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  1. Wolf Heart

    Wolf Heart3 hours ago

    What I want to knnow is how to go and sell that computer to someone in my town. warranties and such are a concern.

  2. Rishi Thippaiah

    Rishi Thippaiah3 hours ago

    do all the geek and stuff and use it still for day to day,. web browsing,. I wonder how many really use it for actual gaming on running high computing FPGA programs use it to process DSP..,. lol

  3. Bojkenoven

    Bojkenoven6 hours ago

    Dell - I'm a reseller of computer components and an IT manager for a large corporate company. You have 12 months to turn yourselves around and we'll be using a similar mystery customer approach with an internal employee. If there's no improvement, we'll be shifting our SOE over to another brand entirely, including our servers.

  4. Ondřej Miňovský

    Ondřej Miňovský7 hours ago

    The shiny screws on the PSU mount look super ugly. Come on Linus I think you can do better.

  5. We Spartacus

    We Spartacus9 hours ago

    Thumb down for using the sjw phrase "toxic masculinity". sjw's are cancer.

  6. TechGuy

    TechGuy10 hours ago

    I stopped watching when I saw the Core i5 box and then heard the MSI B460 MB was going to be used. It's fall 2020. Everyone knows that AMD processors have the best bang for the buck and AM4 motherboards can be upgraded to Zen3 processors. This build isn't anything but an advertisement for Intel.

  7. DarkBehindFlat

    DarkBehindFlat11 hours ago

    Anyone can help me build a pc for game development i have 2000$ budget

  8. Fickle

    Fickle17 hours ago

    Walmart smiley face would cover that fan sticker perfectly

  9. Omid Navid

    Omid Navid20 hours ago

    Ok let me see my PC Spending for the last 6 months was: VGA MSI RX 580 FOR $200 2x 8GB 2700 MHz at $150 Ryzen 5 3600 $210 Average case for $40 Blu-Ray Writer $80 2x 12mm FAN $5 1x 1TB SSD Samsung EVO $145 1x MSI A320M Gaming $60 That'll bring us to total of: $870 Ok so i'm ashamed of myself Spending that poor money on this junk GOD DAAMN IT

  10. Omid Navid

    Omid Navid12 hours ago

    @Dex Valorian yeah :( However i needed the bluray cause i have some unnecessary files which i wanted to backup on a disk to archive

  11. Dex Valorian

    Dex Valorian15 hours ago

    Not a bad gpu/cpu combo. You spent too much on ram rated at speed. Blu ray reader is unnecessary. Opt out for a smaller boot ssd and use hdd for video games and media. All the money saved you could have spent on a better gpu.

  12. Zantetsuken’s Dao

    Zantetsuken’s Dao21 hour ago

    Did he apply thermal paste?

  13. Fruit Gums

    Fruit GumsDay ago


  14. xVNOISEx

    xVNOISExDay ago

    Why is the Milwaukee hung upside down ?

  15. mmee

    mmeeDay ago

    AMD logo on an Intel board

  16. Jan Belarmino

    Jan BelarminoDay ago

    "Wait, this whole operation was your idea"

  17. Freddie_ Rocketleague123

    Freddie_ Rocketleague123Day ago

    Can you please tell me everything to get to build my own pc under 1000

  18. MrMustardfinger

    MrMustardfingerDay ago

    i budgeted £1.5k for a new pc ended up turning into 2.5k! lol (think thats about $3k) I sqeezed my last pc to over 8 years upgraded gpu twice during that though!

  19. Darren Cowasaki

    Darren CowasakiDay ago

    Regarding tape. Self amalgamating tape is like electrical tape but doesn't get sticky and unravel. Cotton tape is best....

  20. Deadpond 12

    Deadpond 12Day ago

    Linus art tips

  21. Im Blue

    Im Blue2 days ago

    Why do gamers buy expensive processors when they could be using a x99 processor with 12 cores for $130. This setup is a waste of money

  22. Im Blue

    Im Blue2 days ago

    Are you seriously using that cooler on that expensive processor and not fully overclocking?? I can buy a 360mm msi aio and still have money to eat popcorn for this video

  23. clint cole

    clint cole2 days ago

    that was stupid

  24. palladini971

    palladini9712 days ago

    Electical tape around wires, heat with a Lighter after application, it rubber and will melt together

  25. technological reinovations

    technological reinovations2 days ago

    b for better

  26. Randall B

    Randall B2 days ago

    I didn't miss the fact he forgot to use some type of thermal paste. Made me cringe a bit

  27. Randall B

    Randall B2 days ago

    Most interactive video ever. Even after a year lol. Right at the very moment I do post the comment. I'm responded too here, linus I applaud you. Keep up the good work

  28. The Steak Connoisseur

    The Steak Connoisseur2 days ago


  29. John Smith

    John Smith2 days ago

    "Wait, this whole operation was your idea"

  30. Sean Maloney

    Sean Maloney2 days ago

    Linus: "Don't spend too much on computers!" ** has an Intel CPU on the table ** Lol wtf

  31. Derek Holden

    Derek Holden2 days ago

    Leave it to Linus to drop even the damn t-shirt care card.. Jesus man, clean it up!

  32. Hannu Torrekens

    Hannu Torrekens2 days ago

    would you buy the intel I5 over an AMD ryzen 3600.

  33. Andrew kim

    Andrew kim3 days ago

    In case anyone missed it, this was brought to you by MSI.

  34. SirUncleDolan

    SirUncleDolanDay ago


  35. ameer kofahi

    ameer kofahi3 days ago

    ask us how our days been

  36. IdealSound & Performance

    IdealSound & Performance3 days ago

    Just find someone selling a rig whos desperate. 2070S and i7 9700 for 400 Canadian.... :)

  37. Matthew Bond

    Matthew Bond3 days ago

    Props to Linus, who I remember from his NCIX days (I bet they miss you), repping the budget scene. I know it's not sexy, but if we're honest here folks, it's where most of us are at ;0)

  38. OwO

    OwO3 days ago

    Title: "don't spend too much money on a computer" *Me who just bought a 1500€ pc* **InTeReStInG**

  39. David Mitchell

    David Mitchell5 hours ago

    @Kyle Helton 2080 super and not 3070? Couldn't be me. Anyway, leave him alone with your weird belief that it all has to be top of the line, considering your GPU certainly isn't.

  40. Kyle Helton

    Kyle Helton12 hours ago

    OwO also why did you’re FPS jump up 100 more since last comment? Lmfao

  41. Kyle Helton

    Kyle Helton12 hours ago

    OwO what games and settings? Minecraft on low? Lol. I’m running some nice 4K gameplay and loving it. Enjoy those turd graphics. I guess that’s what ya get when you’re gpu is worth as much as you’re whole potato pc haha

  42. OwO

    OwO12 hours ago

    @Kyle Helton OK mate I'm already seated! Winning some tourneys on my 400 fps

  43. Kyle Helton

    Kyle Helton13 hours ago

    OwO nobody believes you’re running on 300+ unless you’re playing Minecraft and cs go bud lol

  44. RATTL3R186

    RATTL3R1863 days ago

    IT's a great value! Yeah for checking email. Don't even bother with perhaps some better TIM under that crap heatsink.

  45. Lyndon Hamilton

    Lyndon Hamilton3 days ago

    im lucky i got construction noise from you and my neighbours

  46. better beatz

    better beatz3 days ago

    To bring it under $1000, replace the i5 10400 with a i3 10100f and the RTX 2060 with a GTX 1660 Super.

  47. Gerald Wagster

    Gerald Wagster3 days ago

    I'm still wondering if he took the plastic off the heatsink compound...

  48. Turan ÜMÜL

    Turan ÜMÜL4 days ago

    Why still intel linus....

  49. Sean Stevenson

    Sean Stevenson4 days ago

    2:10 WhY ArE YoU UsInG a B-sErIeS cHipSeT oN a GaMiNg RiG? Why is he trying to cram his agenda down our throats?? I'm using it because I got a lot of computational computy things that I need to do here at speeds that can only be computed by a b-series chipset on a gaming rig. Just kidding. It's with great shame and a heavy heart that I admit I only purchased it because it was featured at the top of the webpage. Mind-numbingly compare millions of specs and prices across thousands of products to make an informed buying decision? Ain't nobody got time for that!

  50. Killermonk

    Killermonk4 days ago

    10:30 toxic masculinity or just casual Alpha stuff? Linus we all know you're the beta in the relationship and you get pegged.

  51. Snuphelupagus Jones

    Snuphelupagus Jones4 days ago

    Digress much? ;)

  52. golan

    golan4 days ago

    That part about AI is BS. Compute shaders can be used to handle the processing load for the kind of computing requirements you'd have for AI in games. The training part has to take place when there slow segments or the player is taking a break.

  53. Charles Alden

    Charles Alden4 days ago

    I know so many people who bought expensive hardware for workflows that didn't require it. Though to be fair, I've also been guilty of this many times, especially when it came to the GPU' and CPU's that I've chosen. Thankfully, AMD has changed the game by providing extremely powerful workstation class hardware at practically half the price, as was very clear when I built my last Workstation. I really wanted an Intel Xeon CPU with the highest core count, but their 28 core version costed over $9,000, so I went AMD and bought the 32 Core 2990WX, which amazingly was 3/4's the cost of the slower Xeon with less cores. Along with the CPU I paired it with a Gigabyte TRX40 Aorus Xtreme, 256GB of G.Skill DDR4-3600 from their Octo-Kit. Storage is a Infinity . Though a very expensive system, it was still a fraction of what it would have cost me if I had purchased the Xeon and Nvidia 8000 RTX GPU I originally wanted. Because of this decision I got a computer that is not only extremely powerful but is still upgradeable to not only more powerful CPU's but the next generation of powerful CPU's. Where as if Intel came out with a new Xeon 48 or 64 core Xeon, a new motherboard would most likely need to be purchased as well. Also though my two Radeon VII Pro's aren't the fastest GPU's on the market, their combined memory and performance do out perform a single Nvidia 8000 RTX that costs more than twice as much. Not just that but everything I throw at them is just gobbled up with an attitude, truly awesome and affordable workstation class cards. FYI, my firm buys a lot of servers direct from Gigabyte as such I get heavily discounted parts. The 8TB SSD drive isn't mine either, it actually belongs to my firm, though it's one of the backup units so I asked if I could use it. Since we rarely have to replace a broken part our IT Locker, where this stuff is stored, is basically my play ground. Another example, I've had an AMD Instinct 150M compute card in my rig for the last 2 months that I'm using as a render card.

  54. Jerry Payne

    Jerry Payne4 days ago

    how come you guys don't use Passmark for bench marking your builds?

  55. Kevin Bellamy

    Kevin Bellamy4 days ago

    Do you guys have a store?... can people buy or sponser a game build... I'm waiting right now, but have a pretty hefty budget.

  56. joe wilts

    joe wilts4 days ago

    $1000 PC? I can do that! ....oh, it's $1010? I can't afford that.

  57. vissengek

    vissengek4 days ago

    But can it run Dwarf Fortress? That's the real question :P

  58. Dagga Soft

    Dagga Soft5 days ago

    Dude, get a Smart Things hub and upload your own custom device handlers. It sounds a) daunting and b) proprietary, but I assure you Samsung is doing something right with their smart things hub. I can roll my own smart apps and virtual devices without leaving my internal network. Their IDE and deployment/publishing process is pretty good. I don't know of anything better.

  59. Chu Yen

    Chu Yen5 days ago

    Its kinda crazy my Galaxy S20 has more power thank my Surface Book without powerbase, wondering about the difference with the powerbase..

  60. Chu Yen

    Chu Yen5 days ago

    Happy ThanksGiving: Merry X-Mas... I'm running away :P

  61. Louis van Zyl

    Louis van Zyl5 days ago

    I've got that exact case. I love how small it is

  62. kyle agustin

    kyle agustin5 days ago

    says the guy who literally have every component tech companies has to offer

  63. jmactv

    jmactv6 days ago

    stupid weird face thumbnail

  64. Crypt God

    Crypt God6 days ago

    Meanwhile my dad thinks $500 is too much for a gaming computer, despite the kind of money he spends on useless stuff.


    TROLLDATSHIT Yeah You6 days ago

    Spicy video

  66. Tsuki

    Tsuki6 days ago

    the typeface reminds me of salc1

  67. Mr. Robot

    Mr. Robot6 days ago

    Should be an $800 build but msi are scalping their own parts.

  68. MitsR21

    MitsR216 days ago

    i want buy pc gaming 1000$ who know from pc?

  69. Stergios Katsoulas

    Stergios Katsoulas6 days ago

    What if you put an Intel processor with an AMD cooler?

  70. erik nansen

    erik nansen6 days ago

    Linus: "Don't spend too much on computers!" ** has an Intel CPU on the table ** Lol wtf

  71. Dan Cox Daily

    Dan Cox Daily7 days ago

    Agree completely on the electrical tape, really enjoyed that take and the video. Thought the word may have been 'bespoke' . Cheers!

  72. randal smith

    randal smith7 days ago

    Найбільш милий кадр дня 🥰😍 Дмитро Поворознюк із дружиною після дебюту в професійному футболі 😌

  73. kim phi

    kim phi7 days ago

    $1000 PC? I can do that! ....oh, it's $1010? I can't afford that.

  74. Steve Vdmey

    Steve Vdmey7 days ago

    My mom taught us from a young age where babies came from. She bought me and my sister from Sears, and my brother was a K-Mart blue light special.

  75. Filuo

    Filuo7 days ago

    I don't know much about computer & building one but I wonder why people always buy a new case. Couldn't you just buy a good case once and just reuse it for the next pc you build? Doing that, wouldn't you save on money? In my mind, a case is just a case.

  76. CapitalD D

    CapitalD D7 days ago

    Rest in piece MSI sponsorship....

  77. Rui Palmeira

    Rui Palmeira7 days ago

    probably already everyone knows this, but this case in particular has RGB on the glass panel side (a really small diffused strip towards the front, between the blacked out glass and the psu shroud), the mesh version (P300A) has a white LED in the same place.

  78. Masud Khan

    Masud Khan7 days ago

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  79. Freakschwimmer

    Freakschwimmer7 days ago

    Not using a 3600? Suspicious....

  80. Builder

    Builder8 days ago

    gaming system falls down with a 500G SSD... you'll be out of space in a really short time.

  81. Dude

    Dude8 days ago

    “Boring, business boner” ~Linus 2020

  82. kumbandit

    kumbandit8 days ago

    Can't see a scenario where "don't spend too much" and RTX go together...

  83. ThatOneNoob

    ThatOneNoob8 days ago

    I have to use laptops because of portability why am I watching this hour and 40 minute video

  84. Muhammad EbrahimAbdrabbo

    Muhammad EbrahimAbdrabbo8 days ago

    Oh nice. This is the motherboard and CPU I've just purchased

  85. Rand Burkey

    Rand Burkey8 days ago

    Free love interface

  86. Urban Dad

    Urban Dad8 days ago

    U look better w beard tho

  87. L G

    L G8 days ago

    Too much time talking about your car

  88. Bini Naser

    Bini Naser8 days ago

    Heloo man please can you give me as a gift core i 5 computer please i loved computers can u?🙏🏻🙏🏻

  89. Connor Remsen

    Connor Remsen8 days ago

    Linus: "Let's build a PC" ~Grabs Sharpie~

  90. Karam Marji

    Karam Marji8 days ago

    With the year closing out, it seems like Roddy Ricch, Lil Baby and DaBaby dominated the charts. Who had the biggest song of the year in your opinion? Check out all of the number 1 songs from 2020 so far:

  91. SoledOut SC

    SoledOut SC9 days ago

    Linus: About to die Bad guy: Any last words Linus: This death w-was sponsored by Tunnelbear!

  92. Stephen Girty

    Stephen Girty9 days ago

    I have that GPU

  93. Dante Dinglasan

    Dante Dinglasan9 days ago

    saw someone on chat asking: "should i get aryzen 5 or 6" LOL!

  94. Mike Eisenhart

    Mike Eisenhart9 days ago

    Processor & Memory: 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-10750H Processor 16GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM Drives: 1TB 5400RPM Hard Drive + 512GB NVMe Solid State Drive No Optical Drive Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 10 Home (64-bit) Communications: Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 2x2 WLAN + Bluetooth® 5.0 Integrated 720P HD Webcam Killer Gaming Network E3100 (10/100/1000 mbps) Ethernet LAN Graphics & Video: 17.3" FHD (1920 x 1080) 144Hz 3ms Display 6GB NVIDIA GeForce® RTX 2060 Graphics Audio: 2x 3W Giant Speakers + 2x 3W Subwoofer Keyboard: Steel Series RGB Backlight Keyboard with Anti-Ghost Key + Silver Lining Ports & Slots: 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C 2x USB 3.2 Gen 1 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 1x HDMI-Out 1x Media Card Reader 1x Mini-Display Port mDP v1.2 1x Ethernet Lan (10/100/1000 mbps) 1x Mic-In/Headphone-Out Jack Power Supply: 6-Cell 51Wh Li-Ion Battery Additional Information: Dimensions: 15.63"x10.57"x1.08" Approximate Weight: 5.75lbs is this a deacent laptop?

  95. Mike Eisenhart

    Mike Eisenhart9 days ago

    anyone have any feedback on the 2020 msi raider gaming laptop currently being sold at costco

  96. BROis

    BROis10 days ago

    Fast forward to November 2020: MacBook Air M1 for $999.... bam, done.

  97. Cameron Gallagher

    Cameron Gallagher10 days ago

    Me: carefully moving every PC part like it’s made of ultra thin glass Linus: coloring on his mobo and cords and melting his PCI and cutting with a butter knife

  98. chris reglin

    chris reglin10 days ago

    LINUS IS SO getoff my lawn you lil whipersnappers already haha

  99. Karam Marji

    Karam Marji10 days ago

    Within 5 minutes, he's already talking about melting the back off a PCI-E slot with a blowtorch and butter knife. Classic Linus.

  100. Asakk

    Asakk10 days ago

    Omg i have the same screren, a beast :D

  101. vidblitz

    vidblitz10 days ago

    There's such a thing as too much slot talk and a fella should be aware of it.

  102. Anders Auto and Truck

    Anders Auto and Truck10 days ago

    No one gonna mention Jake is wearing a Finnegan Speed and Marine shirt?

  103. F S

    F S10 days ago

    "We do not discriminate based on size." Right on, Linus!

  104. Danijel Cerin

    Danijel Cerin10 days ago

    Just using an Os, courtesy of grandpa Linus. The other Linus i think. In short words i am a penguin user. XD

  105. Nate Shoemaker

    Nate Shoemaker10 days ago

    If you open the end of the PCI-E slot won't it lose its clamping ability? Could you end up with poor contact or even shorting?

  106. glo rk

    glo rk10 days ago

    Is 500 watt really enough??

  107. PPD 27

    PPD 2710 days ago

    Anything better than a non k i5 needs a z board. Why not amd you could literally buy a 3600 with a b450m board

  108. alex encarnacion

    alex encarnacion11 days ago

    Don't spend too much Previous video-" building a bathroom setup with a 3090"

  109. Joey Hiatt

    Joey Hiatt11 days ago

    I've torched butter knives too. But for other recreational purposes

  110. john cao

    john cao11 days ago

    linus calling out sponsors on live streams makes me trust his word even more.