Making Nvidia’s CEO mad - RTX 3090 Review

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Nvidia’s not done yet - Their brand new, fastest-ever GPU just got smoked by their own RTX 3090. But is it good enough to fork over $1500?
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  1. Moop Meep

    Moop MeepHour ago

    Minecraft 8k with rtx : 40 fps . Dudeee

  2. Immortal Llama

    Immortal Llama4 hours ago

    Nvidia a few years later, ANNOUNCING THE NEW RTX 4070, FASTER THAN THE RTX 3090 STARTING AT 449 USD.

  3. Laughing Man

    Laughing Man9 hours ago

    The ridiculousness of the hype is just made worse by the fact that it'll be nearly impossible to buy. You might get one by the time Nvidia comes out with a newer better one making it obsolete.

  4. Mike JM

    Mike JM17 hours ago

    just bought one of these, hope it doesn't bottleneck my i5 4590

  5. Hadi Ishtiaq [Student]

    Hadi Ishtiaq [Student]Day ago

    LTT: Here's what 8k looks like Me watching this video at 144p resolution: *Nice*

  6. wqrld-

    wqrld-Day ago

    Intro 😂

  7. Icebear

    IcebearDay ago

    Still feel like I could probably use a 3080 with a high quality 650 though ngl. Just undervolt it and still get the same perf. lol

  8. Travis Marschat

    Travis Marschat3 days ago

    LMAO 4k minecraft

  9. TheCaptainCrunchy

    TheCaptainCrunchy4 days ago

    me about to vibe to the intro: Linus: No, You can't do that!

  10. cheese

    cheese4 days ago

    Yes dad I need it to attend my online classes.

  11. Charlies_Angels

    Charlies_Angels4 days ago

    Is a capture card still recommended for the 3090? I want to stream and game from the same pc at the same time. Also, will the the external elgato 4k60 work with the series x and my ps5? (Sorry if that is a silly question) 😇

  12. Brandon Neal

    Brandon Neal5 days ago

    By the time I put in my cart to checkout it was sold out! 🖕 Real pc gamer

  13. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird5 days ago

    this cost almost triple the price of my whole pc

  14. iamelloyello

    iamelloyello5 days ago

    Just snagged the 3090 today. Sold my rtx 2080 ti to a friend and now I can game at 120fps at 4k on ultra settings for most games.

  15. Lou Cipher

    Lou Cipher5 days ago

    *i am Jensen and i am not unlocking shit, buy it or leave it*

  16. Lou Cipher

    Lou Cipher5 days ago

    *1500$ is really cheap for this GPU performance considering how much audiophiles paid for crap headphones that cant even do sub bass properly*

  17. Lou Cipher

    Lou Cipher5 days ago

    *you can use that as a gravestone for AMD*

  18. Its Me

    Its Me6 days ago

    Me : Just brought my 1050 Ti

  19. Amir Ridzuan

    Amir Ridzuan6 days ago

    im too poor that 4k and 8k seems the same. lel

  20. Dewey

    Dewey6 days ago

    I've never understood the hype around playing at resolutions higher than 1440p. You can barely discern thee differences at 4k plus.

  21. Archer

    Archer6 days ago

    by the time i save up to get this and rebuild my tower, it will be a $400.00 GPU. I need to save 5k over the next 2 years. With what I have now. I am fine, but in 3 years time, my GTX 1080Ti 11G will be out of date me thinks.

  22. Official OGD

    Official OGD7 days ago


  23. Krino Da Gamer

    Krino Da Gamer7 days ago

    @Linus Tech Tips please do a review video on how AMD is not using real raytracing and is only using DXR no where near as good as Nvidia's RT cores some people don't fully understand the concept of what AMD is using versus Nvidia when it comes to raytracing. I know for a fact and have saw it in multiple videos of RT Cores raytraing right off the back, bounce lighting reflections ect are top notch. If you look at a lot of AMD's new GPU games they looked washed out and that's the reason why it's not really raytracing just software implementation.

  24. AW_ Mega

    AW_ Mega8 days ago

    Me and the boys on our xbox 360

  25. GuitarFreak

    GuitarFreak8 days ago

    me dreaming....Im so going to buy this! Me in reality.....Is it time to upgrade from my athlon xp3000 chip yet? im thinking core 2 duo

  26. GuitarFreak

    GuitarFreak8 days ago

    4k vs 8k litrally could'nt tell the difference :)

  27. Gregory Van Hulle

    Gregory Van Hulle9 days ago

    I use Siemens NX & a Titan Xp. My score was 297.98 VS the GTX 3090's score of 26. Nvidia - please either release professional drivers or don't charge a small fortune for the {Quadro} A6000 GPU.

  28. Jo Bo

    Jo Bo9 days ago

    1500$... That's the price of my entire comp!

  29. Craig

    Craig9 days ago

    And... still a f'ing ghost. Too bad they made just the one.

  30. Daniel Murdoch

    Daniel Murdoch10 days ago

    0:30 is that linus during the secret shopper series?

  31. Umzou Tete

    Umzou Tete10 days ago


  32. TBP_enter

    TBP_enter10 days ago

    "totally not a flex just has quadro rtx and titan rtx in the background" -me

  33. Yu 266426

    Yu 26642610 days ago

    Is this powerful enough for pong?

  34. A M

    A M10 days ago

    Nobody needs 8K. Just a waste of processing power.

  35. avrona

    avrona2 days ago

    Well it is still better looking than 4k though...

  36. Agustin Morales

    Agustin Morales10 days ago

    Not even that can make Flight simulator run at 60 fps, damn

  37. Shams Noor

    Shams Noor11 days ago

    I love how Blender, an open source software that you can run pretty well with a $300 setup that has no external gpu, is also the gold standard for benchmarking the most expensive consumer gpus in the market.


    JULIO GARCIA11 days ago

    Finally just ordered my 3090 RTX on Bestbuy today! Now I can stop watching all these damn videos! Got my own shit!

  39. aeroripper

    aeroripper11 days ago

    ...and here I was happy with my RTX 2060 Super up until I watched this.

  40. D3moknight

    D3moknight11 days ago

    Dammit, I am the guy in the hotrod photo and nobody gave me any internet points!

  41. metaspherz

    metaspherz11 days ago

    I broke the bank buying an RTX 2070 Super last February, so I might be able to afford the RTX 3090 in 3 to 5 years...

  42. Daniel G

    Daniel G12 days ago

    Honestly, I'd soooooo seriously consider this for scientific work, but kneecapping the driver optimization ruins it. Huge bummer, and pretty absurd...

  43. Sheeba Muthar

    Sheeba Muthar12 days ago

    Hear I am with a HP dv6 from 2006

  44. Matthew Talisay

    Matthew Talisay13 days ago

    How do i put that in my nokia 3310 snake is a bit laggy

  45. upplsuckimcool16

    upplsuckimcool1613 days ago

    fuck i was gonna get a new gaming build in like 12 days but I dind't know anything about any GPU after 2080ti...... which is what i had my sights set on!!! Now I have to wiwait for the 3090 to be available? They're all sold out ;D

  46. 2380knight

    2380knight13 days ago

    People always in comment section cracking jokes or saying how they can never afford this stuff. They’re like clones and it’s so repetitive in every video

  47. Antiss Neurotek

    Antiss Neurotek14 days ago

    dude with a SLI GTX 1050 TI we are having the same quality speed, all you need is to know how to configure the devices like in old time on windows 3.1 when all was done manually. if you have a strong motherboard heavy duty one, with good power supply , excellent memory (Hynnix , Samsung are best memory) you are good to go. a card who suck too much energy that is bad, you didnt speak about the motherboard factor if she can handle that much of the video card what we did as a test and fried the board death finish. it is good to talk about a new product what are the consequences to the others equipment. The Video card manufacturer they pushes limits exaggerating the size just to prove speed and performance, false all is is they will consume more energy that is the secret of performance more you give electricity more it is speed, go to your windows electric management , ask to use the full scale of power and you will see how your system will double performance. To me i will not waste money on that video card 2 GTX they do well and great the job with a good configuration.

  48. K Singh

    K Singh14 days ago

    This is just proof that nvidia was just price gouging people. How can the 3090 perform that well over a titan card which costs 1000 more? Nvidia only priced these cards these ways because AMD has been on their tail.....fuck nvidia

  49. RawsonDenna

    RawsonDenna15 days ago

    I’m waiting... for the better card

  50. Imp Possible

    Imp Possible15 days ago

    Can i play ultimate doom with high settings on that 640x480?

  51. NoisySnale'causeI'm NOISY

    NoisySnale'causeI'm NOISY15 days ago

    and i think the gtx 1050 in my gaming laptop is enough

  52. NoisySnale'causeI'm NOISY

    NoisySnale'causeI'm NOISY15 days ago

    the rtx 3090 is overkill for almost everything

  53. AB 50

    AB 5015 days ago

    Why couldn't consoles just buy rxt and put it on the consoles?

  54. Redragon

    Redragon16 days ago

    I honestly tried to look for a difference between the 4k, and the two 8ks and if you switched the screens on me I wouldn't be able to tell the difference

  55. WyattTheSkid

    WyattTheSkid16 days ago

    bruh I have a 1080p monitor I feel ashamed

  56. seele Schneider

    seele Schneider16 days ago

    I am waiting to game in 20k in 2060

  57. Notable Zero

    Notable Zero16 days ago

    Meanwhile the globalists are conspiring agaisnt you. But keep worrying about a few more fps.

  58. Notable Zero

    Notable Zero16 days ago

    And it all pretty much looks like the 1070... Where's my million dollars?

  59. Notable Zero

    Notable Zero16 days ago

    I has beard too.

  60. Notable Zero

    Notable Zero16 days ago

    Can't wait for the video for when Linus injects his kids with rhe Mark.

  61. i. j

    i. j16 days ago

    "At launch there were only 7 in canada and Linus got 5 of those " ~ Dave2D

  62. DAT BOI

    DAT BOI18 days ago

    Jesus its huge

  63. Dustin Ford

    Dustin Ford18 days ago

    Me not knowing anything about computer building and about to make my first build: NUMBERS NUMBERS NUMBERS

  64. Helio Gonzalez

    Helio Gonzalez19 days ago


  65. Bear Doh

    Bear Doh19 days ago

    Could you use a amd thread ripper with it?

  66. eric's garage

    eric's garage20 days ago

    its crazy to think one day a 3090 will be on ebay for 70 bucks 10 years from now

  67. timaaaahhhh

    timaaaahhhh20 days ago

    I'm surprised he put so much emphasis on having the best CPU possible.. Thought that was almost irrelevant at 4k?

  68. Chubby Sayian

    Chubby Sayian21 day ago

    Finally I can break games without it crashing

  69. Dustin Nguyen

    Dustin Nguyen22 days ago

    Undervolting guide for 3090? 👀

  70. Mafia13

    Mafia1322 days ago

    Bro this number 3090 randomly pops up in my head n search then this cool

  71. Ryluri

    Ryluri22 days ago

    Who needs 8K?

  72. YouWinAFREEiPOD

    YouWinAFREEiPOD22 days ago

    Sorry but I wouldn't even play Wolfenstein Young Blood if it was with this graphics card.

  73. Jarrel Williams

    Jarrel Williams23 days ago

    There isn't enough of a value proposition for this review. At $1500, you're getting a middling workstation card that was intentionally neutered because Nvidia will probably have Titans to sell to scalpers in a year or two, and has also been marketed for gaming in a resolution in which the TV's are priced between $20,000 & $60,000, even though the PC market hasn't even embraced 4K gaming yet. Oh, and there's an AMD competitor coming down the line that costs $500 less and is competitive in terms of performance. And top it off, there's absolutely ZERO inventory of any of the 3000 series cards. Who was the 3090 made for?

  74. Nathan

    Nathan23 days ago

    I actually got the 3090 for graphic work. It's pretty awesome. I use Amd for gaming because I only game at 2k. Don't need all the bells and whistles of nvidia. BUT they are nice to have. Reason I don't play games at 4k is because it hurts my eyes. It's too much godly power for my puny human eyeballs to handle lol. 8k practically gives me migraines.

  75. Bill Gene Soon

    Bill Gene Soon24 days ago

    "Jensen plz unleash the TIYAN BEAST!!!!"

  76. Ari Papas

    Ari Papas24 days ago

    dat moment when samsung ssd

  77. FalconDive7

    FalconDive724 days ago

    Should slap one in my HP EliteDesk! XD

  78. Its RGBToaster

    Its RGBToaster24 days ago

    Nobody: 3090 out of stock in 1 second Linus: ownes 10 RTX3090

  79. ImNotMinecraftSteve

    ImNotMinecraftSteve25 days ago

    I'm colorblind.. meaning that between 4k Native, 8K DLSS, and 8k Native, there is no difference to my eyes. I think I will stick to my triple-fan 3070..

  80. Jan Kasal

    Jan Kasal25 days ago

    Imagine not paying just 999$ for a top of the line gpu

  81. Sniper General

    Sniper General26 days ago

    There is a titan coming at around 4,500

  82. JacInTheBox88

    JacInTheBox8826 days ago


  83. enjoy gk

    enjoy gk26 days ago

    Hi Please clarify whether one will be able to fit Nvidia's RTX 3090 founder's edition in ThinkStation P620. It has 4 PCIE slots and their launch video shows 4 nvidia rtx 4000 plugged in ?

  84. Rajie Gill

    Rajie Gill26 days ago

    No offence to anybody but the 30 series cards look hideous

  85. Bam Boozed

    Bam Boozed27 days ago

    dang... i can not see the difference between 4k native, 8k dlss, and 8k native

  86. Ahmad Jamal

    Ahmad Jamal27 days ago

    he be chillin me with 540 lmfao

  87. Bachmann Manuel

    Bachmann Manuel28 days ago

    For you People: Test with FS 2020 in 1440p Ryzen 7 3800X 32 GB 3600 mhz RAM NVME Corsair 500 GB Gigabyte RTX 3090 between 30-40 FPS in Ultra Setting and 200% Terrain and 200% Upscale

  88. Tristan Horne

    Tristan Horne28 days ago

    Nvidia... always letting the consumers DOwn. Or Nvidia always letting the enthusiasts DOwn. Or Nvidia always less BANG for your buck. Or Nvidia always happy to show you what you really wanted 4 years later. I think they have more than enough capital to offer the pc community a better card for less as well as the ability to hire more people to provide more drivers and unblocking capabilities. I still work my but off to try to get there cards bc I've felt they do provide better support. However both companies could do a whole lot better for there consumers. Thanks everyone at LTT for being so thorough and showing how its done on YT and beyond.

  89. Frédéric Chopin

    Frédéric Chopin28 days ago

    I wanna see Jenson's reply in the comments

  90. Sean Amos

    Sean Amos29 days ago

    7:09 - 7:12 , HEAVY DLSS artifacting going on in the background.

  91. Don Braga

    Don Braga29 days ago

    7:28 - Find the symbol

  92. Bromosome Gaming

    Bromosome Gaming29 days ago

    Can I afford this? Hell no! Did I watch the video start to end? Hell yeah!!

  93. Ulung_RInZ

    Ulung_RInZ29 days ago

    3090: *launched* Quadro RTX 8000: gaming GPUs?

  94. Xander Ellem

    Xander Ellem29 days ago

    Whenis the 20bg version of the 3080 coming out doe?

  95. Foxrine

    FoxrineMonth ago

    So you need this expensive asf GPU, not only that but also probably the most expensive cpu and also for that 8k gaming, we also need a 8k monitor.... Is it worth it? I think not


    NHAFXD GLITCHER シMonth ago

    BFGPU Elon Musk: I see....

  97. Aaron Watkins

    Aaron WatkinsMonth ago

    Why 32 bits per pixel on 8k and not 24?

  98. الهدايه لطريق الله

    الهدايه لطريق اللهMonth ago

    with $1500 you can by best 4k 144h HDR10+ TV with ps5 or xbox sx and play games those new consoles cost no more than $499 with 10TF of RDNA 2 GPU power

  99. Γιάννης Σίγμα

    Γιάννης ΣίγμαMonth ago

    all i care about is reaching 100+ fps on 1440p, if RTX 3080 is able to get this results then i'm getting it.

  100. Argyros Vivum

    Argyros VivumMonth ago

    Rather get this than the PS5 lol 😉 at the PS5 , one day , lol I’ll get one ☝️, lol

  101. Tm.Invasion

    Tm.InvasionMonth ago

    PS5? Lol even RTX 2080ti is more powerful than PS5

  102. Mr Pickles

    Mr PicklesMonth ago

    Do people actually buy 700 dollar gpu’s??? Like wth

  103. Peter smith

    Peter smithMonth ago

    When u take into account the fact u need a 8k monitor or television it will cost the best part of 10 grand and for all that money your still not getting native 8k or hugely better graphics id say 4k is the resolution to go for with either the 3070 or 3080 and even then certain games just dont size correctly the text is too small to read and cant play some games due to this