The Herd Mentality PC

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Flying blind usually doesn't end well, but when you need a new a computer can you trust online reviews? Will buying just the best reviewed components only making sure they are compatible make a good computer?
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  1. Newegg Studios

    Newegg Studios29 days ago

    Good luck everyone! The giveaway is open to US and Canada excluding Rhode Island and Quebec (regional sweepstakes laws make global sweepstakes near impossible). We'll post the winner here, in the entry form, and on Newegg social. Enter here:

  2. ChronologicalLogic

    ChronologicalLogic17 days ago

    *Sad Quebec noises*

  3. CookiesForEveryone

    CookiesForEveryone28 days ago

    *cries in european*

  4. deccno

    deccno28 days ago

    Why is rhode island excluded? Quebec makes sense, since it‘s quebec and never conforms but rhode island?

  5. Andell Keith

    Andell Keith28 days ago

    Is it open to the Caribbean? specifically Trinidad and Tobago

  6. tonting ekupskipay

    tonting ekupskipay28 days ago

    Too Bad am From Philippines and a Fan :(

  7. Redwan Siddik

    Redwan SiddikHour ago

    Do people from distant countries like Bangladesh ever win these things? Would be nice to know who wins in the end. Although I'd understand if they were trying to protect people's identity, could they just tell us where the winner is from?

  8. Redwan Siddik

    Redwan SiddikHour ago

    Ohh! Hadn't read Newegg's comment. -_-

  9. Mimiaga

    Mimiaga2 hours ago


  10. Tabasser Ahmed

    Tabasser Ahmed3 hours ago

    In all honesty, what is actually the chance of someone from Bangladesh winning? Even if someone did, would he really be taken as a winner and the whole thing would legit be shipped to Bangladesh?

  11. • ChristianO5

    • ChristianO53 hours ago

    Good Luck guys!

  12. Alec Joy

    Alec Joy4 hours ago

    I've now had two Intel QVLC SSDs and I have to recommend you stay away from them. They;re popular because they're cheaper than the competition and still from a "name brand " but they hit an absolute performance wall if you're moving large files, installing windows, or if it's low on space. PCPer did a review of their first gen NVME drives (I think they're just called the 600p) and showed that in lots of common scenarios they have slower write speeds then mechanical drives, and I hit that problem fairly regularly when I had one. I have a 660p now, hoping they had resolved the issue, but they have not. Once you fill that SLC cache it's painful.

  13. Peter Cselik

    Peter Cselik5 hours ago

    Philips HUE is for lighting the room not the PC case. I rather prefer to be able to sleep next to it :D

  14. nervaproject

    nervaproject8 hours ago

    lol tells you not to use in bathtub in 20 different languages but doesn't tell you how to use the fan thing... hilarious!

  15. Asa Martinez

    Asa Martinez12 hours ago

    Can you do the exact opposite video and go with the worst ratings? See what horrible thing would come out of that.

  16. BlownAwayGamer

    BlownAwayGamer13 hours ago

    3:19 Linus turned into Kermit for a second there lol

  17. Slastick

    Slastick17 hours ago

    I’m probably late to ask but I wanna join the giveaway

  18. Nick Dickerson

    Nick Dickerson17 hours ago

    So cute

  19. ghost jesus

    ghost jesus20 hours ago

    these days we usually are more overwhelmed by how poor the selection is, everything in in a shortage right now

  20. Matt C

    Matt C20 hours ago

    That case looks like a printer

  21. Dennis melo carvalho

    Dennis melo carvalho21 hour ago

    WHY NOT WORLDWIDE, WHY GOD, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!??!?!!??!?!?!!? c'mon newegg and sir linus, help out the foreigner folks. we alredy don't have the luck to live in canada or us (brazil bdw, ...) ps: nice kermit the forg impression linus!!

  22. blaze warior17

    blaze warior1722 hours ago

    I already know this is going to be a mess of RGB. Because obviously having RGB on everything increases FPS by 1000% guess not, how fascinating

  23. magnum prime

    magnum prime23 hours ago

    Only in my dreams win 💻 😞

  24. Vidar Karlsen

    Vidar Karlsen23 hours ago

    I can take the MSI RTX 2070 Super Gaming X GPU if its going to be a throw away 😉

  25. Ark Venom

    Ark VenomDay ago

    had me at the very cheap 324$ cpu

  26. KingIrvin

    KingIrvinDay ago

    "GPU $549.99" Looks it up* - Resells for $799.99

  27. ThaDuDeMaN

    ThaDuDeMaNDay ago

    love the video almost as much as the beard

  28. Allan Howey

    Allan HoweyDay ago

    and then there's me with an average laptop running doom at 720p lower settings that the game is meant to run at, with 30fps

  29. Rafid Ahamed

    Rafid AhamedDay ago

    I ended up making desktop 9400f with1070ti and 1.5tb ssd under $600 after the great depression.

  30. Philip Gundlach

    Philip GundlachDay ago

    Low-key hoping to parent on the same level as linus someday lol

  31. Zlinder DG

    Zlinder DGDay ago

    Not gonna lie Newegg is better then Amazon

  32. Transdigitales Metawesen höherer Existenz

    Transdigitales Metawesen höherer ExistenzDay ago

    So you build a pc based on fake ratings? Ok, I´m interested. :D

  33. SilverExploits 649

    SilverExploits 649Day ago

    i literally have the same gpu cpu combo

  34. TKboomerfun William J

    TKboomerfun William JDay ago

    It doesn't necessarily mean that strategy means it's the latest and the greatest anymore ;-) well but it is one strategy

  35. Sandy BoleYT

    Sandy BoleYTDay ago

    This was a useful insight

  36. K8KZH Radio Tips And Reviews

    K8KZH Radio Tips And ReviewsDay ago

    3:20 why does it sound like Kermit the frog

  37. Marcus

    MarcusDay ago

    It says hurts when I see one of these giveaways and then the details mention that it's NA only

  38. Matias Gonçalves

    Matias GonçalvesDay ago

    The problem is that you know that you are not going to win.

  39. Grantholomeu

    GrantholomeuDay ago

    So how much was the pc in the end?

  40. AliReza Sadeghi

    AliReza SadeghiDay ago

    Such a Dad!

  41. Andrew kim

    Andrew kimDay ago

    "bang for the buck" on the 400 dollar motherboard with an I/O display

  42. William Huang

    William HuangDay ago

    Technically Newegg's PC builder only shows compatible products. It won't show any Intel boards when you select an AMD processor, and vice versa.

  43. AndersonJackies RandallFernando

    AndersonJackies RandallFernandoDay ago

    Linus: "We're running some Doom Eternal" Subtitles: "We're running some dual maternal"

  44. Joseph Medeiros

    Joseph MedeirosDay ago

    Linus turned into kermet

  45. bangyahead1

    bangyahead1Day ago

    My Gigabyte M.2 shits all over that Intel drive. I wouldnt touch an Intel drive.

  46. Alfie Elliott

    Alfie ElliottDay ago

    newegg is like £300 more overpriced than amazon

  47. Max Vibes

    Max VibesDay ago

    Linus' daughter is so adorable "can i hewp ?"

  48. Joey Nator

    Joey NatorDay ago

    Aw, your daughter is so sweet and polite! :) Good job, sir.

  49. Crindy Brimbus

    Crindy Brimbus2 days ago

    Holy cow what I wouldn't give for either of those. I honestly love the herd rig lol

  50. Kaden Bethke

    Kaden Bethke2 days ago

    Just bought this it’s great I get 2000 FPS in Minecraft

  51. Ibarra

    Ibarra2 days ago

    I wish i could participate in the giveaway..... I'm running on an laptop to teach during this pandemic and it's being hard... Still this pc here in Brazil is worth more than my car

  52. Skormm

    Skormm2 days ago

    Linus' daughter actually knows that you turn screws to the right (in most cases) to tighten them... she's smarter than half the people I work with.

  53. Piero Lam

    Piero Lam2 days ago

    Man, if you had just waited one month most of these pieces would of been considerably cheaper especially for the ssd

  54. Jack and Canon

    Jack and Canon2 days ago

    3:19 - Kermit has entered the chat

  55. mark whisler

    mark whisler2 days ago

    dude, the giveaway page is too dynamic, it doesn't hold on the list of ways to make more entries long enough to do anything, and pops around too much

  56. Steven Laurin

    Steven Laurin2 days ago

    this case has a removable motherboard tray

  57. GigioDC

    GigioDC2 days ago

    Now I'm sad because I live in Brazil and I can't participate

  58. Sky Aguilera

    Sky Aguilera2 days ago

    Kermit the frog?.-.

  59. Boy Rubberducky

    Boy Rubberducky2 days ago

    can do it with amazon?

  60. Christy O'Faghan

    Christy O'Faghan2 days ago

    i really like that case

  61. Astravak Gita Gyan Prachar

    Astravak Gita Gyan Prachar2 days ago

    Subbed - only because your daughter is mixed.

  62. Kavinisanth A V

    Kavinisanth A V2 days ago

    I love to buy value for money product than buying funky crazy looking products

  63. Rhino

    Rhino2 days ago

    This is definitely the herd mentality pc

  64. w/Game:w/Life

    w/Game:w/Life2 days ago

    I want a best pc experience under $3000 (like: what monitor that give's best optimal performance to GPU power and soundcard that gives immersive sound experience with best headset or speaker). I want something that is well balanced and gets 100% performance Monitor-GPU & CPU, Soundcard-Headset or Speaker (either 7.1 or Dolby atmos or something) without unnecessary features that is for shows and I don't use (RGB for example).

  65. TheQuark6789

    TheQuark67892 days ago

    I'm guessing that RGB components are rated a bit lower because of potential software issues, so that's why this had little RGB.

  66. fusion 45

    fusion 452 days ago

    I like how the 1T ssd is so much smaller then a 1T ssd “portable” hard drive

  67. Kevin Holtkamp

    Kevin Holtkamp2 days ago

    "Guys that focus almost exclusively on SSDs like Samsung"

  68. Zack Smith

    Zack Smith2 days ago

    This would be insane to win, I had to reevaluate trying to build a new PC for now since I have to travel and take care of my disabled dad. But I can't enter the giveaway because the newegg website keeps giving me an error message when I try to login/recover my account. lmao

  69. Andy Chamberlain Music

    Andy Chamberlain Music2 days ago

    even after taking computer architecture, it absolutely boggles my mind that people can fit over 8,000,000,000,000 individual pieces of data on a drive that has such a stupidly tiny volume. What the fuck! amazing

  70. Irish Ninja

    Irish Ninja2 days ago

    I like that Newegg is giving away 30 series cards. But can't keep any in stock. F.

  71. vctjkhme

    vctjkhme3 days ago

    lol this is pretty much the computer i built about 3 months ago.

  72. charles dilmore

    charles dilmore3 days ago

    i have a better chance of getting hit a third and/or fourth time by lightning over winning a new puter.. lmao... oh well.. i like lightning..

  73. Mr. Tech Vlogger

    Mr. Tech Vlogger3 days ago

    “This is not my cleanest cable management!”; Still waiting to see the cleanest cable management.

  74. Oskari Zuccaro

    Oskari Zuccaro3 days ago

    How much do all the parts cost together?

  75. ozayevable

    ozayevable3 days ago

    Chinese child labor )))))))))))

  76. Lumi Monster

    Lumi Monster3 days ago

    I dont have computer i wish for one🥺

  77. Lumi Monster

    Lumi Monster3 days ago

    Can i have it please

  78. themaxeymanful

    themaxeymanful3 days ago

    Come on Linus that isn’t optimal. You needed to look at the sum of star ratings of all possibly contending configurations!

  79. John Alexander

    John Alexander3 days ago

    I love the space that the cooler master has. Kudos to Newegg on being like nah we gonna put a better card in there

  80. Dylan R

    Dylan R3 days ago

    Your freezer is cracked

  81. The Inspector

    The Inspector3 days ago

    1:25 Kermit the frog ?

  82. Johnson Doberman Palace

    Johnson Doberman Palace4 days ago

  83. GeTrEkTtKeRtEg

    GeTrEkTtKeRtEg4 days ago

    me watching this on my pc running on a amd a10 2 core processor hahahaha

  84. aleksander Okonek

    aleksander Okonek4 days ago

    “This game’s violent, darling. You can’t watch.” Well he might not be good at not dropping things but at least he’s a good parent

  85. Possom Works

    Possom Works2 days ago

    Good job you know how to copy comments.

  86. Mayank Jariya

    Mayank Jariya4 days ago

    regional sweepstakes laws make global sweepstakes near impossible-ltt I just checked the overview of the Quebec laws. other than changing the whole giveaway part, I feel those laws are fairly protective of the people.that is a good thing.Most companies might hate that.

  87. Umbar power

    Umbar power4 days ago

    RGB is definitely a non-factor for the normal DIY builders... it is basically being promoted by the manufacturers and some idiot youtubers for their share. I've built like dozens of system as professional system builders and as a hobbyist, only 10-15% were RGBed as per the customer request.

  88. Nikhil Kumar Dalai

    Nikhil Kumar Dalai4 days ago


  89. Judd Hubbert

    Judd Hubbert4 days ago

    Let’s go send it my way

  90. St1nkySausage

    St1nkySausage4 days ago

    lmao 2.1 million entries on the giveaway

  91. talmadge Carr

    talmadge Carr4 days ago

    Hi well I thought I reply I always watch and I guess my odds are better here than getting a ps5 lol and my 1080 is strong be can use a upgrade happy holidays guys

  92. J M

    J M5 days ago

    I've never seen Linus look off camera to read so much

  93. Bozobub

    Bozobub5 days ago

    Wow, what a cute and well-behaved kid =) .

  94. Benjie/ LordUnsinkbar

    Benjie/ LordUnsinkbar5 days ago

    you cannot participate in the giveaway if your living in europe? or did i overlook something in the terms and conditions?

  95. Ryan Lucas

    Ryan Lucas5 days ago

    If this PC reflects herd mentality...Mooo!

  96. Linus Bodén

    Linus Bodén5 days ago

    11 Entries from Sweden! Huge fan, Love your channel! I estimated my chances are as of now are only about 0.0000052%, and the odds are not really increasing.. BUT this is the first giveaway i have ever made in time to enter so lets hope for the best x)

  97. Sandra Holm

    Sandra Holm5 days ago

    US and Canada only T.T

  98. Voxooley

    Voxooley5 days ago

    4:52 bruh i'm dead 😂😂

  99. Frvis Toaster

    Frvis Toaster5 days ago

    15:35 good

  100. enigmaPL

    enigmaPL5 days ago

    I ordered a Noctua DH-15 cooler, listed as compatible for Intel LGA1151 socket, and it only came with AMD mounting hardware in the box, from NewEgg. Using 2 different bracket sets, and one of them mounted up-side-down, I managed to just about line up the holes with the LGA1151 socket holes, and made it work. Long story short; BEWARE online hardware purchases. Returns and RMA are the biggest pain in the ass, so much so, it's often not worth going through.

  101. Tóth Márkó

    Tóth Márkó5 days ago

    why is the motherboard asexual? ( i am just joking)

  102. Theo Strauss

    Theo Strauss5 days ago

    did linus just say that samsung only makes ssds?

  103. Conner Cunningham

    Conner Cunningham5 days ago

    okay so, hold on. I have the video paused. I'm about 1 minute in. IS THAT A PRINTER CASE lmfao

  104. War Fear 1971

    War Fear 19715 days ago

    i am 14 and from south asia and i can join the giveaway and my PC sucks it's 10 yrs old model

  105. James Taylor

    James Taylor5 days ago

    It's how I build most of my PC's

  106. Bissmi

    Bissmi5 days ago


  107. Ben Shaer

    Ben Shaer5 days ago

    Good luck everyone! The giveaway is open to US and Canada excluding Rhode Island and Quebec (regional sweepstakes laws make global sweepstakes near impossible). We'll post the winner here, in the entry form, and on Newegg social. Enter here: