The CHEAPEST Legit Gaming Laptop

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With an RTX 2060 for just $700 the Gateway Performance Notebook 15.6" sounds like an incredible deal... if Gateway haven't cut too many corners.
Buy Gateway Performance Notebook 15.6"
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. Linus Tech Tips

    Linus Tech Tips13 days ago

    Note: We released this video a few days earlier than originally planned, check back in a few days for the deal on the laptop! Sorry about that.

  2. Jim Smith

    Jim Smith3 days ago

    Currently $849 down from $999.

  3. Andrew Anderson

    Andrew Anderson6 days ago

    @David Hager pretty sure they just posted the video too late. It was definitely $699 a few days before release for at least a week or more. They probably released it on floatplane in time for the deal because they get videos early. But by the time youtube got the video the deal was over. It is possible that the price may go back to $699 from searching online it has been that price several times before.

  4. uTubeStalker DotCom

    uTubeStalker DotCom7 days ago

    @David Hager so i noticed that this laptop was $650 a few months ago. maybe the price will drop ??

  5. David Hager

    David Hager7 days ago

    Advertised as 700, listed at 999 "Check back later for the deal", price drops to 799, which != 700. And now the price has climbed back to 849. So did Walmart bamboozle you guys, or did y'all mess up and post this bit to late to be relavent, or is that deal still incoming?

  6. juggalodraco

    juggalodraco9 days ago

    it is up now for 799.00 plus tax :) ty ltt crew for helping me swoop my new laptop ;)

  7. Dominick Snowdy

    Dominick Snowdy5 minutes ago

    he should do a vid on the other version. i have it and its amd radeon graphics, ryzen 5, and geforce gtx. ive found it runs well.

  8. DankH EF

    DankH EF8 hours ago

    I guess I will still use my school laptop because it has a ryzen cpu inside

  9. Crisis

    Crisis9 hours ago

    anybody think this laptop will go back to $700 again?

  10. Loudlevin

    Loudlevin22 hours ago

    If your going to shill for walmart like that atleast advertise a legit price, this laptop was never 700 dollars. I always thought you where a slimy clickbaiting youtuber douchbag.

  11. Edmar100

    Edmar10017 hours ago

    *It was definitely $699 before.* It went on sale for $699 several times to the point where it stayed at the price for nearly the whole month of December. It even went as low as $650 once in Veteran's Day. I should know since that's the price I got it for. Just seems like Walmart know there'd be many people interested in purchasing it after this was uploaded so they quickly raised the prices. I think it's possible it'll go on sale again throughout February as next gen gaming laptops come out.

  12. Jb Prasad

    Jb PrasadDay ago

    RTX 2060 here it's gonna be last gen soon😮 Me: having gtx1080 😭😭

  13. Tom N

    Tom NDay ago

    The way you say 'this' I always picture Doug Demuro

  14. Brickabang

    BrickabangDay ago

    Why does Linus look like a default asset for a city thug?

  15. ᓚᘏᗢ

    ᓚᘏᗢDay ago

    When you put words gaming and laptop together, you get a joke

  16. Arch Demone

    Arch Demone2 days ago

    but why would u want this unless youre the type of person who moves around very often?

  17. mick muller

    mick muller2 days ago

    I leave this under every video I watched, it helps the algorithm

  18. John k destroyer

    John k destroyer2 days ago

    So which laptop should I choose if iwant to play wwe2k19

  19. Synastar

    Synastar2 days ago

    The four cell battery you showed on the web is 15.2V while the included battery is 11.4V. Does that matter?

  20. Spoofy Media

    Spoofy Media2 days ago

    laptop is currently 849 on the site

  21. Robert Brown

    Robert Brown2 days ago

    Can somebody explain to me why the Intel 10300 is an i3 but the 10300H is an i5? Isn't the 10300H just a slightly gimped 10300?

  22. Sorin s

    Sorin s2 days ago

    at this price most companies offers a integrated video....practically rtx 2060 is for free !!

  23. SeRBrighter UnAgainst

    SeRBrighter UnAgainst3 days ago

    Zero-o? Or 0of?

  24. LazyTV

    LazyTV3 days ago

    Well....changed my thumbs up to thumbs down...probably ain't going to do much, but honestly, I kind of feel betrayed...

  25. Omar Dawood

    Omar Dawood3 days ago

    Its been days now and i have seen the price drop from $999 to $799 and back to $849 .

  26. Jeff Schultz

    Jeff Schultz3 days ago

    849 now :(

  27. scorcher117

    scorcher1173 days ago

    Holy shit, that battery difference with the AV, that feels like it's worth a video of its own.

  28. A N

    A N3 days ago

    Most of the laptops have really bad displays! This is why I don't own one. The mouse/trackpad is a serious pain...

  29. Nasir

    Nasir3 days ago

    Bro can this run csgo and fortnite without no lag and good fps

  30. yo yo daaku singh

    yo yo daaku singh3 days ago

    Which one good for #OculusQuestVr ??

  31. GLEAM ™

    GLEAM ™4 days ago

    This is off sale already! :(

  32. BlueSomething

    BlueSomething4 days ago

    Maybe Gateway was just desperate for sales or something, but I’m really glad getting laptops with dedicated graphics cards are getting cheaper and cheaper, and being more of an option.

  33. 0zelena6kriza4

    0zelena6kriza44 days ago

    Vegan shoes! Are they eateble? :D

  34. Ivan Budimirovic Buda

    Ivan Budimirovic Buda4 days ago

    Legit Microsoft Office 2019 for 2.85$ and Windows 10 Pro for 0.5$, tutorial on ROCKET RAKIC CHANNEL

  35. JMAN VR

    JMAN VR4 days ago

    900 now for the 700 laptop

  36. Kylixion _

    Kylixion _4 days ago

    Lol, it's now 850 bucks. Damn Wal-Mart, you reaaaaally don't want people's business, do yah?

  37. KamoGaming

    KamoGaming5 days ago

    7:05 oh my god. Didn't know that could happen

  38. KamoGaming

    KamoGaming5 days ago

    I haven't seen the gateway logo on a laptop in... 20 ish years

  39. Hayden Follis

    Hayden Follis5 days ago

    The hp omen get hot tho and the omen has like 2 hours

  40. 1.21Jigawatts

    1.21Jigawatts5 days ago

    Sorry Linus, had to give this one a dislike considering Walmart never actually offered this thing at the price they asked you to advertise. Please don't work with them again.

  41. CallMeRabbitzUSVI

    CallMeRabbitzUSVI3 days ago

    Yeah, check everyday since the video never seen it at $699

  42. JustinnR Zellet

    JustinnR Zellet5 days ago

    Finally, some vegan shoes to eat with my salad

  43. Jeffrey Robert Meades

    Jeffrey Robert Meades5 days ago

    Do your research folks. If you plan on getting a gaming laptop, make sure the fans are easily accessible to clean and replace, and that the fans are quality & common. The fans in my MSI GL62M 7RDx(2017) can not be easily cleaned, or replaced without removing the entire 1-piece heatsink. You pretty much have to reapply thermal paste every time you want to clean the fans. They're also an extremely difficult part to source even 2 years after purchase. The ones I can find to purchase are cheap, much cheaper than the originals, which failed after 2 years. These ones fail every 6 - 8 months. I'm finally spending the money to get back to desktop for gaming, and I'll never go back. But if laptop gaming is what you want, don't make the same mistake I did. The fans are most likely going to be the first thing to fail on any gaming laptop.

  44. Русский Й12

    Русский Й125 days ago

    Me checking my local stores to see a 2500 dollar price, thanks but not thanks linux

  45. Eric Holmquest

    Eric Holmquest6 days ago

    Already up to $850 now lmao

  46. Hippocrates

    Hippocrates6 days ago

    that's like 3 sponsors in 1 video nice

  47. Josiah Rivera

    Josiah Rivera6 days ago

    Still waiting for the $700 deal lmao. It just dropped to $850

  48. Josiah Rivera

    Josiah RiveraDay ago

    @Dylan Pape I think they just got Linus to promote it, and then thought they could cheap out. By changing the deal.

  49. Dylan Pape

    Dylan PapeDay ago

    Yea when is it gonna happen?

  50. Kazi

    Kazi6 days ago

    this is the perfect VR laptop, all the downsides of this laptop are literally non existant if you just use this for VR gaming lol and it's such a cheap laptop wtf

  51. ______________

    ______________6 days ago

    Can people stop buying it at $800 so that they lower the price already, it's called demand and supply. Didn't any of you take economics. 😭 (Lol)

  52. Mijan

    Mijan6 days ago

    please leave the side by side congruent thru the video if you can please. they kept switching sides. thanks love the vids

  53. Alvin McNiel

    Alvin McNiel6 days ago

    Is this laptop VR ready??

  54. triven

    triven6 days ago

    Just upgrade the ram and the ssd, and you should be good for vr gaming

  55. Carl DeMayo

    Carl DeMayo6 days ago

    Another really important info you left out for us consumers, is customer care service. It would be nice to know if Gateway's CCS is any good, because most of the time, a consumer wouldn't mind paying more for a said name product with similar specs to a cheaper alternative, once the CCS is better than the competition.

  56. Вася Пупкин

    Вася Пупкин6 days ago

    Writing January 9. Has deal expired, or will it get back?

  57. Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson6 days ago

    Today in news: Gateway is, like Yahoo, still a company.

  58. Beyson23

    Beyson236 days ago

    I wanna buy one but I saw the price was raised to $849, and I live in Hong Kong, it means I have to ask a packages forwarded company for help. (Walmart not support intentionally shipping) After adding these additional cost, it totally costs near $1000. I give up.

  59. The Blue Gamer

    The Blue Gamer6 days ago

    i dont like segways theyre cheesey

  60. Roger Bergqvist

    Roger Bergqvist7 days ago

    Gateway?? I thought they left Earth for Dagobah....

  61. Drones 101 / gaming

    Drones 101 / gaming7 days ago

    I had to pay 1019 pounds to get my gaming laptop two months ago. It was on discount tho by a lot. I have the dell g3 the new one. I have RTX 2060

  62. Mc Nugget

    Mc Nugget7 days ago

    Isn't gateway the company that made the 3ds flashcards?

  63. CornDoge

    CornDoge7 days ago

    ngl the Acer Nitro 5 I have with a GTX 1050 ti inside for 499$ is a steal

  64. Qimodis

    Qimodis7 days ago

    4:50 to some extent not 'simply'

  65. Qimodis

    Qimodis7 days ago

    1:50 more than a 'good time'

  66. dxvidyuh

    dxvidyuh7 days ago

    i wish it was on amazon

  67. 0r4ng3_

    0r4ng3_7 days ago

    glasswire sponsor number 850298560347625566784354576345456

  68. Moo BAR

    Moo BAR7 days ago

    so i just got this laptop in today, the battery seems to run out pretty fast, like two hours, and yes I uninstalled norton (first thing i did), any idea why the battery would run out so fast??

  69. Edmar100

    Edmar1006 days ago

    Click on the battery icon on the lower right corner and check whether your battery is set to either one of the following: 1. Best Battery Life = Longer Battery Life, Less Performance 2. Better Performance = Balance between performance and battery life 3. Best Performance = More Performance, Shorter Battery Life

  70. Lapis Loaf

    Lapis Loaf6 days ago

    The faster the computer, the more power it needs. It's physics. If you want battery life, get a Macbook.

  71. Chris Plays

    Chris Plays7 days ago


  72. Kristian Radin

    Kristian Radin7 days ago


  73. abdo gaming

    abdo gaming7 days ago

    This thing is useful for those who play at home and don t have space for a desktop just like me

  74. Jigme Lodey

    Jigme Lodey7 days ago

    Please give me mac pro

  75. Yigael Vidz

    Yigael Vidz7 days ago

    Wait? 700$ isnt cheap my guy

  76. Armando Jesus Martinez Martinez

    Armando Jesus Martinez Martinez7 days ago

    The Original Price is $1,000, but the discount sale price change from $800 to "Sale price $850" today.

  77. Brian Jones

    Brian Jones7 days ago


  78. IBmX2o11

    IBmX2o117 days ago

    Will it actually be back to 700? Cause its now at 849?

  79. Eladar

    Eladar7 days ago

    Only went down to $799. It just went back up by $50. Unfortunately it never dropped to that sweet price of $699. Hopefully someday.

  80. Chowdhury Adnan

    Chowdhury Adnan7 days ago

    It dropped to 700 before the vid released..They Removed the offer price after this dropped :'(

  81. Dunning Kruger

    Dunning Kruger7 days ago

    Walmart lied to Linus. The price just went up from $799 to $849. They do this when inventory declines. I don’t see it dropping to $699 in the next few days.

  82. Trenton Reese

    Trenton Reese5 days ago

    @IBmX2o11 same here homie

  83. IBmX2o11

    IBmX2o115 days ago

    I was legit about to buy it

  84. Trenton Reese

    Trenton Reese6 days ago

    they're cucks for that

  85. Max Albano

    Max Albano7 days ago

    Linus... I'm sry a desktop 2060 or rx5600xt get 230 fps in seige with a 2600

  86. untitledPear

    untitledPear7 days ago

    I have a gateway 2000 desktop pc Intel pentium 2

  87. Vlad Razym

    Vlad Razym8 days ago

    And now its 799$

  88. StunFloof The Protogen

    StunFloof The Protogen8 days ago

    Does it support VR?

  89. Edmar100

    Edmar1006 days ago


  90. Alex Rodriguez

    Alex Rodriguez8 days ago

    I just got mine today to play genshin impact and it defaults to high settings but lags like crazy thats with motion blurr off idk if its cuz it only has 8g but i get crazy lagg and the GPU is always at 100% sooooo idk

  91. blue Ice

    blue Ice8 days ago

    I can't even find any gateway brands, every time you mention a decent walmart product they sell out fast

  92. Seth Thompson

    Seth Thompson8 days ago

    Lol my laptop gets 5 minutes on battery and only has an i7-3630QM and a gtx 660. This is on idle btw, no browsers or apps or anything

  93. Sam Giroux

    Sam Giroux8 days ago

    I have an EVOO Gaming laptop that I purchased from Walmart last year for about $700. After 1 year, very legit and runs great. Battery is not great, but its a gaming not a big worry.

  94. Ali Deif

    Ali Deif8 days ago

    So how it compare to the macs? Hmmmmmm

  95. Emerollz

    Emerollz8 days ago

    I'm in Canada :(

  96. Sosen P

    Sosen P8 days ago

    it is 800 laptop, not 700 ... not worth that money

  97. Media Machine

    Media Machine8 days ago

    Americans: Get 600 bucks Linus:: 700 laptolp from walmart Walmart: Profit

  98. Gregory Smyth

    Gregory Smyth8 days ago

    Any idea when the 30 series laptops are coming?

  99. Gregory Smyth

    Gregory Smyth8 days ago

    This is a way better deal than a nitro 5. They keep getting recomended even though it only has a 1650 for 700 bucks

  100. Dunning Kruger

    Dunning Kruger7 days ago

    If the deal actually existed. The price has not been lowered to $699 since Linus published his video. It was lowered to $799 for a couple of days and was just raised to $849. Either it will hit $699 by surprise at some point, or Walmart pulled a bait and switch and used LTT to drum up traffic with false advertising. If the laptop sells out and never hits $699 again, we’ll know that’s exactly what Walmart did.

  101. Where’s Lando

    Where’s Lando8 days ago

    I just got it yesterday!!! Thank you guys !!

  102. ToothyFlame

    ToothyFlame8 days ago

    I wish gaming pc’s were cheaper

  103. Mr. Bubbles

    Mr. Bubbles8 days ago

    Linus: This is Good if you are on a smaller budget this only costs 10.000 dollars your right pinky finger three smurfs your family and your soul

  104. navid farajy

    navid farajy8 days ago

    Cant install HDD in first Laptop??

  105. e

    e8 days ago

    HP Pavilion: *Am I a joke to you*

  106. Harsh K

    Harsh K8 days ago

    In India, for 700 usd you get a ryzen 3500u or 10th gen i5 with only integrated gpu. A laptop with this config sells for around 1500 usd in India.

  107. The MAAK Official

    The MAAK Official8 days ago

    If I watch it before I would able to save $200 😢..

  108. JackQTV Games and Memes

    JackQTV Games and Memes8 days ago

    I found a 1000 gaming laptop and they were on discount to 590 it was a steal

  109. That man wylan

    That man wylan8 days ago

    is it Canadian or American ??

  110. Nathan Lopes

    Nathan Lopes8 days ago

    Despite all the criticism, I wish I could buy a laptop with a third of the minimum wage. In fact, I would need to pay 3 months just to cover the cost of the Omen. Considering I wouldn't need to pay taxes, wich increase the price of the laptop by about 60, 70%.

  111. Kyle Anderson

    Kyle Anderson9 days ago

    Got this for christmas for $650. At that price, it's a no brainer.

  112. Tommy Oliver 3D

    Tommy Oliver 3D9 days ago

    Pretty sure this is the same chassis as the EVOO 15 they released last year, just rebranded to Gateway.

  113. NSA Watchlist Bait

    NSA Watchlist Bait9 days ago

    "... she was full" - Linus 2021

  114. Clicky Keys

    Clicky Keys9 days ago


  115. Džastins Rečs

    Džastins Rečs9 days ago

    i never care about gaming laptop batter liife cuz u get the most out of i with charger in it


    PICHUMASTER1149 days ago

    I use a laptop that only lasts for 2 hours

  117. SegaDisneyUniverse

    SegaDisneyUniverse9 days ago

    All these laptop reviews and I'm still undecided on what I should get.

  118. Tfin

    Tfin8 days ago

    A desktop mid tower, of course. Or at least make sure you can get replacement key caps when you wear through the WASD keys.

  119. Paul Evans

    Paul Evans9 days ago

    "That is a big oeuf, right there. an egg? that is a big egg? what?