We fixed Windows 10 - Microsoft will HATE this!

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Windows 10 is known to come with a lot of telemetry and other “features” that reduce privacy in order to work as “software as a service”. Thankfully, there’s an effort to ameliorate this…
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Check out Windows 10 Ameliorated: ameliorated.info/
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  1. Linus Tech Tips

    Linus Tech Tips2 months ago

    PSA: While it's possible to mimic what Windows 10 Ameliorated does through Group Policy without pulling features, Windows 10 Ameliorated directly removes the components responsible for phoning home.

  2. Hand Solo

    Hand SoloDay ago

    @Revolting Kittah Same fix works for Win Vista, 8 and 8.1, I can confirm.

  3. Revolting Kittah

    Revolting KittahDay ago

    I fixed Windows 10. I installed Windows 7.

  4. Kasturi Bhagat

    Kasturi Bhagat7 days ago

    Please update this videos frequently

  5. Vini M

    Vini M15 days ago

    Why aren't you talking about Windows 10 Pro for workstations? Or Windows 10 Debloater script?

  6. Hand Solo

    Hand SoloMonth ago

    $29.99 for a freaking water bottle? Are you insane?

  7. Anon

    Anon3 hours ago

    omfg my dad still uses outlook and trying to get his old emails on his new laptop is impossible

  8. Anon

    Anon3 hours ago

    just use LTSC lmao

  9. mark friedman

    mark friedman4 hours ago

    Classic Shell fixed windows - not you

  10. Failedpuberty6x

    Failedpuberty6x5 hours ago

    This makes me feel like I'm cheating on Windows with Windows

  11. B10K PlaysGames

    B10K PlaysGames5 hours ago

    9:18 *"Why is EVERYTHING paid on Mac?"* bro i always thought the same thing! Why is everything paid on mac?

  12. Johnny Guillotine

    Johnny Guillotine8 hours ago

    It's never piracy it is liberation of privacy

  13. Richard C

    Richard C9 hours ago

    Clickbait. Fixing Windows 10 is not possible, it's too deeply flawed..

  14. SpyrosRai

    SpyrosRai20 hours ago

    "removes microsoft edge" Me as an edge user: No thanks edit: fixed? This looks even more inconsistent and outdated than regular windows 10

  15. Todd no last name

    Todd no last nameDay ago

    Piracy? Sounds like Windows is the criminal here. Sure, older computers got a free upgrade, but most people buy new computers, and are therefore paying for Windows. M$ doesn't have the moral ground to spy on us. And Gates is part of whatever's really going on with CoViD. He belongs in jail next to Biden and Harris. (Yes, the DemocRats stole the election.)

  16. Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Girl

    Harley Davidson and the Marlboro GirlDay ago

    Install "EVERYTHING" it replaces search and it is so fast and it is FREEE

  17. Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Girl

    Harley Davidson and the Marlboro GirlDay ago

    i removed all spy ware and junk from my windows 10 install disk - you must never update your installation because microsoft are criminals and they will inject more spyware and backdoor trojans into your system. before you go online you must download simple firewall and disable windows version of firewall so they can send your data to their hq.

  18. Derek Souter

    Derek SouterDay ago

    I'd have thought that you should be able to fix the lack of internet connection with a simple registry change - unless the service responsible is completely removed.

  19. Scott Free

    Scott Free2 days ago

    Microsoft is the sole reason I stay on Apple

  20. Guilherme Carvalho

    Guilherme Carvalho2 days ago

    Windows license? What's that?? lol

  21. iubire romaneasca

    iubire romaneasca2 days ago

    still expensive and very bad ... Open source better :) 😘🥰💓💕💞💗

  22. Lukas Does Stuff - Coding and gaming videos!

    Lukas Does Stuff - Coding and gaming videos!2 days ago

    3:38 My computer is so slow I can't even load Gmail without getting 10fps... 3:47 Linus is a boomer

  23. Tony Gonzalez

    Tony Gonzalez2 days ago

    You should check out windows minios

  24. rick james

    rick james2 days ago

    Your mom's earrings are looking GREAT LOL. Amazing how your gay community is allowed to flourish. Totally against the entire Christian religion.

  25. calls

    calls2 days ago

    that title sounds like a sketchy ad on a pirated anime site, "HERES HOW HE GREW 6 INCHES, DOCTORS WILL HATE THIS"

  26. Björn Nilsson

    Björn Nilsson2 days ago

    THANK YOU! Up folder +1

  27. Martin Kuliza

    Martin Kuliza3 days ago

    Hold on How can you say ... OK BOOMER ENJOY YOUR OUTLOOK Linus..... You're a smart guy, You've clearly proven that over the years and yes.. You did actually show a picture of a boomer and not someone of my generation, Gen X, Which is commonly the case when stupid people of today say Boomer but really are referring to people like me. in any case, you didn't do that but.. here's the issue Boomer's didn't use Outlook, For that matter they didn't even use Outlook Express, Boomers were the one's that were computer illiterate for the most part The majority of my clients, When i asked them if they wanted outlook express or outlook or even thunderbird, they usually just said they are happy to login via their browser or as they put it "I'm happy to login via google" LOL and they were happy to access Gmail or Hotmail through a browser so yeah.. in my experience, Boomers didn't really use Mail client Applications a lot unless their work forced them into it also.... Mail client applications are superior to web based mail. i mean.. if you use mail for basic use, i suppose you can use both but if you use it the way i use it , where you have literally over 50 smart folders if not maybe 100, the web based thing doesn't cut it although i do agree, NO ONE USES WINDOWS MAIL why would you

  28. CartesianColours

    CartesianColours3 days ago

    The bastards! Thumbs down for the poor UI up button.

  29. Joe spears

    Joe spears3 days ago

    Why Windows is so powerful, the community. Apple with Big Sur is worse than Google or MS at this point so thanks for fixing Windows Linus

  30. David Herron

    David Herron3 days ago

    I wish I had those guys just hanging out in the closet every time I got frustrated with windows 10. "I want my windows xp! Make this like xp ..because ...I can't play this modded version of command and conquer "

  31. Schnapsbrenner

    Schnapsbrenner4 days ago

    Yes, UP one folder...not back.so annoying EVRY TIME!

  32. Schnapsbrenner

    Schnapsbrenner4 days ago


  33. Java ii

    Java ii4 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this guy is James Hinchcliffe's long lost brother? lol

  34. RAM BUS

    RAM BUS4 days ago

    This is what Linus was referring to guys :) wiki.ameliorated.info/doku.php?id=documentation_2004

  35. Clarissa 1986

    Clarissa 19864 days ago

    No, Linus. You shouldn't switch to Mac. With OS "Big Sur", Apple now has implemented spying. Where Apple literally tracks everything you do. And you cannot prevent it any longer, as you could in the pre- "Big Sur" OS version. That's why I name "Big Sur" just Big Surveilance. Apple watching & logging EVERY APP YOU OPEN with new OS. USlikes Vid --> watch?v=aS2lJNQn3NA

  36. Iq Strikes

    Iq Strikes4 days ago

    Linus... I don't need your sponsor if you already have windows security and task manager

  37. abdul muhaimin abdul ghani

    abdul muhaimin abdul ghani4 days ago

    I thought for a moment. if I have installed a licensed win 10, I can remove all privacy related items in win 10. and the thing is considered legally valid. if window update is no longer needed that is interesting

  38. neo

    neo4 days ago

    Here's yet another windows fuckup...you drag a file over onto a folder to move/copy it and right before you drop the file into it, the folder automatically expands and moves right before you release the file, and that file ends up going into a folder that you didn't want it in. Someone please deport ALL of the windows 10 programmers back to their native countries over at Microsoft and find a more talented group....PLEASE!!!!

  39. the deovotional songs gang

    the deovotional songs gang4 days ago

    Him *showing a cube* Blender users: "hey thats the default suker cube"

  40. Iwonttellmy nametoamachine

    Iwonttellmy nametoamachine5 days ago

    Like the videos. Even like this one, but the title? We? fixed Windows 10 !? 0o

  41. 0xbiel

    0xbiel5 days ago

    > "we fixed windows 10" y'all didn't do shit just downloaded the fucking ISO from the website

  42. Yoran Hanssens

    Yoran Hanssens5 days ago

    bether title be like: deleting evry positive faeture from windows

  43. Hypurr FPV

    Hypurr FPV5 days ago

    Maybe should have let Anthony do this video. At least he knew what Open Office was.

  44. Miguel Galindo

    Miguel Galindo5 days ago

    I ❤ wmplayer.exe 😥

  45. duncan rmi

    duncan rmi5 days ago

    one guy who'll be grateful for this is the poor intern at redmond who opens his in-box every morning & has to read all of the "why did you shut this server down?" messages, which people like me routinely fill with abuse & bad language.

  46. click bait

    click bait5 days ago

    I'll change my name to lttstore.com so that I'll be able to meet linus.

  47. Archman 155

    Archman 1555 days ago

    at this point just use windows 7 because you lose so many features its ridiculous

  48. marco lau

    marco lau6 days ago

    you cant make the jump for the simplest reason in this world . drivers ! if i had to make the jump right now i'd have to throw to garbage 80% of my hardware

  49. Neighbourhood Hermit

    Neighbourhood Hermit6 days ago

    I recently switched to 10 because of my new Ryzen CPU..I ended up removing so many things on 10 that it was annoying to use...... but I found out with an old BIOS I can use 7. So now I just run 7 :D.

  50. Benoit Chaput

    Benoit Chaput6 days ago

    maybe try start10

  51. le God Of Simulation & Gameplay

    le God Of Simulation & Gameplay6 days ago

    hey wait...wtf....i am using the same thing from 2017 pre installed with my system from my retailer at $20

  52. Wes H.

    Wes H.6 days ago

    Linus: You might be right Everyone: Anthony is always right

  53. A Dog

    A Dog6 days ago

    No Windows Update? It's insane. Everything, starting from just any game, or even a game engine like GZDoom needs regular updates. Removing the update feature is shooting oneself in the foot. BTW, the telemetry allows the developers to fix problems in a way impossible without it. So - if you're happy with bugs - disable or remove updates. But if you're a gamer you should already know better how much of the difference can updates make. Or how annoying is having those bugs for years before the devs are able to fix them. The most difficulty with fixing software bugs is "it works for me". I'm a software developer. Things always work on my computer. I don't use telemetry, so I have to ASK user to describe the problems in a very detailed way. They cooperate as good as they can. They really actively help me to fix problems. But there are actually 2 problems with that: 1) it takes much time, 2) it requires an active effort from users. With some basic telemetry you can shorten the diagnosis and fixing time, and get the problem fixed without making an active effort.

  54. Helmut Kohl

    Helmut Kohl7 days ago

    Who uses the the File Explorer anyway once Total Commander is installed? I don't.

  55. SumChange

    SumChange7 days ago

    "Cos you can afford it, you bought a mac" says the guy who builds £2000-5000 windows computers with £1000 monitors.

  56. mrgcav

    mrgcav7 days ago

    If Windows 10 Ameliorated: ameliorated.info/ is unaccessable >>>> try: archive.org/details/windows-10-ameliorated-1903

  57. Imran Hridoy

    Imran Hridoy7 days ago

    Instead start using "windows 10 LTS " official from Microsoft. Only for organisation tho.

  58. Jacob Dorn

    Jacob Dorn7 days ago

    Are you kidding i use hotmail and microsoft is a pain in the ass to login on the browser. Linus i am sure you use an app for mail on your phone? Same thing

  59. Andreaz-64

    Andreaz-647 days ago

    Microsoft doesn't hate this. It is a recommendation for their original, untouched, pristine OS. This broken Windows version is so frustrating to use that I'd rather get on the phone with Microsoft to tell them all the secrets they want to know in person.

  60. Matt Walsh

    Matt Walsh7 days ago

    computerworm. net/ Guys you should visit here,, ditch win 10 install hacked win 7 .. very cool;

  61. TheDum Fool

    TheDum Fool7 days ago


  62. Akronys

    Akronys8 days ago

    Linux Tech Tips

  63. Lorne Ross

    Lorne Ross8 days ago

    My windows is fast because I removed that backlogging telemetry a long time ago! Even with all the updates over the years the telemetry never came back. But I don't think it matters because windows cumulative updates every month send usage reports anyway.

  64. Aron Carl Flores

    Aron Carl Flores8 days ago

    damn, i think Indians would use this. no racism or whatever, just a thought.

  65. João Gustavo de Lima Teixeira

    João Gustavo de Lima Teixeira8 days ago

    Windows 10 is just peace and quiet, and something is missing that Microsoft has not yet put in it. In the add or remove programs menu, the user should have the following option to check: "Protect the uninstallation of this program or application by password". Access to files in the program files folder and all its roots is automatically blocked. It's the only thing missing from Windows that you don't have.

  66. Nick Collins

    Nick Collins8 days ago

    Too sad that this OS will never, never, and under any circumstacnes, will become open source.

  67. Bartolomeo Bartłomiej

    Bartolomeo Bartłomiej8 days ago

    Who uses Windows Mail? A lot of people with multiple email addresses. That way I can check all my mail without the hassle of logging in several times. Saves a lot of time.

  68. Yash Bhutoria

    Yash Bhutoria8 days ago

    Windows mail syncs your calendar from all the accounts and sends notification. Plus it does not requires you to keep the app window open.

  69. Duke Hugh Johnson

    Duke Hugh Johnson9 days ago

    Ameliorate The WeenDoze10? C'Mon Man! You Can't Make Chicken Soup From Chicken Sh!t. Do Yourself A Favor. #SwitchToLinux And, Get On With Your Miserable Life

  70. MöniK

    MöniK9 days ago


  71. David Hinkley

    David Hinkley10 days ago

    Windowsfx. You're welcome.

  72. Graves Meister

    Graves Meister10 days ago

    I've tried going Linux a few times but it still lacks in the gaming department.

  73. uniqueflowsnake

    uniqueflowsnake10 days ago

    I don't understand this talk about cortana. i don't have cortana and my search works just fine

  74. renegade637

    renegade63710 days ago

    Can I assume this and ReactOS are the best, closest alternatives to the Windows operating system?

  75. Will D

    Will D10 days ago

    OK Millie. Not all Boomers are technically challenged. hehe

  76. Rahul 007

    Rahul 00710 days ago

    Windows 10 suck

  77. Adsta Congrejo

    Adsta Congrejo10 days ago

    This kind of seems to take windows back to windows 7 and more than anything else it's not user friendly. May as well go to Linux. 😉

  78. carl newell

    carl newell10 days ago

    have you got special link for windows 10 with out the activate windows in the corner of pc many thaks carl

  79. Serge Lion

    Serge Lion10 days ago

    win 10 tweaker...and no problems

  80. T B

    T B10 days ago

    That's great! Now can you remove the Windows 10 pop-up that wants to scan and repair (damage) my USB drives? I've lost valuable photos twice because of this "feature".

  81. First Name

    First Name10 days ago

    Can you just give Anthony his own channel already?

  82. PseudoRhombicuboctahedron

    PseudoRhombicuboctahedron11 days ago

    This thing just breaks so much things that it is just stupid to use it.

  83. PewDieFan no1

    PewDieFan no111 days ago

    6:26, that is actually my wallpaper too

  84. Vitor da Silva

    Vitor da Silva11 days ago

    Linus they should consider adding "everything.exe" to this version of windows... as it would double as a replacement search engine and it the only application I would use. if it were integrated then it would also be a great replacement for windows search(vomit....:))

  85. Vitor da Silva

    Vitor da Silva11 days ago

    side note I've been using the following for many years now maby time to scrub windows and look toward efficiency all the way.... ISLC(very useful for gaming) Windows10Debloater(uslikes.info THANKS CHRIS!) MSIafterburner(Thank you btw!) Ccleaner(Reg cleaner mainly) TeamSpeak over Discord(Telmetry and Hardware usage hurts and overall better latency aswell) Nasa cores were sick btw

  86. Rubyismycat Man

    Rubyismycat Man12 days ago

    best windows 10 fix SHOOT BILL GATES

  87. TheDarkFalcon

    TheDarkFalcon12 days ago

    "Who uses Windows mail?? Just use a Web browser!" "Oh cool it has ThunderBird." 🙄🙄🙄

  88. Dylan Faltisco

    Dylan Faltisco12 days ago

    explorer is trash

  89. David Nikolić

    David Nikolić12 days ago

    Anthony needs a seperate channel. I am like minded about FOSS and its presentation to the wider audience

  90. renegade637

    renegade63712 days ago

    This is why I hate Microsoft so much. They've tied up Windows 10 so much that you can't really do anything without needing an internet connection EVENTUALLY. Heck, I've run into the issue of not being able to type anything in the search bar to look for something in the start menu because the store is unable to perform a specific update. It can't do that update because I worked hard at getting that particular copy of Windows to not phone home.

  91. Deathrasher

    Deathrasher12 days ago

    The lack of intuitive ui for everyday professional use is unfixable in windows, unfortunately. I am a long term Linux user, glad though people invest their time to offer such a Windows luxury to the users community. I wonder why Microsoft didn't chase them creating a third party distro or why there are "flaws" in their licences that allow such actions.

  92. RK800 /\ndroid

    RK800 /\ndroid12 days ago

    If games and software were made for Linux instead of Windows, windows would be obsolete.

  93. EXcentriX

    EXcentriX12 days ago

    That's why many people give Linux a try.

  94. Mixart Johnson

    Mixart Johnson12 days ago

    Exactly how much information do they need to catalog? For both spying and for security, keeping a history of people's device searches is over kill, and reduces the likelihood that any useful information will be found. It's just a straight up mistake. Windows employees and heads, if your seeing this, I ask you please update. It will help out your company.

  95. plutobirds

    plutobirds13 days ago

    I fixed Windows 10 by installing LTSC

  96. Michael Holopainen

    Michael Holopainen13 days ago

    "Cripples windows search" -ROFL ! HOW ? How Do you cripple quadruple amputee with advance MS disease (sic!) ... that is also in coma ?

  97. Acyka Blyatley

    Acyka Blyatley13 days ago

    delete this

  98. Kevin Dumont

    Kevin Dumont13 days ago

    These chops though

  99. DJboutit2

    DJboutit213 days ago

    Windows 7 4 life in the near future someone will release a update for windows 7 that will work on newer systems. Someone had made like 5 or 6 updates or windows 2000 for newer systems and newer software.

  100. crazy squirrel

    crazy squirrel14 days ago

    Windows will ALWAYS have built in backdoors. It started with 'NSA Keys' Intel CPUs also have built in backdoor. Other hardware does too, some is by law.

  101. Blue-Maned Hawk

    Blue-Maned Hawk14 days ago

    It'll only be truly fixed if Jamie Zawinski would be willing to port XScreenSaver to it.

  102. Abesss

    Abesss14 days ago

    Anthony is the type of person to purchase a game, read the entire user manual. Install the game, then go through every single setting before playing.

  103. Abesss

    Abesss14 days ago

    there is literally nothing wrong with windows mail, works great

  104. Jetamm

    Jetamm14 days ago

    windows tab doesnt cycle throw things anyway

  105. Moonbeam

    Moonbeam14 days ago

    Actually, the "system tray pop up" has gone because it seems it is tied to the notification center and the Ameliorated Edition apparently removes it.

  106. AlexKing HD

    AlexKing HD14 days ago

    I'm using 0&0 ShutUp10 and it's working perfectly.

  107. Drabya

    Drabya14 days ago

    4.1k employee of microsoft disliked the video