My CRINGIEST PC Build EVER - feat. Twomad

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Twitter demanded we help fellow creator TwoMad out with a computer build. On a whim, Linus agreed! Now here we are, we have no idea what's in store for us.
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. quipquap1

    quipquap1Hour ago

    This didn't even seem that cringe or bad.

  2. Victor Marinho

    Victor Marinho7 hours ago

    So awkward

  3. Jero Cano

    Jero Cano10 hours ago

    He finnaly got a free pc

  4. deepestfried

    deepestfried13 hours ago


  5. deepestfried

    deepestfried14 hours ago

    Twomad machine Brokey

  6. deepestfried

    deepestfried14 hours ago

    And they thought endgame was the most ambitious crossover ever...

  7. SomeCat

    SomeCat14 hours ago

    bring your son to work day vibes

  8. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan Kenobi16 hours ago

    Hello there

  9. Bruh Idk

    Bruh Idk16 hours ago

    i was gonna find this video so i searched bababooey pc and this showed up

  10. noah2008__ツ

    noah2008__ツ16 hours ago

    It beepity boopity, it don’t worky - twomad 2020

  11. LL

    LL20 hours ago

    "Its probably overheating or something" "No it brokey"

  12. Fershnibbity

    FershnibbityDay ago

    I’m 3/4 less as weird and actually need a new PC, my laptop is getting REALLY hot between streaming, gaming, and music production. Help a budding IT professional out.

  13. Ayudh Dhupar

    Ayudh DhuparDay ago

    Ay brudha osas pc build

  14. iAsianiNoC

    iAsianiNoCDay ago


  15. Bouc

    BoucDay ago

    "I have it but no worky" -twomad

  16. Fazed

    FazedDay ago

    0:53 yep cringiest ever, drinking with the mask on

  17. dark master65

    dark master65Day ago

    i literally have gt 1030

  18. 033d

    033d2 days ago


  19. DoofDrop

    DoofDrop2 days ago

    Twomad is an interesting character, I mean I love his content but damn he's an interesting one

  20. Scott Smith

    Scott Smith2 days ago

    Twomad, makes thousands on watching unfunny videos he will not laugh at has the best pc you can buy. Hey Linus can you build me a new pc mine is bad -_- I dont understand why anyone watches Twomad hes just not funny at all and the videos his twitch chat send him are old ass cringy memes

  21. melon shark

    melon shark2 days ago

    This pc is so he could Skype tonight

  22. applepiealive

    applepiealive2 days ago

    Woah, twomad is so tame here, he legit seems like such a lovable person in here

  23. Andre Ledo

    Andre Ledo2 days ago

    If you looking for people to build free computers for ..... I could use one like that :)

  24. Nick Lipty

    Nick Lipty2 days ago

    Guy laughing behind camera is the best :D :D

  25. lol

    lol3 days ago

    it brokey : - /

  26. xBlind

    xBlind3 days ago

    It’s hilarious how much he edited out of this

  27. NIGHT_COR3

    NIGHT_COR33 days ago

    Oye it's brokey

  28. Andrew Danville

    Andrew Danville3 days ago

    "im so soory"

  29. acidkhmer

    acidkhmer3 days ago

    Lollll the guy have an i9 10900k 2080ti and have and upgrade for ryzen 7 and 2080s🤣🥳

  30. Stjepan Škreblin

    Stjepan Škreblin3 days ago

    11:05 I just got chills seeing linus plugging LED's while pc is running

  31. InkaDaStinka

    InkaDaStinka4 days ago

    Oh hey, I was bouta go to bed, I know we couldn't skype tonight but, das alright, goo'night girl I'll see ya tomorrow. ASDFGASDGASYHDFJAHSDFJ

  32. Mr. Moseby

    Mr. Moseby4 days ago

    nah it brokey

  33. Jax

    Jax4 days ago

    I'm I the only one who has watched this twice?

  34. Assert

    Assert4 days ago

    When did LTT become affiliated with Make-A-Wish?

  35. Rzoomer

    RzoomerDay ago

    When did LTT become affialted with the Eastwood crips

  36. Dhiram Buch

    Dhiram Buch4 days ago

    Man huge respect for Linus for keeping his cool during the entier time , man i would have slap him , and damn after knowing he has good pc already OMG, WTF really twomed is blacklisted , huge respect for ltt to putting up with this idotic person

  37. Isakk

    Isakk4 days ago

    NEW STREAM!! PC Tech Support Challenge is LIVE! Come check it out: @Hardware Canucks @Toasty Bros @KristoferYee Intel is also giving away 200 special edition i9-10900K, + Cryo Coolers from Cooler Master. Follow on Twitter at, + RT to enter. *Restricted to USA, UK, Canada (excluding Quebec) #sponsoredby Intel

  38. Roblox Tornado Chaser

    Roblox Tornado Chaser4 days ago

    10:41 nawww it brokey

  39. Matt Hawk

    Matt Hawk4 days ago

    That ending tho, that legit annoyed rage when he said he had an i9 and a 2080Ti lmao, comedy gold.

  40. Waffle Shazam

    Waffle Shazam4 days ago

    Idk why, I've watched this like 3 times now

  41. Justin Officer

    Justin Officer5 days ago

    You were taken advantage of

  42. Gaze

    Gaze5 days ago

    for those who do not know, he doesn’t play fortnite

  43. V8

    V85 days ago

    Linus lost some brain cells for sure

  44. Mr. YouTube

    Mr. YouTube5 days ago

    This is so cursed

  45. Cheesey Peasant

    Cheesey Peasant5 days ago

    I'm so happy that Linus is helping special ed kids now

  46. jjvader2006

    jjvader20065 days ago

    Ugandian transfer student

  47. Rishab Navadgi

    Rishab Navadgi6 days ago

    so cringy

  48. Mr. Butthole

    Mr. Butthole6 days ago


  49. WigglyPineapple

    WigglyPineapple6 days ago

    It do be brokey

  50. Yeshwant Radev

    Yeshwant Radev6 days ago

    Imagine going from a 2080ti to a 2080 Super and your reason being that 'it no workie'

  51. Terrific47

    Terrific477 days ago

    saw this and am very curious how a twomad linus collab came to be

  52. Cardboard Arms

    Cardboard Arms7 days ago

    Linus: This is tho old shit one Me: *looking at my integrated grahics

  53. xnrx asd

    xnrx asd7 days ago

    holy shit it happened

  54. Abb

    Abb7 days ago

    Oh no

  55. Uncvrd

    Uncvrd7 days ago

    Linus got finessed

  56. Hesham Al Zarooni

    Hesham Al Zarooni8 days ago

    twomad: what's the new game came recently.. ooohhh yea Runescape

  57. NBore

    NBore8 days ago

    Oh god I thought he lived in Manitoba, I thought I was safe, he’s far too close

  58. NiteYeet

    NiteYeet8 days ago

    how did twomad still make fun of bts while building a pc

  59. No Friends

    No Friends8 days ago

    Nah it brokey

  60. Some hexagon

    Some hexagon8 days ago

    10:00 plot twist

  61. Troveion

    Troveion8 days ago

    It's brokey man. brokey i tell you.

  62. Jacob Martinez

    Jacob Martinez8 days ago

    He is so wholesome, I love it.

  63. Josh Jay

    Josh Jay8 days ago

    after watching this I can say that I really like linus personality

  64. Pardz Bry

    Pardz Bry8 days ago

    he doesn't have an idea how to build a pc but he try his best

  65. Kasper

    Kasper8 days ago

    "Not much glow through the underwear hole"

  66. Wheat

    Wheat9 days ago

    you didn't link twomad bro, what the hecc man. gonna subscribe tho

  67. X1DN

    X1DN9 days ago

    "nah it brokey" - twomad 2020

  68. Hashi Abdulle

    Hashi Abdulle9 days ago

    when someone finally makes a collab with my boi twomad

  69. Genuz

    Genuz9 days ago

    0:57 lol look how he tried to drink his water

  70. Hoopin' Productions

    Hoopin' Productions9 days ago

    10:38 lmfaoo

  71. WeGameGood

    WeGameGood9 days ago

    The legendary dropper and the legendary phone stabber

  72. don't bink

    don't bink9 days ago

    Dawid does Tech is in Vancouver as well, would love to see him on LTT

  73. Brendan Polak

    Brendan Polak10 days ago

    Fortnite fans when they saw the code "gotta get on rn"

  74. Giv Switch 60FPS

    Giv Switch 60FPS10 days ago

    Anyone else saw Linus wash his gloves instead of his hands

  75. IDeactive Archive

    IDeactive Archive10 days ago

    Linus helping charity, thats wholesome

  76. Loganater

    Loganater11 days ago

    lol his graphics card is bad, funny joke heheh

  77. VALLEY

    VALLEY11 days ago


  78. TFiPW

    TFiPW11 days ago

    twomad should be an LTT host

  79. FALLEN

    FALLEN11 days ago


  80. Brandon1432

    Brandon143211 days ago

    this is amazing

  81. Onat Sarıca

    Onat Sarıca11 days ago

    RTX 2080 Super is old ? uhm... Yeah, sure...

  82. Shaggsler

    Shaggsler11 days ago

    pc does boo boo on fordnide. new pc go brrrrrr on fordnide

  83. Perigee Dynamics

    Perigee Dynamics11 days ago

    Wtf Linus. Use a Canadian domain for your website.

  84. dietlemonade

    dietlemonade12 days ago

    twomad is severely liked by 27

  85. KUM0

    KUM012 days ago

    This is low key cringy

  86. Mythical

    Mythical12 days ago


  87. BerwickPkr

    BerwickPkr12 days ago

    What games you playing , runescape. Two mad 2020

  88. josh

    josh12 days ago

    the ultimate sleeper pc build

  89. Raym

    Raym12 days ago

    An RTX2080 is old... le sad gtx1660 super noises

  90. BestMonkTime

    BestMonkTime12 days ago

    i wonder how many comments are just *good night girl i see you tommorow*

  91. agony

    agony12 days ago

    wait, thats bubbles from trailer park boys? 8:12 x)

  92. Brinas Wrld

    Brinas Wrld13 days ago

    Watching twomad’s vid on this vs Linus’s gives off two completely different vibes lmao

  93. Lorix

    Lorix13 days ago

    so when is part 2 coming out?

  94. perpetual

    perpetual13 days ago

    6:46 The sheer pain in linus's face 🤣

  95. Ortimate

    Ortimate13 days ago

    K-Pop stans when they watch this video: U PARTNERED UP WITH A RACIST U CANCELLED

  96. What's Kraken?

    What's Kraken?13 days ago

    i missed the "grade 9, so 14, about your age" comment the first time i watched this

  97. PH Hugh gamana

    PH Hugh gamana13 days ago

    WaWiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! 😅 😅 😅

  98. Androne Ionut

    Androne Ionut13 days ago

    omigod i uant dis

  99. nikhil maraj

    nikhil maraj13 days ago

    oh shit why did i click on this

  100. ComradeNathan

    ComradeNathan14 days ago

    It brokey.

  101. Evan

    Evan14 days ago

    This is like watching the special-ed kid and the tech nerd who sits by himself at the lunch table get paired together for a school project

  102. Evan

    Evan4 days ago

    @not_a_melon_head yt n i c e

  103. not_a_melon_head yt

    not_a_melon_head yt4 days ago

    i was gonna like it but it has 69 likes

  104. Flicko _

    Flicko _14 days ago

    Is it just me or is two mad drunk