This PC SHOULDN'T Be Possible

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Long has running an ITX system required compromising on expandability. Today that changes!
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
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  1. Rapid -

    Rapid -4 hours ago

    12:20 That's what she said!

  2. Lumbridge Lad

    Lumbridge Lad6 hours ago

    Is anyone able to tell me what fans LTT is using for the case/rad? Thanks in advance !

  3. epoxeclipse

    epoxeclipse12 hours ago

    damn bro gotta be flexing that 2080 super when I cant find anything in stock anywhere. I am missing one piece to my build and I wouldn't have thought I couldn't get a video card in 2020 but that's whats up. My spare video card is a ATI 4870 from circa 2008.

  4. Sumarno S

    Sumarno S13 hours ago

    i though you will say 6 more than 2 times.... hehehe

  5. Formacion Oposline

    Formacion Oposline13 hours ago

    "It's not even expensive!" Well of course it's not if everyones sent you the components for free 😅

  6. the hotdog

    the hotdog16 hours ago

    just go mini dtx

  7. Travis Snider

    Travis Snider20 hours ago

    Always flexing your gpu stock lol

  8. Wiktor Tomanek

    Wiktor TomanekDay ago

    10Gb networking - nice, I've got 3MB/s in my home

  9. Island Exposures

    Island ExposuresDay ago

    Love the case, can it also be fitted with SSD's and how many?

  10. ерунда сэндвич

    ерунда сэндвичDay ago

    When you tab out, the game stops using the cpu and gpu resources.

  11. Jean ET Toine

    Jean ET ToineDay ago

    does he know hes supposed to pass the tubes behind the psu smh

  12. josue hernandez

    josue hernandezDay ago

    i will love to have that pc, its sick

  13. GrastTube

    GrastTube2 days ago

    that's why the RTX 3x cannot be found anymore. Linux bought all of them

  14. Jim Gill

    Jim Gill2 days ago

    I am hoping I can build me a computer soon. My laptop aint doing good . its dying no keyboard, no sound and to slow. toshiba 2.2g, 8g of memory . play Diablo 3 and world of war craft

  15. Dakoe

    Dakoe2 days ago

    my seasonic powersupply lived longer than my dog :-(

  16. Kilo Metrez

    Kilo Metrez3 days ago

    Does that fit into a luggage? And how much does it weight?

  17. jonki leshi

    jonki leshi3 days ago

    Linus, your idea of “budget” is getting a little different than ours.

  18. Sator

    Sator4 days ago

    today, Linus makes a gaming console

  19. Jacob Olness

    Jacob Olness4 days ago

    Sliger makes awesome stuff, I need room for 4 expansion cards so I went with their cerberus X. Great build quality and great support. I have raw panels I purchased that I will be painting in the spring.

  20. KATYO

    KATYO4 days ago

    Linus: these go for 600$, don't buy let the scalper inventory rot. Me: checks Amazon for 2080 super = $1700 + 220$ import and shipping fee.

  21. KronDestroyer

    KronDestroyer4 days ago

    Owner of a sm580 and I absolutely love it. Its hilarious watching linus struggle through certain parts like I did, makes me feel less like a noob. But if he got the cable management down better, maybe put some custom cables even he could get those Temps even lower. Im running a 9900k 5ghz, 2080ti at 2100mhz under full load with absolutely no issues. Stoked he threw a 3090 in there, wanted to see how the founders editon did, I think going with a aftermarket cooling solution would be best in the long run though. Highly suggest Sliger

  22. --

    --4 days ago

    Plot twist; Linus IS a scalper

  23. Woop Woop

    Woop Woop4 days ago

    Wanna sprite cranberry?

  24. El_guapo_cris

    El_guapo_cris4 days ago

    if you purchase the acrylic windows will it still include the vented panels

  25. I'mnobody ANON

    I'mnobody ANON4 days ago

    People be buying from scalpers while I wait for secondhand nothing's funnier than buying a $2000 scalped GPU for $100 3-4 years after its release, and oh honey don't worry I have all the time in the world.

  26. XeXY™

    XeXY™4 days ago

    at one moment, i was thinking... you are Linus of "Linus Tech Tips", and you are using only 2080s??? heck no!?!?!?!? and then he bring up the 3080 and i was relieved.

  27. Cristian Smochina

    Cristian Smochina5 days ago

    Can this be done without water cooling?

  28. Gabriel Pianovski

    Gabriel Pianovski5 days ago

    I got Baited, they put a thumbnail with rtx 3000 series, on a video that has rtx 2000 series. dammt

  29. 陈北宗

    陈北宗5 days ago

    Also, given your airflow pattern, you could use those server-style passive CPU coolers if you want to air-cool it.

  30. 陈北宗

    陈北宗5 days ago

    You know, for your specific motherboard, that bottom M.2 slot can be adapted into a PCIe x4 slot for your second add-in card right? That would be cheaper and would not require PCIe bifurication.

  31. Francesco Leo

    Francesco Leo6 days ago

    time to put a 3090 in it.

  32. top files

    top files6 days ago

    Wow linus u said “ onlyfans “ u watch that, couldn’t be me pornhub is better

  33. Patrick Whittemore

    Patrick Whittemore6 days ago

    Will a ice giant fit on that processor without hanging over the ports in the back?

  34. tre2414

    tre24147 days ago

    It was the "Only fans" part for me! LoL :D

  35. BeefIntoCake

    BeefIntoCake7 days ago

    I want this case so bad........If only fate would smile at me.

  36. Flawless Victory

    Flawless Victory8 days ago

    still running 3rd gen cpu ..... :) :)

  37. Jesus is Alive!

    Jesus is Alive!8 days ago

    This would be awesome for my Cad designing.

  38. munta1967

    munta19678 days ago

    i have a newly built PC sitting here, basically, Ryzen 7 3800x corsair hydro watercooled, 32gb Corsair vengeance Ram and i cant even get a Nvidia rtx3000 or an AMD rx6000 series disrespect intended but if i had 12.4m subs, then i would have GPU cards coming out of my have no probs getting them lol :D can you get loads and sell them to your subs lmao :) my xfx 5700 xt blew and took out my Gigabyte aorus K3 MB on my other pc...still hoping my I7 8700 cpu is still ok :) oh and btw to fellow subs...xfx and gigabyte DO NOT accept RMA's from the buyers (i know first hand) and will only accept RMA's from the reseller so be aware where you buy those products from :)

  39. Whippen Sideways

    Whippen Sideways8 days ago


  40. Whippen Sideways

    Whippen Sideways8 days ago


  41. Whippen Sideways

    Whippen Sideways8 days ago

    still cant find the only fans

  42. Conor Hudson

    Conor Hudson8 days ago

    Wait so would 650w psu be enough for a 5900 and a 3080?

  43. bigbotno1

    bigbotno19 days ago

    Case is too big for itx, rather have a midi case then with more space and a mAtx board.

  44. Dominic Eusemann

    Dominic Eusemann9 days ago

    Im pretty sure he mispronounced "Detotaded WHAM"

  45. Faceless Shepherd

    Faceless Shepherd9 days ago

    Me: I have no hope for the 3080 stock. It is literally impossible for anyone to have the privilege of even seeing such an unobtainable item. Linus(After simply walking around his room): 11:18

  46. SAMI Simeon

    SAMI Simeon9 days ago

    Linus: "I feel bad for putting a 2080 super. Should we put a 3080 in Me who can't even afford a rx570: 😑

  47. Orion Orion

    Orion Orion10 days ago

    "This PC shouldn't be possible" well it isn't because you can't buy these parts lul

  48. jonathan horvat

    jonathan horvat10 days ago

    i build itx almost exclusively for some years now

  49. Derek Deason

    Derek Deason10 days ago

    the way linus handles expensive electronics makes me nervous

  50. Ricardo Morais

    Ricardo Morais11 days ago

    16x the detail

  51. Poor People

    Poor People11 days ago

    "It's all fans. Only fans ;)" I liked the video immediately. I love it xD

  52. Kypazarum

    Kypazarum11 days ago

    Would this build still work if you swapped out the 3900X with a 5900X?

  53. Ronaldo De los Reyes

    Ronaldo De los Reyes11 days ago

    Best part is that the PSU is going to live longer than our dogs. Lmfao! HAHAHA~

  54. Danodesign Danomotion

    Danodesign Danomotion12 days ago

    can i use this configuration for rendering? whats your opinion?

  55. Valeriu Vali

    Valeriu Vali12 days ago

    Hi, how is the mini-motherboard managing the blackout power issues in a city? I mean I know they generally don't have that good protection such as a normal Motherboard. So I am scared to build one of these because I have blackouts in my city. Anyone can help me with this information? Thank you. P.S Do you know the weight of this PC ? Thanks

  56. Valeriu Vali

    Valeriu Vali9 days ago

    @Nixeen yes. If would be dangerous for it. UPS is a good choice, true.

  57. Nixeen

    Nixeen11 days ago

    Do you mean the ITX motherboard? That has nothing to do with blackouts/power issues. It makes no difference from a standard ATX motherboard size, except maybe more expensive. If you have power issues you'd want a good power supply and surge protector, or better yet a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) so you can safely shutdown your PC when your building power goes out.

  58. RaceReign

    RaceReign12 days ago

    Linus: *installs an RTX 3080 at **11:21* Me: *cries in Intel HD graphics 620*

  59. the majastic creature

    the majastic creature12 days ago

    6:53 remember guys, screaming at the falling part will make it fall less.

  60. James Brooks

    James Brooks12 days ago

    this is illegal

  61. Abhinav Rana

    Abhinav Rana13 days ago

    Stupid question: How is the GPU perpendicular to the motherboard?

  62. l e o

    l e o13 days ago

    Can you give me that PC

  63. Janeru

    Janeru13 days ago

    You ever just get a 3080 and be like "Found it!"

  64. Jacob

    Jacob13 days ago


  65. Allan Anderson

    Allan Anderson13 days ago

    "it's not even expensive" builds almost $3000 pc

  66. Yuichi Tachibana

    Yuichi Tachibana14 days ago


  67. Bad Username Creator

    Bad Username Creator14 days ago

    Wait, Trident Z non-RGB RAM exists?!

  68. Ethan

    Ethan14 days ago

    This is a 19L case that can fit M-ATX board and full size ATX PSU, support 240 AIO. 330mm GPU. 155mm cpu cooler. Only costs $35. ​@t​

  69. ED

    ED14 days ago

    12:20: "IS IT IN?" That's what she said...

  70. Caboose Turner

    Caboose Turner14 days ago

    On a budget?!?!? that M.2 is fkn $800!!!

  71. Supa Ba

    Supa Ba15 days ago

    mini itx should be cheap why the fak they sell so expensive?

  72. Andy Kim

    Andy Kim15 days ago

    Just when I thought my build was dense with a GTX 1080 and i8 8700 in a silver stone HTPC case. This redefines dense.

  73. Chase O'Hara

    Chase O'Hara15 days ago

    ... Why was he using a ball peen hammer for that?

  74. Leroy Tech Tips

    Leroy Tech Tips15 days ago

    Anything Linus builds shouldn't be possible..WITHOUT SPONSORS.

  75. s pillsbury

    s pillsbury15 days ago

    I waited to ask you what do you do with all the builds you do. I love to info that you give but have been thinking about what do you do with the builds. If you sell them where can I go to find how to perches one. Thanks and keep up that good work.

  76. Fernando Jason

    Fernando Jason16 days ago

    meanwhile my laptop (I7-9750h+gtx 1650 max-q) GPu runnning on 75 celsius and my cpu at 92 celsius nice c: playing r6

  77. 김영준

    김영준16 days ago

    smol pc!!

  78. Mirco Carta

    Mirco Carta16 days ago

    you have cool job mate

  79. falcon slut88

    falcon slut8817 days ago

    I've been wanting to build a smaller PC and I think I found the video to guide me 😍

  80. Alex Bianchini

    Alex Bianchini17 days ago

    It's the "ONLY FANS" part for me

  81. Helmut Kohl

    Helmut Kohl17 days ago

    "Should I put a 3080 in there? Should I? .... FOUND ONE!" If Linus was a bird he'd be a mockingjay.

  82. mr yeet

    mr yeet18 days ago

    so, does he just have a 3080 lying around in the studio while I have like a laptop with a half-broken screen?!?!

  83. Nolan Mitchell

    Nolan Mitchell18 days ago

    This is my first Linus video, watched it, didn't really make sense, was kinda cool to watch, budget ok cool I kinda want one now, is getting like 120 fps gaming at 4k, was like ok that's pretty great. goes to the comments and its 3000 usd, WTF.

  84. comp thing

    comp thing18 days ago

    sad cooler master nr200 noises

  85. Barry Whittingham

    Barry Whittingham18 days ago

    I'm surprised he didn't try to shoehorn a 3090 in there.

  86. PapPeePow

    PapPeePow19 days ago

    7:25 that's what she said

  87. Bautista CORNU LABAT

    Bautista CORNU LABAT19 days ago

    “And we’ll be doing it on a budget!” *proceeds to grab a $500 cpu and $700 gpu*

  88. Mac Rayvin

    Mac Rayvin19 days ago

    Hi linus, can i have this build?

  89. Caesar Flordeliz

    Caesar Flordeliz19 days ago

    What monitor is linus using during the 1440p?

  90. boynoshoes

    boynoshoes19 days ago

    Been out the game for a long minute to come back and see Linus with a beard.

  91. 블랙팬서K

    블랙팬서K19 days ago

    very funy

  92. BUMDUM

    BUMDUM19 days ago

    I bet steam is wondering why this one guy has so many damn computers

  93. Kings Gambit

    Kings Gambit19 days ago


  94. stan121 midling

    stan121 midling20 days ago

    will you please go back to building intel gaming p.c's

  95. Ralph Celestino

    Ralph Celestino20 days ago

    how much dose this build cost in total?

  96. hack with krishnansh

    hack with krishnansh20 days ago

    PlayStation but ltt edition.

  97. Josiah Wilkin

    Josiah Wilkin20 days ago

    would a 3000 card fit in that case?

  98. Marilyn Lopez

    Marilyn Lopez20 days ago sorella un cibo vassoio , si avrà bisogno di ❤️ 重い批判を受け、ドアの廊下は、なぜ部屋引っ張っダウン暗いが座ってテーブ たらした意識をするゲイリーあなた今日にオフィス以下の下で、彼は尋ねたため

  99. Exzen

    Exzen20 days ago

    I wish I had this pc...

  100. Tim Eales

    Tim Eales20 days ago

    Bruh sell me this build please.

  101. Roger Rodgersen

    Roger Rodgersen20 days ago

    My pop used to say if you have not used a hammer you have not finished the job. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  102. Alan Bautista

    Alan Bautista20 days ago

    The way this dude holds and swings the motherboard and the ryzen 9 cpu with his bare hands and no anti-static wristbands makes me extremely nervous

  103. Myo Aung

    Myo Aung20 days ago

    "And we'll be doing it on a budget!" Showcases a couple thousand dollars worth of computer parts

  104. Inukrieger

    Inukrieger20 days ago

    when he say 16 times this and 16 times this then i must think on Tod Howards Presentation of fallout 76 16x times the detail lol. And i wish i can play at 4K res still play on 1080p cant afford 4k Monitor i safed money for almost 7 months so i can buy for 300€ ryzen 7 2700X only a b450 bord and dark rock pro 3 for colling. Glad a very good friend from me gave me his VEGA 64