Don't get SCAMMED when you buy an SSD - WAN Show December 4, 2020

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Timestamps (Courtesy of Vistrus)
0:00:00 Intro
0:02:34 Sara Secret Shopper Interview
0:56:00 Tech News
0:56:13 RTX 3060 Ti Market
1:01:51 Rumors of AMD's answer to RTX 3060 Ti
1:02:23 SSD Makers swap parts without telling us
1:12:06 Thumb drives
1:12:48 Linus reviewing thumb drives
1:14:49 RISC-V record-breaking efficiency
1:18:33 Micron DRAM fab goes offline
1:20:10 ASUS & ASRock enables resizable BAR on Z490
1:24:13 Super chats


  1. Adrian Daniel

    Adrian Daniel14 days ago

    Yes. Let’s have Sarah build a pc! Yess!

  2. Dj Groover

    Dj Groover14 days ago

    I had a heart attack when Sarrah kickd down the video card. I game, edit video, audio, on a pc from another era. I would kill to have a pc like theat.

  3. Lee Corrigan

    Lee Corrigan15 days ago

    If I were to call that a stocking cap could you guess what province I'm from?

  4. James Dot

    James Dot18 days ago

    LTT Computer themed bed set.. I'm waiting for that..

  5. Rage King

    Rage King19 days ago

    i love her

  6. Aaron Newbury

    Aaron Newbury20 days ago

    Linus is absolutely right, there are customers out there with 5-10 year old systems that still work fine that just need a new GPU. I upgraded from a GTX 680 to a RTX 2070 12-18 months back. Now i JUST upgraded from a Sandy Bridge 3770K DDR3 built to a 5800x AMD build.

  7. Kirintal

    Kirintal23 days ago

    Can I just say, Linus actually has a pretty decent singing voice. Also I think Linus is too desensitised about the Dell scam.

  8. Tiky Reol

    Tiky Reol25 days ago

    So I was the only one who benchmarked my USB3 thumb drive right away? I only remember I wasn't impressed.

  9. Eric Skyler

    Eric Skyler28 days ago

    Got a Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD for $100. Not scammed I'll say Lol

  10. c f

    c f29 days ago

    Rule 1: never use money on Dell. Rule 2: never use money on Dell.

  11. Blake Cartwright

    Blake CartwrightMonth ago

    That's why you don't buy from cheap companies like adata. I only buy samsung for nvme and ssd. Also my ram is samsung b die and my 2080 ti uses samsung gdr6

  12. InternetDas

    InternetDasMonth ago

    Well played on the the CPU pillow innuendo on the ltt store site (6th from the bottom).

  13. ryan phillips

    ryan phillipsMonth ago

    my old pc had an i7 2600 and that thing was a beast.

  14. Mergatroid Mania

    Mergatroid ManiaMonth ago

    If you order online you can always have a copy of your conversation to make sure you don't get ripped off. There is no way I would let Dell get away with this.

  15. FuckApex Legends

    FuckApex LegendsMonth ago

    Changing the entire SSD is stupid. That means you would have to do constant retesting of SSDs or all the reviews on the internet are worthless. They should at the very least label it as a new product. I remember buying a PNY SSD and it's read and write speeds were 300 when it was advertised as 500. I took it back and Best buy took it back. But, they tried to just tell me that 500 is just a projected speed. Crucial and Kingston SSDs actually give you what they say they do.

  16. Azazel Ashbight

    Azazel AshbightMonth ago

    I wanna see sara build. A pc like how I learned

  17. claud rapoza

    claud rapozaMonth ago

    so she is not the girl from the first secret shopper?

  18. imajeff Smith

    imajeff SmithMonth ago

    After I had to call Dell to order a desktop for my employer, it was such crap compared to what I buy cheaper online, I will NEVER buy from that jerk company again. Now they won't stop asking me to renew the warranty but at least that's only email

  19. wetheindividual Eleven

    wetheindividual ElevenMonth ago

    It seems like "misrepresentation". It gets retailer's knickers in a twist as you'll win in court. You're entitled to a full refund of the product.. You could get money back if you'd requested some sort of compensation.... I might be wrong but it worked for me when I bought a monitor that was advertised as having AMD freesync... it was high refreshrate but didn't support this feature.... I'm sure you sorted this anyways by now.....

  20. rager1969

    rager1969Month ago

    She is so nice and lovely - exactly the type of person you need to talk to when calling customer support with a problem. I would like to see her build a PC with Dennis.

  21. haroon ibrahim

    haroon ibrahimMonth ago

    Thank god it's Sara and not the other chick. 😍😍

  22. Kristoffer Gabriehl

    Kristoffer GabriehlMonth ago

    Yes! Second part!!!

  23. Exorius

    ExoriusMonth ago

    She could build a snowman and still be fun to watch.

  24. mattg889

    mattg889Month ago

    I think I'm on lukes side, if I walked out and saw on my receipt something I specifically turned down, I would turn around and go back in and demand that money back.

  25. Lennie Brookes

    Lennie BrookesMonth ago

    this isnt on the sales guy, its on the stupid fucking KPIs the companys set

  26. KaMiKaZeE

    KaMiKaZeEMonth ago

    Sarah's epic ass.....

  27. William Wood

    William WoodMonth ago

    Yes we wanna see sara build her own PC 🖥 😄

  28. aleksander Okonek

    aleksander OkonekMonth ago

    The boiling begonia aboaly decide because goose microbiologically phone like a alike icicle. hard, craven hall

  29. Kieran Video

    Kieran VideoMonth ago

    this has been one of the best wan shows ever, Sara must be protected at all costs

  30. Raphael Swinkels

    Raphael SwinkelsMonth ago

    Very good idea i'm watching and know the question for the next video Sara should make her own pc i want to see her man-handle a complete build ;p, please let Sara make her own pc i'd like too see ;p

  31. Foureightnine489

    Foureightnine489Month ago


  32. kim jung

    kim jungMonth ago

    The ratty pin methodologically attempt because basket postoperatively squeal beyond a ill-fated mother-in-law. murky, rebel myanmar

  33. Royalty_31 Vorz

    Royalty_31 VorzMonth ago

    57:55 linus ive been high volume ltt viewer for e years now and i still dont have a pc lmao. Dont think im the norm or even a high rep of your viewers. But we exist lol

  34. Gautam Saini

    Gautam SainiMonth ago

    The difficult discovery dolly itch because nepal separately fade on a ruthless sociology. careless, brainy block

  35. Royalty_31 Vorz

    Royalty_31 VorzMonth ago

    18:07 that would be a great video as well

  36. Royalty_31 Vorz

    Royalty_31 VorzMonth ago

    9:40* we all want that video

  37. Wolverine101

    Wolverine101Month ago

    But they record the calls, Linus...They have records of what actually happened

  38. Todor Todorov

    Todor TodorovMonth ago

    I just bought the ADATA SX8200Pro, the synthetic tests i ran are nowhere near the promised speeds (IOPS/Random read/Random write/Sequential RW u name it). The real-life perf tests by moving/copying/reading 2.5gb zip files dont match near close the speeds promised. All tests done on a clean win10 pro installation with stopped unusual services. I swapped my samsung 960 evo for this and im really disappointed with ADATA.

  39. Gimi Bsk

    Gimi BskMonth ago

    @Todor Todorov you can also check the serial code on the controller if you haven’t put your heat sink yet

  40. Todor Todorov

    Todor TodorovMonth ago

    @Gimi Bsk This drive is so strange, i cant seem to read any s.m.a.r.t. data from it, im running win10 on it, but no program can detect it and read information about it (hdd sentinel, hd tune, samsung programs, intel, you name it)

  41. Gimi Bsk

    Gimi BskMonth ago

    It started from Adata. Adata changed the controller with the slower SM2262G. Adata said that they are shipping the 2262EN and SM2262G at the same time. They intentionally gave reviewing samples which are the EN variant which are faster and now started to ship the G variant (which is slower and cheaper). The boxes are also the same.. So you play russian roulette when buying them. Edit: Also the SM2262ENG is the same as SM2262EN controller, so there might be still lucky guys Edit2: Also can you check your controller if it’s G or EN, I’m gathering data about that case.. Thanks if you can

  42. Dissident

    DissidentMonth ago

    Sarah is pretty.

  43. A Muddy ELF Productions

    A Muddy ELF ProductionsMonth ago

    I love her 🥴

  44. Sakib Al Saba

    Sakib Al SabaMonth ago

    I don’t want to sound inappropriate or something. But her energy and laughter and cheerful nature heals my soul. Also she is one of the most beautiful girls I have encountered in my life. Please always stay the way you are Sarah.

  45. Rowan Paul

    Rowan PaulMonth ago

    Luke gets replaced: the video

  46. richfiles π

    richfiles πMonth ago

    I would TOTALLY buy a Threadripper pillowcase!

  47. Jako1987

    Jako1987Month ago

    I actually brought Dell premade in ≈2000 and build a pc ever since. So that video idea makes sense.

  48. Jako1987

    Jako1987Month ago

    I cracked the code! LTT is just reviewing fake tech what is allways "sold out" because of "scalpers". THIS IS HUGE! 😀

  49. Hassan Rabbi

    Hassan RabbiMonth ago

    Sometimes I'm glad that I'm a single child then sometimes I'm sad because I don't have an elder sister like Sarah.

  50. TheWhiteWolves

    TheWhiteWolvesMonth ago

    that video idea sounds amazing

  51. Jay Patel

    Jay PatelMonth ago

    The curly anime emotionally need because ghana diagnostically fold alongside a charming calculator. inquisitive, ambiguous fly

  52. Whoisnt Whoisit

    Whoisnt WhoisitMonth ago

    Sarah is a unicorn, no way she really exists, she must be an actor! :) LOL but honestly, her personality just seems to good to be true, such a sweetheart!

  53. glo lo

    glo loMonth ago

    I can see and LOVE your strategy here Linus

  54. Egon Freeman

    Egon FreemanMonth ago

    The problem with such revisions is that *I've yet to see a hardware store that actually puts up any information at all* about hardware revisions -- so if you're shopping for a particular component, it's nigh impossible to get this information unless you can actually get at the device itself. Sadly, I've yet to see a shop that actually allows you to unbox a device _before you buy it_ and these markings are often only on the device itself. This ultimately means that you may end up searching for performance reviews, purchase the exact model indicated, and end up getting scammed (or, what it amounts to). Customers are *not made aware* of such revisions, and oftentimes searching specifically for them is also a pain. :/

  55. Devin Sunstrom

    Devin SunstromMonth ago

    @12:46 Better good dragon energy than Bad Dragon Energy

  56. Uncle Daddy

    Uncle DaddyMonth ago

    The nervous jellyfish secondarily mix because mandolin practically bleach in a tremendous math. cute, dashing millennium

  57. popcap990

    popcap990Month ago

    Oh damn, I actually bought this specific SSD because of the review. Yikes, guess the Adata will enter my blacklist when recommending SSDs now.

  58. ThePatrioticRussianSeal

    ThePatrioticRussianSealMonth ago

    What ssd brand do recommend because Im buying one for the holidays?

  59. Zephyrian

    ZephyrianMonth ago

    sees cpu pillow, googles motherboard throw blanket, ram body pillow alot of people in my discord got into pc gaming by going to new egg and buying the 300$ "christmas" refurbs and tossing in cheap gpus, alot of of Low Profile 1050, 1650, users on older hardware, along with people who got cheap walmart desktops at some point and just tossed a gpu in it to play games with friends, these people even claim to never want to go back to console now that they have a computer, and plan on upgrading or learning to build at some point, the price of a pc is justified by its multiple application use set, it isnt just a gaming and streaming box hooked up to the tv, its a personal computer for just about anything you need. something i feel isnt said very often.

  60. Ceri Rust

    Ceri RustMonth ago

    Stopped watching after 5 mins that girl is fucking annoying

  61. TevisC

    TevisCMonth ago

    Up vote TR Pillow case!

  62. Jonas

    JonasMonth ago

    In Europe we have stock but they 3060 ti is selling for ~860 EUR = ~1000$. So here the shops are doing the scalping part :D

  63. not pewdiepie

    not pewdiepieMonth ago

    uni-dimple is so attractive

  64. Amaury Ayala

    Amaury AyalaMonth ago

    Cashiers and attendants should be replaced with robots and self checkout. Most are mentally 🤪

  65. Comrade Kermit

    Comrade KermitMonth ago


  66. kidwajagstang

    kidwajagstangMonth ago

    I’ve always been a advocate for value and quality as the main reason for purchasing anything. I’ll even put up with lousy service if it means I’m getting the best since I won’t be dealing with customer service often anyway.

  67. Mathieu Paquette

    Mathieu PaquetteMonth ago

    The tuque word is actually french.

  68. Forrest Glenn

    Forrest GlennMonth ago

    Please do that video! With Sarah building her own PC!

  69. Ser Garlan Tyrell

    Ser Garlan TyrellMonth ago

    Linus makes fun of his wife having "only" a 3770k and 970 and Luke's GF's 2600k and 1080... Me: cries in 3770k and 1070 TI.

  70. Nocturnal101 Ravenous

    Nocturnal101 RavenousMonth ago

    Well Systems have different degradation periods for each component - CPU - 5-10 years/Core upgrade from feature sets or breakthrough performance levels Mobo - When you either have to upgrade the CPU or new feature sets RAM - When it changes on the mobo, or there is a noticable difference in performance on a changed CPU GPU - Depends on how much you spend typically the Cheaper the more often you will be replacing it, a sub $300 GPU will be replaced most likely every 1-2 years when as $400-500 you have about 3-4 years, and $600+ depends on whether you are a prosumer or a consumer and want the freshness goody or make planned proper upgrades where you can get 4-6 Years when the arch changes enough to net you a huge performance increase as well as new features. Typically people should upgrade every other gen and just set aside money for the upgrade cadence. Storage - When you run out or it dies or slows to a crawl and gets changed to an external. So I mean its not uncommon for components to get swapped on an irregular rate.

  71. Miloš Ristić

    Miloš RistićMonth ago

    Sarah, you are older than me a couple of years but looks younger like 10 years..

  72. Erik J

    Erik JMonth ago

    I had this XPG SX8200 pro in my shopping card already for buying a new system. You guys just saved me from making a big mistake. Thanks for that!

  73. Jesse Smoot

    Jesse SmootMonth ago

    the building pc vid would be rad.

  74. Aino Hautamäki

    Aino HautamäkiMonth ago

    Which brand would I go with after watching the videos? -I can't remember the calls either really, but NOT DELL. (And that's my potential customer survey result for Dell, free of charge.)

  75. Helston

    HelstonMonth ago

    That video idea sounds great

  76. Emil Juhl

    Emil JuhlMonth ago

    The has to bind that PC!

  77. Chopstixx

    ChopstixxMonth ago

    Have her watch The Verg pc build guide, I hear its amazing. I'm sure that will help 😏

  78. Tracey Anne

    Tracey AnneMonth ago

    Definitely want to see Sarah building a PC!

  79. Rampage

    RampageMonth ago

    KUK means dick in swedish ....

  80. tomskwomble66

    tomskwomble66Month ago

    AMD pins -'microfiber noodle'

  81. Mikau Anaki

    Mikau AnakiMonth ago

    I would be super excited for that video idea.

  82. Arno Modelstate

    Arno ModelstateMonth ago

    51:49 Vacuüm bag it !

  83. ALEX XU

    ALEX XUMonth ago

    The delicate sunflower inherently sparkle because drill rationally polish absent a hulking taurus. motionless, imperfect shrimp

  84. Arno Modelstate

    Arno ModelstateMonth ago

    9:37 Do IT !!!

  85. KRYPTON Kills

    KRYPTON KillsMonth ago

    Can we get plushy PC components??

  86. KRYPTON Kills

    KRYPTON KillsMonth ago

    Can we see a motherboard pillow???!!

  87. Nathan Hostetler

    Nathan HostetlerMonth ago

    Regarding calling in to sales for the secret shopper, maybe a work around would be to spec out something close online, then call in to ask if they can customize the computer after purchase. That would test their sales team as well as their online experience, plus you see how responsive they are to customer requests vs sticking to the assembly line process.

  88. linkelric

    linkelricMonth ago

    I work at a school district and I'm responsible of 40k chrome devices from Dell, as enterprise grade and having a "Dell tech direct" cert, they still give us the run around.

  89. Eggs

    EggsMonth ago

    Touks??? What is this Bob and Doug Mckenzie?

  90. Arsalaan Osman

    Arsalaan OsmanMonth ago

    Those GPUs selling for $400 are just pics of GPUs. Not the actual GPU.

  91. Aaron

    AaronMonth ago

    Linus, you reviewed more than one thumbdrive... Wasn't there a corsair ssd usb?

  92. Aaron

    AaronMonth ago

    Linus is going to have a pop-up full of clothing, blankets, pillows, and books.

  93. LeMasterofDesaster

    LeMasterofDesasterMonth ago

    why do people have such a stereotypical idea of canadians as always nice people no matter the situation?, than seeing Sara in the interview, ah ok.

  94. schtoobs

    schtoobsMonth ago

    You absolutely should go back to Dell about it. You have weight because of your audience not to mention an actual AV recording of the order. If you don't report dodgy call centre staff it will never change. You complaining may actually make them do something if the right person sees it. Not saying you should sue, but certainly make Dell aware of it, even do a video to show how they handle the complaint/the complaint procedure. Could be useful stuff.

  95. Aqeel Hashim

    Aqeel HashimMonth ago

    Is Linus wearing Huh Duh six-hunges Courtsey of dankpods beautiful

  96. kerossin

    kerossinMonth ago

    When you only get a list of what you're buying after paying via an invoice without per-item pricing it's definitely a scam and should be illegal. Fuck Dell.

  97. Florian Riess

    Florian RiessMonth ago

    Linus: "I would never coment on HR in this way!" Also Linus: "We are your first Job out of shool, isnt that right?" Well, at least now we know who has that dinosoure ernergy.

  98. whiteandnerdytuba

    whiteandnerdytubaMonth ago

    All the apple bashing and yet you made iPhone 11 colored beanies

  99. am0rpheus

    am0rpheusMonth ago

    The ship of Theseus is not really an apt comparison - that is about a single item, not a product line.

  100. Average Joe

    Average JoeMonth ago

    Honestly I loved watching the kids running behind linus

  101. imnotdavid

    imnotdavidMonth ago

    dude, do you even know attorneys or have any working for your company? Dell clearly committed fraud and small claims isn't the proper recourse - it's a class action. Obviously if that happened to you, it's probably happened to thousands of people. As much as people hate attorneys, they wouldn't even be necessary if people like you didn't ignore every time you get fucked over like this. You're exactly why companies like Dell aren't afraid to behave like this.

  102. Bobby Nicholson

    Bobby NicholsonMonth ago

    Highlighted comment Vistrus 4 days ago 0:00:00 Intro 0:02:34 Sara Secret Shopper Interview 0:56:00 Tech News 0:56:13 RTX 3060 Ti Market 1:01:51 Rumors of AMD's answer to RTX 3060 Ti 1:02:23 SSD Makers swap parts without telling us 1:12:06 Thumb drives 1:12:48 Linus reviewing thumb drives 1:14:49 RISC-V record-breaking efficiency 1:18:33 Micron DRAM fab goes offline 1:20:10 ASUS & ASRock enables resizable BAR on Z490 1:21:58 1:24:13 Super chats

  103. misomalu

    misomaluMonth ago

    If you make a Threadripper pillow, I will buy it immediately, maybe two.

  104. TheRedScourge

    TheRedScourgeMonth ago

    Electronics manufacturers can stop the scalpers with one trick: If you don't have tons of inventory, double the price for the first week of sales.