Remember when AMD was on top??

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Do you remember way, way back, when AMD and Intel were trading punches in the CPU battle? We thought it would be neat to go back, waaay back, and build the sort of machine I would have built back in the day - so we did!
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  1. Shadow

    Shadow2 months ago

    One of the reasons why I watch this channel is all the tech jargon that I learn like "Thumb pressy thingamajiggy"

  2. Feng Yu

    Feng YuMonth ago

    @Linus Tech Tips If I tell you that you can get all these used components in China for less than 200 bucks. You may not need so many sponsors for this video.

  3. MrJohnny05

    MrJohnny05Month ago

    @Linus Tech Tips cringe

  4. 8D Soundtrack

    8D SoundtrackMonth ago

    The Last of Us Part 2 Soundtrack (Full Album)(8D Audio🎧) :

  5. Sceptux_YT YT

    Sceptux_YT YTMonth ago

    @Linus Tech Tips the note 20 5g and the 20 ultra 5g records at 8k and 4k

  6. stvkgvet

    stvkgvetMonth ago


  7. Long John

    Long John19 hours ago

    I like the Beatles hairstyles Pls make ur hair black u will look better

  8. pxa4535 pxa4a

    pxa4535 pxa4aDay ago

    I have a CIT gold think it says pentium 4 on it lol but is 600w and has lasted me since 2012 has one too many Molex connectors on it though, but like once every 2 years it makes a grinding noise and just needs a little oil and is good for another 24 months, it is so good i am going to buy another one when it finally breaks, only has a 6pin gpu connector though but im sure you can get adaptors same for switching molex to satas, i know loads of people that spent top money on PSU,s and after a year there is a fireball coming out of their PC.

  9. Sean Maloney

    Sean MaloneyDay ago

    who else is here watching this after the ryzen 5000 launch like, of course I remember when AMD was on top, it was a few days ago lol

  10. Tanji

    TanjiDay ago

    I still is...

  11. Çınar İnceoğlu

    Çınar İnceoğluDay ago

    amd is on the top again with radeon 6000XT and Ryzen 5000 Series

  12. anoopadv

    anoopadv2 days ago

    AMD never had any chipsets at the time. The chipsets were either nvidia, VIA and ATI , I think, Also was there something called ALI. if I am getting it right was Acer Labs . (Yeah their aladin used to be a legend during socket 7 and K6-2,3 whatever.) I do have a couple of AMD k6 and a few athlons cpus from those times, one was even a so-called black edition. I think it was over-clockable or something. The issue was and is that AMD motherboards and processor and even those Radeons were not very RELIABLE. And once they fail there was no one to honour warranty in India. Intel on the other hand had two things going for them, They marketed stuff well, they did not burn out, Also when they do the warranty guys kick in fast, dealers are all over, Also for the most of market, mean those who don't throw away the pc in an year or two running after frame rate etc, Intel offered and still offer a reliable system, Secondly Linux support was no no on AMD at the time. Trowalds called ATI the worst offender in those times, Even though the title now goes to Nvidia, To make the story short once Redhat 7.1 came and openoffice came in, I just gave up completely on AMD and went Intel way, as for me nothing has changed till now, Even now we can see ryzens freezing the kernel . Hardware standardization has a big part in success, I also remember some Cd-DVD drives bricking when using the pure ATAPI driver on , what was it Mandrake linux?. Later found the drives dont follow standards and they stopped working when ATAPI driver loaded or something like that. Intel was for most of the time linux compatible, At least from kernel 2.4 and later we did have some hardware acceleration for desktops, now all those works out of the box.

  13. Kenneth Villanueva

    Kenneth Villanueva3 days ago

    Wait.. magic isnt real?

  14. Ivan Do

    Ivan Do3 days ago

    This video aged well

  15. Dno Od Spodu

    Dno Od Spodu3 days ago

    A man with passion

  16. Fιnєssєđ-ツ

    Fιnєssєđ-ツ3 days ago

    Linus was to basic in the young days

  17. Amr Hatem

    Amr Hatem3 days ago

    Man one of those GPUs is more powerful than my gt 730

  18. DAVIDthe KING

    DAVIDthe KING4 days ago

    I was born in 2005 lol

  19. Shard FloofFox

    Shard FloofFox4 days ago

    Ahhh 2005, a little show called doctor who was rebooted, and it was awesome.

  20. Mackhenzie Rhod Yuson

    Mackhenzie Rhod Yuson5 days ago

    Yep I remember. It was just a few weeks ago 🙂

  21. Mr Pi

    Mr Pi5 days ago

    I have an old desktop tower and on checking out the cpu online, I found that it was a "notebook" cpu. Nice to know that I had the lowest of the low back in the day...

  22. S M

    S M5 days ago

    Before you throw out the DOA boards try putting them in the oven at 450 for about 20 minutes it will refill the solder and hopefully any connections issues will be fixed

  23. Gamer _YT

    Gamer _YT5 days ago

    0:27 wrong spelling =fail in test

  24. Max Wood

    Max Wood5 days ago

    Lol, that pc is the same age as me

  25. Anthony Lipke

    Anthony Lipke6 days ago

    I miss the era when many gaming cards had graphics printed on them. Now I feel old.

  26. entitydotexe

    entitydotexe6 days ago

    Well jokes on you, AMD IS BACK ON TOP

  27. Droid3455

    Droid34556 days ago

    In 2030 I can see videos about the 3090 getting 10fps in modern games

  28. chris field

    chris field6 days ago

    yes i remember today

  29. Henry Stickmin

    Henry Stickmin8 days ago

    Tiem MachinE

  30. Cerberus Goreboy

    Cerberus Goreboy8 days ago

    After my Pentium III with Voodoo 3000 died in 2006 I've been an AMD guy. The year after the computer I built was in an Antec case as well, an AMD Athlon II with Nvidia 8500~ 8GB ram, and Foxconn MOBO. I got everything for around 150$ after haggling on Boxing Day.

  31. Matt Hicks

    Matt Hicks8 days ago

    What is this

  32. Cheese Capo

    Cheese Capo8 days ago

    but can it run doom?

  33. ElectroBrocoli Felix

    ElectroBrocoli Felix9 days ago

    my case still the same old atx casing that have double back exhaust

  34. yoge 67855

    yoge 678559 days ago


  35. n0obhAcker00

    n0obhAcker008 days ago

    But not in fx era 2011-2016

  36. JacoGames

    JacoGames8 days ago

    m8 calm down and intel was the leader until 2018

  37. yoge 67855

    yoge 678559 days ago


  38. scott mason

    scott mason9 days ago

    Can it run Crysis

  39. Em3s0Z

    Em3s0Z9 days ago

    My cousin has a 480 lol

  40. Em3s0Z

    Em3s0Z9 days ago

    I have an intel cpu that is pga You know how old it is

  41. Hamster _4k

    Hamster _4k10 days ago

    In Germania id would cost 50€ for everything

  42. terminaljunk

    terminaljunk10 days ago

    Old enough to remember when you could run Intel, AMD and Cryrix on the same motherboard... Was over the moon to be able to replace my 286 running DOS 6.22 with a 486 SX-25 - was good fun getting the old ISA MFM hard drive controller card / drive working on a much newer system whilst 14 year old me saved enough money to get a VL Bus multi I/O card and suitable IDE drive :-)

  43. DickDastardly

    DickDastardly10 days ago

    Canadian rubles lol it’s true that us Americans have zero awareness/understanding that other currencies exist. Some of them even having a higher value 😅

  44. Nickker4

    Nickker410 days ago

    oooo am' tooo old.. :D

  45. maxcyaneye

    maxcyaneye10 days ago

    Yo I still use that monitor. It's a samsung syncmaster 920nw 1440x900 75hz monitor. It's an oldie.

  46. Draco

    Draco10 days ago

    Remember when Intel was no. 1 lol

  47. IronWolf 369

    IronWolf 36911 days ago

    Man imagine intel being a bottom.

  48. MadamFloof

    MadamFloof11 days ago

    Late to the party but I actually still have a PC with this VERY MOTHERBOARD AND CPU layout! That to this day still performs -ish with a more mordern - ish graphics card. These layouts where rad back in the day and are STILL surprisingly useable if you can pick them up for free lol.

  49. RyanADillon

    RyanADillon11 days ago

    4800+ X2 was the one I owned. I also used the A8N SLI Premium motherboard too! I went with Corsair XMS Platinum series by my bro had OCZ Gold. So many memories.

  50. Briefcase Gaming

    Briefcase Gaming11 days ago

    well that didnt last well amd is top now lol

  51. Ixtiyar Ağayev

    Ixtiyar Ağayev13 days ago

    Remember ?

  52. Midwest Aviation

    Midwest Aviation13 days ago

    The part you have been waiting for 4:38

  53. Gary Stewart

    Gary Stewart13 days ago

    That young linus voice, hahaha, I remember the original ncix videos before LTT I was just finishing an apprenticeship in IT around 10 years ago now and building my first gaming PC with the money I earned, I stopped watching for a while but like a stray cat I came back home.

  54. Brick Brick

    Brick Brick13 days ago

    You would’ve had a heart attack if you saw my old Windows 98 micron computer’s lack of a lot of cable management, there was one zip tie used on just the connector from the drive to the motherboard, and that’s it

  55. Tragical

    Tragical13 days ago

    Hmmm, I wonder. When was this thing made. A long time ago is my answer

  56. Adrian Pennington

    Adrian Pennington15 days ago

    good memories

  57. Jaded Jaden

    Jaded Jaden15 days ago

    Remember when Intel was at the top.

  58. Siddhartha Adak

    Siddhartha Adak15 days ago

    I still use that Samsung syncmaster 740n lcd monitor. Its 75 hz with 8ms response time, with 4:3 screen ration.

  59. Skeet. [DYFN]

    Skeet. [DYFN]15 days ago

    Yeah, 2020

  60. DemonstrativePronoun

    DemonstrativePronoun16 days ago


  61. Vlad Silivasan

    Vlad Silivasan16 days ago

    why were old parts so expensive

  62. Sandy BoleYT

    Sandy BoleYT16 days ago

    Order something from ncix on the way back machine

  63. Marriott Durrant

    Marriott Durrant16 days ago

    Oh this took me back... to the good old days. Thanks for the memories.

  64. jonki leshi

    jonki leshi17 days ago

    who else is here watching this after the ryzen 5000 launch like, of course I remember when AMD was on top, it was a few days ago lol

  65. vincentt

    vincentt17 days ago

    6900xt release: Threadripper:

  66. Samuel Fout

    Samuel Fout17 days ago

    2005 was the year I built my first PC. 9th grade. Beige box. Similar mobo (non SLI, slightly older socket). First CPU was an AMD Athlon 3000+, follow up build upgraded the mobo and got a X2 dual core (which was pretty new tech at the time). Wild seeing this created now.

  67. Samuel Fout

    Samuel Fout17 days ago

    omg and the logitech g15... I had a that and a m510 mouse

  68. Samuel Fout

    Samuel Fout17 days ago

    I had an ati card though... I had a 9600 Pro that I had gotten as a bday gift a few years prior. I had Kingston HyperX ram too, although I think I did get OCZ at one point down the line...

  69. Max Duncan

    Max Duncan17 days ago


  70. Joel Whipple

    Joel Whipple18 days ago

    That Antec power supply was one of the most reliable PSUs I ever ran. Should have kept it! It could actually run current ryzen 3700xt machine without issue. Unlike the current crop of "premium" PSUs that seem to die within a year (no matter how little stress they actually see)... I'm looking at you, Thermaltake ToughRGB...

  71. Lucas chen

    Lucas chen18 days ago

    Yes I do. It is Right now

  72. Doomtron

    Doomtron18 days ago

    Remember when intel was on top

  73. n0obhAcker00

    n0obhAcker008 days ago

    Sandy bridge

  74. Person

    Person18 days ago

    Holy shit I had exactly that cooler on an athlon 64 3200+ and later on an opteron 175. Oh god that mx518, I worshipped that mouse.

  75. SandStorm Power

    SandStorm Power19 days ago

    2006, got my first AMD (usually i was an intel user from 2000-2006) First with a Sempron 3200+ in a biostar mainboard Later, fitted an Athlon x2 64 bit 5000+, topped the ram to the max that board supported (4gb) and it lasted me (still works) until 2019 Now I'm with a Ryzen 7

  76. Cooper Littlehales

    Cooper Littlehales20 days ago

    dude this computer is nearly as old as me. i was barely even alive in 2005 and it doesn't seem that long ago.

  77. te0nani

    te0nani21 day ago

    Buuuh, you got the cheap CNPS, mine was full copper, Linus.

  78. randyval

    randyval21 day ago

    I do believe ATI/AMD was on top then too. my 2k5 build. Graphics Card ATI Radeon X850 Series Memory 256 MB Clock frequency 620 MHz Memory clock frequency 667 MHz CPU AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 2,200 MHz) Memory 2,048 MB 32-bit Microsoft Windows XP (5.1.2600)

  79. Jstun

    Jstun21 day ago

    :O i'm using my grandmas syncmaster 2253BW for gaming, have to say, except the 16:10 aspect ratio, stands up nicely

  80. [AMS] EUT

    [AMS] EUT21 day ago

    AMD is like the letter N went up and down but up again

  81. ThatUnfunGuy

    ThatUnfunGuy22 days ago

    Linus: Do you remember OCZ? My boot drive: OCZ Agility 3

  82. Th3DESTROYER 777

    Th3DESTROYER 77722 days ago

    Amd be back on top

  83. vogonp 42

    vogonp 4222 days ago

    Yes, I remember today.

  84. Madhav Badhwar

    Madhav Badhwar22 days ago

    Yes I do remember because it’s right now

  85. Владислав Нікітюк

    Владислав Нікітюк23 days ago

    Omfg, how could you neglect to mention that ATI wiped the floor with NoVideo in early 2000-s???

  86. Aaditya Narang

    Aaditya Narang23 days ago

    *Slaps a ryzen 5000 series on linus's kitchen table*

  87. Symbian2704

    Symbian270423 days ago

    F.E.A.R ftw!!

  88. NikkoCharger

    NikkoCharger23 days ago

    3:25 Linus nearly dropped the case.

  89. SH4D0W294

    SH4D0W29424 days ago

    More like remember when amd WASN'T on top

  90. Crumbs 4

    Crumbs 424 days ago


  91. Youngblood

    Youngblood24 days ago

    My first CPU was the Athlon Quadcore 3.0ghz

  92. Justin0947

    Justin094724 days ago

    15 yeahrs ago, in the Year 2005 i was born

  93. Turbobuttes

    Turbobuttes24 days ago

    Back when motherboard manufacturers still bothered to spend an extra few cents on COPPER HEATPIPES instead of just throwing some crummy milled aluminium heatsinks on even their most high end products.

  94. ShofaX

    ShofaX25 days ago


  95. Budzy Booster

    Budzy Booster25 days ago

    me watching in November when amd is again, on top

  96. Hirom Haram

    Hirom Haram25 days ago

    Me too

  97. Burt Sampson

    Burt Sampson25 days ago

    I had the Asus A8N SLI Premium as my first mother board with a 7800GT and AMD Athlon. Built the whole rig just to play Battlefield 2 and CS and DoD Source.

  98. hming thansanga

    hming thansanga25 days ago

    Remember when AMD was on top?? yeah right now

  99. Brayden Mashburn

    Brayden Mashburn25 days ago


  100. Pi

    Pi26 days ago

    Remember when AMD was going downhill?

  101. n0obhAcker00

    n0obhAcker002 days ago


  102. Haund

    Haund26 days ago

    I remember like it was yesterday

  103. Zureal

    Zureal27 days ago

    I almost fell out of my seat when he unvailed the motherboard on, most of those parts are the same ones I used in my first PC I built on my own :D Oh the memories :), Thanks Linus! :D

  104. DeltaDooby D

    DeltaDooby D27 days ago

    November 2020: yes

  105. Sebastian Nowik

    Sebastian Nowik27 days ago

    Who else came back after zen 3

  106. X3N0PHOBIA

    X3N0PHOBIA27 days ago

    This aged well

  107. Lucas Morse

    Lucas Morse27 days ago

    I'm so sad I have a 9800gt he could've done sli

  108. The Cosmonot

    The Cosmonot27 days ago

    wait this is just now

  109. Von Maverick Billones

    Von Maverick Billones27 days ago

    This got old so fast.

  110. Metal Videos

    Metal Videos28 days ago

    my first gaming pc was a 8GB OCZ memory quad channel clocked at 1333Mhz. had the Silver head spreader. M4A79T Deluxe motherboard from Asus. Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition. clocked at 3.2Ghz. and a 4870HD 1GB GDDR5 Toxic Sapphire Edition. Fastest GPU in the word back then and also the first GDDR 5 GPU on the market. faster then anything Nvidia at that time. Was a nice pc. it ran everything i wanted. Gamed as 1680*1050 resolution. played Crysis 1 at Ultra Settings 60FPS lol. was a good pc back then.

  111. Nicolás Girardi

    Nicolás Girardi29 days ago

    They should have tried wow classic with this, that would have been hilarious

  112. Lukas Seltsam

    Lukas Seltsam29 days ago

    my first build was 486DX, hard drives were so bloody expensive

  113. Faseio Lasec

    Faseio Lasec29 days ago

    Lol, this is almost the same as my current build.

  114. ISPY4ever

    ISPY4ever29 days ago

    I had exactly THIS motherboard! The memories! :') Same for the MX518. I had like 3 of them for over a decade :D

  115. kamikazemelon787

    kamikazemelon78729 days ago

    I love this. What a throwback - this was the era of my first gaming PC as well. AGP 6600GT with the Doom 3 graphic on the heatsink, Athlon 64 3200+, maybe 512 or a gig of I think I had an FX 5600 or something before that because getting DX9 support was a big deal for me