatically

  56. Monty Thibault

    Monty Thibault5 days ago

    I think it has an awesome modern look. If would buy one if it were 4k and not astronomically-priced.

  57. Mark Preston

    Mark Preston5 days ago

    I'd like to see another monitor behind this on clone, would it give depth or just blur...

  58. Bryan

    Bryan5 days ago

    Here watching a video of something I’m not even allowed to dream about. Linus I need a gaming laptop. I need to play Modern Warfare and Cold War soooo baaaaad

  59. The Rat Chad

    The Rat Chad5 days ago

    8:35 I have that same tower

  60. Daniel Souza

    Daniel Souza5 days ago

    That would be a nice window

  61. W_Callaghan

    W_Callaghan5 days ago

    i mean... if there's a perfect place for a TV in your house *BUT* there's a window on that wall. then the place wouldn't be perfect for TV. you know what i mean.

  62. Will RunRun

    Will RunRun5 days ago

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    DARKNESS GAMING5 days ago

    need more technicaly updates look like 2100😂..year

  64. Name Surname

    Name Surname5 days ago

    I fucking hate the beard and moustache thing going on there.

  65. Name Surname

    Name Surname5 days ago

    This guy looks like high end Homeless person.

  66. Aleximusprime

    Aleximusprime5 days ago

    Fun vid but I can't believe you didn't answer the biggest question... what can you see from the other side!?

  67. Mosie Romano

    Mosie Romano5 days ago

    The ending killed me omg 😂😂

  68. ndgo

    ndgo5 days ago

    I had a dead pixel on my Samsung odyssey. I literally returned it and never went back to VR

  69. Hylke Hellinga

    Hylke Hellinga5 days ago

    When are fabric based amoled with nanobot cameras to project surroundings onto wearable clothing gonna be a thing? Imagine just pressing a button on your jacket and you become invisible. Sort of like the harry potter cloack of invisibility. Sorry, just a random thought. Obviously the cameras would need to point to a target whoever is watching it to make up for their perspectives projection. Or maybe some other sort of lens trickery to make that work. That kind of tech if I'm not mistaken has been used before on trying to hide materials from plain sight. Would be pretty cool to have it on bendable or even fabric display. I'm not sure if you'd be able to find much online about this though. I'm pretty sure it exists.

  70. MinnyGaming

    MinnyGaming6 days ago

    Bad firmware X''D

  71. dodge ram 1500 1996

    dodge ram 1500 19966 days ago

    I mean come on, that's really cool

  72. Freeski Swizzy

    Freeski Swizzy6 days ago

    An IT guy not finding the power off button on a remote. SUS

  73. 1k for this avatar

    1k for this avatar6 days ago

    bois were getting close

  74. erik nansen

    erik nansen6 days ago

    They made a tv that set EVIL LINUS free 😈, more expensive things will be dropped once again.

  75. Trey Bobb

    Trey Bobb6 days ago

    Anyone else excited for glasses with an interface on them?

  76. Carlton Dunnert

    Carlton Dunnert6 days ago

    "Only available in China" "Innovation for everyone" Hmmm

  77. Trey Bobb

    Trey Bobb6 days ago

    Also priced at 7200USD

  78. chilla combs

    chilla combs6 days ago

    when did this guy grow a beard?..hey i though it was clickbait but hmmm..time passes so fast!

  79. Spooky Fool

    Spooky Fool6 days ago

    I feel like it be useful in public places for adverts and stuff

  80. Lucas Brown

    Lucas Brown6 days ago

    The integrated features and the specs sheet of the Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition surely makes and brings forward a revolution to the TV segment. With Dolby Atmos, 120Hz refresh rate and Mediatek chipset at its core, the performance, audio as well as the picture quality is well taken care of.

  81. Dam miT

    Dam miT7 days ago

    Thats pretty cool. I'm gonna start a channel too like yours. Lol seems funny dummy makes money. Lol

  82. Lunar Freeman

    Lunar Freeman7 days ago

    China's products don't have faith.....never buy them.

  83. plasmathunderdx

    plasmathunderdx7 days ago

    I wouldn't mind this on the side panel of my pc case

  84. DirtyDirtsGT

    DirtyDirtsGT7 days ago

    Tbh it's very useless and the colour sucks

  85. john wayne

    john wayne7 days ago


  86. Samuel Beebe

    Samuel Beebe7 days ago

    Imagine a windshield made of that

  87. Adil Gaad

    Adil Gaad7 days ago

    The transparent smart phone is close enough to be released

  88. Agnieszka Majewska

    Agnieszka Majewska7 days ago

    at the end he should disappear, and the image in the tv stay

  89. Aryan Jingade

    Aryan Jingade7 days ago

    2:45 Samsung: hold our secret phone

  90. 000jimbojones000

    000jimbojones0007 days ago

    Lets be honest.. What purpose has this thing? Showing of that you payd 7k for a transparent TV. Black value is shit, Its reflective. noting you would rly want to use in every day life. Only proof of concept.

  91. GadzieGadanie

    GadzieGadanie7 days ago

    idk if you can still se the image from the other side but if so, I think it would be cool if you have an open design house to place it between the living room and the dining room, so you can watch the tv from both sides

  92. T_ 0nio

    T_ 0nio7 days ago

    "We english now bois" Yessssssssssssssssssssssss

  93. oh Yeah yeah

    oh Yeah yeah7 days ago

    Mount it to the W A L L

  94. Double_0_delta

    Double_0_delta8 days ago

    That's uh 14 dollars of dead pixel ya got thar

  95. Lord Aidan

    Lord Aidan8 days ago

    12:49 there is one imposter among us...

  96. MarekzAnglii

    MarekzAnglii8 days ago

    This concept isn't anything really new. When I was in the U.S. about 12 years ago, I remember seeing about four transparent screens, hanging from a ceiling in a bar (and each one was twice as large as this demo TV screen), also there weren't any projectors in sight. The footage was visible from both sides (although obviously in reverse on the back of the screen). Sure, the resolution wasn't the best but I must admit, it blew me away back then!

  97. Freeaccount662

    Freeaccount6628 days ago

    This would look nice in my room it’s like a hologram

  98. Halamakitten 187

    Halamakitten 1878 days ago

    Lol i was stuck there (when laura swam in the air) lol

  99. Andrew Stone

    Andrew Stone8 days ago

    Ughh, my transparent tv isn’t 4K. That’s got to be the most American thing I’ve ever heard.

  100. A Ghost.

    A Ghost.9 days ago


  101. Siakol Yano

    Siakol Yano9 days ago

    Now make it smaller and turned into AR headset.

  102. Saul Beatriz

    Saul Beatriz9 days ago

    Linus meth tips