AMD Enters the Chat... RADEON 6900 XT Review

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After promising RTX 3090 performance for $500 less, AMD’s Radeon RX 6900 XT has a lot to live up to.. Can it POSSIBLY be that good?
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  1. Linus Tech Tips

    Linus Tech TipsMonth ago

    Small correction: 3080 and 3090 founders DO have RGB support through a 3rd party utility -LS

  2. Sergio Diaz

    Sergio DiazDay ago

    can you upload a video with a simple message to nvidia and amd. "we want stock" no production just a text message

  3. B.S白使

    B.S白使15 days ago

    @Mahdi Abdullah sammee the 3060ti just hits the sweet spot for me who only plays in 1440p cuz 4k is too much for me *crying.gif*

  4. Emmett Rose

    Emmett Rose25 days ago

    how about the 3070?

  5. msul78

    msul7829 days ago

    Why can't Nvidia do decent software? their UI/UX sucks or pretty much non-existent

  6. Michelle L

    Michelle LMonth ago

    6900 xt 16gb before 8 3080 10gb before 12 each new card has 1gb less vam titam 12 1080 11 3080 10 5080 8gb vram lol why are they working backwards?

  7. Absolute DeSi

    Absolute DeSi6 hours ago


  8. Lilution Gaming

    Lilution Gaming7 hours ago

    "69"00 XT

  9. 大大

    大大18 hours ago

    Now who buy 3090 is joke.

  10. Razik Jabbar

    Razik JabbarDay ago

    0:17 Nice

  11. Hamtrr

    HamtrrDay ago

    When a graphics card costs more than lots of people’s computers

  12. Anis .C

    Anis .CDay ago

    In Sweden its selling from 1400-2000$ ....goodbye gaming, why spend all this money to play viedo games... never again !!!!!

  13. starwarsnerd95

    starwarsnerd952 days ago

    over a month later, I finally got a 6900xt now hopefully AMD can follow through and sort out their ray tracing

  14. Shaun Chambers

    Shaun Chambers2 days ago

    The long zebra unexpectedly complete because food predominantly refuse times a thankful pin. mean, common veil

  15. Dark_Linkman93

    Dark_Linkman935 days ago

    A guy can dream of his build. Mine has this in it. Damn dreams that will never be a reality. One can dream though..

  16. Muhammad Kharismawan

    Muhammad Kharismawan6 days ago

    so.. when will the VS video between RTX 3090 and RX6900XT for 8K coming? been a month now.

  17. Niki Slechten

    Niki Slechten8 days ago

    I stay with my amd rx 5700xt still kicking ass in 1440p ultra

  18. braddeicide

    braddeicide8 days ago

    3080 doesn't exist

  19. Dimitri Lens Flare Abrams

    Dimitri Lens Flare Abrams8 days ago

    Nice chain starts here.


    CLYDE FROG9 days ago

    I'd be a little excited but I know these won't be available anywhere, so what's the point?

  21. Stephan W.

    Stephan W.9 days ago

    This guy has got to stop with the "I take extra skim milk in my coffee and am taking part time classes for a liberal arts degree" faces that he makes for advertising his videos

  22. GLN TV

    GLN TV9 days ago

    I love how reference cards went from "never touch that" to "viable" over the course of such a short time

  23. John Elmo Calma

    John Elmo Calma10 days ago

    I cant even afford a Rx 570 then there you go again releasing another gpu 🤦

  24. lance labra

    lance labra10 days ago

    Can you guys do a gpu giveaway? I really need it cuz im not using any rn

  25. Je V 5588

    Je V 558811 days ago

    500 dollars cheaper but better by hlaf sometimes Still worth it

  26. lala lala

    lala lala11 days ago


  27. Sebastian-Benedict Flore

    Sebastian-Benedict Flore11 days ago

    Is there any way to get founders edition?

  28. Josh Scherer

    Josh Scherer12 days ago

    I just got one of these today for my build. I was looking for an rtx 3070 but of course they had no Nvidia cards. Got lucky they had only one of these

  29. dubdot79

    dubdot7912 days ago

    Ready for that 6900 XT overclock video. Can I haz?

  30. 4 WZY

    4 WZY12 days ago

    Yup, 6900 xt (Aka, 3080 ti)

  31. jtgolden1s

    jtgolden1s13 days ago

    Got one today at microcenter they had 10

  32. jtgolden1s

    jtgolden1s11 days ago

    @Morshed Ahmed They had about 6 when i got there at 11:30 Thursday.

  33. Morshed Ahmed

    Morshed Ahmed13 days ago

    Ok mr rich :(

  34. P0T4T0 Computer

    P0T4T0 Computer13 days ago

    69 Noice :D

  35. Jammy

    Jammy15 days ago

    "maybe next year" also next year when not two weeks in amazon stops selling 2000 series cards 5000 series cards 3000 series cards and 6000 series cards and we're stuck with 1600 series cards

  36. Darko

    Darko15 days ago


  37. Carter retraC

    Carter retraC16 days ago

    Think about it. Intel has the fastest graphics cards on the market right now.

  38. ChaotiX

    ChaotiX17 days ago

    so is it safe to say that AMD is finally competitive with Nvidia again?

  39. xX69bobux420Xx

    xX69bobux420Xx2 days ago

    Not yet maybe after next gen

  40. cheese

    cheese17 days ago

    "It smells nice"- Linus 2020

  41. best gameplay

    best gameplay18 days ago

    So just overlcock the 6800

  42. Shaunak Sarker

    Shaunak Sarker19 days ago


  43. Squatchin Maine

    Squatchin Maine19 days ago

    Another testament to "wipe your butt with an amd"


    MUSA MEDIA20 days ago

    No one make intro as good as linus does.

  45. Edgematic

    Edgematic20 days ago

    buy AMD stock instead of this GPU and by the time they're available to buy you'll have money to buy a Nvidia one instead. Big brain play

  46. Anchoritic Parliament

    Anchoritic Parliament20 days ago

    Do you rehearse to make your segues this hilariously bad?

  47. BotDamian

    BotDamian20 days ago

    Europe = 1550Euros = 1905USD The 6800 is about 1050Euros = 1290USD.

  48. lala lala

    lala lala21 day ago


  49. Rodrigo Lopez

    Rodrigo Lopez21 day ago

    in defense of AMD we can say that they Ray Accelerators are brand new and that can cause performance issues on Raytraced Rendering as for the other idk xD

  50. silviu alexandru

    silviu alexandru21 day ago

    RADEON 6900 XT 999 bucks? where?????? in Romania costs 2350 Euro,thats about 2800 USD !!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAT THEEEE FUUUUUCK MAAAAAAAN!!!!???

  51. Daniel Gonçalves

    Daniel Gonçalves22 days ago

    Rx 6900 xt or an Rtx 3080 ? I need some opinions.

  52. Fauzan Rafiq

    Fauzan Rafiq12 days ago

    3090 if you rich

  53. NiCoOo

    NiCoOo22 days ago

    6900 is $500 cheaper than the 3090 and gives equal performance i run it on 2077 it's SPECTACULAIRE

  54. Kevin Lerfand Fabiand Lumban Tobing

    Kevin Lerfand Fabiand Lumban Tobing22 days ago

    why uncle and daughter fighting

  55. Pyro

    Pyro23 days ago


  56. Rev

    Rev23 days ago

    Just got mine for around 100 over normal price tag. Fine for me.

  57. Quarter Pounder With Cheese

    Quarter Pounder With Cheese24 days ago

    Cool, where are they?

  58. Ian McLean

    Ian McLean24 days ago

    In other words: it sucks and you shouldn't buy it even if you can find one to buy.

  59. KiNGxReKS

    KiNGxReKS25 days ago

    I got lucky at micro center today and was able to get a 6900xt red devil honestly my goal was a 3080 but in my opinion who ever fulfills the demand tends to win. Ik I lose out on 2nd gen RT and dlss but as of rn not that many titles have ray tracing in them. But this is my opinion both manufacturers are great. First AMD card let’s see how it goes 🤣

  60. Steven A

    Steven A25 days ago

    no i'm glad to see that amd and nvidia are on par again, thus I'm don't leave the chat / Live Video

  61. Steven A

    Steven A25 days ago

    nvidia boys leave the chat (i has laugh about the chat because rdna2 cards are similar or same) ? i think stand-off both boys. Rather intel mafia (it's 80% monopoly has downfall) is angry

  62. SMG4 Gaming - Poppy from DreamWorks' Trolls

    SMG4 Gaming - Poppy from DreamWorks' Trolls26 days ago


  63. Vincent C

    Vincent C26 days ago

    DLSS is made by Nvidia. No shit AMD cards can't handle it

  64. Sensei Chidi

    Sensei Chidi26 days ago

    I’m thinking of switching to amd but That NVENC encoder is holding me back

  65. Sensei Chidi

    Sensei Chidi6 days ago

    @Troll Boy Content creator

  66. Troll Boy

    Troll Boy7 days ago

    Are you a streamer?

  67. Alexis Nevado

    Alexis Nevado26 days ago


  68. Sir Loin

    Sir Loin26 days ago

    Your prices for merch is way more then it should be, stop lying!

  69. Thomas B Gaming

    Thomas B Gaming26 days ago

    theres like 12 games with raytracing support...

  70. Thomas B Gaming

    Thomas B Gaming26 days ago

    the legendary 69 card

  71. ChevySpeed724

    ChevySpeed72427 days ago

    That "Assassin's Creed Valhara" though @ 6:00

  72. Cr Hu

    Cr Hu27 days ago

    I can still play World of Tanks on my 2009 dual core iMac 27".. With 256MB Radeon..No joke. Good fps too. That game is maybe the best coded there is..

  73. sharp

    sharp27 days ago

    Why did the rx 6900 xt run minecraft at 16 fps lol

  74. Ridge

    Ridge27 days ago

    so you missed the code "Linus Tank Tips"?

  75. ThexWITCHxMaster

    ThexWITCHxMaster28 days ago

    Means it's time for 3090 once they are back in stock 😃.

  76. danprov

    danprov28 days ago

    "it's skill that wins the battle, not money.." hmm..... no :D

  77. Сергей Туганов

    Сергей Туганов28 days ago

    the voice is very similar to larry lafer

  78. Master Navia

    Master Navia28 days ago

    Amd cant beat nvidia but they beat intel but how 🤔💔

  79. Brian Passani

    Brian Passani29 days ago

    Linus the clown

  80. NeuroN KiLLa DNB

    NeuroN KiLLa DNB29 days ago

    2077:Radeon 90000XRQZ RTX BLA BLA 1TB DDR12 :))))))


    HACKERISTIC 499Month ago

    AMD fan boys don't get offended but nvidia is still better than amd

  82. Atharv Gogia

    Atharv GogiaMonth ago

    4:53 why tf did the headlights in the AMD BMW render magically come on

  83. Rob Z

    Rob ZMonth ago

    How come every other review is blowing the Nvidia away :/ I noticed you and Jayz2cents seems to be very biased. Not many people play flight sims 😂 how about modern online games, or Borderlands or anything that isn't minecraft. I wouldn't buy this card to play minecraft 🤣😂 come on your avoiding the games majority of people play.

  84. Rob Z

    Rob ZMonth ago

    I own both nvidia and AMD cards I just see extreme biased in this video by choosing weird games. I'd like a unbiased review of modern games. Like anything in 2020.


    DUSAN JANCICMonth ago

    Can I have a gaming computer please Edit: hello

  86. Glossy

    GlossyMonth ago


  87. Jesus Alfonso

    Jesus AlfonsoMonth ago


  88. insomniscient

    insomniscientMonth ago


  89. Danny m

    Danny mMonth ago

    The unable kenya radiologically land because congo interstingly drum underneath a permissible parcel. lumpy, tough work

  90. lucas humble

    lucas humbleMonth ago

    NVIDIA is better but not for the buget gamer

  91. M W

    M WMonth ago

    What about 3950x with SAM enabled

  92. Wizzz Gin

    Wizzz GinMonth ago

    "our sponsor... World of Tanks. bla bla bla bla featured... tanks" thanks linus. tanks

  93. FUFU

    FUFUMonth ago


  94. Thompa

    ThompaMonth ago

    I never liked nvidia anyway, cya

  95. Simon

    SimonMonth ago

    AYYYYYY The likes on this video are 69K

  96. Stephen Fritz

    Stephen FritzMonth ago

    Why even bother talking about price comparisons when they're only available from scalpers at ridiculous markups? If reviewers are there to help gamers make the wisest spending decisions, LTT & others should refuse to do reviews until there's sufficient stock for real consumers to buy them from retailers. Put pressure on AMD, Nvidia, and retailers to come up with a solution.

  97. ACE1027

    ACE1027Month ago

    I was going to watch this video, but good point. 1/8 a view from me.

  98. Iliqn Marinov

    Iliqn MarinovMonth ago

    hi i have amd radeon rx6800xt and amd r 9 5900x but temp on gr card going up with out any overclock aroun 70 75 77 degree any one knowwhy is that much high

  99. sadegh boriman

    sadegh borimanMonth ago


  100. Guru Gamer

    Guru GamerMonth ago

    Why not DLSS ? Is the Nvidia cards better ?

  101. BabyJay

    BabyJayMonth ago

    Just get a 3080 or 6800. Best value

  102. ArchAngel121996

    ArchAngel121996Month ago

    ill stick with Nvidia

  103. Anunay Sinha

    Anunay SinhaMonth ago

    69 nice

  104. Rioda Tech.

    Rioda Tech.Month ago

    Say goodbye to normal prices, eth mining is on the rise again, so no normal gpu prices at least for next 2 years

  105. Andrew Romano

    Andrew RomanoMonth ago

    Amd ray tracing is still at first stage since 5xxx series didn’t have. Nvidia is clearly ahead on a technology that really doesn’t have an use to most. So is that really necessary to spend 1k+$ on a card that renders light?

  106. Jack Crowther

    Jack CrowtherMonth ago

    The more important question is which one can you actually buy?

  107. Jacob Noel

    Jacob NoelMonth ago

    69k likes on the 6900XT video... Nice

  108. IronMau

    IronMauMonth ago

    it is nice

  109. Knavishroot

    KnavishrootMonth ago

    3:01 Did Nvidia write your script?

  110. NGS

    NGSMonth ago

    Are AMD cards good for Adobe editing software? I use NVDIA but a professional video editor told me to never go AMD because it doesn't work well with the Adobe ecosystem and I was curious as to how and why. He told me some stuff just don't work or lags too much. Is it true?

  111. Double-Edge

    Double-EdgeMonth ago

    19 fps in minecraft, what trash.

  112. J. Mills

    J. MillsMonth ago

    So odd that other reviewers are making videos showing that the card is tanking and saying that it’s barely keeping up with the 3080 and that the software is full of bugs and that it’s heat limiting it’s own voltage? You wonder why nvidea is busting your balls? Stop trying to suck start AMD.

  113. 120ms

    120msMonth ago

    The best part of this thing is 69