The WORST trade I've EVER made

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This may just be the worst deal we've ever made, we're trading a full-fat gaming rig for the remains of what once was one of the same, but is now a bit... crispier.
HUGE thank you to Craft Computing for his contribution to this project, check out his video here:
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. adrian tejeda

    adrian tejeda5 hours ago

    the first minute made me shed a tear

  2. sahil hussain

    sahil hussain17 hours ago

    aftr lookng at this m more jelous nw still gaming with i3 6th gen in 2020 .god plz end my life😭😭

  3. BooNinja5

    BooNinja520 hours ago

    How the crap did he know what each part was called

  4. Jacky Jiang

    Jacky Jiang22 hours ago

    I love how his voice tone is calm but everything in his surroundings is absolute chaos

  5. MichaF

    MichaFDay ago

    You have some money there so that's really cool what you are doing bro :D

  6. Brooke Elson

    Brooke ElsonDay ago

    Good on you guys, a house fire is a life changing event and any help goes so far

  7. JMD

    JMD2 days ago


  8. 2 days ago

    Great vid

  9. Naih Thasleem

    Naih Thasleem2 days ago


  10. bonnor banderson

    bonnor banderson2 days ago

    well thats one way to clear your search history


    cerberusthe6th@gmail.com3 days ago

    And this is why we love you Linus

  12. Zaylic

    Zaylic3 days ago

    have you tried rice tho

  13. TechDozer2B Benchmark & Hardware testing

    TechDozer2B Benchmark & Hardware testing4 days ago

    Still better build than the VERGE one.... :D

  14. GinJonic

    GinJonic4 days ago

    only once in a lifetime I want to be that lucky guy who gets a gaming rig from professionals (THE professionals) for free.

  15. Vini

    Vini5 days ago

    What song is starting at 0:27? It's some famous classical composition but I cannot remember which one.

  16. Anonymous Farmer

    Anonymous Farmer5 days ago

    @1:10 do not cut towards yourself to open one edge of the box.

  17. Brick Brick

    Brick Brick5 days ago

    That’s a big pro gamer move

  18. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee5 days ago

    linus impersonating a doctor hes going to jail for that

  19. john wayne

    john wayne5 days ago


  20. Tweeleaf

    Tweeleaf5 days ago

    So did it explode?

  21. Pedro Sequeira

    Pedro Sequeira5 days ago

    My brothers house burnt in a fire, in the least expected of places, Canada but even all the snow wont prevent a drunk neighbor from setting his house on fire... Guess what part of the my brothers house got most affected? His "Man Cave" where his gaming rig was set... Sadly everything was basically unrecoverable.. It wasnt anything crazy but it was his rig... He hasnt been able to play for 4 months now.. As he had to move to a temporary house and buying a new rig isnt really a priority... So I know how much this meant for this dude... Amazing stuff as always on LTT...

  22. Mat

    Mat5 days ago

    Let me go burn my non existent PC rq

  23. Matty Boyo

    Matty Boyo5 days ago

    broooo that case he had was 100x better then what they gave him. nice of them to do tho.

  24. mrlemonman

    mrlemonman5 days ago

    This put a tear in my eye

  25. david jimenez

    david jimenez5 days ago

    hold my beer, I'mma go set my pc on fire.

  26. RkGreekMania john

    RkGreekMania john6 days ago

    Damn i lost my pc with a rtx2060 last year in a flood too. It went from a gaming rig to a brick of mud

  27. Anthony Polaczuk

    Anthony Polaczuk7 days ago

    I'm glad you didn't give him a top-notch gaming pc. Many USlikesrs who take that approach end up attracting cons.

  28. Brandon Gardiner

    Brandon Gardiner8 days ago

    the 116k likes, the people that feel for Spencer. the 1.8k dislikes, the redditors that cant get upvotes 😂

  29. Dawn Of Doge Hellcase

    Dawn Of Doge Hellcase8 days ago

    So should we design a fireproof case?

  30. Dylan Lee

    Dylan Lee9 days ago

    What happened omg what a destroyed gaming pc😮

  31. Frits Cabalonga

    Frits Cabalonga9 days ago

    Build me a pc too my 7 years pc quit on me after 7 years


    II GUMMY II9 days ago


  33. robert13605

    robert136059 days ago

    Dude what did he try to overclock it to ?

  34. glutenfreee gaming

    glutenfreee gaming10 days ago

    Watched the craft computing video afterward... You can tell Spencer really appreciates his new goodies by the way he lays the monitor screen side down directly on to his desk 👌 yeah I'm jealous

  35. Whipsters Idle

    Whipsters Idle10 days ago

    Wish I had a newer system like that. Then again I guess I can't complain. My old ass (nearly 11 year old) pc still holds together and forces it's way through games at it's best. To lose a complete build to the ground? That sucks.

  36. Zbutter 123

    Zbutter 12310 days ago

    9:42 HE WALKS AWAY FROM THE PC WHILE PLAYING THE GAME AND IT KEEPS GOING LMAO this whole time i thought he was actually playing!

  37. Muhammad Rafif

    Muhammad Rafif11 days ago

    Now is time to show case the fireproof case for a PC. Great content btw

  38. Kelly Lloyd

    Kelly Lloyd11 days ago

    That is extremely cool of you!

  39. matt buddy [MattBuddy GNN]

    matt buddy [MattBuddy GNN]11 days ago

    FOR SALE: 1 Gaming PC NEVER overclocked :)

  40. NoxVigil

    NoxVigil11 days ago

    From a sad story to a happy ending can imagine how he felt losing the pc in fire

  41. Piotr Nita

    Piotr Nita12 days ago

    See kids? This is what happens when you overclock your ram to 100 Terahertz to get +.001 FPS in Fortnite

  42. KZRRZ RL

    KZRRZ RL12 days ago

    How do that Broken pc break like that

  43. Kratos Aurion Plays

    Kratos Aurion Plays12 days ago

    7:26 What the heck lol

  44. obeydacity

    obeydacity12 days ago

    im here after reading the 4chan story that said this pc was actually just a pyromaniac sending in parts covered with his cum

  45. J M

    J M12 days ago

    Aww good guy Linus

  46. Dylan Reese

    Dylan Reese13 days ago

    Damn I'm still using parsec to play on my uncle's computer bc I've never had one

  47. Shard FloofFox

    Shard FloofFox13 days ago

    Bruh, that pc looks like it was in a house fire.

  48. Firstname Lastname

    Firstname Lastname13 days ago

    Love you guys for doing this.

  49. Lars Jansen

    Lars Jansen14 days ago

    Liked the way he take care of his Customers ! stay healthy ! be blessed !

  50. TonyV

    TonyV14 days ago

    Re-using a noctua mounting bracket that was in a machine that burned in a fire is the most noctua thing I’ve ever seen

  51. Maximo Rendon

    Maximo Rendon14 days ago

    Cooooool !

  52. BlueCube067

    BlueCube06714 days ago

    This is what happens if you run minecraft RTX at max settings

  53. Bison gaming

    Bison gaming14 days ago

    Linus shows he is not emotional but indeed he is. Great work brother. 👍

  54. Seb Torres

    Seb Torres14 days ago

    Lol can i just send my pc in to see if u can un brick it

  55. Reeclay

    Reeclay14 days ago

    That burnt pc is still better than mine that works

  56. Joel Bustamante

    Joel Bustamante15 days ago

    its that DNA?

  57. Joseph C

    Joseph C15 days ago

    So, noctua mounting screws. Very sturdy.

  58. everestfalls

    everestfalls15 days ago

    That burnt mess most likely runs better than my current rig..... The scrap value on that probably cost more too lol.

  59. samuel berard

    samuel berard15 days ago

    So sick man you are thebest it’s art to look you build pc aha 🙌🏿🔥

  60. Type2dk

    Type2dk16 days ago

    Thank you Linus for doing this good deed, Spencer lost (I guess) everything in the fire, you made him something special, adding the Noctua Brackets was amazing now Spencer has a great story to tell, and a super PC to game on. The 1700 who dislike this video are a bunch of heartless lameass Demogorgons. Thanks again Linus, great video and thanks to Craft Computing as well.

  61. Yung Groot

    Yung Groot16 days ago

    Intro this pc is 🔥

  62. LEnoxye

    LEnoxye16 days ago

    Mr Beast 2.0

  63. lorenzo Maino

    lorenzo Maino16 days ago

    ill trade u my school chrome book for a 3070

  64. genderless klingon

    genderless klingon16 days ago

    I like the new Linus. Grew a beard and stopped being plastic/fake. Don't know if it's the producer, but like to watch his new videos.

  65. soup ow

    soup ow17 days ago

    when i saw the burnt pc i actually cried

  66. skullz

    skullz17 days ago

    linus surgeon tips

  67. ComputerNerdInside

    ComputerNerdInside18 days ago

    I once lost a rig due to a roof leak. Luck was not with me that day. We had a major storm while I was out of town, and developed a new leak, and at this time, I ha a rig pretty much completely of cheap, second hand parts sitting on the desk, with the monitor beside it. Can you guess where the new leak was dripping? Yeah, not a lot made it into the case, but it was enough to take out the PSU in short fashion, and took the board with it. I didn't notice until I went to use it a few days later. It had mostly dried by then, but after wondering why it wouldn't turn on, I looked up at the ceiling, saw the signature spots on the ceiling that you get with leaks in old tile houses, and I lost it. Was a cheap rig, but it was what I could afford then. Sad day for sure.

  68. Rio bluespartan

    Rio bluespartan18 days ago

    That's nice of you guys, how did it set on fire anyways, did the pc overheat

  69. PotatoDaddy493

    PotatoDaddy49318 days ago

    Me: sees title and thumbnail *clicks video* Then me: WHAT THE F*** YOU TRADED FOR THAT LOL BROKEBOY RUSTY PSU 😂

  70. Mohini palkrutwar

    Mohini palkrutwar18 days ago

    Dr linus

  71. Jessie A

    Jessie A18 days ago

    Aw that was nice :) Reminds me of the time I donated to a journalist who's CPU socket had bent pins going through Airport Security with the CPU And Cooler dismounted.

  72. ItsDevLog

    ItsDevLog19 days ago

    I didn't know they brought jewish doctor

  73. Otavio Costa

    Otavio Costa19 days ago

    damn, to be this bad probably has in a long ass time in the fire cooking

  74. InsanityRises

    InsanityRises19 days ago

    Still better than my pc

  75. Inukrieger

    Inukrieger19 days ago

    oh what a luck this guy have a safe 300€ it took me 8 months just so i can buy a Ryzen 7 2700X a B450 bord and Dark Rock Pro 3 for colling. Now i must safe 3 months so i can buy 1TB SSD but onyl SATA SSD for 100€ but if linus see my room and how i sleep and then my pc dam that are worlds between these

  76. SlpGaming

    SlpGaming19 days ago

    Is Linus a computer engineer

  77. R.A.F

    R.A.F19 days ago


  78. Y tho?

    Y tho?19 days ago

    I never cleaned my pc in well I think it was used but I’m sure it has never been cleaned before and it’s well, I’m sure it’s around 8-10 year old pc

  79. Andrew Riegel

    Andrew Riegel19 days ago

    now this was cool thing to do...

  80. louisvl10

    louisvl1020 days ago

    Hmm, didn't he have like fire insurance?

  81. Pathos

    Pathos20 days ago

    The cumputer

  82. Khuyagmaidar Mr.

    Khuyagmaidar Mr.20 days ago

    Linus YOU BEAUTY!

  83. aguon eva

    aguon eva20 days ago

    It looks like his ex found him

  84. C-los _

    C-los _21 day ago

    imma just gunna brun my pc now

  85. Infidel

    Infidel21 day ago

    i don't like spencer only because he gets free shit XD

  86. Solo Action

    Solo Action21 day ago

    wow I didn't see the 69% update windows pop up until I watched it in 0.25 lol

  87. Mster

    Mster21 day ago

    smoked gaming pc

  88. Absan

    Absan21 day ago

    Hi Linus I just got XFX Radeon VII 16GB GPU and I'm moving from Geforce 1070 when I plugged the new card I got no display (not posting) can't even get to BIOS I plugged both graphic cards and I notice that I can see the VII in BIOS and Device Manager so I installed the latest drivers for the VII @t I also used your method with DDU to remove all old intel and Geforce drivers but still no luck can you please give me any advice I have x370 MSI carbon gaming pro motherboard Ryzon 5 1600 windows 10

  89. Stigma

    Stigma21 day ago

    I was worried you could break it even more by dropping it.

  90. Promo Sembilan

    Promo Sembilan21 day ago

    Alhamdulillah he doing good things

  91. Promo Sembilan

    Promo Sembilan19 days ago

    @SonnyTheGamer thx for respect

  92. SonnyTheGamer

    SonnyTheGamer19 days ago

    amen to that, salam

  93. HULKGQ Nissan Patrol

    HULKGQ Nissan Patrol22 days ago

    And I play 1 game on my pc at like 7 fps! 🤣😪

  94. Robo - ROBLOX

    Robo - ROBLOX22 days ago

    i wanted to get a RTX 3080ti because i have a intel UHD graphics but those scalpers made bot accounts to get it :( sad


    VAKEZ ANIMATION22 days ago

    Anybody know the specs of the burnt pc? Or is the fixed one the same🤔

  96. Mj

    Mj20 days ago

    But hey, im a Jealous-ish hater. Glad he got one back tho

  97. Mj

    Mj20 days ago

    No lmfao, the new one is far better than his. Which is kinda bull.

  98. fub

    fub22 days ago

    wdym man thats my pc normally

  99. BeanieBagVids

    BeanieBagVids22 days ago

    The things we lost in the fire- fire- fire!

  100. Zhaike Toledo

    Zhaike Toledo22 days ago

    Linus went from tech reviews to tech fun comedy and entertainment/cosplay

  101. mk pro gaming

    mk pro gaming22 days ago

    This is the reason u should not ot try minecraft with RTX

  102. flipmip24

    flipmip2422 days ago

    I got an asma attack from just seeing you unbox the box 1:42

  103. CallMehDustyNinja

    CallMehDustyNinja22 days ago

    I think it was funny how they started laughing after saying it was depressing. my kind of humor.

  104. MAU

    MAU22 days ago

    who dislikes this wholesome thing?