PlayStation 5 Review - A Fanboy's Perspective

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The PlayStation 5 is awesome: the DualSense controller is next-level, the launch titles are compelling, and it's got a built in UHD Blu-ray player ....but that doesn't mean it's perfect.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. Linus Tech Tips

    Linus Tech TipsMonth ago

    Save 10% and Free Worldwide Shipping at Ridge Wallets by using offer code LINUS at

  2. Lydia Dave

    Lydia Dave5 days ago

    All thanks to BERRY_HACKER1 on Instagram, I got my free iPhone 12 pro max for free With just a few step.

  3. brutalhonesty07

    brutalhonesty076 days ago

    I appreciate the detailed feedback of the employee delegated to do this review Linus. 🙏 Thanks. It convinced me to delay a purchase due to ergonomic reasons of the controller.

  4. VinyCross67

    VinyCross6719 days ago

    @Tech4All I didnt ask xloser you didnt play it

  5. PsyOperator

    PsyOperatorMonth ago

    The fact that you are using your vids to push mask soShill engineering truly shows the trashy shill type nature of this channel...

  6. The Dragon

    The DragonMonth ago

    Doi? I havent heard that one since 97!

  7. Camilo Palomar

    Camilo Palomar8 hours ago

    What percent of people would even go back 20+ years and play a 360p game.

  8. Bobbydog66

    Bobbydog668 hours ago

    11:16 That legitimately makes me angry.

  9. Scott

    Scott13 hours ago

    I love my PS5, but my Series X is way more impressive from a performance standpoint. Not to mention my PS5 unfortunately has a terrible case of coil whine and frequent internet disconnection.

  10. Mazin Mohammad

    Mazin MohammadDay ago

    ps5 stick drift?

  11. Cody Lynch

    Cody Lynch2 days ago

    Some of the save game stuff is really irritating.

  12. ZR EVAN

    ZR EVAN2 days ago

    So which new console is better? Please give me some feedback, thanks

  13. WazzzaaaBroadcasting

    WazzzaaaBroadcasting2 days ago

    In a perfect world sony will completely update the ps5 and unlock its full features plus better compatibility for safe games around the end of this year and just scrap ps now as it is at this moment and just make it a giant library that enables downloads and runs on a emulator that's specifically build for the ps5 to emulate older consoles, cause fuck streaming. Let us just play older games on newer hardware locally. If they would... The ps5 could blow allot of its competitors right of the water. If ps now would be build like a retro arch emulator for example. But i think sony will never make such a thing a reality. Thry don't care about that legacy.

  14. Rob James

    Rob James3 days ago

    The Tempest 3d audio thing is the only thing I'm disappointed with. I JUST got a new AVR with Atmos and DTS...whyyy Sony!?

  15. Jake Orabanec

    Jake Orabanec3 days ago

    We want backwards compatibility for all our old games.

  16. Grant Wallace

    Grant Wallace4 days ago

    I just think it looks cool 😎

  17. Rui Dias

    Rui Dias4 days ago

    You started right, you are not a console guy 😂 You spoke of 0 ps5 only games Because they are not out already Plus why 1440p 4k 120hz is the way!

  18. D0PEF1END

    D0PEF1END4 days ago

    Where is ratchet and clank! That’s all I care about and PlayStation now is pretty epic and games do t get removed.

  19. JoshJLMG Productions

    JoshJLMG Productions5 days ago

    Man, Sony used to be an amazing company, but as of 2010, they've been steadily going downhill.

  20. Chase Guap

    Chase Guap6 days ago

    I have a LAN issue where it disconnects and reconnects by itself

  21. Alessandra fernandes

    Alessandra fernandes6 days ago

    Eu moro e manaus

  22. Alessandra fernandes

    Alessandra fernandes6 days ago

    Domingo e o meu aniversário 😢😢

  23. Alessandra fernandes

    Alessandra fernandes6 days ago

    Meu sonho e ganha ps5

  24. Alessandra fernandes

    Alessandra fernandes6 days ago

    Eu nunca vo ganhar o ps5 😭😭😭 os meus pais não tem dinheiro pra comprar eu trabalho em vende bombo

  25. LJGN

    LJGN6 days ago

    Linus: Here is a ps5 that I want you to stay at home and play as much as you can over lockdown for my PS5 review. Me: Goes to Linus's website looking for a job....

  26. SyCannon

    SyCannon6 days ago

    As a primary pc gamer it truly was a bummer when I bought my PS5 to find out it didn’t support 1440p. Hopefully they’ll get that sorted out in the near future.

  27. Andrew Lewis

    Andrew Lewis6 days ago

    Interesting and helpful review! I'm not sure I get the PC companion comment at the end given the Xbox games pass... I must admit xbox is reeling me back in this time with the game pass, I'm seriously tempted to not get a ps5 and just invest in an rtx 3080... Mind you I might take whichever becomes available first at this point!

  28. Andrew Robbins

    Andrew Robbins6 days ago

    I would have loved a throwback grey colored console

  29. Jesse K

    Jesse K6 days ago

    Do you know if you can play the original world at war zombies remaster In black ops 3 or Cold War on the PlayStation 5

  30. BR

    BR6 days ago

    I didn't buy another new console to play 4 gen old games lol. I will say, a PS Gamepass would be cool, but they know they don't need it to succeed like xbox does. If it wasn't for that, theyd really have like nothing.

  31. Nick H

    Nick H6 days ago

    I have been driving and racing cars for 26 years. I have never had a gas pedal try to fight me. (1:45) If you have ever experienced this please let me know as I am very curious.

  32. Ol' QWERTY Bastard

    Ol' QWERTY Bastard7 days ago

    Imagine getting a new console and wanting to only play your old games via Game Pass, smh

  33. diana wong

    diana wong7 days ago

    We want vr. Otherwise its a nono.

  34. salih komut

    salih komut7 days ago

    16:10 what you say is actually why me and my friends bought the ps5. In the end it's all about quality games and just pushing quantity like microsoft doesn't cut it.

  35. Fahad Majeed

    Fahad Majeed8 days ago

    I have not a single issue after updates not a single crash proud of my PS5

  36. Cruzinthruspace

    Cruzinthruspace8 days ago

    You can throw all the specs you want at me never choosing a PC over a console, ever. I'll wear Birkenstocks before I do that.

  37. NeonTarget2

    NeonTarget29 days ago

    Ehh I still go xbox

  38. Keiji Johnson

    Keiji Johnson10 days ago

    14:00 - THE PS5 IS NOT UGLY! IT’S JUST NOT!😡

  39. lucas hillier

    lucas hillier10 days ago


  40. Back On Track

    Back On Track10 days ago

    I am happy with my Xbox Series X

  41. Don Zaliaz

    Don Zaliaz10 days ago

    I'll wait until Sony actually supports their bloody hardware properly on this new generation. I'm talking specifically about PSVR. So with the PS5 we have superior hardware to run our PSVR's on. But without the SuperSampling options that could take advantage of the extra Processing and Graphics power and breath some new life into the hardware, its a pointless upgrade. Yeah we get improved loading and the odd optimization, big deal. Steam VR can manage global SuperSampling.. and Oculus tray tool a 3rd party app for Rift/Quest and do the same. Sony's PSVR support for PS5 is shite So Sony how about smashing your woeful hardware support record and release an actual move 2 with a thumbstick. Offer SuperSampling options that can globally be applied to every game and some performance modes that will utilize that power. Till then I'll stick to the PRO and my PC.

  42. Beng Per

    Beng Per10 days ago

    I don't really understand why it is taking so long to replenish the ps5 stock?

  43. Drew Jackson

    Drew Jackson11 days ago


  44. cstep100

    cstep10011 days ago

    Linus is a hater I can’t stand him

  45. gmb

    gmb12 days ago

    thanks linus man

  46. abe kline

    abe kline12 days ago

    1:51 that's a pretty badass look, gg

  47. Dave Chow

    Dave Chow12 days ago

    You gave me a headache

  48. Zach thompson

    Zach thompson13 days ago

    The earthy action theoretically tip because doll unintentionally level regarding a strange agenda. misty, woebegone crayon

  49. I Hate Communism

    I Hate Communism13 days ago

    I get irritated about not being able to find one, so I ended up going PC..

  50. Dr.khatra A

    Dr.khatra A13 days ago

    Pls somebody tell what game he is playing at 1:17 . Pls I used to play it when I was very small and didn't remember name something like maverick. Pls tell

  51. khemiri melek

    khemiri melek12 days ago

    i think it's mega man x legacy collection

  52. Ajd1312

    Ajd131214 days ago

    it is also silent while playing games and if you can find them the pulse 3d headset is comfortable sound amazing and worth the 100 bucks

  53. Ofelia Hyra

    Ofelia Hyra14 days ago

    First true attempt to -Design Draw- a common Computing Device, and all you initiate is one -fatality-vocab-.... why does it look awful to you????? ..maybe been traumatized in the past by an Animal with _equivalent to PS 5 silhouhette_ GamePlay..... ? tell me, I'm here for you :D {{ONE World Trade Roof Office}}

  54. Setimo Games

    Setimo Games14 days ago

    there isn't ps now on Brazil.... but sony should put all ps1 ps2 ps3 games on psnow and sell this as a gamepass

  55. MidNiteR32

    MidNiteR3214 days ago

    EA pass is trash. There’s no quality.

  56. Dec Fairlight

    Dec Fairlight14 days ago

    11:27 Damn ok guess I'm not buying a PS5.

  57. Tony Jabs

    Tony Jabs15 days ago

    It felt like Linus was biting his tongue the whole video. “Focus on not bashing consoles...ah! It’s so hard!!”

  58. ⟦ Ryun ⟧

    ⟦ Ryun ⟧15 days ago

    Linus: 4:27 Cyberpunk 2077: are you sure- Linus: pretty sure Mirror's Edge: are you suuuuuure?? Linus: ?!

  59. Dracarius Duxtorm

    Dracarius Duxtorm15 days ago

    This video really does make PC master race look good

  60. cjdh8

    cjdh816 days ago

    "Only the most devoted xbots" :D

  61. Bella Cosmic Hound

    Bella Cosmic Hound16 days ago

    Waiting for that RAM issue tobe solved before I pick one up

  62. Graydon

    Graydon16 days ago

    No sponsor segway, unsubscribing.

  63. Downhill Dad

    Downhill Dad16 days ago

    I can get game pass and all of Microsoft's exclusives on PC so I fail to see a reason to buy an Xbox if I have a gaming pc

  64. Britt Thomas

    Britt Thomas17 days ago

    Bro I’m just gonna tell you right now I’m 14 I had the 360 I had the Xbox one I’ve been an Xbox fan for like my whole life and now I am honestly thinking about making the switch to PS4 I mean PS five so to be honest I really want to PlayStation because whenever I buy it I’m getting more games I’m getting this whole New World exposed to me like all these new launch titles that they’re coming up with from day one and with Xbox it’s just like already on all these games

  65. ENDER360Hz

    ENDER360Hz17 days ago

    Yikes I had no idea that the ps5 had that hdmi 2.1 limitations. Still getting one

  66. Mattia Camusso

    Mattia Camusso17 days ago

    I'm so glad I got an xbox this time around

  67. Blahblah

    Blahblah17 days ago

    Was this a review? Or shting on sony console

  68. De00pro LazR_

    De00pro LazR_16 days ago


  69. Mikdefish

    Mikdefish18 days ago

    Wearing a mask indoors haha why

  70. Remi

    Remi18 days ago

    Linus, I know you have no idea who I am and will definitely never see this but can I have a ps5. It’s been a hard year for me and it would light me up like a Christmas tree.

  71. Jace The Hypernova

    Jace The Hypernova16 days ago

    Earn it.

  72. Void Cretin

    Void Cretin18 days ago

    The lack of contact on the Memory chip is why you never buy first batch

  73. FounderX9

    FounderX918 days ago

    Bugsnax is literally one of my favorite games of last year, it surprised me how damn good it is and how good the story gets the further you go on.

  74. simpsons clips

    simpsons clips18 days ago

    linus has 2 sponsors

  75. Matt Amico

    Matt Amico19 days ago

    I have bought an PS5 from these guys in the UK smartphonesuperstoreoutlet with bitcoin. I also have an Xbox ONE X.

  76. Andrei Dzekola

    Andrei Dzekola19 days ago

    The befitting treatment additonally delight because attention additionly punish till a flashy language. spurious, painstaking composition

  77. Chef

    Chef19 days ago

    Yea... I’m still getting an Xbox...

  78. Susan Appleby

    Susan Appleby19 days ago

    Im getting the ps5 for the VR too. and Il be getting physical copies of games. No worries if games need deleting it is to be expected with the size of games these days. No way wold I get the digital version.

  79. Benjamin Sanders

    Benjamin Sanders19 days ago

    U did feel the trigger feedback on Cold war.... Huh I guess🤔? But if u know u know.

  80. meh

    meh19 days ago

    9:00 I watched a test video showing that The Last of Us Part II loaded about three times faster on the PS5 than on the PS4. In half a minute rather than a minute and a half. Maybe it depends on the level. For me that’s a big improvement and was actually the main reason I decided not to buy the TLOU2 Limited edition PS4 Pro.

  81. MathIsAwesome

    MathIsAwesome19 days ago


  82. Dtctv Ylow

    Dtctv Ylow19 days ago


  83. Kamil Löschl

    Kamil Löschl20 days ago

    Sony: "That`s really a nice safe game you have there, would be a bloody shame if something happened to it..." Me: "Fuck you, I have a pc, and my m.2 drive actually works beatch!"



    What is with japanese companies being so damn hard-headed and rigid!?

  85. William Vristianto Jaya Chen

    William Vristianto Jaya Chen20 days ago

    2:39 i really laugh😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  86. Joseph Herzog

    Joseph Herzog21 day ago

    Also I laughed out loud when he said "That right there... is some Grade A horseshit." 11:23

  87. Joseph Herzog

    Joseph Herzog21 day ago

    PS5 controller is cool but they still put the Left stick in the wrong place... :(

  88. Contrast Music

    Contrast Music21 day ago

    I’m so happy I’ve got both a gaming pc and a ps5. Getting the best of both worlds, until I have to upgrade my entire pc again in two years time:(

  89. Mike B

    Mike B21 day ago

    who the hell has a PlayStation and doesn't pay for ps plus? it pays for itself in like a month

  90. H. A.

    H. A.20 days ago

    No it doesn’t, don’t be an idiot. The games they give you are leased not owned. The moment your sub ends you have no access to any games unless you sub for life.

  91. Art Pizza

    Art Pizza21 day ago

    Atari VCS review please

  92. Dtctv Ylow

    Dtctv Ylow21 day ago

    “We don’t talk about BUGSNAX here.”

  93. De00pro LazR_

    De00pro LazR_16 days ago

    @Dtctv Ylow your comment is unneccesery

  94. Dtctv Ylow

    Dtctv Ylow17 days ago

    @Metal Videos So

  95. Metal Videos

    Metal Videos18 days ago

    we have all watched the video

  96. Dhiren Tevatia

    Dhiren Tevatia22 days ago

    Backwards Compatibility is not that much of an advantage tho, one generation BC is more than enough.

  97. Fractured Raptor

    Fractured Raptor22 days ago

    Considering how many good emulators exist Sony could have paid the creators to put the emulator on internal storage that's no bigger than a thumb stick, or bake it into the console naturally. Then charge two to five bucks per desired game from the store and download them so they run off of the emulation software so it doesn't fuck with the main software. They could have charged eight hundred for such an edition and it would sell like god damn hotcakes. They're really shooting themselves in the foot by neglecting to do backwards compatibility. Either people get it for free through emulation or they buy games on second hand markets. It'd be easy money. The games are already complete. Zero work involved outside of whatever solution they did to make that generation run on the console.

  98. Takami22

    Takami2222 days ago

    The fact they showcased Rogue Galaxy was nice to me, even if Linus might not know what it is, but I'm guessing someone on his team does, or was a fan of the game. SUPER UNDERRATED JRPG, and I bought it on my PS4. I've probably beaten it at least 2-3 times, and I always enjoy going back and replaying it.

  99. onofrio piccolino

    onofrio piccolino22 days ago

    Where did Linus learn to do math ? He said you can buy a Xbox Series X for the price of 4 digital PS5 games. I thought the games were going to be $60 or $70 depending on the studio and their is no price difference between games on any of the new consoles. Linus shilled for Xbox. That’s what I got from this video. Only watched 7 minutes and 20 seconds of it

  100. Play Masterz

    Play Masterz22 days ago

    I feel it was rushed

  101. Phantom

    Phantom22 days ago

    f this i am getting a pc

  102. Paul Fitz

    Paul Fitz22 days ago

    So basically the Xbox Series X isn't actually that bad

  103. Togami Does Not Care

    Togami Does Not Care23 days ago

    POV: You are watching this, and you dont even have a PS5

  104. cspargoyt

    cspargoyt23 days ago

    "Dumb delivery"

  105. Doi Brando

    Doi Brando23 days ago

    You know why psnow is actually better than gamespass? Bloodborne. There isn’t a single game on gamespass that can compete with bloodborne. I don’t like Sony very much, but I’ve played so many more games in depth on psnow or gamespass on pc which are on psnow anyway (monster hunter etc) I don’t even turn on the Xbox. Which sucks, but releasing demons souls( and not buying Bethesda ffs) as a ps5 launch title kinda cemented the reason of why I bought one in the first place, and why I am going to wait on the Xbox. They actually release awesome games that you can’t get on pc. When Microsoft releases a good game, it’s on pc as a better version. I just don’t see how an Xbox fits in. You get shit like bloodborne and demons souls on ps5. You get sheer quantity and higher quality on pc. Nintendo has a portable indie gaming machine plus Zelda and monster hunter. Xbox series s looks awesome by the way and I don’t hate them by any means, I just don’t see the point of buying one over the the other 3 options. PSA for idiots like the guy below: You can download all ps4 games. Making it objectively fucking better than games pass. Also I own a subscription to both, gears 5 and sunset overdrive are the only two amazing games on it that you can’t get anywhere else( besides pc??) and they aren’t even that good... like I said pc is the best, and if you own a pc, it makes more sense to invest in a PlayStation so you can play shit like bloodborne. Or a Nintendo. What doesn’t make sense is buying into Xbox for any thing other than emulation. Unless you like it and then I could care less.

  106. stoney_njs

    stoney_njs23 days ago

    Who cares about playing old games on a new console... I'm buying a new console cuz I want to play new games and have new experiences. The idea of playing any game you want to sounds cool but how many times do you actually do that ...personally I never do

  107. Soundfire6

    Soundfire623 days ago

    I just wanna play FFVII Remake and KH3 without the jet engine in my room

  108. Sami Alam

    Sami Alam24 days ago

    16:28 Okay I heard it was big but JESUS..... Okay, I don't think it's a full size ATX case... I thought it was at first glance and that would have been ridiculous

  109. Cole Gamez

    Cole Gamez24 days ago

    Fanboy perspective my @#$ hahah

  110. MisterZ

    MisterZ24 days ago

    I Miss Her

  111. Filip Jovanovic

    Filip Jovanovic24 days ago

    I'm gonna wait until Final Fantasy XVI releases. So I guess I'll skip it and will get the PS6

  112. pascal Nederland

    pascal Nederland24 days ago

    tsja if you have a good Pc intel 10700k with a 3080 then you have already a better Xbox series x and all games ! an nothing new (ps5 has more at launch) end of the review ;-)