NVIDIA APOLOGIZED (sort of) - WAN Show December 18, 2020

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Timestamps (Courtesy of Pizza Thyme Pizza FanClub)
1:25 intro
2:02 More on Hardware Unboxed getting denied cards.
2:40 Nvidia apologies sort of for hardware unboxed ceasing getting cards
4:43 Luke is unsure if Nvidia is apologizing to save face or is sincere
6:00 Summary of the "scandal" between hardware unboxed and Nvidia
8:55 Luke thinks that Nvidia is doing this bc they are saving face.
12:40 Linus is trying to get someone from Nvidia to talk to him.
14:30 Linus burning bridges with Nvidia and meme-ing on them.
16:45 This PR does not make very much sense for Nvidia.
19:00 Cyberpunk 2077 review
20:22 Cyberpunk pulled from Sony play store
21:35 CD Project Red reputation has been messed up
22:42 Sony pulling Cyberpunk from play store
23:15 Cyberpunk unplayable on last gen consoles
26:40 Devotion Pulled from Good Old Games with pressure from the CCP
26:52 Contained unflattering references to [Winnie the Pooh] relating to the Taiwan situation
28:09 GOG/Steam caved to CCP
29:20 Twitter might not be representative sample of gamers' thoughts
30:24 Different Mentality in China versus USA
36:09 A poll of live viewers' opinions finds that opinions have worsened about CD Project RED
37:54 Microsoft might start to make ARM designs?
38:45 Microsoft may become Microhard if they get into hardware
39:57 Sponsor spots
40:11 jumpcloud dot com
41:08 10% off at ridge dot com slash linus
41:45 Seasonic has good PSUs
42:45 Antitrust lawsuits
42:55 Allegedly Google Has a monopoly over ads
43:25 Allegedly Facebook has been buying competitors and has a monopoly
44:01 America Has not exercised the laws in a long time
45:37 Google and Facebook account for 54% of advertising
46:35 Linus does not like the privacy violations done by Google et al. and prefers his form of ads
48:10 Linus talking about parenting and children's literacy
51:10 Superchats
51:18 Airpods review question
51:26 Paying for refunded shirts
51:39 Dual shock "low latency"
52:35 The Mandela Effect
52:55 Outro
53:18 Dell insider follow up


  1. Paul Mohr

    Paul Mohr3 days ago

    Oh 100 percent they apologized for PR reasons and damage control. Had he never published the original email or no one made a big deal out of it I can assure you they would not have said anything or apologized. They would have said what they said and it would have been the end of it. No way in hell would they have re read the email and thought "hmm maybe we went a bit far" and owned up to it and tried to fix it. The ONLY reason this happened is because other people got upset and called them on their bullshit.

  2. Dunky Gamer

    Dunky Gamer4 days ago

    Yup. dude was drunk when he sent that first email.

  3. Annymous User

    Annymous User6 days ago

    I despise NVIDIA, they only Apologized because they got called out, Every NVIDIA GPU I have ever had was nothing but problems, last one was a 1050 TI (after giving NVIDIA one last chance,) The GPU was Falsely advertised as a 4 GB card, it wasn't it was 2 GB, drawing the other 2 GB from system ram, (a Re-branded 750TI) the card failed spectacularly. frying the Ram, and PCI/Processor Bridge. NVIDIA Did offer to replace the GPU. but their GPU fried the whole system so it was a moot point. So a defective $250 NVIDIA card cost over $650 to fix the damage it did That along with the box of failed NVIDIA GPUs I have. just doesn't add up to a quality product. I went all Team Red after that, and have never been happier.

  4. Hitch

    Hitch7 days ago

    leaving Netflix out would give FAAG which i don't think anybody would want

  5. Todd scholefield

    Todd scholefield9 days ago

    Wtf does Luke even do anymore?????

  6. Jason Fessel

    Jason Fessel9 days ago

    This is in regards to the Nvidia controversy. Where do I start...... In an effort to drum up subscribers and in an effort to show people that Nvidia doesn't just play nice with Nvidia shill's, Hardware Unboxed and Nvidia drummed up a controversy about Nvidia trying to strong arm your content. Their channel hadn't seen as much of a boom as other tech channels during the pandemic and Nvidia wanted their channel to be popular so they could use you review as one of their headlines for raytracing. To drum up a false controversy which plays on peoples emotions, which I now everyone else does, may be ingenious but extremely low. The proof is what happened after, their subscribers were stagnate compared to other USlikesr's and Nvidia was getting slammed in rasterization which HU made a big deal about and raytracing, which they mentioned once and would come in a follow up video about the 3080. Afterward the letter was leaked and more popular youtubers caught wind of it , they more then doubled their subscribers and Nvidia had the focus back on raytracing.

  7. Christos Giannoulis

    Christos Giannoulis12 days ago

    don't know if it matters any more but you may check email headers/properties: does the email left from the same pc?

  8. Tom Praytor

    Tom Praytor15 days ago

    How dare they not give free shit to people who dump on them. Dorks.

  9. Cody Nichiporik

    Cody Nichiporik15 days ago

    I like seeing Linus showing emotion. I would love to spend a week as one of his employees.

  10. Rickbearcat

    Rickbearcat15 days ago

    In terms of MY refund on my pre-order of Cyberpunk 2077...I asked for a refund (purchased in June of 2019) at least a month and a half before the launch. It took them almost 40 days! to refund back to the payment portal I used originally, which was PayPal. And that was after MUCH effort on my part just keeping them on their toes with mandatory weekly emails to ask what was going on. Otherwise, I felt that when I didn't communicate with them, they just ignored me. This and other reasons have caused me to let them know that they have burned all the goodwill that they garnered in the past.

  11. Rickbearcat

    Rickbearcat15 days ago

    If the Nvidia email that was sent to HU was (in one form or another) had been sent to other USlikes Tech communities, then I would say that they were sorry for getting caught. Otherwise, I think this was a one-off from someone other than Brian and that he is sorry this ever happened. The other option is that this was a test. They sent this email to a semi-large tech channel to gauge the response of the community just to see what would happen in this exact situation. When they realized this was going to burn them hard, Nvidia walked back to do damage control. End of experiment.

  12. Master Password

    Master Password17 days ago

    they are not allowed to have "opinions" , just like they are trying to enforce here , personally , i don't care either lmao .you think what you think and have great day doing it : ) i think people SHOULD be able say ANYTHING they want .saying something doesn't mean people listen rite ? IF you cansor then it seems you probably shouldn't be doing what you are doing ?

  13. Master Password

    Master Password17 days ago

    obviously apologized BECAUSE they got caught BUT did they really learn ? learn to be better ? or be better at being shity ?

  14. Louis Browne

    Louis Browne17 days ago

    I mean how many people in the comments section of youtube ever apologise? it practically never happens as they have nothing to lose. We and they need to remember Nvidia are just a much of people, with all the same potential fualts as us. No doubt from their achievements many of them are running on god-mode, thinking they are better than others because they have shown to be highly valued. It happens all the time. It's a cut-throat business, and people are under great stress to do whatever it takes, it's typical at some point someone would try to swing there weight. I'm only surprised others are surprised, I mean Nvidia have shown their morality already, paying companies off to cripple there competitors benchmarks. It's the same box of backdoor tricks.

  15. James Brenton

    James Brenton18 days ago

    Blah blah you AMD suck ups

  16. Melkavar

    Melkavar19 days ago

    Is Cyberpunk 2077 the new Anthem?!

  17. MrBrockHeinz

    MrBrockHeinz19 days ago

    Luke: We should do a poll Linus: So you have chosen death

  18. Neal Robinson

    Neal Robinson20 days ago

    CDPR let me down with cyber punk. When a developer includes a perk that allows knife throwing you’d think there be some reusable knives. But even then you’d think there would at least be a cheap and easily craftable knife. Again nope the only crafted throwing knife requires 9 in crafting stat and it’s rare. At that point the only thing I can assume is CDPR didn’t really care.

  19. Jason Robinson

    Jason Robinson20 days ago

    The first letter was not written by Brian... as I read the letter you can tell a chines person wrote it.. nothing against chines person just you can tell.. how they think how they talk.. it was a chines person high up...

  20. james bond

    james bond21 day ago

    Big tec playing dumb people and the market its not rocket science just like you said in your last video about Nvidia and the last five years getting worse. This channel as well as others should stop partnering with people they say the same five year thing about. Its like saying im not racist but I do all my business with the USSR.

  21. Axea

    Axea21 day ago

    In 2077, what makes someone a criminal? Getting caught. *cyberpunk music start playing

  22. twertygo

    twertygo21 day ago

    Have we not learned from No Man's Sky?

  23. RCAF TW

    RCAF TW22 days ago

    Oh get over yourselves and move on

  24. wisico640

    wisico64023 days ago

    Please reajust for wider screens :)

  25. Shady Brady

    Shady Brady23 days ago

    Why do we care that Nvidia are apologizing to tech-tubers? Nobody can get cards. I can find an RTX3080 for $1600, but that's about it.

  26. Jake Woods

    Jake Woods23 days ago

    It is a shame that not more competitors inhabite the industry

  27. Bernd Kemmereit

    Bernd Kemmereit24 days ago

    I don't like or dislike a game developer, I like or dislike games....

  28. Kurenai6942

    Kurenai694224 days ago

    I think the CCP wrote the press release.

  29. Nasghat

    Nasghat24 days ago

    This whole story made exactly one thing with me: until now, I solely decided what graphics card to buy next out of facts that mattered to me and my needs. But from now on, I will defenitely take the behaviour of Nvidia in consideration! That will not be supported with my hard earned money! Thank you for bringing this all up and your support @Linus and @LTTteam

  30. GIGGI'

    GIGGI'25 days ago

    go see a real comparison in next gen effects, HU one is literally a joke and I'm not surprised considering they are really tyring to boycott nvidia: ​h_ttps://uslikes.info/house/aJaopZt-l3ptfrY/video.html&feature=emb_logo_​

  31. Troy Arthur

    Troy Arthur25 days ago

    I think what everyone is really wondering is what did Luke get for Christmas in all those presents?

  32. tokkyuuressha

    tokkyuuressha25 days ago

    29:53 To be fair, you're mixing up two entities. CD Project is a game publisher that owns GoG, and has a studio CD Project Red that is a whole another team. Cyberpunk issues and Devotion issues are caused by completely different people.

  33. claud rapoza

    claud rapoza26 days ago

    play cyberpunk on stadia

  34. Ubi Quitious

    Ubi Quitious26 days ago

    I feel sorry for the CCP on this matter, but I would still support any developer to have share their opinion. In China, the CCP effectively is the government. I would not mind have versions with and without the controversial material.

  35. Ubi Quitious

    Ubi Quitious26 days ago

    I am still in awe that this is a thing. Did this Brian character at NVidia read the letter? Is it actually his signature (wet or digital)? Any chance it is some person at NVidia over zealous about their contribution or child product? I don’t know if powers that be at NVidia expect this Brian guy to fall on his own sword or have some other fall person in mind. In any case, this looks really bad for NVidia.

  36. Stathi Nightingale

    Stathi Nightingale26 days ago

    It may have simply been a test. More like a little kid testing boundaries. Nvidia being the kid, media being the parent.

  37. Stathi Nightingale

    Stathi Nightingale26 days ago

    Brian may not be @nvidia if it was actually him in the first place..... I think he was on vacation personally.

  38. SaulsieBerries

    SaulsieBerries26 days ago

    Can we talk about how Luke compared Nvidia's media strong arm to a lord/serf relationship, and Linus decided to contrast it against straight up child abuse. Makes you wonder...

  39. jiri vesely

    jiri vesely28 days ago

    Heard CDPROJECTRED is deleting, or doing something to negative user reviews LOL!

  40. John DeWerd

    John DeWerd28 days ago

    Chinese Nationalists get butt-hurt en mass!

  41. John DeWerd

    John DeWerd28 days ago

    Personally: I think the first one sounded contrite. I think he meant it, or at least he wrote to try and make us he was sincere.

  42. Chris Jarram

    Chris Jarram28 days ago


  43. Chris Jarram

    Chris Jarram28 days ago

    I demand an RTX 3090 by means of apology for having my opinion as a gamer grossly misrepresented by Nvidia

  44. Frosty.

    Frosty.29 days ago

    of the issues with cyberpunk.. the city feeling dead is definitely not one of them 0.o and "looks horrible on old hardware" ..wha? of course shitty hardware = shitty graphics lol so much stuff going on in the background, so many little stories and interactions between people

  45. Mark Casey

    Mark Casey29 days ago

    arm is a british company so they cant they own it

  46. marbleshark

    marbleshark29 days ago

    I've worked with Nvidia before as part of a collaboration, they were SO up themselves it beggared belief! In the end we walked away...

  47. Aaron

    Aaron29 days ago

    The CCP has people who skim the internet and complain to companies through things like Twitter, Facebook etc. and directly email as customers that upset about products the go after them. Be careful Linus or you will be put in the gulag.

  48. kathrynck

    kathrynckMonth ago

    Even with the apology, do you think that the whole exchange won't have a profound effect on up & coming tech reviewers who are trying to break into the inner circle (those who get industry support)?

  49. BluetonicUK28

    BluetonicUK28Month ago

    I agreed with you on your previous WAN show re the awful email. The guy has apologised though. Let it go. People can actually make mistakes and further bashing on this subject could potentially cause a job loss for someone, for all we know, might have had a shitty day

  50. rim685cen ;nir'suc

    rim685cen ;nir'sucMonth ago

    The typical improvement immediately back because example tinctorially encourage concerning a mighty rainbow. long-term, busy shark

  51. acrscott

    acrscottMonth ago

    I perfected reading with MAD magazine’s

  52. Cody Moore

    Cody MooreMonth ago

    I think it was complete bullshit when he said I hope you will share this with your fans. He just wanted to save face. Screw Nvidia!!

  53. driftkids13

    driftkids13Month ago

    30:00 No 1A protects all speech here in the USA privet and public. ITS FREE SPEECH!!! Not freedom to a point. Its absolute.

  54. KillTyrant

    KillTyrantMonth ago

    34:00 ish mark You also have to remember they have that social credit system in place. Decrying CDPR and the makers of devotion will give positive social credit. So it's a bit of a shitty situation on that.

  55. KillTyrant

    KillTyrantMonth ago

    Something else of note. Paper money isn't legal tender there anymore. They have moved to a completely paperless monetary system their. I would imagine it's not that hard to completely lock you out of all your money if you dont tow the ccp line

  56. Andrey Sotnikov

    Andrey SotnikovMonth ago

    Please, don't protect BDR. According to his colleagues from NVIDIA he IS an asshole.

  57. Andrew Bowles

    Andrew BowlesMonth ago

    Yes , I have a problem! but I'm starting to think it is listening to, too many , reviewers and influencers, and all you other youtubers!!!! I could have bought a system cheaper, which would have served my purpose, probably 6 months ago, (perhaps a little longer!, but not much)!!! But everybody said wait, this is going to be big, your going to get "diamond encrusted, GPU's and CPU's, that give 6000 fps, and light speed raytracing, and the CPU's are going to shoot flame out of your case when you power up your PC!!!!" Starting to wonder if all the big Corporations, are leading All the computer, based, USlikesrs, for want of a better word down the same track, too their own ends? To use a simile, the corporations, are the land owners, youtubers are the shepherd's , and we are are the sheep!!!! I suppose the wolves are the scalpers????? So, after watching Zen 2 CPU's drop ,then now about15-20%more expensive, GPU's now not available, as well CPU's, MOBO's etc !!!. What am I to think about all this wonderful advice? actually I think this was boiling away just pre- covid-19, so drop that as an excuse! What I wanted to build ,was a Zen 2 based system and be available for some upgrades.(based around an R5 3600). so they are not available or to expensive. So what an R5 2600?? For price? PAUL ,not directed at you, but, without checking, think you probably said the same? And I check all the people you consider reputable !!! So without doing a crash course on intel parts, and not really expecting it to be cheaper, AMD is still the way to go, except you can't buy it!!!!

  58. Dylan Richards

    Dylan RichardsMonth ago

    That apology still seems half-assed, blaming those actions on lockdown fatigue, like absolutely nobody else is going through that. So, you can throw independent reviewers under the bus, so long as you're tired.

  59. Lukaroast

    LukaroastMonth ago

    more like F A M(Microsoft) G

  60. Totalgamingwars

    TotalgamingwarsMonth ago

    CHINA government = bad.

  61. Sani Guro

    Sani GuroMonth ago

    I guess someone should be fired...

  62. ArticParadox

    ArticParadoxMonth ago

    please review the MSI 1660 super it says it has raytracing in gpu-z and offers it in games i know its not an rtx card but it works and i would love a review on why :/

  63. Lucas E

    Lucas EMonth ago

    Book idea: family made up of computer parts that together make a full family Everyone has things their good and bad at but working together and sharing is good Wait patiently for family to come together (dont pre-order). Might be cool?

  64. tcpnetworks

    tcpnetworksMonth ago

    A fuck-up to this extent would surely warrant a phone call as a backup piece of communications, right? They stepped on a massive landmine here - and they should be much more contrite.

  65. Cutthroat Mc Rage

    Cutthroat Mc RageMonth ago

    Linus new THUG LIFE Look rofl :) or is it instead of boys in the hood it's his version of Linus In The Hood rofl :)

  66. Aaron Griffin

    Aaron GriffinMonth ago

    Pitch idea: Pandas! Make a series of tech panda children's books. 🐼 or Werewolves!

  67. Aaron Griffin

    Aaron GriffinMonth ago

    Armed processors? So they have guns?

  68. Bruman

    BrumanMonth ago

    The collectors edition of the console was the PS5 which Cyberpunk 2077 ran fine on, and not the PS4, that meme was basically a lie.

  69. goldark3

    goldark3Month ago

    LTT Group should make a Unbiased Game review channel would be awesome i watch every single of your channel your guy influence my choice a lot

  70. Syed Ahmad Qusoiri

    Syed Ahmad QusoiriMonth ago

    Games are more than just visual wizardry and even that was very glitchy. Really miss the innovative games of PS2..

  71. chpoit

    chpoitMonth ago

    linus lowkey shilling for the CCP and not understanding free speech

  72. John Patrikareas

    John PatrikareasMonth ago

    .....u got your Apology! now u need to dictate it....? YAWN

  73. SpitFire

    SpitFireMonth ago

    I do find the results of the poll interesting tho. The opinion on CDPR has actually improved for 20%. Why? The reasons for an improvement of opinion are basically 0 so I suppose all of those people just trolled with their vote?

  74. Ascension 669

    Ascension 669Month ago

    Cyberpunk 2077 is fun. Getting that 40-80fps maxed out at 1080p. There are bugs. Like flying across the map from jumping on a wall and then dying. Or jumping off a 2 story building to slam into the ground and die. Or putting clothes on to run around naked. Or it freezing but still able to reload from quicksave. Other than that. Good game so far. 30+ hrs of playing. Playing PC with 1080 ti. 3900x. 32gb ram. I think the story is pretty good. Spent most of my time doing side quests and raiding crime scenes and gangs. Level 17 over 30 street cred. And just now on Act 2.

  75. Matt Booth

    Matt BoothMonth ago

    48:40 I honestly though Linus was asking Luke that question, for a second.

  76. Steve Dice

    Steve DiceMonth ago

    In defense of BDR, I used to work for a company that shall remained unnamed because I signed an NDA but I had authorization to send emails in the CEOs behalf so who knows, maybe that email didn't even come from him.

  77. jeff steeves

    jeff steevesMonth ago

    lol chinaaaa

  78. Real HIFI Help

    Real HIFI HelpMonth ago

    I am still buying AMD.

  79. Brian Evangelista

    Brian EvangelistaMonth ago

    Sorey? lol

  80. NatsuMichiru

    NatsuMichiruMonth ago

    Apology cuz busted of course

  81. Jon S

    Jon SMonth ago

    @Luke - AttorneyS General is the plural of Attorney General (West Wing FTW) :D

  82. aliteralfriedegg

    aliteralfriedeggMonth ago

    35:00 (roughly) If CDPR had just banned the game on GOG in China, HK and Taiwan, this wouldn't be a problem. the problem is gamers worldwide are being censored by the chinese govt because of their extreme nationalism.

  83. Mr AMD

    Mr AMDMonth ago

    About NVIDOA, they are sorry they got cought. They had also a GPP thing going, and they reverced that 2 weeks after it was HUGE news. NVIDIA is and alway's will be a shady company.

  84. H DOG

    H DOGMonth ago

    this is kinda making me think Linus is the ISSUE not Nvidia.

  85. Gief Replays

    Gief ReplaysMonth ago

    The whole Nvidia deal wreaks of incompetent management making him writing a shady ass email then the same fucking manager making him take all the blowback even though he told them it was going to be a disaster. Sure, it could just be the one dude in the wrong head space trying to make his boss happy but it really beggars belief.

  86. Thomas K

    Thomas KMonth ago

    on the censorship topic, China employs thousands of social media posters to promote CCP values on forums around the world

  87. Raymond Johnson

    Raymond JohnsonMonth ago

    Do ABC's of VR =D

  88. darron pattel

    darron pattelMonth ago

    I actually don't like Hardware Unboxed due to the way they cover laptops, but this is disgusting........ SHAME NVIDIA!!!

  89. Raymond Johnson

    Raymond JohnsonMonth ago

    3DFX Should reinvent under RISC5

  90. That0neGuyGames

    That0neGuyGamesMonth ago

    Remember when Physx was huge and so many games tried so hard to add to their games. It was amazing. Now no one cares about basic physx that almost all games are stale asf other than Battlefield. COD NEVER progressed or kept with it(pathetic). Ray Tracing will die 100%.

  91. Ryan Roberts

    Ryan RobertsMonth ago


  92. Evil Chameleon

    Evil ChameleonMonth ago

    Luke went much quieter after that poll bit. . Linus, stop acting like a fuck head for no reason.

  93. coco

    cocoMonth ago

    Really, you think you got Them? you really didn't get it did you? Dumb reviewers. NVIDIA got free publicity thanks to you. When you talked about NVIDIA you talked about how good their products were, and all of the features, and the only thing you were outraged about was about their policies. Since they sort of apologized on that, then it's business as usual, people can go back and buy their fabulous products and blah blah... And thanks for all the free publicity and the buzz you freely generated. All that they did was on purpose, and you fell for it. But you "got" them, congratulations.

  94. hoser hose

    hoser hoseMonth ago

    Sorry because they got CAUGHT. And ask him if he sent it without someone else looking at it otherwise this is just conjecture.

  95. Rick Lansdon

    Rick LansdonMonth ago

    I think the moral of the story is like a typical millennial Linus likes to be outraged for attention

  96. Shawn McCown

    Shawn McCownMonth ago

    I could understand all the frustration with Nvidia if the channels were buying their own cards and Nvidia was trying to silence the reviewer's views, effectively silencing free speech. But, to expect to receive free hardware and then give negative reviews on it but still expect free hardware is being entitled. Would you continue to support a business/channel that badmouthed you as a company and vision or use that resources on someone giving you positive business flow? In the end they are a business. I personally agree that raytracing is the future and needs to be pushed. We're hitting a technological wall with raster graphics. It's why cg effects and animated films have gone completely over to raytracing. I really believe that Nvidia felt his channel failed to understand that and many aspects of where the graphics industry is going. I don't believe it's the negative review he gave but the lack of understanding of industry trends and technological development. They were not going to get his channel silenced or shut down. They were simply not going to provide free merchandise to someone they felt didn't have a good understanding on the subject. The apology was definitely Nvidia making a business decision and not sincere. I'm sure that behind closed doors they are fuming at the entitled mentality and backlash. How many channels would exist without free hardware when they were starting out? Fair reviews from channels that understanding what they are reviewing are what Nvidia want to invest in. They simply didn't see his channel as worth investing in.

  97. El Turf - ManStickCar

    El Turf - ManStickCarMonth ago

    The Development team at CDRed were not the issue, it was the new board that pushed this through unfinished. PC version is ALSO AFFECTED BADLY and what is more important is that STEAM are refusing to budge on refunds. Hard copy refunds only, STEAM playing hardball and saying nope.

  98. HannibalS

    HannibalSMonth ago

    There is LTT there is like! This comment is sponsored by LTTstore.com

  99. proinseas O'Kiellig

    proinseas O'KielligMonth ago

    I'm really enjoying Cyberpunk.

  100. Matthew Wicht

    Matthew WichtMonth ago

    You must do a techquickie video on ORM (online reputation management)

  101. Ytinasniiable

    YtinasniiableMonth ago

    Idk about the rest of the gaming community, but I do know that PSaccess won't stop gushing about Ray tracing on the ps5, so I think there is some truth to what Nvidia said about it being the future, but I don't watch hardware reviews to see how it could theoretically perform on games releasing in 2021 and beyond, i care how it performs right now, and right now most games don't use it.