Xbox Series X vs Series S

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Xbox Series X and Series S have a few key differences in GPU processing power (TFLOPS), storage, and RAM- but how do these differences manifest in-game? We do some side by side comparisons using Assassin's Creed Valhalla to find out, and we're using the LG OLED CX48 TV as the display since it's a 4K OLED TV giving amazing picture quality and HDMI 2.1 for ultra-fast refresh rates. It's the perfect TV for console gaming! You can purchase it here:
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  1. Liam lll

    Liam lllHour ago

    I have a 4k tv, will my Xbox series s be in 4k on my tv?

  2. Mal Ant

    Mal Ant7 hours ago

    Xbox series x vs xbox series s The equivalent of iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro Expect a beefed up version of the Nintendo switch next year

  3. L Deez

    L Deez13 hours ago

    Found a series s at my Walmart but afraid to buy. Upgrading to 4K tv after Christmas and have more than enough money saved to buy a series x. Any suggestions wether I should buy the series s or just wait for the x. I would definitely rather have the series x but I’m afraid they won’t be available for a long time

  4. KnotLetis

    KnotLetis14 hours ago

    I like how he’s giving genuine comparison, and not just being like “Yeah they’re about the same but pc still destroys both”

  5. kirito kirigaya

    kirito kirigaya14 hours ago

    Linus is it possible to connect a webcan in pcie slot and rampup the quality to maximum like mobile devices

  6. Thibaut Mahringer

    Thibaut Mahringer15 hours ago

    Since Doom is a backcompat game it simply use Xbox One S as a base, and improve unlocked framerate and dynamic resolution if there's any. And it adds 16x AF.

  7. Sheep Beep

    Sheep Beep16 hours ago

    Man Valhalla screen tears a lot on Xbox. Ps5 has none. I wish it didn’t

  8. Brian Porter

    Brian Porter19 hours ago

    Doom doesn’t have a series S or series X patch, what you compared was essentially One X vs One S via backward compatibility

  9. Brian Porter

    Brian Porter4 hours ago

    @Diego Alves Agreed! I'd bet that engine could do 1440p high settings on the series S. Its super optimized. A dedicated patch is coming out sometime in the future for next-gen consoles so I'll be curious to see Digital Foundry's video on that!

  10. Diego Alves

    Diego Alves5 hours ago

    People should read this comment. While I'm sure Linus had no ill intention, it's a bit of misinformation that could be addressed. Taking into account how great the Doom engine is, I'm almost 100% sure the Series S can withstand better textures for sure.

  11. Dragonisation edits Öztürk

    Dragonisation edits ÖztürkDay ago

    Everything is cool and all except the price difference is about 3000 unit money in my country. So series S + additional drive is more atracting for me

  12. Charlie Addy

    Charlie AddyDay ago

    Ok. But can it run bugsnax. I think not.

  13. Dakota Hoffman

    Dakota HoffmanDay ago

    Do u need hdmi 2.1

  14. Lil Robert

    Lil RobertDay ago

    Love that TV but still expensive . sad.

  15. gaglet

    gagletDay ago

    they both look so similar that only a dork would care

  16. AppleTronTech

    AppleTronTechDay ago

    I have the series s. Its amazing but my only problem is the storage...

  17. ich0halt1

    ich0halt1Day ago

    yes, I will buy the series s for 299 and this tv for 1499. stonks

  18. Omkaar Deepak

    Omkaar DeepakDay ago

    Can u try it on a standard TV like a 1080p 60 Hz tv

  19. Fifthcolumn

    FifthcolumnDay ago

    I think I’ll buy the Series X sometime next year, I’m fine with my One X for now.

  20. Almond Playz

    Almond PlayzDay ago

    Why do I like verified people’s comments even if nothing they said was funny or something I agree with?

  21. ProduceBOY939

    ProduceBOY939Day ago

    Original Xbox guy right here. Switched to ps5. Exclusives exclusives exclusives.

  22. Demarcus Benson

    Demarcus BensonDay ago

    Series S is the best deal ever! Call Of Duty: Allow me to introduce myself

  23. David LIggins

    David LIgginsDay ago

    XBOX SERIES S...We don’t need shiny Ray tracing & 4K gaming Just Next Gen Games. It’s White, Cheap, Small Design & It’s Got Game Pass A No Brainer...

  24. Mitro Plays Games

    Mitro Plays Games2 days ago

    Me: darn it I can’t get the series x Him: I got black I got white whachu want

  25. Marc Guilbault

    Marc Guilbault2 days ago

    Linus, Assassin's creed Valhalla is optimized for Series S | X, Doom Eternal is not optimized(though a patch is coming). Valhalla is optimized for a higher resolution on series S. Doom Eternal runs on a Xbox One S performance profile on Series S, not Xbox one X. This is why it doesn't look as good as Valhalla. Backward compatibility mode on Xbox Series S and X runs in GCN mode for the GPU instead of RDNA2. It won't get the performance gains of RDNA2 in terms of IPC too.

  26. Md Khalid Hasan

    Md Khalid Hasan2 days ago

    None of console yet have pc very very high in quality.. lol

  27. Md Khalid Hasan

    Md Khalid Hasan2 days ago

    @Jakakak Kakskssns even the quality isn't as good as in rtx 2060s which one df compared with

  28. ExpGainz

    ExpGainz2 days ago

    Live giveaway on my channel. Good luck to all entering and to those whom have already entered!!

  29. Shuffelz YT

    Shuffelz YT2 days ago

    Well I have 300 not 500 the choice is pretty easy

  30. JMB Games

    JMB Games2 days ago

    i have the same TV

  31. Tobin Monroe

    Tobin Monroe2 days ago

    Can someone explain why someone would buy either of these rather than a pc? There used to be reasons on both ends to like pc or console but I cant see why I wouldn't buy a slightly more expensive gaming pc for like 600 or 700 and just upgrade parts when I need instead of buying a system thats almost exactly the same as the previous gen with slightly better graphics ESPECIALLY sense I dont give a rats fucking ass about 4k it truly does not look that much better to me it just doesn't at least not enough to make it worth as much money as the X is

  32. TheCrayonMan529

    TheCrayonMan5292 days ago

    4k is truly a meme...idk why Xbox and PlayStation push so hard for it



    you compare both very well but sadly not recommend one for which click on the video.

  34. Paza

    Paza2 days ago

    3:00 shock therapy

  35. Hunter Ludwig

    Hunter Ludwig2 days ago

    Why don’t they realize the majority of us are playing on 32” 1080p tvs

  36. the lemon

    the lemonDay ago

    @Jakakak Kakskssns cheap

  37. Kait0s!

    Kait0s!2 days ago

    7:30 That's actually because ID didn't update the game for next gen. It's running on back compat mode but Series S runs the Xbox One S version (which runs at 900p60) and the Series X runs the Xbox One X(above 1440p). I'm sure the Series S could run the game at 1440p60 or at least 1080p60. Same for Series X with 4K60.

  38. Deanobeany

    Deanobeany2 days ago

    I really think the S will be enough for me. Of all the physical games I own physically only one isn't on gamepass, everything else I've played this past gen was either purchased digitally or on GP (of free games with gold). I didn't plan on it, just happened that way. Been playing 32" 1080p for the past decade and its fine for me. Currently saving for a house with the Mrs so no TV purchase on the horizon but is imagine 1440p will be ample for 5 years or so.

  39. David

    David2 days ago

    Day 145 of asking for a PC thanks 👍😁

  40. Giagk1

    Giagk12 days ago

    pws paizeis etsi re malaka

  41. Adrian lambert

    Adrian lambert3 days ago

    They're not so far from what Steam Machine tried to be. It is just two different spec PCs now, not a games console... Sony have some work to do (I prefer PS than XB) because other than Nintendo there doesn't seem much room for games consoles any more. Just use a PC - cheaper to get in too and slowly upgradable...

  42. Landon

    Landon3 days ago

    series runs the one s back compat versions of games so thats why doom looks so bad

  43. Josh M

    Josh M3 days ago

    7:34 He starts saying "Wow that is a night and day difference" before he changes the input lol

  44. Shrimp Salad

    Shrimp Salad20 hours ago

    Except he actually switched back after changing it bruh

  45. Eric

    EricDay ago

    He is a tool

  46. heavyd

    heavyd2 days ago


  47. PandaKid8r5

    PandaKid8r53 days ago

    that was a buttery smooth segway to the sponsor holy. smoother than my youtube videos at 480 fps

  48. Username Unavailable

    Username Unavailable3 days ago

    Linus is just the uncle every gamer wants

  49. Spawn223311

    Spawn2233113 days ago

    If it wasn't for my friends and all the ps4 games that I'll lose, I would go with the xbox for the first time in my life

  50. Obi Wan Cannabi

    Obi Wan Cannabi3 days ago

    series S you own nothing. well either way you own nothing of it, you cant internally modify or make their software better, so fuck all the consoles, especially ones where you can't even resell the games

  51. Jarred Burchett

    Jarred Burchett3 days ago

    i havent even watched this yet lol and i think ik wat direction this is heading in, if you have money go for the more expensive and if your broke like me go for the cheaper

  52. Hunter Harris

    Hunter Harris3 days ago

    “One X, one S” we’re taking a step back buddy

  53. Hunter Harris

    Hunter Harris2 days ago

    @Jakakak Kakskssns that’s what he said in the video

  54. john wells

    john wells3 days ago

    can you test them with keyboard and mouse in game please.

  55. fossilrock

    fossilrock3 days ago

    Now these are fine and dandy and all, but have you heard of a samsung smart fridge?

  56. DD KK

    DD KK3 days ago

    My only grief with the S, is a storage size...

  57. Rick M

    Rick M3 days ago

    It's worth noting that the reason for the big difference with Doom Eternal, is due to the fact that the Series S is running the XB1/XB1S version whereas the Series X is running the XB1X version.

  58. Mentally Disabled Whale

    Mentally Disabled Whale3 days ago

    I don’t care how my game looks, as long it’s a clear and smooth gaming experience then I’m happy

  59. PaWa

    PaWa3 days ago

    For people who can’t decide ..... go big! get the Xbox One Series X. It comes with full 4K gameplay something that the Series S doesn’t.

  60. AussiePillow1

    AussiePillow13 days ago

    How long does it take to make a can of Coca-cola zero sugar same great taste to a nice cool temperature in the Xbox series X?

  61. brogle

    brogle3 days ago

    I mean, both aren't bad and they're both definitely solid consoles.

  62. stranger things fan

    stranger things fan3 days ago

    o got the new ps5 and it's fan is loud can LINUS answer my question whyyy

  63. Adam Gross

    Adam Gross4 days ago

    Why does it look like you swapped the controllers in the beginning. It’s a little weird but ok.

  64. Mr Cooty

    Mr Cooty4 days ago

    They make nice EMU boxes

  65. SEDAX

    SEDAX4 days ago

    Brooo i got your honey add before starting the vid

  66. mikey black

    mikey black4 days ago

    Slightly picky still looks amazing

  67. TheBrazilRules

    TheBrazilRules4 days ago

    The choice is very simple. Don't want to spend more than $300 buy Series S, otherwise buy Series X. I only bought a console now because the Series S exists. I am traditionally a PC gamer, but I am not in a position now to upgrade my PC, so it was an easy choice for me

  68. Loco Busters

    Loco Busters4 days ago

    Whats the point of buying the new Xbox if soon it will be like Google stadia where you can just play new games like infinite using only a stick connected to a tv

  69. James Juggan

    James Juggan4 days ago

    The only thing that is different from them is that the Series s has a 512gb ssd and the series x has a 1tb.

  70. Alucard

    Alucard4 days ago

    I don't think this is a problem with the different consoles bit the fact the optimisation for the s is a lot worse as of the developers didn't care as much and thought " we'd just patch it later who cares this is the weaker version anyway"

  71. Suckyourmom 24

    Suckyourmom 244 days ago

    If I cop the series s which isn’t 4K but I have a 4K tv would it be 4K when I use that tv ? (Anyone answer)

  72. Carlos Garcia

    Carlos Garcia4 days ago

    LG should make that TV in 32 inches

  73. Eva Sigurdardottir

    Eva Sigurdardottir4 days ago

    My husband uses the old black one and I’m trying to figure out what to get him for Christmas. This is so confusing 😂

  74. Mentally Disabled Whale

    Mentally Disabled Whale3 days ago

    If he games a lot and uses disc games get him a series X, if he is casual and want to save a few bucks series S is the way to go

  75. ZKatt

    ZKatt4 days ago

    I saw no chug. Also what if you run the game at 1080p?

  76. Michelle L

    Michelle L4 days ago

    Your going to need a hard drive with the Series S , They cost 299$ for a 100$ hard drive. So you have to pay the cost of the system again just for the hard drive so its 600$ for the S and 500 for the X , its 100$ more. lol good scam you do not see at first.

  77. beegmonky

    beegmonky4 days ago

    Linus i do Not have fifteen Hundred Dollars for That TV

  78. Sailor Mercury

    Sailor Mercury4 days ago

    I got the Xbox Series S. I love it so far. My only small complaint was that Microsoft handicapped it by not allowing it to run xbox one x enhanced versions of backwards compatible titles, despite it being powerful enough to run older games at 60 fps. So we are stuck with 30 fps versions of titles like Final Fantasy XV. Such a shame. Maybe this can be patched in the future.

  79. willy santana

    willy santana4 days ago

    No more bulky consoles, these should've been in a gaming tablet form by now.

  80. Joey

    Joey5 days ago

    Is there a difference if i get the 55” lg compared to the smaller version i think it’s the 48 or 44” meaning if does it work well with the xbox series x no matter what size i get

  81. Leonardo Rocha

    Leonardo Rocha5 days ago

    Speaking from a country in which the difference isn't only 200, I can see why a lot of people will go for the Series S. While here it is around R$2800, the Series X is around R$4599. To put it in perspective, the current minimum wage is R$1045/month. Another big attractive is the Game Pass: here, the Ultimate with more than 300 games available costs R$45/month while new games average from R$200 to R$300. As someone who didn't play anything from the PS4/XONE generation, it actually comes as a way of not only playing those games but also having the option of grabbing some new generation ones. Not to mention 1080p TVs are much more abundant than 4K ones, which would cost at least R$2000... When you start to add in all the costs, the Series S could be renamed to "Xbox Series: Third world edition"

  82. Tragical

    Tragical5 days ago

    It’s rare seeing this guy smile on a thumbnail

  83. Rain

    Rain4 days ago


  84. Hugo

    Hugo5 days ago

    OLED is not perfect black. Is much more accurate but it is not perfect. Only the tube is perferct

  85. Icehollowcome

    Icehollowcome5 days ago

    A tv with G-Sync, that's one of the most useless things ever.

  86. platytux

    platytux5 days ago

    What is wrong with the English subtitles? Frickin' awesome HTMI 2.1

  87. AmbitiousPanda

    AmbitiousPanda5 days ago

    Tv sellout

  88. MelloDemooz -

    MelloDemooz -5 days ago

    if you live in 5060 and don’t care about discs and you are a simple gamer go to series s

  89. Crown Victoria

    Crown Victoria5 days ago

    Today I bought xbox series S for 300$. The reason why I bought it !!!? Because I couldn't find PS5 neither Xbox series X in stores. Where I go they keep telling me .. OUT OF STOCK.

  90. colejam E&M

    colejam E&M5 days ago

    Nice excuse to advertise that TV...u did a good job diguising it as an xbos review vid

  91. andyantonioap

    andyantonioap5 days ago

    I have to point out it's called Xbox series X, not one X. You called it a one X a couple of times.

  92. Koen Jonker

    Koen Jonker5 days ago

    There has been a patch

  93. esteban collazo

    esteban collazo5 days ago

    Doom is running the one s version of the game on the series s,so it’s like 900p. Once it’s patched it should look better



    I'm sick of seeing them on Etsy

  95. Team Newman

    Team Newman5 days ago

    His hair is messy I’m sorry now you notice

  96. hazy J

    hazy J5 days ago

    Linuuuuuuusssss I bought a Series S because you said it was the same thing, only 1440p! frick.mp4 I want ray tracing Linuusssususus

  97. retroFIX Gaming

    retroFIX Gaming5 days ago

    I haven’t seen one reason to upgrade from my one x yet.

  98. retroFIX Gaming

    retroFIX Gaming2 days ago

    Wasn’t very good. No reason I’ve seen to buy one yet.

  99. BuncGaming

    BuncGaming5 days ago

    Daddy linus he has a beard baby!!!

  100. Ethan Caley

    Ethan Caley5 days ago

    woah unskippable 20 second ad

  101. Brandon Evershed

    Brandon Evershed5 days ago

    My TV is 6 or 7 years old. I wonder if series x makes much of a difference compared to s?

  102. Bante Hayes

    Bante Hayes5 days ago

    Thanks Linus, and team!

  103. LickTraPru

    LickTraPru6 days ago

    Who is with xbox series x

  104. Gerry K

    Gerry K6 days ago

    Is the new S series any better than the Previous S model? Reason I'm asking is because I just won the Previous unit with 1T & 4k from MS rewards.

  105. codedxxx

    codedxxx6 days ago

    My wallet is ready.

  106. MDHenry4 Henry

    MDHenry4 Henry6 days ago

    xbox series s should come with a bluray discount drive

  107. LzB Vin vin

    LzB Vin vin6 days ago


  108. Money Money

    Money Money6 days ago

    What’s the difference between a series s and the Xbox one x isn’t the xbox box one x better because of 4K?

  109. Naved Akhtar

    Naved Akhtar6 days ago

    nice comparison, but the real marginal difference between the two will be more apparent only when we run the true next gen games on them

  110. Masud Khan

    Masud Khan6 days ago

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  111. Sh. Fred

    Sh. Fred6 days ago

    Btw Xbox Series S/X can now emulate other consoles thanks to Retroarch and Dev Mode. Incoming Retroarch support for PS1 and PS2 in a few weeks. Guess you know where this is going...