Project Zero Cables - The Cleanest Desk Setup EVER

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Our process from start to finish on how we scratch built our cleanest desk build yet. Incorporating a flush mount USB 3 hub, widen wireless charger, and well hidden cable management. With the LG UltraFine Ergo 32in sitting on top. It might just be the cleanest desk ever.
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. Googly Boogly

    Googly Boogly52 minutes ago

    nobody: my desk: WIRES EVERYWHERE

  2. my life is a lie

    my life is a lie2 hours ago

    admiralbulldog wants to know your location

  3. Tobias5036

    Tobias50368 hours ago

    I just want the stand. So i can attach it to my gaming monitor.

  4. jimshaly1

    jimshaly111 hours ago

    Can I get that monitor arm standalone??

  5. Vishwas Sharma

    Vishwas Sharma13 hours ago

    During the whole video whole concentration was on the cable just below the monitor lying outside and ruining the "clean" experience.

  6. I am Cringe

    I am Cringe13 hours ago

    I'm confused on who dislikes a Linus tech tips video?

  7. Lampost Lamp

    Lampost Lamp14 hours ago

    there is literally a cable behind the monitor

  8. Lucas Newlove

    Lucas Newlove15 hours ago

    Can you do some sort of downstairs setup Like hooked up to your tv

  9. adharsh k

    adharsh k15 hours ago

    just another 14min LG ad😂

  10. Nasy

    Nasy16 hours ago

    Brilliant initiative

  11. HD Martinez

    HD Martinez16 hours ago

    Wait a second is danganronpa one of the games

  12. Jackson Brooks

    Jackson BrooksDay ago

    the. Monitor. Is. 700. Dollars.

  13. G. Waits4Gainz

    G. Waits4GainzDay ago

    LOL that intro was as good as any cable tv ad ive ever seen LUL

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    Jonathan LopezDay ago

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  15. Chase Bailey

    Chase BaileyDay ago

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    Pappa BearDay ago

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  17. MX304

    MX3042 days ago

    Has this become yet another promised project we will never see again?

  18. William Hill

    William Hill2 days ago

    Where can someone buy your setup

  19. Dylan Campbell

    Dylan Campbell2 days ago

    No cables? Pfft, that’s nothing I got a no computer, monitor or keyboard setup. Ha get rekt Linus.

  20. Shade Playzz

    Shade Playzz2 days ago

    How can I buy pls

  21. YasZuo

    YasZuo2 days ago

    Actually it’s “Project Two Cables”

  22. Amir Radmehr

    Amir Radmehr2 days ago

    DIY perks: let me show you how it's really done

  23. Idhalar Al'Baiesh

    Idhalar Al'Baiesh2 days ago

    This is beautiful, truly a piece of art. You guys are amazing.

  24. Dainsleif

    Dainsleif2 days ago

    I dream a pc that can be fully upgradable, and also mobile

  25. AvoidedDoughnut

    AvoidedDoughnut3 days ago

    This build, but make the desk height adjustable.

  26. Doyler

    Doyler3 days ago

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  27. ChaseNoSkirts

    ChaseNoSkirts4 days ago

    How is nobody saying anything about him playing rocket league WITH OUT A FOOKING CONTROLLER???!!!

  28. 1403 gavin

    1403 gavin4 days ago

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  29. Drake Clark

    Drake Clark4 days ago

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  30. GravitySquidz11

    GravitySquidz114 days ago

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    THE ITALIAN DUDE!4 days ago

    What was the keyboard used in this video?

  32. Alex Garcia

    Alex Garcia4 days ago

    What about the speakers? Connectors could have been routed into the table... cant believe it wasnt accounted for

  33. NDI **

    NDI **4 days ago

    I have a question,I van,t to build a pc and what to by indtel 7 9700 or R5 3600x?

  34. Elijah Holliday

    Elijah Holliday5 days ago

    Anyone know what PC case that is

  35. Fernando Chiquelho

    Fernando Chiquelho5 days ago

    very cool until you need to remove a cable for whatever reason

  36. Do V

    Do V5 days ago

    Have 120k worth of equipment and you can do this at your HOME! :D AMAZING. :D It is a nice build but don't pretend it can be repeated in every household, guys.

  37. andrei ka

    andrei ka5 days ago

    "Wee" is a funny name. well, Wee did a great job !

  38. NOiCe

    NOiCe5 days ago

    Just get a laptop

  39. hhh

    hhh5 days ago

    Hows it powered without a pc

  40. Sayabung Rai

    Sayabung Rai6 days ago

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  41. YoJo

    YoJo6 days ago

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  42. Domyko

    Domyko6 days ago

    Did i saw that in rocket league his car had the flag of Romania???

  43. William

    William6 days ago

    i do mostly graphic design and light gaming. is this monitor okay? i'm having trouble finding something

  44. MimArchitect

    MimArchitect6 days ago

    Great stuff Linus!

  45. Angel YT

    Angel YT6 days ago

    I love how he says “we” like he’s the one doing it

  46. Harold

    Harold7 days ago

    Hey your sibling cant steal your hardware if they can’t figure out how to untangle it

  47. Eric S

    Eric S7 days ago

    Here I am with an Ikea desk, four mismatched monitors on random arms, one being a 43" Samsung TV, and half assed cable management, and I'm okay with that.

  48. Adam Honda98

    Adam Honda987 days ago

    Ever had to work on an ECU that would be something cool to see you building

  49. ofallsadwords

    ofallsadwords7 days ago

    I just stuck all my cables and power strips under my desk and up and down the backs of the legs with command strips, cable sleeves, and velcro ties. Is it as nice, no, but it was a lot cheaper, lol.

  50. Gr4ay

    Gr4ay7 days ago

    the rocket league car flag is romanian 🇷🇴 sooooo cool

  51. MarcTrahan1 and Lickmypuss

    MarcTrahan1 and Lickmypuss7 days ago

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  52. xByJorvan49

    xByJorvan497 days ago

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  53. Sannidhya Sinha

    Sannidhya Sinha7 days ago

    The intro got m cracked up

  54. Masud Khan

    Masud Khan7 days ago

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  55. Sean Calvillo

    Sean Calvillo7 days ago

    Is there a market for desks like this with built-in usb hubs and hidden wire runs ect ect? How much would a desk like that sell for roughly? If anyone could let me know I would super appreciate it.


    APOLLO ACE7 days ago


  57. Aidan Trinidad

    Aidan Trinidad8 days ago

    I see a wire behind the monitor stand

  58. Junior Waters

    Junior Waters8 days ago

    Close your eyes and watch 11:02

  59. Tytus Majewski

    Tytus Majewski8 days ago

    you can just buy a laptop... tbh great work linus the project is impressive

  60. Watermelon_Dog

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    Shree Aravind8 days ago

    I want the setup send meeeeee

  62. Ariel Spencer

    Ariel Spencer9 days ago

    Should have just built a bunch and sold them on your website. I would have bought one definitely.

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  67. HiddenMjolnir

    HiddenMjolnir9 days ago

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  74. Chris Reay

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  75. Amanuel Mengistu

    Amanuel Mengistu12 days ago

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  76. The onion That has layers

    The onion That has layers12 days ago

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  77. Casey Matthews

    Casey Matthews12 days ago

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  78. Elle L

    Elle L12 days ago

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  79. CHiLL_95

    CHiLL_9512 days ago

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  80. Ben Walker

    Ben Walker12 days ago


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    nigga gang13 days ago

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  83. Fasih Uddin

    Fasih Uddin13 days ago

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  84. shweta l lalwani

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    Justin Jones14 days ago

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  87. AbductedByRezz

    AbductedByRezz14 days ago

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    HASANWORX16 days ago

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  99. Shutter Eff3ct

    Shutter Eff3ct18 days ago

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  100. Langly

    Langly18 days ago

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