Can they win me back?? - LG Gram 2020 Lineup Showcase

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LG Grams are known for their lightness, but I didn't pick it when I was deciding on my last laptop since it didn't have Thunderbolt 3. The 2020 line-up does so let's take a look at which one I would be interested in checking out.
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  1. Allan Kurian

    Allan KurianDay ago

    Is it good for Architect's ? What's the GPU ?

  2. Uday Singh

    Uday SinghDay ago

    7:10 you got the processor wrong buddy

  3. Mayank Bansal

    Mayank Bansal2 days ago

    Is this short circuit set ?????

  4. Jason Zhong

    Jason Zhong2 days ago

    LG new AMD 5000 Gram pls

  5. orrd

    orrd4 days ago

    A video that's in the style of a review video, but is sponsored by the company selling the product... this is basically just an infomercial, and it erodes your public trust. Do you really need to do this Linus? Is the money really worth it? Can't you get a sponsor for the video that isn't the company selling the product and give us a real, actual honest review video without the strings attached?

  6. Zacharion Tab

    Zacharion Tab8 days ago

    if i have money i would get the 17 one for creative purposes


    BOLD MAN10 days ago

    Just plug in a headphones to the headphone jack and it will be quiet.

  8. NERPolitan

    NERPolitan17 days ago

    Linus is literally the only person in existence who uses RSHIFT

  9. My Reviews

    My Reviews18 days ago

    Man, I was hoping for a higher resolution on the 15. :/

  10. gaming blox21

    gaming blox2119 days ago

    I think LG should make a laptop with an option for discrete graphics, anybody agrees with me???

  11. Pratik Thakur

    Pratik Thakur19 days ago

    No Type - C charging as standard in 2020, these kind of organizations like LG are holding back the technology by forcing user to use barrel chargers, also they never get exact audience demand. As a result these laptops will fail.

  12. Sungho Lee

    Sungho Lee20 days ago

    Theory on LG not including USB-C charger: Korean laptop manufacturers (at least LG and Samsung) agreed to use that barrel type “Korean standard” charger so they are interchangeable. I’m guessing their laptop sales are bigger in Korean market than in international markets because of existence of Dell, Lenovo, HP, etc., LG just wanted to reduce cost by not providing different charger for markets outside of Korea.

  13. Al M

    Al M22 days ago

    I actually prefer the flex since it makes it lighter and is more durable.

  14. Paul-Sebastian Manole

    Paul-Sebastian Manole27 days ago

    The look cheap ar frack! Like Chinese market cheap!

  15. jipjoi

    jipjoiMonth ago

    9:03 doesn't really look full size to me

  16. amurphy9191

    amurphy9191Month ago

    I am using a 2019 LG gram 13 as my "daily driver" because of your videos. Only complaint is that I travel with it a lot and the outside scratches easily. Other than that, performance, keyboard and battery life are excellent. I trust your judgement Linus.

  17. Tracy Fuldauer

    Tracy FuldauerMonth ago



    DACRACKINGMonth ago

    the LG gram looks like and the micra OF laptops. Boring,, suitable for an older man or someone who's happy with boredom.

  19. Miguel Minoru

    Miguel MinoruMonth ago

    10:34, his handwriting is better than my teacher's

  20. Pancake with peanut butter

    Pancake with peanut butterMonth ago

    The LG gram about to gram out your wallet

  21. chris brown

    chris brownMonth ago

    eat your cake and have it too. nice to hear the correct phrase, well done sir, hats off to you

  22. daffa

    daffaMonth ago

    LG is the only brand that keeps the headphone jack on phone, 3 USB A on laptop, even 2 Thunderbolt?????? man.....

  23. HenryCats Yt

    HenryCats YtMonth ago

    Does the 2 in 1 have facial recognition?

  24. Synikal

    SynikalMonth ago

    I type 150+ wpm and have never used the right shift

  25. 장회문

    장회문Month ago

    17': 1:24 15': 5:15 14': 6:53 14' 2 in 1: 8:09

  26. Tai Theguy

    Tai TheguyMonth ago

    5:18 And 7:03 video graphics & website info flip-flopped on 15" & 14" models

  27. Home Awesomation

    Home AwesomationMonth ago

    I love the intro about the razer blade because it's so true. Razer sent me a blade 15 as a replacement to my blade 14 under warranty. They did this because they didn't have any non-refurb 14's. After using the 15 for all of a day I demanded a refurb 14. (still don't buy razer laptops, I've been through 4 of them, their QA sucks, their warranty process is slow, their batteries fail within a year). The keyboard was the most ridiculous thing ever. Try writing code for a living where mixed in between / . , < > ; : ' and " there's the up key. All of those symbols I just typed are extremely common for coding. You know what sucks about putting an up arrow in the mix? Hitting it by mistake and going up a line in your code, thus writing stuff in the wrong place and causing a compilation error. I can't imagine why they thought this would be ok. They totally screwed that laptop up with this decision. The giant power supply was another serious set back. The blade 14 was the macbook alternative with a VR capable GPU. It was small and travelled well. The blade 14 power supply was pretty nice. The 15 was pretty ridiculous. Their quality still sucks across the board, but at least the design was nice on the 14

  28. Mary alphonse

    Mary alphonseMonth ago


  29. Tarun Suresh

    Tarun Suresh2 months ago

    I thought he was gonna say NOT FOUR

  30. Hunter Thorne

    Hunter Thorne2 months ago

    Hp spectre x360 is an amazing laptop like these ones

  31. Gary Lamb

    Gary Lamb2 months ago

    Nice, but I'd love to have two thunderbolt ports to connect to two LG monitors.

  32. Max DeMayo

    Max DeMayo2 months ago

    Linus! Please check out the refreshed Razer Blade Stealth! They fixed the shift key

  33. Muhammad Khan

    Muhammad Khan2 months ago

    Amazing intro.

  34. Tay JMN

    Tay JMN2 months ago

    Give me one you are too rich :( lol

  35. John Smith

    John Smith2 months ago

    MOST of the AMD fanboys are shitting here in comments cause it has Intel and not a single comment was about the SCREEN jiggling when he touches the keyboard! Well done internet, fanboys are commenting on product they wouldn't buy anyways cause the target for this laptop aren't kids who play fortnite rather serious people who need portability.

  36. Rosso Toro

    Rosso Toro2 months ago

    Latops nowadays must have at least 2 USB thunderbolt 3

  37. MPRF12345

    MPRF123452 months ago

    Me: I'm buying this laptop to last me between 3 to 5 years Linus: New year, new laptop!

  38. doomtomb3

    doomtomb32 months ago

    What the heck is with that ancient looking hard drive activity light on the 2-in-1.

  39. Miguel Minoru de Rossi Kameda

    Miguel Minoru de Rossi Kameda2 months ago

    The fact that linus has 34 years and look like 20 still trigger me

  40. J024

    J0242 months ago

    You have a bag, put the stylus in there, the nagging about "no place to put the stylus" is getting REALLY annoying. And if you lose it then that's on YOU for being a unorganized lazy slob.

  41. Dylan

    Dylan2 months ago

    The Lg gram just looks so cheap though, like something you’d see in the budget section of best buy which sucks considering it’s not exactly a cheap laptop...

  42. samua prazeres

    samua prazeres2 months ago

    what do u mean "in my job i do lot of presentations" aint THIS ur job?? lol

  43. Age of Reason

    Age of Reason2 months ago

    LG Gram 17 takes forever to charge up.

  44. Faheem

    Faheem2 months ago

    Can u review the hp pavilion 14


    NICULAE FLORIN2 months ago

    please, please , stop opening laptops from one side or another ... I wonder how many laptop hinges or screens have you broken since 2008 to the present day, by opening them the wrong way , I'm pretty sure you've broken few

  46. Brane 2

    Brane 22 months ago

    DO they need you ?

  47. Gleidston Filipe Santos Silva

    Gleidston Filipe Santos Silva2 months ago

    The gram, literally has a thousand grams.


    AMPERE MAM2 months ago

    3:12 you can't eat your cake and have it too... I thought it was you can't bake your cake and have it too direct me if I'm wrong.

  49. Sparsa Roychowdhury

    Sparsa Roychowdhury2 months ago

    I'm using lg gram 14 from 2018, and it's a very nice machine, only thing I wish they change in this device is the speakers. They should make the speakers front firing, and improve the sound quality.

  50. Kepe

    Kepe2 months ago

    Yay LG gave him money and a bunch of free laptops, what a surprise that he chose to switch to the LG laptop! LTT is the graveyard of integrity and objectivity in the tech video world. Congratulations!

  51. Evan Johnston

    Evan Johnston2 months ago

    Seriously Linus, I expect better, I expect you to talk about the weight in grams (metric unit) when talking about the Gram.

  52. Stephen Leung

    Stephen Leung2 months ago

    I just got the Gram 17 i7 model a few days ago, thanks to your review. I've been trying to project to my 4K TV as an extended and duplicated screen, but either of them would work at all. I only get a black screen on my laptop while the mouse cursor on the TV with black screen. The only functioning projection mode is 2nd screen only mode. My wife's Asus laptop (relatively new) has no problem projecting to the same TV in any of the projection modes. Do you have any issue with your Gram with projecting to a wireless display?

  53. MPRF12345

    MPRF123452 months ago

    Would this be a good laptop for SolidWorks? Not having a dedicated graphics card always makes me doubt.....

  54. Iman Solehan

    Iman Solehan2 months ago

    how to install sim card internet laptop acer Please show me

  55. LouisChiaki

    LouisChiaki2 months ago

    I think the keyboard will leave print on the screen in long run since the gap between keyboard and screen is pretty small.

  56. shaisarfaty

    shaisarfaty2 months ago

    so the egpu is : AORUS RTX 2070 Gaming Box

  57. Tvrtko Krželj

    Tvrtko Krželj2 months ago

    That cortana reaction.... :)

  58. Commander ZiN

    Commander ZiN2 months ago

    I can't find anywhere on the internet if the 2 in 1 has a removable back or what it's like inside. I can for the rest of the line up and they look similar but not for the 2 in 1. It would be nice if someone took a look.

  59. The Amri

    The Amri2 months ago

    Eat your cake and have it too or have it too and eat your cake?

  60. shaisarfaty

    shaisarfaty2 months ago

    what is this gaming graphic box you pooled out ? ! specs ?

  61. Wistbacka

    Wistbacka2 months ago

    They still don't seem to make a Scandinavian version of the Gram... I really want the 14" 2-in-1 version, but nope. No can do if they don't sell one... :/ LG, get your shit together!

  62. fake name

    fake name3 months ago

    Costco has the 17" for sale right now for $1250 go get it asap! It's definitely worth it at that price especially for productivity workers that have to work from home off their company issued 13" laptop for Excel and word editing. Just sign in to your account, add it to cart and do checkout and you'll see the discount apply.

  63. Encomana'l

    Encomana'l3 months ago

    I would love to have seen a review of the speakers. I bouth a 14 inch convertible Gram last year and I returned it the next day due to the HORRIBLE speakers it came with. They sounded tiny, had no base and were much much worse than the ones on my previous Lenovo Ideapad. They sounded worse than the speaker on my phone (Pocophone F1)

  64. Shlomi

    Shlomi3 months ago

    Buy a ThinkPad tank's me later... but this laptops are totally good too no question about that.

  65. Kenneth Maddocks

    Kenneth Maddocks3 months ago

    What was that box on the side of his laptop when he started gaming? Was that an external GPU?

  66. the coffee no-scope

    the coffee no-scope3 months ago

    Every USlikes right now : Literally every 2020 Intel laptop - pretty good but not great if only the manufacturer switched to amd they could make really good laptops 😂😂😂

  67. Calob Cope

    Calob Cope3 months ago

    You know... imagine in the next few years getting a laptop that has wireless charging... and then wireless chargers are just gonna be built into desks at colleges and libraries...

  68. gamergod8778

    gamergod87783 months ago

    LG must really want you to love them and use their stuff again if they sent you 4 laptops

  69. TheQuatum

    TheQuatum3 months ago

    These laptops are just so UGLY

  70. Juan Angeles

    Juan Angeles3 months ago

    Can I have one? ):

  71. Hollow114

    Hollow1143 months ago

    I'd love a video on the Ryzen 4xxxu laptops

  72. Eduardo Martin

    Eduardo Martin3 months ago

    What happens to all this sponsored tech? Do you keep them all? Send them back? Just curious. If you wanna send me one, I won't be mad. 😉

  73. Jose Herrera

    Jose Herrera3 months ago

    Must be nice

  74. Alfons Čepička

    Alfons Čepička3 months ago

    eeee they dont have a full SD card slot, useless for me

  75. Alexander Kreisel

    Alexander Kreisel3 months ago

    Linus should give the Acer Spin 5 a look

  76. Diego Perello

    Diego Perello3 months ago

    This video feels a little too scripted than what I'm used to from LTT but I'm actually ok with it. Maybe its because I know I can trust that your videos are all your own thoughts. weird.

  77. TheExileFox

    TheExileFox3 months ago

    nononono. You point at the arrow keys on the 2-in-1 yet completely fail to mention that the arrow keys SHOULD be full size of they just had shrunk the shift key. This is why i'm still using a lenovo yoga 3 1470 - the keyboard is miles ahead just because of that.

  78. B W

    B W3 months ago

    Ugh why on the 15? Just nix the 10 key and make the rest of the keys bigger

  79. M PM

    M PM3 months ago

    LTT... how about a review of the AMD Tuxedo Pulse 14

  80. fyt ttt

    fyt ttt3 months ago

    @11:13 try acer spin 5 or Samsung Galaxy book flex👻

  81. Chris Monopoli

    Chris Monopoli3 months ago

    The 2 in 1 14" is exactly the one I was thinking of buying myself too, been looking at either that or a Macbook Pro trying to decide I mean I do already have a 2012 Mac Pro tower (and a custom built gaming PC) so do I really need the macbook the Gram may be what I go for

  82. Jean - Jacques Theron

    Jean - Jacques Theron3 months ago

    Thanks! Very useful

  83. Hùng Cấn Mạnh

    Hùng Cấn Mạnh3 months ago

    Im all about that 17" but i want it with a touch screen and that would be perfect. I cont like using trackpad at all so it's either mouse or touch screen for me

  84. Ad Addv

    Ad Addv3 months ago

    no AMD? It´s dead to me

  85. The Inktician

    The Inktician3 months ago

    Lmao i thought for a second that he was going to say "welp! There's no ryzen 4000 here so that's a bad start!"

  86. Brandon Spies

    Brandon Spies3 months ago

    Has he looked at a HP Elitebook or Spectre? Those devices are similar with IO and I'd be curious to know how sees them in comparison.

  87. Merl

    Merl3 months ago

    anyone buying an intel laptop now is def smoking some crack

  88. MATHEOO !

    MATHEOO !3 months ago

    *Me still using L440 and laguhing in very tough construction* not like i bought it for school like year ago and upgreated it... and not like its an exercise for my back when having it on my back when ridfing a bike lmao but still i think linus could do a video about "old" 4 core lenovos like t430 and l440 ect...

  89. Joseph Richter

    Joseph Richter3 months ago

    Yvonne, the accountant.

  90. alancottrill

    alancottrill3 months ago

    Bought a 17" Gram on Sunday. Just had my first zoom meeting on it this morning and the screen started to flicker. After fucking with driver updates and mucking about the display settings I decided to see if it flickers in the BIOS. Yep... Machine is hooped on day 4.

  91. Fort Knights

    Fort Knights3 months ago

    What is that CPU thing he used?

  92. Derek Han

    Derek Han3 months ago

    What is that pornhub color on the keyboard

  93. PGI Cruiser

    PGI Cruiser3 months ago

    I love my LG Gram 17 2020. I added another 1TB drive and added 32GB of RAM (total 40GB) and have a dynamite laptop that's easy to carry around and has great performance for my needs. Only change I'd wish for is this in a 2n1 form factor.

  94. TheSpiderGuy

    TheSpiderGuy3 months ago

    I would get the LG Gram 14. But if I were to choose, I wouldn't get this laptop. I'd either get the Blade 15. Blade 13, HP Spectre x360, Surface Pro 7, or the ROG Zephyrus G14.

  95. gliliumho

    gliliumho3 months ago

    Linus: "...4 version of their 2020 Gram, featuring Intel 10th Gen-" Me: Welp, I guess that's a no for me.

  96. LeFou77

    LeFou773 months ago

    @The Inktician not only is light , the battery life is amazing

  97. The Inktician

    The Inktician3 months ago

    I thought that's what Linus was going to say. Still, the prices are ridiculous to me. Yeah it's light, but gosh, if there's no gpu then costing 1000+ dollars just seems wrong.

  98. Handlez

    Handlez3 months ago


  99. Daniel Muriel-Lopez

    Daniel Muriel-Lopez3 months ago

    @Linus: which external gpu did you use in this review? - I would like to buy the same as the dimensions seem to be quite little can you post the link of the product?

  100. Matthew Yang

    Matthew Yang3 months ago

    lol feels like linus is struggling to hold back negative things since the video is sponsored

  101. HuzzahGamers

    HuzzahGamers3 months ago

    and NO dedicated Graphics...

  102. Joe Manning

    Joe Manning3 months ago

    Cortana, unwanted updates, spyware (windows itself), viruses and tons of bloat interfering with getting real work done on your pc. Yet still refuse to ditch windows. Follower.Hey everybody is jumping off the Empire State building tomorrow. Don't want to be left out.

  103. creep

    creep3 months ago

    Lol. We all know LG + Linus = biased opinion. The guy gets free OLED tvs for his house from them. If that wasn't payment I dont know what is.