I've wanted this for years..

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Linus' bathroom is pretty much the only room in his house that doesn't have a gaming PC in it...until now. After this long-awaited upgrade, Linus will be able to watch Netflix and play games from the comfort of his bathtub- at 4K thanks to a new RTX 3080!
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  1. Ryan Hunt Reacts

    Ryan Hunt Reacts9 hours ago

    11:24 I’m disappointed that Linus is wearing shorts in the bath.

  2. heavyweight

    heavyweightDay ago

    Imagine having to film your boss sitting in his bathtub fully naked playling games on a wall mounted 49" screen...

  3. Jonathan Sayer

    Jonathan SayerDay ago

    in the UK, this is so illegal that both of you would go to jail and stupid enough to send you to an early grave.

  4. Pole Tooke

    Pole TookeDay ago

    So can TUF like.. Water resistant?

  5. The Boyz Reaction

    The Boyz ReactionDay ago

    casually pulls out attic ladder in the bathtub

  6. William Rodriguez

    William Rodriguez3 days ago

    Y'all have this connected to a GFCI outlet, right?

  7. Tyler

    Tyler3 days ago

    Linus, why do you have access to your attic in almost every area of your house? The bathroom is an odd one..

  8. Torian Cromar

    Torian Cromar3 days ago

    Good way to become a raisin

  9. NHC2000

    NHC20003 days ago

    Brian looks like a wrestler that breaks people in half in the ring and have a side job as an electrician.

  10. KindredGh0st

    KindredGh0st3 days ago

    Is it a Canadian thing to have attic access above the bathtub?

  11. vampsk84

    vampsk843 days ago

    the fact you got a licensed electrician to install a plug above your tub is amazing

  12. xoxo

    xoxo4 days ago


  13. Brandyn Johnson

    Brandyn Johnson4 days ago

    So much cringe

  14. MrKitlik

    MrKitlik5 days ago

    7:22 James is freaked out by the Linus' ass. Thank me later.

  15. Just Another Indian Nerd

    Just Another Indian Nerd5 days ago

    ITS CONFIRMED Linus Is Truly A Gay-Mer

  16. rim685cen ;nir'suc

    rim685cen ;nir'suc5 days ago

    Linus: "Reasonable Build" Also Linus: puts a RTX 3080 "I'll be watching movies on this build"

  17. Quicksnip

    Quicksnip6 days ago

    Im taking a bath while doing this comment writing

  18. Pius Penguin

    Pius Penguin6 days ago

    Let's be real, linus dropped the TV and speaker and maybe the PC somehow

  19. Qmance

    Qmance6 days ago

    Who the fuck sponsors that? Like who in their right mind would think 🤔 💭 “oh yeah let’s sponsor a lesbian dude with a ladder to the attic in his bathtub so that he can build a bath time gaming setup, then a lot of people will see that and they’ll want to do the same”

  20. Infinitefes

    Infinitefes7 days ago

    Your advertisement is dead to me, I already bought that.

  21. ScharkBait11

    ScharkBait118 days ago

    Famous quote by Linus "now the one thing that is over the top"........ uhhh so the entire rig ?!?! ha

  22. dveisalive

    dveisalive9 days ago

    Anyone else thought about the TV falling in the water? 😱👀😵🤕

  23. Ted Preuninger

    Ted Preuninger9 days ago

    That looks to risky. Water and electric don't mix.

  24. Enzo Brown

    Enzo Brown10 days ago

    Linus sex tips

  25. George Hornsby

    George Hornsby11 days ago

    Can't tell if the bathtub is huge or Linus is tiny...

  26. Filippo

    Filippo11 days ago

    1:12 i swear that's charlie's voice

  27. 私Bopz

    私Bopz12 days ago

    next "project" that linus is doing LEAKED: living in a pc sponsored by thermaltake

  28. pumpkinheadbmx

    pumpkinheadbmx12 days ago

    this seems both like a great idea, and a terrible idea at the same time

  29. HEA

    HEA12 days ago

    “Now let’s enjoy what realistically I’m gonna spend my time doing” Linus: Watching tv and shows Me: yeah okay sure

  30. stereosympathy

    stereosympathy12 days ago

    D*nm it dude, you built my dream!

  31. Chanaka Hettige

    Chanaka Hettige12 days ago

    "CPU is i5 cause we need to keep things reasonable!" "WE HAVE 5100 MHz MEMORY!!!!"

  32. Shekhar W

    Shekhar W13 days ago

    How to commit suicide (PCMR edition)

  33. hetspook666

    hetspook66613 days ago

    Oh cool, I never new there were ip44 rated tv's

  34. ethan doyle

    ethan doyle13 days ago

    I get in trouble for bringing my phone into the bathroom then Linus brings a pc in with him

  35. llamaschramma

    llamaschramma14 days ago

    My question is, why is the ladder to the attic over the tub

  36. Ultramoistboi

    Ultramoistboi14 days ago

    Electro boom viewers be like

  37. MaliceMike

    MaliceMike14 days ago

    Linus's nipples look exactly how I imagined... I mean what

  38. Tezcan Ergene

    Tezcan Ergene14 days ago

    Ok Linus, you FINALLY one upped me on your home setup. Very nice.

  39. Beau Tate

    Beau Tate15 days ago

    (4:00) - "The ONE thing that is pretty over-the-top....." Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  40. Soup y

    Soup y15 days ago

    I’m out here gaming with my Dell Vostro, but my mans got a gaming pc in his bathroom

  41. Joshua D

    Joshua D16 days ago

    In high school, during WOTLK my parents wouldn’t let me play wow for more than a couple hours a couple days a week... Anyway, at the time we were progressing though ICC and my parents would not let me raid with my guild as needed. For about a month at least twice q week I would raid for 2 hours+ from the bathtub so my parents would leave me alone. My first lich king/sindragosa kill came from my bathtub lol...just laid out a cutting board across my tub and used a laptop to raid.

  42. Tim T

    Tim T16 days ago

    I love gaming as much as anyone watching LTT, but I am absolutely certain that I will never want to play video games in my bathtub. The TV and light set-up is great and could actually be used, but gaming is just retarded.

  43. YCW Jasper

    YCW Jasper17 days ago

    Imagine a 10,000 series

  44. Ayush Saxena

    Ayush Saxena17 days ago

    Now that's a dream gaming setup

  45. Green Free Energy

    Green Free Energy18 days ago

    Coooollllll :)))))))))))))

  46. Bruh Meme

    Bruh Meme18 days ago

    Brian the electrician

  47. SlateFeather

    SlateFeather19 days ago

    Mildly disappointed that the bath water dosent go up to watercool the pc

  48. Andrew Hawes

    Andrew Hawes19 days ago

    I built a computer in the toaster I keep on the bath.

  49. ebels3

    ebels320 days ago

    Anybody else questioning their sexuality after that intro?

  50. Haden Dog

    Haden Dog20 days ago

    Why does he have a ladder to his bathroom

  51. Carl the electrician

    Carl the electrician20 days ago

    You want to hang out with Brian the electrician

  52. Khydo Vadamee

    Khydo Vadamee20 days ago

    Bro he building his own death trap


    NiGHTMARENiCk20 days ago

    Where you get to a point in your life where you need a *multiple thousand dollar game setup for your bathtub *First World Problems*

  54. Lucas hehe

    Lucas hehe21 day ago

    Lmao the bath carpet is a rgb mouse pad lol

  55. Tate Mink

    Tate Mink21 day ago

    Is it just me or dose Linus have like 50 entrances to his attic

  56. John Harry Duavis

    John Harry Duavis21 day ago

    Can u have your old pc?

  57. D Wade

    D Wade21 day ago

    Linus: "Reasonable Build" Also Linus: puts a RTX 3080 "I'll be watching movies on this build"

  58. AFAndersen

    AFAndersen21 day ago

    Attic ladder in a bathroom? Now I _have_ seen everything!

  59. jose baez

    jose baez21 day ago

    Linus’ kids: go to friend’s house for sleepover “You bathroom is only for pooping? Lmao noob”

  60. RaiderOfTheLostT

    RaiderOfTheLostT22 days ago

    HELP ? He talks about having his PC in another room so it doesn't heat up the room he games in, is there a video on that?

  61. Ryan D

    Ryan D22 days ago

    This was honestly the first commercial in a video that I didn't fast forward through! I really appreciate it when the advertisement has something to do with the video I'm watching. Thanks Linus, first commercial I've actually rewound in a long time (perhaps even my life).


    NAIRIT BANSAL22 days ago

    this channel everyday reminds me how broke i am (core i3 2nd gen vs corei5 10600k)🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  63. Prominent

    Prominent22 days ago

    Linus... listen... it's not like people don't do this because they didn't think of it... We just can't afford it

  64. Stinky Kid

    Stinky Kid22 days ago

    next video making my entire house a gaming rig with 5 rtx 100900tis we got from the nvidia from the future

  65. BigEnderTroll Zockt

    BigEnderTroll Zockt23 days ago


  66. Elyas Rahimi

    Elyas Rahimi23 days ago

    Me: *sees Linus preparing to take a shower* Also me: that is not what i agreed to watch

  67. Russian Gamer

    Russian Gamer24 days ago

    This man has a better gaming setup in his bathtub than I do in my room

  68. Superdoodledoom

    Superdoodledoom24 days ago

    Everybody gangsta til the wooden stand breaks

  69. magic turtle

    magic turtle24 days ago

    Are we just going to ignore that he turns on the cold water faucet at the beginning?

  70. Jonathan

    Jonathan24 days ago

    Reshoot this with total full frontal nudity at the end or we’re all going to unsubscribe. Bonus points for making the other employees scrub your back and ball sac.

  71. Michael Rodsky

    Michael Rodsky25 days ago

    we didnt get the full brian the electrican song?!?!

  72. Dacactusmen

    Dacactusmen25 days ago

    We actually have one of these because the last person that lived in our house is weird

  73. Flameways 777

    Flameways 77725 days ago


  74. Fidget4104

    Fidget410425 days ago

    Ever heard of phones before? =)

  75. Hypythor

    Hypythor26 days ago

    Run the tub water into a water cooling loop so your pc is being cooled by your bath water....

  76. luci 69

    luci 6926 days ago

    why...do you need this just tell me why?

  77. Chancey Ivener

    Chancey Ivener26 days ago

    Think of the mold that would grow in the devices.... ughh

  78. smorange7

    smorange726 days ago

    “And this video is sponsored by SetupVPN.....aaaaaand Pornhub!”

  79. Sergeant Retard

    Sergeant Retard26 days ago

    Why does the electrician look like Elon Musk?

  80. TheDwarvenDefender

    TheDwarvenDefender27 days ago

    Ah, yes. A Yogscast reference. My childhood.

  81. Adr!X

    Adr!X27 days ago

    4666mhz: thats like pesant speed. Me at home 2666mhz holy shit thats fast:)

  82. adios

    adios27 days ago

    Twitch time

  83. Cryogen

    Cryogen27 days ago

    Little did linus know, everybody in LTT teamed up with ROG Asus to finally finish off linus

  84. Kenzale Thomas

    Kenzale Thomas28 days ago

    Bro. Love your videos but be careful with this one. 😅

  85. N J

    N J28 days ago

    Linus gets me really really hard

  86. chris zarganis

    chris zarganis28 days ago

    linus on this i give you the props .. well done geek master finally you return to form

  87. N4meless ?

    N4meless ?28 days ago

    ,.,., 2M-1mth,10K Well, the human brain Peaked.

  88. Braddock236

    Braddock23629 days ago

    This video makes me proud to have an asus tuf mobo 😂

  89. Luke Charles

    Luke Charles29 days ago

    Now that’s tuff

  90. justasingledoor

    justasingledoor29 days ago

    My man Linus is so rich he can’t afford spray foam insulation but the old people in the house next to me could

  91. Will

    Will29 days ago

    My attic can get over 130 degrees (F)

  92. Ryu Miko

    Ryu Miko29 days ago

    His bathroom setup is a lot better than the pc i use in my freelance work :(

  93. Otus

    Otus29 days ago

    "Can we see the RAM...?" lmao

  94. Icrus Spear

    Icrus Spear29 days ago

    Its all fun and games until u dropped your controller in the water

  95. Mahir Khan

    Mahir Khan29 days ago

    your setup sucks it has no rgb idc if its hidden away THERES NO FRICKIN RGB!

  96. 3ventic

    3venticMonth ago

    Curious if the TV has survived the bathroom humidity

  97. super cat1226

    super cat1226Month ago

    i have an 2015 asus tuf mother board OLD

  98. ethan harper

    ethan harperMonth ago

    I have never seen an attic latter drop down into a bathtub

  99. Gabriel Renderos

    Gabriel RenderosMonth ago

    4:39 me every time tech reviewers open a new device and throw it away to show you papers, cables and charging brick for like 5 minues....

  100. Diego Vasconcellos

    Diego VasconcellosMonth ago

    how can we reach brian the electricist?