We ran Windows on an Xbox! … Sort of

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Not long before the Xbox Series consoles released, a strange listing sprang up on AliExpress: A motherboard with an AMD A9-9820, which until now, has only ever been used in the Xbox One S…
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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  1. Chess

    Chess16 hours ago

    AMD Jaguar cores from 2013.

  2. miva

    miva19 hours ago

    We ran sony on ps4

  3. B Anonymous

    B AnonymousDay ago

    Says that ddr3 is out of date when half the gamer population is still using ddr3

  4. dingay vine

    dingay vine2 days ago

    Is it a pc or an xbox

  5. andres farnsworth

    andres farnsworth2 days ago

    wAtEr cOol iT LiNuS !!!!!

  6. Gujju_ Cousins

    Gujju_ Cousins2 days ago

    0:17 “But if we look closelier” Ah yes, grammar is my passion

  7. qazzzy qaz

    qazzzy qaz2 days ago

    3:18 that whole interaction got me dead

  8. Quesant

    Quesant2 days ago

    What the Hell!? Did they just zip tie it to the motherboard!?

  9. Corban Sommers

    Corban Sommers2 days ago

    wtf this is only 2 weeks old? I swear i saw this months ago

  10. Techological

    Techological3 days ago


  11. Harding

    Harding3 days ago


  12. Ibrahim AL-Humaidy

    Ibrahim AL-Humaidy4 days ago

    At least it is better than my i5-4690k (in CINEBENCH 1381 pts)

  13. Dj Auqland

    Dj Auqland5 days ago

    No problem but i hope the Zip Tied doesnt melt becaouse of CPU usage

  14. Ryan A

    Ryan A5 days ago

    *calls bestbuy* Hello, im looking for ZIP TIES and DOWNFORCE...do you have that in stock?

  15. Roman Plášil

    Roman Plášil5 days ago

    Uhhh and what OS do you think the Xbox runs? MacOS??

  16. Wallie2k

    Wallie2k6 days ago

    Yeah, and?

  17. Turnip

    Turnip6 days ago

    "But if we look closelyer"

  18. RausB

    RausB7 days ago

    Who's creating those subtitles lol "SETA" and "NBME" instead of SATA and NVMe

  19. Thespartann

    Thespartann8 days ago

    I also zip tied my 1155 CPU lol

  20. Injextion

    Injextion8 days ago

    How do I run windows on my own Xbox One S?

  21. The Big Bop

    The Big Bop8 days ago

    Now can we get an xbox os on a windows or mac PC? Please and thank you mr. Linus 👌👌

  22. unicorns.R.real

    unicorns.R.real8 days ago

    They should have used twist ties

  23. Harpo427

    Harpo4279 days ago

    Next time on LTT: We ran windows on a gameboy and it ran at 8K!!

  24. Vlad Larion

    Vlad Larion9 days ago

    ХАХАХахаха Linus украл у Мурка ролик XD

  25. Dexter Man

    Dexter Man9 days ago

    Anyone notice the shimmering on the skull logo on the xbox (in the start of the video)?

  26. Noel Dowds

    Noel Dowds9 days ago

    " Our Viewers are kinda Used Too Us by Now " ? What BS ??

  27. Ass Whole

    Ass Whole10 days ago

    Windows sucks, run a Linux kernel on it and I'll be impressed.

  28. Erick Alanis

    Erick Alanis10 days ago

    If it's the same cpu as the Xbox One X (I think it was the X one but I'm not sure, I get pretty confused with those names) and the bios just let you change between the overclock and the S version doesn't that mean that an Xbox One S is just as cappable of being as good as an X just with a change in the bios? (If we could get to the bios of course)

  29. Duoweh

    Duoweh10 days ago

    holy fucking hell i did it.... I was the 69,420th like.

  30. King Jebediah

    King Jebediah10 days ago

    try linux

  31. Team218important

    Team218important10 days ago

    “Yeah, and?”

  32. Wael Srour

    Wael Srour11 days ago

    can i install xbox os on pc ??

  33. George Cristian

    George Cristian11 days ago

    Its not the same cpu as xbox one s, maybe it has the same cpu clock speed but not the same gpu speed. Xbox one s has a higher gpu clock speed and works on ddr5 not ddr3.

  34. kaen kun

    kaen kun11 days ago

    69 k likes ok ok its happening everyone calm down

  35. kiran sai

    kiran sai11 days ago

    that 69k likes😁

  36. kiran sai

    kiran sai11 days ago

    This MOBO looks like a piece of "alientech" that we should never mess with...so weird

  37. Lucid Euphoria

    Lucid Euphoria7 days ago

    It's looks like a normal motherboard. The only difference is the bga CPU and lack of pcie.

  38. Zuric Linder

    Zuric Linder11 days ago


  39. Zuric Linder

    Zuric Linder11 days ago


  40. TTVSyphon

    TTVSyphon11 days ago

    Linus: Only 500 to 600 mb/s Me here with 5 mb/s Nice

  41. TTVSyphon

    TTVSyphon11 days ago

    I cant even number how much he was sponsored by glasswire

  42. Slapnuts McGurk

    Slapnuts McGurk11 days ago

    Oh for fuck sake, now I remember why I unsubscribed 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ And also take that fucking mask off your damn face Anthony, don’t be such a fucking mark

  43. Lil Sfougarakis

    Lil Sfougarakis11 days ago

    Sorry Linus but i always skip the sponsor part of the video

  44. Frindow

    Frindow11 days ago

    Roses are red Violents are blue When you introduce a sponsor I double tap right

  45. Tika Krauter

    Tika Krauter11 days ago

    Linus: This is so weird! Also Linus: Oh, this is weird...

  46. John

    John11 days ago

    2021 be like Linus Beard Tips

  47. dragon plays

    dragon plays11 days ago

    or is it just me ?

  48. Kendine Tembel

    Kendine Tembel12 days ago

    Lan kıytırık atom bilişim meşhur oldu

  49. Kaptan INO

    Kaptan INO12 days ago

    Atom Bilisim? Bruh WTF

  50. Joey Johnston

    Joey Johnston12 days ago

    The xbox one series does run Windows 10, technically. Obviously its very different from the full desktop OS.

  51. Isaac Stevens

    Isaac Stevens12 days ago

    He looks like a homeless man in this video.

  52. Lasky Labs

    Lasky Labs12 days ago

    So... What's the point of this board? To make a bootleg Xbox? Development purposes?

  53. Christopher Pavlik

    Christopher Pavlik12 days ago

    That thing is too slow to be a next gen xbox. I'm thinking more like the 'Atari VCS'. You should pop one of those open if you review it. Curious what's inside.

  54. Nikolay studio

    Nikolay studio12 days ago

    In the beginning when he said but whats not fake i started thinking about GLASSWIRE

  55. Fenomena Fatahillah

    Fenomena Fatahillah12 days ago

    that is literally how my PC run Rocket League

  56. Obaidullah Salah Ideis

    Obaidullah Salah Ideis12 days ago

    yep , we are used to that

  57. DrHyper

    DrHyper12 days ago

    "There's gonna be that one guy that's like what the hell, they just zip tied it to the motherboard." -That one loser

  58. DrHyper

    DrHyper8 days ago

    @Ozzy Helix lol

  59. Ozzy Helix

    Ozzy Helix8 days ago

    my answer to that one loser. First Time?

  60. Helltech

    Helltech12 days ago

    This made me look at AMD stock prices in 2017..... big miss there lol.

  61. Lucas Johnson

    Lucas Johnson13 days ago

    Next: we ran windows on dirt!

  62. BULUT G

    BULUT G13 days ago

    İ'm turkish to

  63. Bruhify Lil bro

    Bruhify Lil bro13 days ago

    next: We ran xbox on a Mobile phone (gone wrong!) oh well this got Recommended to me lol

  64. Bruno Fernandez

    Bruno Fernandez13 days ago

    wait... but did he drpped it?

  65. I'm legit subbbingg to everyone who subbbss to me

    I'm legit subbbingg to everyone who subbbss to me13 days ago

    When I was really young I thought I could put my xbox 360 cpu into my motherboard

  66. Luca X

    Luca X13 days ago

    "Closlier"- Linus Tech Tips 2021

  67. Luca X

    Luca X13 days ago

    this isnt a real word is it ?

  68. Luca X

    Luca X13 days ago

    "wait that's illegal"-Linus Tech Tips 2021

  69. Ttv TrueBORN Mike btw

    Ttv TrueBORN Mike btw13 days ago

    What the hell they zip tied it to the mother board Where’s my likes

  70. Lee Fall

    Lee Fall13 days ago

    If only xbox actually used this platform I would have bought it. But they love their walled garden and monthly subs

  71. RandomToon1

    RandomToon113 days ago

    I would be more interested to see this thing run Xbox OS. An up clocked Xbox with extra ram and a non garbage drive? Sign me up.

  72. Paul Robinson

    Paul Robinson13 days ago

    They zip tied it to the motherboard? What if they snap?

  73. Bacon hair Jones

    Bacon hair Jones13 days ago

    Me:how do yo- Me: oh yea Me: BeArD gO bRRRrRRRRRR

  74. Jimmy Jordan

    Jimmy Jordan13 days ago

    Pi 8 yup pu0 pi where you at

  75. insert funny name here

    insert funny name here13 days ago

    What the hell, they just zip tied it onto the motherboard!

  76. yespug

    yespug13 days ago

    I just payed to cancel with all my Christmas money, *sigh*

  77. Kingcbra Gaming

    Kingcbra Gaming13 days ago

    yeah and

  78. ZoneHammer

    ZoneHammer13 days ago


  79. Rúben Santos

    Rúben Santos13 days ago

    Those segways are thy best I've ever seen xD !!!!

  80. Cecilia Marcano de Soto

    Cecilia Marcano de Soto13 days ago

    Why PS2? Does Xbox One S even have PS2?

  81. Hunter Ridpath

    Hunter Ridpath13 days ago

    wait hol up an xbox dont got no ps2 ports on the back

  82. KaspeXd

    KaspeXd13 days ago

    linus why not take the ssd or hdd out of xbox and take the ssd which has windows in it and put it in xbox then it would be actuall xbox and not creating a pc with xbox specs

  83. Yasugi 01

    Yasugi 0114 days ago

    Linus are you high

  84. Devin Johnson

    Devin Johnson14 days ago

    A Microsoft OS running on a Microsoft console that is basically a PC? That's illegal.

  85. Sudev Gs

    Sudev Gs14 days ago


  86. radeon oni

    radeon oni14 days ago

    "closelier" 😅

  87. BobbyTheFarmer

    BobbyTheFarmer14 days ago

    Linus: *runs Windows on an Xbox* Xbox players: *WRITE THAT DOWN*

  88. dave Roberts

    dave Roberts14 days ago

    Wen he gose into the sponsor I be like ok time to skip half the video

  89. Rapid Transportation Authority

    Rapid Transportation Authority14 days ago

    Sort of

  90. lulu irl

    lulu irl14 days ago

    05:35 Linus' idea of watercooling

  91. CommunistStarWar

    CommunistStarWar14 days ago

    Linux on a ps4

  92. Quinn

    Quinn14 days ago

    ARE YOU SERIOUS using a intel fan on a amd lol

  93. PalelixLP

    PalelixLP14 days ago

    Fun fact a Xbox is running Windows 8

  94. Kraim

    Kraim14 days ago

    4 placements de produit en 1 seule vidéo mdrrr, en france ça passe pas bg

  95. Charles Chetwynd

    Charles Chetwynd14 days ago

    Linus looks so good with hair grown out!!

  96. Martin Viljoen

    Martin Viljoen14 days ago

    While you were the bios i saw a setting "Cache - Disabled" What does that mean ?

  97. Айшот Магамедов

    Айшот Магамедов14 days ago

    Украл у медди Мурка!

  98. Menno Roset

    Menno Roset14 days ago

    What the hell, they just ziptied it to the motherboard!!!

  99. Chris Michaels

    Chris Michaels14 days ago

    Cool. Now, how do you get Xbox One's OS to run on a PC?

  100. Viraj Kumar

    Viraj Kumar14 days ago

    Now try to run tetris on a PC with a rtx 3090

  101. Megh Rathod

    Megh Rathod15 days ago

    Does Linus realise his so called "fun segues" are always skipped as soon as viewers hear the word 'segue'!?

  102. SwT_

    SwT_15 days ago

    why dont use a console cooler like from faulty Xbox One X

  103. Caio Santos

    Caio Santos15 days ago

    Linus did not lie in his stories, they rly didn't have any choice for mounting that cooler such way


    PEACE GAMING15 days ago

    I ran windows on human now human are not humans sort of