Can static KILL your PC? (ft. Electroboom)

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Just how dangerous is static electricity to your PC? Are ESD wrist bands just a "big tech" scam, or are they a necessity to protect your much-loved gaming rig? Linus and ElectroBOOM investigate.
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  1. ElectroBOOM

    ElectroBOOMMonth ago

    Hey, if you even need more SHOCKING tests, just give me a call!! It was a fun day!

  2. Ahmad Alfaouri

    Ahmad Alfaouri2 days ago

    @Linus Tech Tips hmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. Bored_ Person

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  4. The Strexil

    The Strexil18 days ago

    Lol you are crazy

  5. John Vill

    John Vill21 day ago

    @Linus Tech Tips e

  6. moonkittel101

    moonkittel101Month ago

    You have no idea how long i was waiting for this co-lab

  7. plzjustcallme_Mr

    plzjustcallme_Mr45 minutes ago

    My brain go Brrrrrrrrrrr

  8. Lynn

    Lynn3 hours ago

    *Sees Linus pick up the very expensive-looking ESD gun.* Linus, put it down!

  9. Avatex

    Avatex4 hours ago

    Alternative title: Can an inidan electronic guy kill your pc?

  10. RD Osit

    RD Osit5 hours ago

    the cool guys...


    FSCHRIS10 hours ago

    In Russia Electroboom chase mosquito

  12. LegendaryNoah95

    LegendaryNoah9511 hours ago

    Im impressed that those 2 sticks of ram took so long to kill but 1 tiny shock to my ssd and both die

  13. Ben Jackson

    Ben Jackson12 hours ago

    That seems like a large, unnecessarily complex machine to use instead of socks and carpet.

  14. Mere Dao

    Mere Dao15 hours ago

    11:59 "Killed it", well that's the first time I have heard it in a literal sense😂

  15. Kawambri

    Kawambri15 hours ago

    static works diff than dc you can blow up your rams with just a ballon

  16. Adderall: Candy for Hackers

    Adderall: Candy for Hackers16 hours ago

    Three Stooges meets Nikola Tesla, my favorite episode.

  17. Danni Ariseno

    Danni Ariseno19 hours ago

    Godzilla vs Kong is the most ambitious crossover ever Linus & Mehdi: Hold our beers

  18. Stahlz_XI

    Stahlz_XI20 hours ago

    im laughing my but offf

  19. Sinan Abusalah

    Sinan Abusalah20 hours ago

    Wait... this isn’t the brave wilderness channel

  20. Colin Seelbach

    Colin Seelbach21 hour ago

    its "unlimited power" not ultimate power. god what a loser

  21. Carousel Blind.

    Carousel Blind.21 hour ago

    Glados is hard to kill so does this computer sings still alive

  22. Strifegar

    Strifegar21 hour ago

    Linus, you should keep him on every episode. Think about it, we could always use the knowledge, will it die from my static shock? Lol

  23. SimFlow 24

    SimFlow 2422 hours ago

    10:36 he just shocks himself for fun 😂😂

  24. Exp0n3ntialgam1ng

    Exp0n3ntialgam1ngDay ago

    Top 10 anime crossovers

  25. Noe Castro

    Noe CastroDay ago

    Come on, this is a children play for a mexican man... If you come to México run when you hear a man saying "toooques toooooques" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. EthosAtheos

    EthosAtheosDay ago

    I have been building and/or modding PCs since the 8088 chip. In that time I have only killed one device with ESD. Most hardware is fairly ESD tolerant. Even when the monkey handling it isn't following all the rules.

  27. guuhfx

    guuhfxDay ago

    ElectroBOOM: a Linus: why?

  28. Dwight Quinol

    Dwight QuinolDay ago

    me watching this video just laughing may ass out for 21mins lol

  29. Al Hak

    Al HakDay ago

    ElectroBOOM literary have a great time zapping lol

  30. Solam

    SolamDay ago

    7:27 haha "it was him" XDDDDDD

  31. DAVID K

    DAVID KDay ago

    9:12 was the funniest part lol

  32. Tony

    TonyDay ago

    That device reminds me of the Tesla tower in Red Alert 2.

  33. killerbung

    killerbungDay ago

    So I bought my mod mat for nothing

  34. Nickita Chu

    Nickita ChuDay ago

    Electro boom casual assaults linus

  35. Messivert

    MessivertDay ago

    The fact you let this man into your office. God bless your soul lmao

  36. Frankie Santiago

    Frankie SantiagoDay ago

    I never laughed so hard at an LTT video. "HIT ME AGAIN!!" 🤣💥

  37. Glock Man2010x

    Glock Man2010xDay ago

    7:05 it rhymed so good it made me cry

  38. Adam Thedum

    Adam ThedumDay ago

    Linus is more of a boomer compared to Mehdi

  39. Kaja Aljoša

    Kaja AljošaDay ago

    I`m rolling that dice for about 15 years now, computers, amplifiers, microproccessors, car ecus and nothing died till now :)


    BIGGIE _SMOLDay ago


  41. Kemster

    Kemster2 days ago

    Why did the camera guy zoom in at 19:33 lol

  42. ultimatexpka

    ultimatexpka2 days ago

    electroboom looks like he fried off all the hair off his head with electricity

  43. Divergent Droid

    Divergent Droid2 days ago

    Wow. Masks. Way to comply with tyrannical authority - Round these parts we call that Sheep.

  44. cagethelonewolf

    cagethelonewolf2 days ago

    It can kill your ubs my carpet killed my two USB ports so now I have new ones thay are too short so ofc I get a 20 feetcable and they barely fit

  45. SiinxKJ

    SiinxKJ2 days ago

    9:54 here we have 2 grown men dancing to electro... well its not music

  46. bwedges

    bwedges2 days ago

    Linus' apple watch Me: Sweating Profusely

  47. DelgadorTv

    DelgadorTv2 days ago

    what kinda ram is that? spaceX spaceram?

  48. Kafeiklys

    Kafeiklys2 days ago

    You guys need to use Mac Rams, those rams are very weak.

  49. Splash

    Splash2 days ago

    Why they confused just soak it with water and put maximum power trough it

  50. Splash

    Splash2 days ago

    Why don't they just vacuum seal parts or put a layer of non conducter around it

  51. zoomziller

    zoomziller2 days ago

    and they said that avengers infinity war would be the most ambitious crossover

  52. Stefan246

    Stefan2462 days ago

    What does it say about me that I liked this video in the first 2 minutes? 😂

  53. RainbowGameing

    RainbowGameing2 days ago

    best video after

  54. Tjare

    Tjare2 days ago

    Can he sell me a pizza

  55. Igor

    Igor2 days ago

    That man sees a high tension line electrocution as a static shock

  56. Sebastian jo

    Sebastian jo2 days ago

    Best video ever😂

  57. Froomey

    Froomey2 days ago

    Literally what is the point of the masks lol

  58. cutiko

    cutiko2 days ago

    I really like how electroboom is having so much fun

  59. Vo1canogaming

    Vo1canogaming2 days ago

    AlterNet title: can Electroboom kill Linus

  60. the evil spatula

    the evil spatula3 days ago

    Electroboom: breathes Linus: "why is that?"

  61. Kieran Beswick

    Kieran Beswick3 days ago

    Electroboom.. THE ultimate science teacher you wish you had! Absolute mad man

  62. Damion Lee

    Damion Lee3 days ago

    There is a test that would have been good but didn't happen... Benchmarking. This is going to be a long point, written on my phone, and I'm old. So despite a quick proof read, please accept autoswimmingpool may have messed with me. I'm on old tech, and I've had the ESD discussion so often. It is always worse when you have to discuss it with an employer. Yes, circuits contain protection, and of course component protections now are better than they were in the past; progress never stops. But protection is there to combat an accident, not systematic abuse. So storytime. I used to head up a build and repair department for a large independent computer supplier. Only a couple of techs, but when I started, their idea of ESD prevention was a plywood floor and rubber soled shoes. The boss was one of those "ESD is a myth, I'm not wasting money on that stuff" type of people. Explaining that ICs were designed with protection and redundancy, but just because something works doesn't mean it is working fully, did not help. So I arranged a demonstration to get my point across. Using proper protection and boxed retail components (couldn't rely that the OEM stock hadn't already been damaged), I built up a pretty basic system. I ran a soak test over night. The following day, I avoided my earthing (grounding) equipment. we ran a benchmark (3D Mark was the tool of choice for us at the time). After recording the results I stripped the machine down and rebuilt it. Running the benchmark again produced a significantly lower mark, which was repeated after a restart. This is the point I struggle to get most of the "ESD isn't really a problem" crowd to appreciate. It takes a lot of effort, or some really bad luck to fry a component into oblivion. But to stop it working at its full capacity, that's pretty easy. And it isn't always just speed. RAM can suffer from damage and end up with bad addresses that cannot be used. ECC memory will seek to report this to the OS, and (for example) Windows has the BCD which will automatically block use of failed addresses. But you don't have ECC memory in your gaming rig at home, right? (You can manually edit BCD for the same effect, but should really just replace the module with failed addresses.) You might never know you have bad memory addresses, because until they are used everything will seem fine. Then, suddenly a crash. What caused it? Who checks? Nobody! Just switch it off and on again. The point is that without ESD protection, maybe 99% of the time you will still have a functioning system. But that doesn't mean it is functioning at the same capacity it should, if you'd just spent a few quid (bucks) on protecting it.

  63. Dying Fingers

    Dying Fingers3 days ago

    "I think I just saw a robot dildo" - Linus 2020

  64. eggchucker666

    eggchucker6663 days ago

    10:01 "wow, that is some good ram. wE cAn bREaK It iN hALf" XD

  65. MikRam

    MikRam3 days ago

    3rd time seeing this collaboration. Never fails to make me laugh.

  66. Sami Tech Design

    Sami Tech Design3 days ago

    Mehdi is an Iranian legend !! 😍😍😍

  67. J W

    J W3 days ago

    I thought ElectroBoom was just a cheeky comedian messing around with electronics... until I found out he's legit as it can get electrical engineer...

  68. Fudnuck

    Fudnuck3 days ago

    12:46 - 12:49 : Ghost orb. Put that in the journal my dudes

  69. Visage1125

    Visage11253 days ago

    "who designed this stupid RAM?" lol

  70. louis thompson

    louis thompson3 days ago

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes It can...

  71. Rimantas Zioba

    Rimantas Zioba3 days ago

    How much static Linus needs to learn new language?

  72. Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams3 days ago

    Electro’s a genius and hilarious.

  73. Ata5ll.

    Ata5ll.3 days ago

    You should try an SSD, blew one up once with static electricity from the front-end and i had to RMA it.... (thank you btw Samsung)

  74. Julio Ramirez

    Julio Ramirez3 days ago

    He's making so much fun in your pain HAHAHHAHA

  75. ZeronXL

    ZeronXL3 days ago

    I feel unbearable urge to buy a gun like this....

  76. ErnestJ

    ErnestJ3 days ago

    Well, a grounding strap for PC builders, not a necessary thing. Same as hold Chesnut in the pocket to be safe from vampires, or own tin foil hat :D

  77. Pepper

    Pepper3 days ago

    So my takeaway is that I should build all my computers on carpet now

  78. James Darren Alacar

    James Darren Alacar3 days ago

    hahaha the most wholesome video of Electroboom and Linus. Very Educational!!!!

  79. Gavin Bates

    Gavin Bates3 days ago

    ur watch should be fried

  80. winteronice

    winteronice3 days ago

    Respect for Linus for playing along and being a good sport. Tough he had his revenge a bit too.

  81. Overbros

    Overbros4 days ago

    michael reeves and electroboom would be a legendary crossover

  82. MostlyRandom

    MostlyRandom4 days ago

    Best episode ever

  83. Nickolas Kunz

    Nickolas Kunz4 days ago

    Was the Apple Watch ever in danger? Or does the case create a full ground through the body

  84. 1337Frederick

    1337Frederick4 days ago

    My first bad experience was with the Versus the vacuum cleaner ( used in place of a can of air ).

  85. 1castellp

    1castellp4 days ago

    shock the usb ports

  86. D1

    D14 days ago

    Linus: "Why does it hurt when you do it?" Me: "Um, Linus, you JUST said you watched his videos!"

  87. Davide Guarini

    Davide GuariniDay ago

    It's a question made only to explain to the viewers. For all the Italian users: "È lo spiegone, ciclicamente si spiega la trama, lo si fa soprattutto per i vecchi"

  88. HuDenaZ

    HuDenaZ4 days ago

    This has been the best linus tech tips video ever made 😂😂

  89. kaspar pantzare

    kaspar pantzare4 days ago

    I can't make it leathal unfortunately 4:22 O_O run Linus run!

  90. Creepy Spino

    Creepy Spino4 days ago


  91. Nico S

    Nico S4 days ago

    LMFAO how did i miss this episode!!

  92. Octane Gaming

    Octane Gaming4 days ago

    he just tried to kill the RAM by killing that pc by without having proper shutdown

  93. Octane Gaming

    Octane Gaming4 days ago

    when legends work together!!

  94. jason carder

    jason carder4 days ago

    Man really brought a Tesla coil

  95. 8 Bitfan

    8 Bitfan4 days ago

    How amazing is it that ElectroBOOM got featured in a LTT video

  96. oyvinator

    oyvinator4 days ago

    just build your PC completly naked.. then you build up a charge.. that is what i do

  97. Milo

    Milo4 days ago


  98. Jul H

    Jul H4 days ago

    fun vid but missing the memtest

  99. ROR5CH4CH

    ROR5CH4CH5 days ago

    I once touched a brand new processor while building a new PC and it shocked me pretty hard. It certainly didn't kill the CPU but I was so scared... It was the top side of the the CPU though, not the pins and the PSU wasn't plugged into the wall socket yet.

  100. Erwin Langi

    Erwin LangiDay ago

    some motherboard or psu still have power leftover charge in the capacitors, that's why some people prefer to push the power button for 4 or 7 seconds (even if the pc not plugged to the wall) in order to discharge those leftover.

  101. Pogger

    Pogger5 days ago


  102. Richy Rich

    Richy Rich5 days ago

    As someone who works in a tech store fixing laptops and desktops everyday...I can confirm that my team of 6 have never killed anything with ESD, and we have NEVER used straps

  103. Nivla Gatdula

    Nivla Gatdula5 days ago

    This 2 dude are really hilarious

  104. Carmelo romano

    Carmelo romano5 days ago

    No fcking way

  105. Jack Yuanwei Cheng

    Jack Yuanwei Cheng5 days ago

    Sponsor was like “you are shocking Linus? I am in”

  106. John D

    John D5 days ago

    Body was acting as a resistor.

  107. George Avram

    George Avram5 days ago

    Please o please, can we get a weekly zapp Linus video? :)))