Someone is FINALLY taking AMD seriously! - HP Laptops Showcase

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AMD is finally getting some love in mainstream laptops thanks to HP's Professional line up. We check out 4 of HP's Ryzen based thin and light laptops, give them a spin, and see how awesome Ryzen is for professional-grade notebooks.
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  1. Linus Tech Tips

    Linus Tech Tips2 months ago

    Whoops sorry! The AMD 4750U is an 8 core 16 thread processor, not 12.

  2. Mark Valdez

    Mark ValdezMonth ago

    I will never buy a Walmart pc ever again, I paid 748$for my laptop when it was only 500$. :( when I could have had this for 800$

  3. Paradox Shift

    Paradox ShiftMonth ago

    I literally paused it in confusion for 3 seconds, scrolled down, and then saw this comment.

  4. Matthias Schuster

    Matthias SchusterMonth ago

    And my Elitebook 8570p has 0 screws exactly and I can reach the inside by just flipping a switch. You did not test that one?

  5. ruth marry

    ruth marryMonth ago

  6. Khang Lê

    Khang LêMonth ago

    I notice it the moment i heard it. Go straight for the comment and saw this lol

  7. Avaviel

    Avaviel4 hours ago

    I LOVE that LTT takes the back of laptop off.

  8. Zenith Plays

    Zenith PlaysDay ago

    So am i the only one who thought that in the thumbnail there was a ps4 pro

  9. Nocturnal Guy

    Nocturnal GuyDay ago

    I'm a big fan of HP laptops!

  10. Daniel G

    Daniel G2 days ago

    Wow, HP may have actually gotten a purchase out of me with this. Rule one of marketing: Sell a product people already want to buy

  11. Benji

    Benji3 days ago

    Review the xiaomi Redmibooks please.

  12. Everything Videos

    Everything Videos4 days ago

    I already purchased a new hp laptop the hp envy 15t-ep000 to be exact it has a gtx 1650ti and it's dual fan. I'm tired of windows so I probably won't be purchasing any new windows laptops soon. The next laptop I purchase will be the macbook pro.

  13. darren collings

    darren collings4 days ago

    Linus are you growing pot

  14. 311RJ

    311RJ5 days ago

    just pre-ordered a probook 635 aero g7, hope it will have a great quality and performance like the new MacBook air!

  15. Ciprian Ștefan

    Ciprian Ștefan5 days ago

    Hi Linus! I have a HP Elitebook 2560p and i can tell seriously, it's garbage with Intel Core i5

  16. Akmal Hakim Sabri

    Akmal Hakim Sabri6 days ago

    "Don't ever store laptops on top of each other" also linus: 13:26

  17. NotBen101

    NotBen1017 days ago

    Linus tech tips reviewing all the big 4 firm laptops

  18. ALTHDS

    ALTHDS8 days ago

    The fact that the ram isn't soldered is enough of a reason for me.

  19. Jacob W

    Jacob W9 days ago

    I would take HP's decision about serviceability a bit more seriously if they didn't rivet the damn keyboard to the frame. Ya know, the part of the laptop that is most exposed, takes the most abuse 😡

  20. Abdul Mojeb Cuaro

    Abdul Mojeb Cuaro11 days ago

    who is this beardy man?

  21. J. S.

    J. S.13 days ago

    Know they just need to sell them with Windows and Linux both installed.

  22. Redban loves asians

    Redban loves asians14 days ago Beware people, my Ryzen 5 3500U Lenovo laptop is not delivering the advertised clocks of 3.20 GHz, it never goes beyond 2.00 GHz, this both on Windows and Linux. Only buy these things if you really need and can't wait. Do anyone knows a way to unlock TDP or any workarounds for the Ryzen to be unlocked performance? Laptops can handle 90 C just fine but they are hard-coding 60 C degrees into the BIOS, this is just poor for performance. Hopefully these same issues will not also happen with HP laptops. I would rather buy a new HP Envy with 4500U Ryzen, but these did not arrive at my local market yet, and I couldn't wait one more year for a company to fix their stupid logistics problems. Time is money too.

  23. Wilhelm Roscher

    Wilhelm Roscher14 days ago

    I am genuinely happy, that i have gotten a work laptop like this.

  24. Pedro Mateus

    Pedro Mateus15 days ago

    Now they only need to do a 2 in 1 version like the flex 5 and I'll buy it... Finished watching the bloody video... THANK YOU HP!!! the x360 is a flex 5 with upgradable ram!!!!!!

  25. 0Braincells

    0Braincells15 days ago

    3550H ANYONE???????????????????????????????, HP PAVILLION ANYONE?????????????????????

  26. Free thinking person

    Free thinking person19 days ago

    Yea hp wont honer there warranties and they make dell customers service look amazing.

  27. Braxton Burtis

    Braxton Burtis20 days ago

    What happened to the Golden medium between thin-and-lights and THICC heavy gaming laptops? You know, the ones that are a little over half an inch thick with full sized ethernet jacks without feeling like chonky beasts from the early 2000s. the thin-and-light craze is driving me nuts, cool to look at in a show room and it has its place, but doesn't mean stop making designs just thick enough to have a ethernet jack , plus more room for cooling. ( more preformance without feeling super big. So the form factor of the 2011 macbook pro would be what I find perfect for me.

  28. ShadowXLink86

    ShadowXLink8622 days ago

    So long as HP continues to build their machines like this, I will continue to buy them. They are truly amazing imo.

  29. Chac Mool

    Chac Mool23 days ago

    How do these stack up against the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 with the Ryzen 7-4800U?

  30. danielsan

    danielsan23 days ago

    Incredible how the comments are pondered by HP money. Good job Linus.

  31. Charles

    Charles26 days ago

    How about a review of the Asus TUF FX505DV for budget consumers?

  32. RedDidIt L

    RedDidIt LMonth ago

    My Hp AMD laptop can play Minecraft at 120fps with optifine and a few mods

  33. Awesome Dee

    Awesome DeeMonth ago

    You said Ryzen 7 4750U. As a 8 core 12 thread. It is a 8 core 16thread.

  34. Just Zippy

    Just ZippyMonth ago

    Yeah I’m loving how laptops cause I just got their omen line of laptops and they use rysen there as well and the rysen 7 4800h is a really fast processor for the money

  35. Ronnie Ellis

    Ronnie EllisMonth ago

    Nothing gets Linus going like a full load of cores 😋😂🤣😉

  36. niv andrew

    niv andrewMonth ago

    Nice review from Linus! I had a 14 inch hp elitebook on Intel Skylake a couple of years ago and I should confirm it was a really nice compact, powerfull enough, quiet and well built machine. HP has been doing a great job on their business laptops recently. Now I'm thinking about buying another one 14 icnh hp laptop on Ryzen, I'm interested is it have a version of an elitebook from the video with wired ethernet, because I really need it.

  37. Sawyer Bass

    Sawyer BassMonth ago

    The Probook 455 G7 hasn't been available for a good month now. Yet, these new launches exist. Tells me HP wants to increase prices by selling a different* model for more money.

  38. Louis Ouellet

    Louis OuelletMonth ago

    Does the Elitebook 845's fingerprint reader support linux tho?

  39. Eric Albers

    Eric AlbersMonth ago

    wow vain much?

  40. 2011Kestrel

    2011KestrelMonth ago

    That Sureview display is great for privacy...not even the owner can see a damn thing.

  41. PauL TerL

    PauL TerLMonth ago

    Okay, still no replay to my question? Unsubscribed.

  42. Hardcore Bob

    Hardcore BobMonth ago

    .999 kilograms really dawg? That's like saying the laptop costs 120,000 cents

  43. Dingo Prod

    Dingo ProdMonth ago

    i m confused between short cicruit and LTT...

  44. Sam

    SamMonth ago

    Sponsored by HP *leaves*

  45. Jessie James

    Jessie JamesMonth ago

    Linus which new laptops have intel GPU and AMD/Nvidia GPU ?

  46. Zolfare

    ZolfareMonth ago

    Hahaha, I just saw this. Can't wait till we get these at work. We do a lease program, so we switch these things out every 3 years. I am currently using the G3, and I will be getting an upgrade sometime near the end of next year. People are getting the G6 units right now, and I am happy to say that I will be getting to use one of these bad boys.

  47. F. V.

    F. V.Month ago

    So I got a my hands on a Probook 435x460 with the R7 4750U and windows hello and a monitor with (allegedly) 400 knits . . . .dont know why HP didnt give Linus this model

  48. Antony Le

    Antony LeMonth ago

    I love the mat where do I get one!

  49. Mike Xxcheese1xx

    Mike Xxcheese1xxMonth ago

    We use these at my work. Older gen of this but essentially still the same. Very nice over what we used to use. Light weight compared to previous work laptops. Battery life is pretty solid. Side note, nobody uses that mouse nub in the middle of the keyboard, idk why they even put it on there.

  50. GamingNinjaSheep

    GamingNinjaSheepMonth ago

    Would be nice to mention the price as the first thing so we have an idea of the class.

  51. Daniel Wicklow

    Daniel WicklowMonth ago

    I really hate the "Elite"Book we get at work. Bad trackpad, bad TN panel that is barely usable and has a 16:9 ratio, and a keyboard with numpad. Not to mention Windows is still a pain...On top of that, since yesterday the battery has also stopped charging (after 2 years of use). I would much prefer companies would give developers MacBooks instead of the typical HP / Fujitsu etc. junk

  52. KarlKreationHD

    KarlKreationHDMonth ago

    Kinda sad bc i wanted to know about the HP Envy x360 (2020 edition). What does he think about it etc... I even watched the whole thing lol

  53. Chandra Shekhar Bhoga

    Chandra Shekhar BhogaMonth ago

    Hey mate, great videos with voluptuous knowledge! Thanks a million. After having issues with Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme (Intel Core i7-8850H CPU @ 2.60 GHz 2.59 GHz, 32GB RAM, 64bit Windows OS) for the last 1 year going back and forth with Lenovo and finally they accepting to take this laptop back and refund my monies, I'm planning to buy a DELL XPS 15" Laptop. 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i9-10885H Windows 10 Pro NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 Ti 4GB GDDR6 64GB DDR4-2933MHz, 2x32G 2TB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive Previous owned a DELL since 2010 before moving to Lenovo and not quite sure if DELL has come clean with the issues I found then were heating issues, fan throttles like mad so everyone looks at me in the Public Library (one of the reasons I had to stop going to my library). Can you please do a review with above spec DELL in comparison to similars in Lenovo for both X1 and P1? I'm now open to try AMD Processor if that's better! Shopping on coming Black Friday. I work in Business Intelligence dealing with quite a lot of data modelling and analysis using Power BI, Tableau, etc. I'd like to take advantage of a 'Laptop Lifestyle' being a Freelancer working in a Cafeteria with my powerful yet quiet laptop with great battery life. Thanks a million in advance.

  54. Dasherplayz

    DasherplayzMonth ago

    Me having a good time Linus at 13:27: Me:💀

  55. Buck Main

    Buck MainMonth ago

    I still got an intel version LMAO.

  56. gbessone

    gbessoneMonth ago

    Any 4k options?

  57. Eon Reeves

    Eon ReevesMonth ago

    no 10-key?? /sad face

  58. kja

    kjaMonth ago

    is this laptop stronger than his love to the xps 15 2020?

  59. Mahesh

    MaheshMonth ago

    Hey Linus, You didn't do your usual flex test. Not talked a bit about the big fat display borders!! Why not?

  60. Mingille

    MingilleMonth ago

    These products from manufacturers who pressed the labor because i work in that XXX company

  61. TopShotta

    TopShottaMonth ago

    Lmao these are the laptops my school has

  62. ITX God

    ITX GodMonth ago

    Linus didnt do the Probook any justice here. Its also available with an 8-core 4700u and a 400nit display. The fact that the RAM is not soldered on, like all the other 2in1s out there, its pretty insane value.

  63. Wompa Stompa

    Wompa StompaMonth ago

    Why is Linus holding a PS4 Pro in the thumbnail?

  64. Derek

    DerekMonth ago

    HP needs to simplify their lines. So much overlap and needless confusion.

  65. Han Solo

    Han Solo7 days ago

    @Alexander Pushkin wtf😂 no

  66. dizzywow

    dizzywow25 days ago

    @Alexander Pushkin Idiot.

  67. Alexander Pushkin

    Alexander Pushkin26 days ago

    These are not theirs. They just picked a bunch of models they know nothing about at a computer show in China.

  68. Catalin Radulea

    Catalin RaduleaMonth ago

    Haven't seen you in a few years (personal reasons), now I see you with a beard... Thumbs up!

  69. WhiteLiliom

    WhiteLiliomMonth ago

    I just dont understand why, if the majority of the population is right handed, put more ports on the right side than on the left, so that cables would interfere with the mouse? Especially charging and ethernet.... Otherwise all of them would be great laptops

  70. Corey McGuire

    Corey McGuireMonth ago

    WHHHHHHYYYYYYYY...Can't we get better screens? All I want is an APU with a 2k or 4k screen

  71. ben hzy

    ben hzyMonth ago

    Dont worry i dont have enough laptops to stack ontop on each other

  72. Marco

    MarcoMonth ago

    you can get the x360 with an u4700 and its a beast

  73. Bash A.

    Bash A.Month ago

    The Sure View screens are an embarrassment in 2020. They literally look like the crappy 10-year-old TN panels. HP should only activate privacy mode when the privacy button is clicked! Otherwise, leaving it active all the time and advertising the computer with privacy features is a joke. Whoever approved this decision should be fired! Even the top of the line HP spectre has a hideous screen if you opted for the Sure View model.

  74. Lello Jello

    Lello JelloMonth ago

    Nice to see they're still using the same cooling solution that's in my 2013 Envy m6 that overheated like crazy. Jesus christ HP get it together.

  75. SocialHouse gaming

    SocialHouse gamingMonth ago

    When you got this just for online school cause they were out of everything and now you have an amazing computer

  76. Tom Bu

    Tom BuMonth ago

    I think that HP provided barrel plug for backward compatibility, so that office workers can continue to use their old adapter with new laptops. I have the EliteBook 745 G6 (which is one generation before the reviewed one) and I power it exclusively via USB-C.

  77. Mathew Cardwell

    Mathew CardwellMonth ago

    Linus: five screws that are attached so you cant loose them Me: I think you underestimate your own abilities

  78. revravenli

    revravenliMonth ago

    ASUS took AMD seriously...

  79. Kammaflaje

    KammaflajeMonth ago

    No. 1 im typing on my hp omen laptop right now. No 2 Good computer when it was new. No 3 But add a year on it and all the trubbles start and all help gone. fuck hp dont buy them.

  80. REALSlutHunter

    REALSlutHunterMonth ago

    Awkward KB Layout for Total Commander = Deal Breaker

  81. danilko1

    danilko1Month ago

    I stack laptops all the time... 10, 15, 20 high.... Although I know what you mean.

  82. Charles Morris

    Charles MorrisMonth ago

    Hey HP, please swap sides on all the ports of the probook 445 g7. k thx


    KGTHREATMonth ago

    Consumer version of the 840 G5 and G6. Missing the loved docking station port but very nice!

  84. JimmyNeutron7

    JimmyNeutron7Month ago


  85. IraQNid

    IraQNidMonth ago

    It would've been nice to really do thorough reviews of each unit. Still it is nice to see AMD in laptops more often.

  86. The void king

    The void kingMonth ago

    why is his hands yellow ?

  87. Debojit Rabha

    Debojit RabhaMonth ago

    HP laptops = 10/10 HP aftersale service = -10/10

  88. Hassan Murtaza: TheAlpha313

    Hassan Murtaza: TheAlpha313Month ago

    Why are you not making a video on Hp envy 15 2020 with Core i9 and RTX?

  89. User Name

    User NameMonth ago

    What about the prices gosh darn it

  90. Freeman

    FreemanMonth ago

    Do the fingerprint readers have Linux drivers?

  91. Wes

    WesMonth ago

    A sponsored video that he would likely do for free. APU is the only thing I'd buy with an HP logo at this point. No way I would buy an Nvidia setup from HP their entry-level cooling has been literally nonexistent in the past.

  92. Geek Jawaid

    Geek JawaidMonth ago

    What is the connection between lockdown and growing beared. looks like everyone likes to take stupid same path

  93. Hughesy and Annalise

    Hughesy and AnnaliseMonth ago

    Have sleep issues on my Lenovo with AMD 4600u. Hope it's not AMD issues because Google it, seems to get a lot of complaints.

  94. பாலசுப்பிரமணியம் ர

    பாலசுப்பிரமணியம் ரMonth ago

    And there is a manufacturer who says you are not supposed to open it. You all know who that is.......

  95. mina lameey

    mina lameeyMonth ago

    Can anyone pleeeeeas recommend me a good dell or hp laptop for architecture programs , under 1300$ ...... HeLp ;((



    Haah, a pro laptop without `insert` key?

  97. nono_ct200

    nono_ct200Month ago

    In Total surely 30+ Devices in the entire lineup so what do I choose ? ;)

  98. Yehezkiel

    YehezkielMonth ago

    i love a device that can be upgradeable,and i hate my macbook. bye

  99. Christopher Beddoe

    Christopher BeddoeMonth ago

    I'm looking for a good AMD laptop. I'm historically not a fan of HP but... Who knows.. if the price is right.

  100. HunGerMovies

    HunGerMoviesMonth ago

    It was so hard for him to tell something nice about these laptops, but if they are as solid as my EliteBook 745 G3, then I am in. Sadly I did not see any SD card reader on the first one, which I have on my 745...

  101. Larseus

    LarseusMonth ago

    Just got an HP Omen, the newer model for this year. It's not AMD but an I7 but either way, I think for now on I am going with HP for pre build machines, very well designed machine and tweaked with software to work with the hardware. It's very zippy, and I love that thing!

  102. Илья Сагитов

    Илья СагитовMonth ago

    as Dave2D said: «Not one, not two... but two!»

  103. Matthias Rivers

    Matthias RiversMonth ago

    Linus could you make a review on a pc toolkit?

  104. Rahil Shah

    Rahil ShahMonth ago

    While showing USB-C hub multiport, I thought Linus will Maybe a cool addition to your store Linus?

  105. EsteBandido4444

    EsteBandido4444Month ago

    We are overdue of a "daily tech" / "everyday carry" from Linus and/or all the members of LMG at this point.

  106. Daniel Louw

    Daniel LouwMonth ago

    There is a "ding" sound in the bg music that sounds exactly like the Slack notification sound. For a while I was losing my mind there because my Slack was not showing anything

  107. dormstories

    dormstoriesMonth ago

    Have a pre-Ryzen HP company laptop since new, worst laptop experience ever. BSODs wihch took several BIOS and windows updates to fix, battery barely lasted 2h when new and swelled up at one point, and worst of all, performace is just a joke. This thing can't do 1080p video playback without skipping frames. Would not use one of these willingly even if HP would be giving them for free, the only reasons I see them being used in the business environment is becasue Intel's security issues and lower cost.

  108. Dizzy M

    Dizzy MMonth ago

    I need glasses i though that was a ps4 pro😂