I forgot to review this… - Sonos Arc Soundbar Review

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Soundbars have pretty much replaced the ol' "home theater in a box" solution, but in my experience don't offer a high fidelity sonic experience...until now? The Sonos Arc is the first soundbar that I've been impressed enough with to actually install in my living rooom. Now, should I get the subwoofer?
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  1. L Vino

    L Vino8 hours ago

    „Outstanding for the ability not to stand out“ See what you did there

  2. David

    DavidDay ago

    I got one and it's great!

  3. Einfach Fredhaft Gaming

    Einfach Fredhaft Gaming2 days ago

    I thought the sub was a PC until you showed it 🤣

  4. klystron2010

    klystron20104 days ago

    that sounding bar looks a little too big. didn't it hurt?

  5. Pradeep Ravi

    Pradeep Ravi6 days ago

    The Sonos Arc is admittedly an excellent sounding soundbar, but it completely ignores the fact that not every TV has eARC. Sonos just couldn't add two HDMI inputs to these! As a result, if you ""only"" have a TV with ARC, you will never be able to enjoy full Dolby TrueHD audio from your blu-ray discs. For a little less, there are many other compelling options like the Vizio Elevate, Samsung Q950T and the Nakamichi Shockwafe. I've been doing some research on Dolby Atmos soundbars as I'm looking to upgrade from my 2yo Samsung. Thought my research might also be useful to others here as it includes the Sonos Arc and other popular soundbars from Samsung, Vizio, JBL and Nakamichi. So if you are looking for a spec comparison between all these top-tier soundbars, this might be useful docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kLu3DDUiKWA2pus3voGQNrq4bzRC1nl5hbS39SAyoy0/edit#gid=0

  6. Paul Blunt

    Paul Blunt6 days ago

    2 month wait now

  7. Darvesh Dhillon

    Darvesh Dhillon6 days ago

    Can u do a best home theatre setup video

  8. Tom Krupa

    Tom Krupa6 days ago

    The Sonos connect and Connect Amp where not a bad price at all. They are basically a decent DAC and streamer product for your analogue traditional hifi. At there price point they were exceptionally good.

  9. Valentino Devincy

    Valentino Devincy7 days ago

    Opinion on The Samsung HW-Q950T Flagship? It got released with a wopping start price at $1800 In Denmark it already sells at a price of $1100 (as a black friday catch). But I wonder if it due to the flagship selling bad?

  10. Brian Redding

    Brian Redding8 days ago

    How does it compare to the other Sonos Soundbars? Is it worth upgrading from the Sonos Beam?

  11. That Other Guy

    That Other Guy9 days ago

    6:35, does anyone know what phone is that? Could it be the Redmi K20 pro?

  12. balexandre

    balexandre16 days ago

    0:48 When Linus code offers 10% discount but the code on the website gives 15% off 😁😂👌

  13. *

    *18 days ago

    your red tv stand is ugly. And get a new interior designer.

  14. Travis Helm

    Travis Helm19 days ago

    I'm in the market for a new soundbar, had a look at a few so far and personally found the Sonos Arc abit underwhelming in clarity in the retail store, it isn't bad but I was expecting more for its price (AU$1399), Harmon Kardon Citation series bars seem to be better in my opinion but I'm holding out for the new Klipsch Cinema bars to see if there any better.

  15. Bigshot

    Bigshot20 days ago

    In video ads are ruining a great channel.

  16. Thomas Kinkade

    Thomas Kinkade20 days ago

    TV speakers suck because manufacturers hate us. They could put sound bar speakers in the same plastic with their TV screens. They fit. I put soundbar drivers in the bottom of my 24" Vizio TV. They fit and it works. The audio processor of the TV wasn't built to drive the (very slightly) larger speakers so it still doesn't sound great but it proves that size isn't an excuse. The bottoms of most TVs are still thick enough to take the average driver that comes in a sound bar. They could even charge us what they would charge for a TV and a soundbar or even more. They don't because they want us to suffer through the first world problems of having another thing with a power and input cable to either A; look at and be sad, or B; hassle with hiding. They want us to have to unbox another thing and deal with all the Styrofoam and warranty / instruction booklets and enough plastic bags to choke out ALL the sea turtles. They hate us. They hate the turtles they hate the world.

  17. Soldier_216

    Soldier_21620 days ago

    I love my sonos arc, worth every penny in my opinion, and that i havent bought the sub or the surround sound sono one sl, and forget about it when i put a 4k movie it was awesome loud and very detail of every little sound

  18. Gary Alcorn

    Gary Alcorn21 day ago

    Lol what’s all these stupid adverts thrown in 😂😂 reminds me of the Truman show 😂😂😂

  19. Murray Sampson

    Murray Sampson23 days ago

    I have the Arc, it sounds great without the Sub or any surrounds. But I regret buying it because it doesn’t support DTS, which for me is a major omission.

  20. Jose Saavedra

    Jose Saavedra27 days ago

    I don't think that's what they said.

  21. Hamish

    Hamish27 days ago

    literally the only review I've watched from start to finish. just great!

  22. Neil Davis

    Neil Davis28 days ago

    They are sold out people till like Xmas...at least... it’s that’s good ... heads up

  23. Cinnamon Savage

    Cinnamon Savage25 days ago

    I’ve been trying to get one for months now lol

  24. Paul Elliott

    Paul Elliott28 days ago

    You’re doing this all wrong

  25. lolthispoops

    lolthispoops29 days ago

    you should review that rug, cuz it looks like a rug that doesnt suck

  26. Yong Liu

    Yong LiuMonth ago

    just ordered one with 20% off

  27. BoB The Movie Guy

    BoB The Movie GuyMonth ago

    He watches other reviews to form his opinion

  28. Ira Albucher

    Ira AlbucherMonth ago

    Love the ARC But hate my Samsung QLED TV (Q90R- flagship) as Samsung was supposed to update to eArc and as usual never did. But I understand there is a workaround called a HD Fury Arcana. Love SONOS ARC!! Thanks for your review!

  29. madpwnz

    madpwnzMonth ago

    I am between sonos arc +sub+ rear speakers and Ambeo Sennheiser..i really like to know your opinion😁

  30. Jackson Fernando

    Jackson FernandoMonth ago

    Sonos Arc vs Bose 700... which one do you recommend .....

  31. i'll name this field later

    i'll name this field laterMonth ago

    Don’t do it guys. Go on Amazon and spend 500 and get something better 😂

  32. Tyson Edwards

    Tyson EdwardsMonth ago

    What IS the best bang for your buck Dolby Atmos sound bar?

  33. Creatively Crafted

    Creatively CraftedMonth ago

    Next review the new atari!!!

  34. Glaubwuerdigkeit

    GlaubwuerdigkeitMonth ago

    Still. If you want good sound you buy good speakers. Period

  35. Miniman's videos

    Miniman's videosMonth ago

    You should try Samsung HW-Q90R..😉

  36. Tharealmb

    TharealmbMonth ago

    Changed my speakers from a 3.0 setup (2 floorstanding speakers + center) to a Teufel soundbar... Which is basically a floorstanding speaker rotated 90 degrees. And sound is phenomenal for both setups. Because of space the Teufel will stay. But the sound was a little more to my liking from the soundbar, which surprised me!

  37. Scott Bryant

    Scott BryantMonth ago

    waste of money.

  38. ps3dubbs

    ps3dubbsMonth ago

    No Sub at that price and no rear or side speakers... hmmm i’ll pass

  39. Brad Racine

    Brad RacineMonth ago

    Still not worth the price. $1800 for full 5.1 is just stupid. Buddy of mine has the JBL and i dont think anything is needed more than that and much more less and more hdmi

  40. Waylon

    WaylonMonth ago

    would be nice if you can do a review about the LG gx soundbar in comparison with the sonos arc. I don't see any reviews about it on the internet.

  41. Lane Cooly

    Lane CoolyMonth ago

    Trash I returned it

  42. Gian Cassini

    Gian CassiniMonth ago

    Cool. Were you using eArc, the rears and subs or just hooking it up to optical and hoping for the best? What were your sources? Thanks!

  43. Ahmed Yousif

    Ahmed YousifMonth ago

    8:23 that was very dragged, you should've just said "im getting a call right now, A CALL FROM OUR SPONSOR!!".

  44. Satrio Arif

    Satrio ArifMonth ago

    i wonder if i ever reach that level when i see 800 dollars soundbar and think "Yeah why not"

  45. Bryce Phillips

    Bryce PhillipsMonth ago

    i just got this instaled in my house please see this

  46. C Ort

    C OrtMonth ago

    I'm happy with the 150 I spent on on regular samsung 3.1 bar 340 watt and rear speaker set up...way cheaper than 500 1000 just for atmos where regular home theater is supposed better

  47. ZombieHunter0802

    ZombieHunter0802Month ago

    4:28 So anyone know what video is playing on the TV?

  48. Diego Perez

    Diego PerezMonth ago

    anyone else notice that in the captions it’s saying “HTMI” instead of “HDMI” just thought it was funny.

  49. António Rosa

    António RosaMonth ago

    That final segway got me good.

  50. Daniel

    DanielMonth ago

    i bought the creative stage 160W with subwoofer off amazon for about 90 bucks and it works really really well.

  51. Daniel

    DanielMonth ago

    sure it's not the best system out there, but compared to the tv speakers its worlds apart. you hear all the bass and rumbeling in those weird saturday night crime shows, works as a bluetooth speaker altho the connection range is limited. but hey 90 bucks

  52. Erpof

    ErpofMonth ago

    Sonos is still only proposing smb1 for NAS support, without mentioning the security risk...

  53. Mehdi_FR

    Mehdi_FRMonth ago

    Why didn't you consider the SONY WF-1000XM3, which are in the top tier of noise-cancelling Earphones?

  54. Timothy Sagehorn

    Timothy SagehornMonth ago

    LG SN11RG vs Sonos Arc+sub+play5's. What do you think? I am moving from Sonos Playbar+Sub(2nd)+2Play5's(2nd). I ordered the LG primarily because of the DTS decoding since ei have a hundreds of BRD's that have DTS only choices for surround. A qualified opinion would be greatly appreciated.

  55. Niles Peter Clemens

    Niles Peter ClemensMonth ago

    I thought Sonos was going under?

  56. Gian Cassini

    Gian CassiniMonth ago

    Source? Googled "sonos going out of business" and all I could find was a bunch of "what if" posts. Thanks!

  57. LouisChiaki

    LouisChiakiMonth ago

    Linus' living room probably worth a few million dollars as the most important showroom in the world.

  58. Elmer A

    Elmer A26 days ago

    Most of this video's are review units. They have to be sent back

  59. NordLys

    NordLysMonth ago

    Please review jbl 9.1 also

  60. Keith Ryon

    Keith RyonMonth ago

    Have you ever thought about trying a Passive sound bar?

  61. David McNelly

    David McNellyMonth ago

    My subwoofer is on the way but I'm still on a wait list for the ARC

  62. Ernesto Hernandez

    Ernesto HernandezMonth ago

    damn I guess I truly got lucky i was able to get a sonos arc white open box because the manager at best buy wanted the black one I got it open box got 679.00 he return it for the black one and I was able to get the subwoofer black open box got 599.00 instead of 699.00. and I got one of the sonos sl speakers white open for 149.00 instead of the 179.00 the only one I bought full price was one of the sonos sl at 179.00.

  63. SEBASTIAN Lazo

    SEBASTIAN LazoMonth ago

    Who else came from r/sonos

  64. Sean Meadows

    Sean MeadowsMonth ago

    Would the Sonos Arc produce too much bass in a townhouse? Does anyone use this in a townhouse? I'd love to hear your thoughts or experience. Thanks!

  65. deathward990

    deathward990Month ago

    These soundbar is not compatible to samsung tv

  66. Yiannis Kouropalatis

    Yiannis KouropalatisMonth ago

    I am tempted by the aesthetics, the practicality and the apparent ease of use... BUT... there appear to be a few complaints about i) tinny sibilant highs and ii) bass that sounds bad. Quite a few reviews have picked up on (i) especially. Here is the sonos thread with users complaining about (i): en.community.sonos.com/home-theater-228993/sonos-arc-metallic-sound-6843110 and here is the thread with complaints about the bass (ii): en.community.sonos.com/home-theater-228993/sonos-arc-muddy-bottoming-out-bass-6842379?sort=dateline.desc#comments

  67. Frank Flores

    Frank FloresMonth ago

    I’m sold. Buying the white one- appreciate the simplicity of design and great to hear the quality wasn’t compromised.

  68. BobbyBev95

    BobbyBev95Month ago

    I ordered one of these a week ago. Thrilled and relieved to hear you enjoyed it so much!! Can’t wait to get mine

  69. VJBang

    VJBangMonth ago

    Why are you shouting

  70. DFA Badminton

    DFA BadmintonMonth ago

    $800 lmfao what are they smoking?

  71. Micheal Robinson

    Micheal RobinsonMonth ago

    "A soundbar that doesn't suck" bruh i know of some soundbars that are EXTREMELY good especially since you couldn't build a traditional sound system for the same price. Also the JBL 5.1 is garbage da faq?

  72. rick t

    rick tMonth ago

    I'm confused in regards to what I'm reading about having a tv with an EARC port of just the standard ARC port. Did your Tv have an EARC HDMI?

  73. jazzmickge1

    jazzmickge1Month ago

    No rug on earth stays in place with a wooden floor and dogs hahaha

  74. cowboy10uk

    cowboy10ukMonth ago

    Been looking at this sound bar a lot since it came out, BUT the very fact it only has 1 HDMI connection is a huge put off for me. Since my TV doesn’t have Dolby Atmos pass through, I need a way to connect my UHD player direct to whatever sound bar I have. Unfortunately I guess this isn’t gonna be any good for me.

  75. FE59FE59

    FE59FE59Month ago

    I gave the Sonos S2 app a 2-star rating because I need a PIN code on the paid services in the app. When I'm not at home, listening to my Spotify music and someone's at my home using my app to listen to music on my Sonos system, my Spotify music pauses because the Spotify license only allows one playback at a time. Very unpleasant! A simple PIN code for using the services (like Spotify) or log in using the Sonos credentials to use the connected services would solve this problem. But no, am I the only one with this problem?

  76. Mehul Tanwar

    Mehul TanwarMonth ago

    LMG I love your content, have been on it for over a decade now. I know you want to promote merch and other things on your videos with shameless plugs ( I rather enjoy them at times) , but sometimes it pulls the audience off from the content you are trying to offer and disrupts the flow of the video. I noticed this at @7:44. It would be great if you can keep up promos, without compromising the flow of the video.

  77. oneguycoding

    oneguycodingMonth ago

    The whole comparability thing really pisses me off. I also like a soundbar that includes bluetooth and sonos really really really doesn't want anything to do with that for some reason so ... no more sonos gear for me.

  78. Robert Lucas

    Robert LucasMonth ago

    Don't know about the sub but you should definitely get a pair of Sonos One to make it a 5.0 system. You are gonna feel the no brainer. Like this coment to make lynus aware of what he is missing if you agree

  79. Ned Hineline

    Ned HinelineMonth ago


  80. Forza Ninetails

    Forza NinetailsMonth ago

    @4:30 I demand more information on what I am watching xD

  81. Matthew Imbrosciano

    Matthew ImbroscianoMonth ago

    This is a list of parts for my first ever PC build, any suggestions/advice or feedback would truly help me tremendously. Thank you. CPU-Intel i9-10900k, CPU Cooler-Noctua NH-D15 Chromax.Black, Motherboard-Asus ROG MAXIMUS XII HERO(Wi-Fi) LGA 1200, Memory-Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro(4 sticks of 16GB each), GPU-Trying to get literally any 3080 but preferably not one of the worse custom cards, Case-Phanteks Eclipse P500A Digital RGB Mid Tower, PSU-Corsair 850W 80+ Titanium Fully Modular ATX and Monitor-Asus ROG Swift PG258Q 24.5” 1920x1080 Hz Monitor

  82. lzy

    lzyMonth ago

    samsung q90r?

  83. MysteryMii

    MysteryMiiMonth ago

    I’m honestly surprised you didn’t bring up the fact that Sonos continues to not support DTS decoding on their soundbars. It’s kind of a big deal for people with Blu-ray collections as the vast majority of Blu-rays that don’t have an object-based surround sound track use DTS-HD Master Audio instead of Dolby TrueHD, meaning that the audio has to be converted into a DD signal if you want to get surround sound with your Sonos surround setup.

  84. Luca Ban

    Luca BanMonth ago

    can you compare the Sonos to one of the cheaper LG sound bars?

  85. Chris Copeland

    Chris CopelandMonth ago

    JBL 9.1 seems to be a much much better value.

  86. Jason

    JasonMonth ago

    I went from a large home theater setup to a simple soundbar because I was tired of the speakers being in the way. We are currently decluttering and realized how much space the speakers and such took up for something we hardly used.

  87. Icouldnotgetausername

    IcouldnotgetausernameMonth ago

    2:39 is crazy

  88. Sebastiaan van Blokland

    Sebastiaan van BloklandMonth ago

    tip: do not get the jbl 5.1 and 9.1 with loose surround speaker. they are shit and the surround speakers crackle a lot because of there horrible bluetooth. they might look good on paper but trust me. it's a waste

  89. thizzle91

    thizzle91Month ago

    I actually just started experiencing the crackle myself when playing music. Sonos arc it is.

  90. rupert miller

    rupert millerMonth ago

    I suspect almost anyone in the audio business makes better sounding kit than Sonos and offers better service

  91. Plop

    PlopMonth ago

    Either previous setup was terrible, or your hearing has been damaged over using airpods xD

  92. Manuvjeet Singh K.

    Manuvjeet Singh K.Month ago


  93. Touching Evil

    Touching EvilMonth ago

    No dts support :( NO BUY!!!!

  94. A. F.

    A. F.Month ago

    Can you review the Roku soundbar?

  95. William Jarosz

    William JaroszMonth ago

    Your supposed to lay down the sub and put your junk in that slot, so you can really embrace the sonos experience.

  96. William Jarosz

    William JaroszMonth ago

    FYI the sonos sound bar adjust automatically based on the size of the room. Also why not just use optical cable instead, so you dont lose your ports?

  97. hoiy vinosa

    hoiy vinosaMonth ago

    0:19 Great information Tips I puchased 3dsert-blog recently starting to get first proffits

  98. William Jarosz

    William JaroszMonth ago

    I have the playbar with the 2 back speakers and they are really good.

  99. MikeSK

    MikeSKMonth ago

    Can you review the JBL BAR 9.1 sound bar? All the other reviews on youtube suck

  100. youseff shihadeh

    youseff shihadehMonth ago

    Linus can you plz build me a PC I really want one but I don’t have money

  101. constantin58

    constantin58Month ago

    Klipsch powered R-51PM speakers for ~$350 will put any sound bar to shame.

  102. Oldbatwit

    OldbatwitMonth ago

    $800 for a fucking sound bar! 20 year old Japanese amp or receiver - $80 20 year old hifi speakers - $80 Result... lovely sound for $160! You can plug in a decent aerial for great radio and even a record deck. My old NAD also has optical in and full remote control. You cannot buy a sound bar that sounds as good.

  103. Adam Sterdam

    Adam SterdamMonth ago

    whats the clip at 4:40?

  104. Дмитрий Фомалов

    Дмитрий ФомаловMonth ago

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  106. Саша Шляпик

    Саша ШляпикMonth ago

    0:7 Great information! Thank you. I only had 1000$ - this is because I installed 3dserts, but before it was nothing

  107. Артем Волков

    Артем ВолковMonth ago

    0:43 Thank you for helping here, I have a question.. I have no experience with wordpress, bluehost or 3dsert. Can I integrate 3dsert with blogs?

  108. Евгений Пов

    Евгений ПовMonth ago

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