The All AliExpress PC

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We constantly make videos of weird stuff we find on AliExpress, but we've never built a computer completely out of AliExpress parts. Today that changes.
Full parts list in the forum like below, but maybe just buy a PC from somewhere that will get it to you fast:
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link:
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Artist Link:
Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. Ayczs

    Ayczs2 hours ago

    is it bad that i actually like the idea of the case?

  2. Your Friend

    Your Friend5 hours ago

    My name is Ali so I am the CEO of the company

  3. Jxid Xjdj

    Jxid Xjdj9 hours ago

    My walet: he looking kinda sus Me:●^●

  4. Ryoga2K

    Ryoga2K9 hours ago

    for some reason I want to see if the thing runs with a different power supply.

  5. Harald Lorentzen

    Harald Lorentzen12 hours ago

    You get what your pay for, as the saying goes. In this case, it's not much. And that case.... I mean, why would you do that? Would not expect that to hold up for long, unlike the pre built ones from Corsair or the like. Nope, not worth it at all, just screams out loud that it will all end in tears. Oh, and possibly a fire, as acrylic and heat don't really mix.

  6. iwantgoals 15

    iwantgoals 1513 hours ago

    Damn I expected it to be bad but that potato computer can’t even run lmao 🤣🤣😭

  7. walruss

    walruss14 hours ago

    It would be the same to buying the cheapest power supply on Amazon

  8. Joshua Trocio

    Joshua Trocio16 hours ago

    Only good thing at aliexpress are xeon bundles for $100-$200. Hahaha

  9. mrfm 1704

    mrfm 170419 hours ago

    GPU: *starts* PSU: _adios_

  10. nawaf alshaikh

    nawaf alshaikhDay ago

    I don't have a pc can i have this one if you don't want it

  11. Marcin W

    Marcin WDay ago

    order the american product on amazon ... made in china

  12. Apex Rex

    Apex RexDay ago

    12:03 Its the Hyper Beast skin from CSGO

  13. ThatSkeletonGuy

    ThatSkeletonGuyDay ago

    8:03 the salami lid

  14. Gamalier Rosa

    Gamalier RosaDay ago

    gpuz will tell you if its legit or fake

  15. JCV TV

    JCV TVDay ago

    accepting for donation of that GPU Colourful for my PC here in the philippines :D

  16. Andrej Ninkovic

    Andrej NinkovicDay ago

    Undead dragon man, Linus i thought you are a gamer, that's hyperbeast from cs go

  17. Kiki Lang

    Kiki LangDay ago

    My wife bought an all in one computer, from a big box store. There was no setup instructions, and what written material there was, was badly written in chinese. She plugged everything where it would fit, and turn it on. Instruction started on the computer, but for another computer, from another brand entirely. After the instructions, advertising came on, and demanded her credit card number, before the computer would start up. She only bought the computer, because of positive review on one of these tech channels. She didn't tell me what was hanppening, because I told her not to buy it. She had a friend, do something, and got it working. This is a joke. I bought ear buds, and got more instructions.

  18. dodonl

    dodonlDay ago

    it is a gangster case tho

  19. AlterEF Alt Account

    AlterEF Alt AccountDay ago

    The alliexpress pc

  20. PMAMaster

    PMAMasterDay ago

    Herro dis is AliExpress suppowt assistant. We would rike yu to continue tu leviu owl mattewiawu prees.

  21. Jacob Andersson

    Jacob AnderssonDay ago


  22. Jeffrey Ramos

    Jeffrey Ramos2 days ago

    I'd rather have this PC then my $80 eBay PC to be honest

  23. Callous Doll

    Callous Doll2 days ago

    Omg this is my first time watching you guys and this is too amusing.

  24. Eric Pinkerton

    Eric Pinkerton2 days ago

    I actually have that headset.

  25. chillin

    chillin2 days ago

    All jokes aside the all clear case is a dope idea

  26. avery gentry

    avery gentry2 days ago

    16 and half minutes and we didn’t even get to see it run ??

  27. Stephen Girty

    Stephen Girty2 days ago

    I think that case is going to melt if you actually use it. Lol


    MALHAAR HALKUNDE2 days ago


  29. Dom Hontz

    Dom Hontz2 days ago

    i bought a prebuilt on amazon for half the price and it runs exceptionally better

  30. Niklas YGO

    Niklas YGO2 days ago

    Is that mousepad a hyperbeast?

  31. Hobbes Tiger

    Hobbes Tiger2 days ago

    AliExpress has its uses but you have to know what you're buying. I've bought some cheap stuff that I couldn't find anywhere else and I'm perfectly happy. I've also seen Amazon constantly push stuff that is clearly sent directly from China (pidgeon english manuals are a dead giveaway). I then find the exact same items I see on Amazon being offered on Ali for literally half the price or even less. Sure, for some things it's worth it, for many it's not.

  32. A. Morjan

    A. Morjan2 days ago

    I wasted my time to see these two whom did not know how to pick their computer gaming parts and then and only then just offend "Aliexpress" 🧠🤏.

  33. Bay Ichlas

    Bay Ichlas2 days ago

    dude thats my mousepad

  34. maquibut

    maquibut2 days ago

    New build that works?

  35. Vladislav Gagiev

    Vladislav Gagiev2 days ago

    Wow, I would never risk spending 579 bucks on a graphics card from AliExpress😅 Quoting Forrest Gump: " never know what you're gonna get"

  36. Shaharyar Ali

    Shaharyar Ali2 days ago

    Can anyone tell me the size of mouse pad

  37. Elyfas Frodicia

    Elyfas Frodicia3 days ago

    Anyone know the song title in this video? the one where Linus & Colton danced to? The one with "My sex on the cover of every magazine, sexy sexy that's all I want"

  38. chiconosauh

    chiconosauh3 days ago

    You need a working test to finish the video :c at last with other supply

  39. John Cyrus

    John Cyrus3 days ago

    10:43 Lmao wtf

  40. facemonster 11

    facemonster 113 days ago

    Would it be a good idea to buy a ryzen 7 5800x on aliExpress or is it a scam its 450 euro



    Having a free e-mail seems to be common in Asia... like you see a bunch of storefronts with hotmail addresses or whatever.

  42. tenrazer

    tenrazer3 days ago

    Unsub for Hyper dragon

  43. Bakn Pancakes

    Bakn Pancakes3 days ago

    14:15 = Moral of the story

  44. Akiruoo

    Akiruoo3 days ago

    i would drop kick this pc if i ever seen it

  45. Eva

    Eva3 days ago

    11:37 song pls????

  46. carlos rocha

    carlos rocha3 days ago

    petition for the aliexpress pc case with linus' face to be his main pc case | v

  47. Kamil Nagło

    Kamil Nagło3 days ago

    This pc look like shit omg :)

  48. SMS Kaiser

    SMS Kaiser3 days ago

    The motherboard is by a company called colorful, yet the motherboard itself is all gray and black with no color

  49. Inappropriate commenter

    Inappropriate commenter3 days ago

    Lunus tik tops

  50. Ima wa Muri Nano

    Ima wa Muri Nano3 days ago

    I laughed xD

  51. No this is Patrick

    No this is Patrick3 days ago

    "AliExpress! Its a thing."

  52. nealynealster

    nealynealster3 days ago

    Clear case looks surprisingly good

  53. guess who's back g

    guess who's back g4 days ago

    LOL! aliexpress?! i dont trust that page at all

  54. Broncos Broncos

    Broncos Broncos4 days ago

    thats the point of the video

  55. Leon Kennedy

    Leon Kennedy4 days ago

    Linus be like if the case breaks we will get some good content and we can scrape this into the trash lol.

  56. Mr. M

    Mr. M4 days ago


  57. The_epic_gamer

    The_epic_gamer4 days ago

    12:48 when your mom and dad are divorcing

  58. Vishwa Wijesinghe

    Vishwa Wijesinghe4 days ago

    nice one.....

  59. Aspect Gaming

    Aspect Gaming4 days ago

    Ali Express is worse than wish

  60. Walkman05

    Walkman054 days ago

    Dude! We got top gear 2 music!

  61. Dimie Reeds

    Dimie Reeds4 days ago

    I wished he could change that PSU. So it could run n do Gaming review😅

  62. Sean Skaggs

    Sean Skaggs5 days ago

    I could buy a b-550 tomahawk for the price you paid for that motherboard

  63. Sean Skaggs

    Sean Skaggs5 days ago

    no I couldn't

  64. Al Kohallick

    Al Kohallick5 days ago

    I want my 16 minutes back.

  65. Dylan Faltisco

    Dylan Faltisco5 days ago

    I tried ordering a pack of neodymium magnets from AliExpress (cuz why not) and it got rejected by customs of course lol

  66. Azad Cicek

    Azad Cicek5 days ago

    Check out this funny Meme Compilation:

  67. PUTU

    PUTU5 days ago

    This video only applies to American and Privilege people As somebody from country that pick up free cases thrown at offices, it's blessing if it doesn't blow up XD

  68. Brasileiro Júnior

    Brasileiro Júnior5 days ago

    "You dont need to buy in AliExpresss" Me: *Laughs in South-American*

  69. Tiago Silva

    Tiago Silva4 hours ago

    I got it, maninho Br.

  70. Paxonex

    Paxonex5 days ago

    Honestly that build doesnt look bad

  71. Suatt38

    Suatt385 days ago

    Hyper beast Linus...

  72. Sloap

    Sloap6 days ago


  73. Realtek Semiconductor

    Realtek Semiconductor6 days ago

    6:00 thermometer

  74. Gurmeet Arora

    Gurmeet Arora6 days ago

    What has Aliexpress got to do with it, other than part sourcing. And as a click bait. You could have sourced the parts from anywhere including your local parts store. And a dancing idiot in front of a Acrylic PC, you wasted my few minutes.

  75. 13 Point Black

    13 Point Black6 days ago

    Having an aliexpress ad in an aliexpress pc video. Also missed the chance to call the video "The AlliExpress PC"

  76. jonki leshi

    jonki leshi7 days ago

    Who will win the NFC East?


    FAIDED FN7 days ago

    can you get me a pc cause i really need a pc and i am subed

  78. Purple rain

    Purple rain7 days ago

    2 sponsors in a single video. I mean how far?

  79. Adam K

    Adam K7 days ago

    LoL coNsole PLebs! YoU caN buIld A GreAt PC fOR like 500 toPs

  80. Alice Jenner

    Alice Jenner7 days ago

    ☀️ ☀️ - my website with up to - 99% Aliexpress deals. I'll be happy if you help me just visiting website 🙏

  81. Andrey Fomin

    Andrey Fomin7 days ago

    My god, this b-roll for assembled Chinese PC is the best thing I've ever seen, it's freakin amazing 🤣

  82. ethan chan

    ethan chan7 days ago

    hey linus, I think its not fair to judge like this cuz u just bought like the cheapest, obviously low quality products. love your channel

  83. Adam Runowski

    Adam Runowski7 days ago

    I got a AliExpress ad before the video

  84. Abhiram Raj

    Abhiram Raj7 days ago

    Oh so that means you bring all your things from SSD to HDD from Alibaba (Ali Express), I always thought from where are you getting this money from to buy all the stuff. Good Tactics for cheap things.

  85. Android/Windows CUSTOMISATION

    Android/Windows CUSTOMISATION7 days ago

    Sexy sexy

  86. Rahul R

    Rahul R7 days ago

    Wow,thats was really cool

  87. ezzlon

    ezzlon7 days ago

    I'm gay

  88. ArtisChronicles

    ArtisChronicles8 days ago

    I'm disappointed, they didn't buy Asgard ram Your snowman was not packed correctly, they usually come with Intel adapters that use a similar mounting system to Intel's own stock mount. Also the normal 4 heat pipe no RGB snowman is actually a great price to performance air cooler. It's pretty similar to the hyper 212 evo in terms of the number of fins and density.

  89. klein_walke

    klein_walke8 days ago

    9:42 SHOW THIS PCU(`S) WITH A RTX-3090 PLS!!!

  90. D. Alex Kablack

    D. Alex Kablack8 days ago

    i want that mousepad



    A very bad experience 😭

  92. Michael Graby

    Michael Graby8 days ago

    *cough cough* Ashens *cough*

  93. nash comp

    nash comp8 days ago

    The price + shipping just the same with our local market just sucks

  94. Goonscrappy

    Goonscrappy8 days ago

    Linus: It fits it doesn't come out or anything. *comes out*

  95. Goodborn

    Goodborn8 days ago

    I swear tho... AliExpress is mad underrated... small electronics and other stuff wise that place is unbeaten...

  96. LIU XIN

    LIU XIN8 days ago

    We Chinese don't buy new pc parts on aliexpress or the Chinese version We go instead. is very alike amazon. So you'd better buy from Amazon or Newegg next time.

  97. FaXi Khan

    FaXi Khan8 days ago

    There are thousands of good products but Linus choose ♻️♻️

  98. Steven Earley

    Steven Earley8 days ago

    “I lost the game” You brought us down with you you evil, evil man

  99. Gabe Acevedo

    Gabe Acevedo6 days ago

    I can't believe I just lost the game

  100. Vector

    Vector9 days ago


  101. Colton Sites

    Colton Sites9 days ago

    Ngl id actually buy the mouse pad

  102. Spejson

    Spejson9 days ago

    straszne gówno

  103. Stan Pitt

    Stan Pitt9 days ago

    what monitor is that it looks amazing

  104. Johnathon Wheeler

    Johnathon Wheeler9 days ago

    Are these American prices?

  105. Justin

    Justin9 days ago

    That mousepad was a Mastodon graphic, shame on you sir.