A SICK Streaming Setup for Colton - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade

Thanks to Intel for sponsoring this series!
Colton's been running into some streaming issues lately, so we partnered with Intel to give him $5,000 to fix it, let's see how he spent it.
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  1. Lars Wissdur

    Lars WissdurHour ago

    I need a sponsor :(

  2. PhilFilmt

    PhilFilmt2 hours ago

    Fun Fact: The issue with his „old“ Samsung monitor is quite common, unfortunately. Samsung made a HUGE mistake in engineering some of their monitors... mine got the same issue..

  3. James Phan

    James Phan7 hours ago

    "they call me the one coat wizard" xD

  4. FunnySkeleton

    FunnySkeleton11 hours ago

    Linus drop tips


    JDMACC12 hours ago

    Colton is a schmuck

  6. Power Sky

    Power Sky13 hours ago

    He’s...... talking in to the wrong side of the microphone

  7. JBG 0801

    JBG 080114 hours ago

    alternate title: who can f**k up a literal free setup upgrade the most?

  8. Jeffrey

    Jeffrey15 hours ago

    14:34 lol i had the same thing when i saw a 3pin wall plug o.0

  9. ADC

    ADC16 hours ago

    the moment I see that radiator cover with dust I was like "bruh"

  10. Timothy Seale

    Timothy Seale16 hours ago

    Would someone please tell him that is a side address microphone, not end address.

  11. Trustin Mcmurphy

    Trustin Mcmurphy16 hours ago

    linus is packing!

  12. Donovan Vallance

    Donovan Vallance17 hours ago

    A thousand dollar door!!! So he always makes a "grand" entrance hahahhaa

  13. Ali Chehab

    Ali Chehab18 hours ago

    Linus: " Hey we're gonna update your Streaming Rig at home." Colton: "Cool, whats the catch?" Linus: "I'm gonna insult your home and life choices for 4 hours."

  14. Ali Chehab

    Ali Chehab18 hours ago

    Now he can safely get fired with a backup streaming career.

  15. Ali Chehab

    Ali Chehab18 hours ago

    IKEA: keeping twitch streamers off the floor since 2011

  16. Ali Chehab

    Ali Chehab18 hours ago

    Colton is the only person who can make Linus look tall and Colton's wife is the only person who can make Colton feel tall.

  17. Ali Chehab

    Ali Chehab18 hours ago

    The most Canadian thing I have ever heard “I am sorry when I get angry I point.”

  18. Ali Chehab

    Ali Chehab18 hours ago

    Alternate title: Employer criticizes employee's house and life in exchange for $5000 streaming setup.

  19. JazzeGaming

    JazzeGaming20 hours ago

    damn noice video :)

  20. Taha YT614

    Taha YT61420 hours ago

    Should of took the pc off him after seeing the amount of dust

  21. Gerbrand Steyn

    Gerbrand SteynDay ago

    I like how Linus does other people's Peels

  22. Gerbrand Steyn

    Gerbrand SteynDay ago

    I love how you just let the CPU Lie around on the kitchen counter.

  23. Constant Questing

    Constant QuestingDay ago

    Watching this video just so i can hear linus say my name (my name is also colton)

  24. ITZ RG

    ITZ RGDay ago

    Hey Linus yo quickly send me 144 hz monitor alright? Here’s my address xxxxxx xxxxxx-steet

  25. ECamm28

    ECamm28Day ago

    me want

  26. Zeus Akmad

    Zeus AkmadDay ago

    lol its abbreviation is XTU like the program

  27. Zedsu

    ZedsuDay ago

    i need pc linus :((

  28. John H

    John HDay ago

    This video made me go check the radiator on my AIO, and i'm ashamed to say it's just about as bad...

  29. NoticeTheSosig

    NoticeTheSosigDay ago

    His audio setup actually sucks.. he’s talking into the wrong side of the mic and a Behringer mixer? I think this one doesn’t even has phantom power wich is needed for a at2020... oh boi

  30. Seale Family Ministries

    Seale Family Ministries16 hours ago

    It is a side address microphone, but the mixer has phantom power. It's actually not terrible for what he's doing with it.

  31. MistahBurp Fractal

    MistahBurp FractalDay ago

    Jesus christ the dust on that fan.

  32. Brando P.

    Brando P.Day ago

    How is he only getting 230 FPS on that setup in Doom when I can get over 300 with a 3900X and a 2080 super?

  33. Eyad Mohsen Hauter

    Eyad Mohsen HauterDay ago

    Linus- Makes fun of employees Also Linus- No wonder his streaming set-up sucks. Always Linus - Wears jeans and sandals. Me in 2011 watching Linus bumping into his desk :( Me now watching you reading our comments - No wonder why you're a low testosterone #####

  34. C Morr

    C MorrDay ago

    Linus is a tiny douchebag ... did you expect him to NOT hire more douchebags to work for him? Douchebag magnet is a magnet

  35. Azhureus

    AzhureusDay ago

    How the fruck ya all getting 3080s is beyond me !

  36. Aither

    AitherDay ago

    Wtf I just watched. 😅 Cannot believe this turned out ok at the end..

  37. Dark Basty

    Dark BastyDay ago

    Linus looks likr captain America from infinity war

  38. Rahul Ravishankar

    Rahul RavishankarDay ago

    Also, Doom Eternal is literally the worst game to use as a benchmark. That game is so optimized, I can play it on Intel HD Graphics and not stick a screwdriver in my eyes.

  39. Rahul Ravishankar

    Rahul RavishankarDay ago

    I've been using Linus as a baseline for shortness for 5 years and now I see Colton next to whom Linus looks tall

  40. Splashy Gamers

    Splashy GamersDay ago

    “Boss roasts the shit out of employees house in exchange for a 5000 dollar streaming setup”

  41. TriggoViggo

    TriggoViggoDay ago

    how the fuck doesn't Colton have common sense. he has the top of the line components but his case is jack shit airflow

  42. TriggoViggo

    TriggoViggoDay ago

    and a 750 watt PSU for an I9-10900K AND A 3080. like wtf

  43. Antphoneigh

    AntphoneighDay ago

    I think Dennis actually used $5000 better here (even with the cray-cray purchases). He even got a 3080 and decent cooling.

  44. artlessknave

    artlessknave2 days ago

    as he's rifling through colton's drawers I was just waiting for him to go "condoms!" or "oh shit vibes"

  45. Keeny no0

    Keeny no02 days ago

    I see why you all rag on him so much, what an absolute numpty, planning his build so poorly. Does he work part time at the Verge?

  46. 11S2-B05 Cara, Josh Christian F.

    11S2-B05 Cara, Josh Christian F.2 days ago

    why not buy monitor stands? the stand ur using rn takes up so much mouse space. ur prolly playing on a billion DPI

  47. CastielUchiha

    CastielUchiha2 days ago

    Kinda wish we had seen the temps

  48. dtiydr

    dtiydr2 days ago

    Just realized I have exactly the same microphone but was not used for streaming but was bought for a job application to get, what it seemed, to be one of the best out there and it sure was.

  49. Chitzuuu

    Chitzuuu2 days ago

    3:00 i have the exact same problem with the exact same monitor :))) What should we do ?

  50. M365

    M3652 days ago

    Why does linus act like 32gb of ram is like 2gb of ram

  51. fooballguy34

    fooballguy342 days ago

    I am waiting for the day someone to buy an amd cpu

  52. MrCurry

    MrCurry2 days ago

    long boi returns in desk form.

  53. Alan Butler

    Alan Butler2 days ago

    Loving these Intel upgrades, makes me wanna come work for ya, do you need a maintenance guy :)

  54. BrOverbee

    BrOverbee2 days ago

    Please fix your mic. It’s a side-address mic, not an end-address mic

  55. Xerxes 009

    Xerxes 0092 days ago

    Crispy monitors.

  56. Dan Lukens

    Dan Lukens2 days ago

    He had $5,000 but couldn't find room for a desk in that budget?

  57. Enyalios Ares

    Enyalios Ares2 days ago

    I’d honestly give my arm for this kinda setup

  58. Carlos Alberto Lino Filho

    Carlos Alberto Lino Filho2 days ago

    That's really bad setup...and costed 5k!

  59. zlerner716

    zlerner7162 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the Colton in the background with the vacuum while Linus was talking?

  60. Ben Runge

    Ben Runge2 days ago

    17:53 Wha- excuse me Linus?👀💀

  61. K Log

    K Log2 days ago

    Only real anime fans would notice linus picking up the anime dvd and blu ray cases of My Hero Academia and Spirited Away at 03:35. .....Don't ask me how I saw that on my phone and immediately knew what they were......Okay! Moving On!

  62. The DEADPOOL Knockoff

    The DEADPOOL Knockoff2 days ago

    5 seconds of silence for who r lagging at 60 fps (including me)

  63. SecurityDivision

    SecurityDivision2 days ago

    Okay, they need to make Linus Interior Tips :D

  64. Nexus

    Nexus2 days ago

    Linus' employees have THE WORST setups ever. Makes you wonder. 🤔

  65. CallumIsOK

    CallumIsOK2 days ago

    This is more or less Linus insults his co-workers home

  66. Eviac Gaming

    Eviac Gaming2 days ago

    Colton called it! I saw Dennis's setup before i watched this video. Dennis himself said he's setup is the "ultimate" comfort setup XD (it's not comfortable)

  67. Finley

    Finley2 days ago

    Colton do be talkin into the wrong part of the microphone

  68. CoreZer0

    CoreZer03 days ago

    Colten... You spent too much on that door. I have the same door with a speakeasy on it. Spent half of what you did bud.

  69. Il mastro Stefanuzzo

    Il mastro Stefanuzzo3 days ago


  70. Benedek Blaskovich

    Benedek Blaskovich3 days ago

    Colton you are speaaking in to the top of your AT2020 mic but you are supposed to speak in to the side. There is a print on one side that sais back, you should speak to the opposite side :D

  71. vandana sharma

    vandana sharma3 days ago

    best part of video 9:25(sorry intel)

  72. FlyingNoodlesGood

    FlyingNoodlesGood3 days ago

    8:35 sPEciFicallY spELt bOi

  73. Kyle Coignet

    Kyle Coignet3 days ago

    I haven't had this much fun watching a video in a while

  74. Jeffrey Twillight

    Jeffrey Twillight3 days ago

    Where do they take the old rigs. Hey LTT. Please donate one of these rigs to the poor (me in this case)

  75. Bryson Morlan

    Bryson Morlan3 days ago

    homie playin persona 5 mad respect

  76. Sam ML

    Sam ML3 days ago

    HAHAHAH "Sorry Steve, I let you down" @gamersnexus

  77. Zacky Poo

    Zacky Poo3 days ago

    gosh darn canadians 18:15

  78. saartxn

    saartxn3 days ago

    I want to have this experience lmao

  79. Master Yoda

    Master Yoda3 days ago

    No one: Not even a single soul: USlikes subtitles: coursera

  80. MrX

    MrX3 days ago

    I love thus series lol. Linus is such a cool boss.


    DYNXMIT3 OFFICIAL3 days ago

    Imagine buying an amd cpu from the money that intel gave you.

  82. marcu

    marcu3 days ago

    That’s something I would do.

  83. Ibrahim Ahmed

    Ibrahim Ahmed3 days ago

    I feel like with 5k$ he could get more then what he got here.

  84. Sebastian Eiselt

    Sebastian Eiselt3 days ago

    You probably could repair the Monitor pretty easy, its just the TCOn with a cold spot, just stuff it in a reflow oven, probably like 5 bucks for a repaired Monitor...

  85. Mads Jensen

    Mads Jensen3 days ago

    15 dollar cable tie fuck

  86. Quantum

    Quantum3 days ago

    Linus mounted the radiator so all the airflow in the front was blocked... LINUS I HAVE AN H510 YOU DON'T MOUNT A RAD ON THAT SIDE OF THE BRACKET

  87. crizangel xD

    crizangel xD4 days ago

    Colton got a streaming setup. Meanwhile, Dennis got a whole-ass house, 2 ProArt monitors, and a custom neon sign. How the f---

  88. pollax troy

    pollax troy4 days ago

    Colton life.

  89. YoungDuck484

    YoungDuck4844 days ago

    imagine using intels money to buy a ryzen cpu lmao

  90. Spikeyy

    Spikeyy4 days ago

    This video should be named to: Roasting coltons whole house and life

  91. Jaime7188

    Jaime71884 days ago

    It amazes me how no one got a 3090 when they have a $5k budget

  92. Joel P

    Joel P4 days ago

    I've been completely disappointed with the quality of any Amazon basics products I've purchased

  93. Austin Cameron

    Austin Cameron4 days ago

    haha so Canadian. "Sorry I point sometimes"

  94. xpyr

    xpyr4 days ago

    Can we have a follow up video if Colton buys a better psu and a larger case that fits the 360 radiator?

  95. Oneandonlyagust

    Oneandonlyagust4 days ago

    Please tell me Colton isn’t actually fired

  96. Uncle Crazy

    Uncle Crazy4 days ago

    Moar Colton!

  97. Marcus De Santa

    Marcus De Santa4 days ago

    Claiming that something is holy is prohibited without evidence form Quran and Sunnah. When someone associates with it such offensive words, this means that this is part of his religion and belief that such filth is holy and sacred!

  98. RabidC0d3r

    RabidC0d3r4 days ago

    I just pointed! What?! I point when I get mad. .................

  99. Qik Wolf

    Qik Wolf4 days ago

    My guy.

  100. Matthew Bono

    Matthew Bono4 days ago

    The dynamic substance suddenly crawl because ghost clinically tire at a ajar legal. hungry, recondite security

  101. Carlos guardado

    Carlos guardado4 days ago

    Funny vids keep them coming

  102. colep14

    colep144 days ago


  103. Medy Wedhangga

    Medy Wedhangga4 days ago

    why dont you put both fans and radiator on the same side on its mounting bracket (inner side), so you have more space/room to let radiator to breath/intake-ing air? and used push configuration instead of pull

  104. Mob

    Mob4 days ago

    Yo I need more Colton