RTX 3080 - Can it Run CRYSIS (Remastered)??

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Huge thanks to Crytek for getting us an early copy. With an early build of Crysis: Remasteredwe took some of our top end components, and a copy of OG Crysis, and remastered and checked them out side by side.
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  1. Dustyn AKA Ändbjørn

    Dustyn AKA Ändbjørn13 hours ago

    I can see the individual frames. Actually nuts.

  2. Ryan Black

    Ryan Black19 hours ago

    can the OrianX2 PC run crysis remastered???? i really wanna see it run crysis remastered

  3. Adrian Iorga

    Adrian IorgaDay ago

    Can it run solitaire remastered?

  4. Danpower

    DanpowerDay ago

    Some weeks before Crysis' Release, there were rumors about the first nvidia graphics card with 1 GB (!) of memory at my school. And I will never forget, as a friend of mine reacted to this like "1 GB VRAM? Nobody needs this much!" xD

  5. kirito kirigaya

    kirito kirigaya2 days ago

    Linus is it possible to connect a webcan in pcie slot and rampup the quality to maximum like mobile devices

  6. Kooldogkid

    Kooldogkid2 days ago

    How about “Can it run GTA 4”

  7. patrick kanne

    patrick kanne3 days ago

    You kidding me? Crysis remastered runs on a switch.

  8. Sanjiv Sujeebun

    Sanjiv Sujeebun4 days ago

    Nothing extraordinary abt the crysis remastered.. Only minor graphical improvements.. More like a poorly optimized game..

  9. Cota Games

    Cota Games4 days ago

    I need that keyboard

  10. Windows Media

    Windows Media4 days ago

    Nvidia: RTX 4080 : 500fps 8k Crysis : mhhh Nvidia: RTX 3080 Crysis : mhhh Nvidia: GTX 1060 4Gb Crysis: Thats more Like it.

  11. Bulging Battery

    Bulging Battery5 days ago


  12. Tom

    Tom10 days ago

    Just for shits and giggles I reinstalled crisis (original, not remastered) on my 8700K, 32 GB ram, rtx 3090 equipped system. Believe it or not, at times it STILL dropped to circa 80 fps, including in the famous "first view of island at dawn" shot after the intro sequence and night section. I was gobsmacked, I guess a lot of advancement since 2007 haven't been about pushing traditional rendering faster, but using more efficient techniques? It was lolz that's for sure

  13. Cheeks2184

    Cheeks218411 days ago

    Pfffft. 32 FPS shouldn't even be considered playable these days.

  14. Cheeks2184

    Cheeks218411 days ago

    Makes me happy that "Can it run Crysis?" is actually the question to ask again. (along with, "Can it run Flight Simulator?")

  15. XxVapeSt4rxX

    XxVapeSt4rxX11 days ago

    Oh man what do you do with all these pc's you got that you do not use? Getting my laptop fixed, but that tower is looking juicy

  16. CurtainAU

    CurtainAU12 days ago

    I feel like origin only sponsors LTT because they know he thinks they suck

  17. jezo jr

    jezo jr12 days ago

    4:27 so im watching this on my pc that my gran gave me, i have this EXACT setup good old gran with the ddr1 2 gb of ram

  18. SoumyaKanti Pal

    SoumyaKanti Pal12 days ago

    uslikes.info/house/Z6Ow1dKpq2iGZ7I/video.html A better link

  19. Cateso

    Cateso12 days ago

    I play it at 1440p, rtx and high graphics with an MSI1080 ti, i7 4.00ghz and 32gb ram

  20. DKK BKK

    DKK BKK12 days ago

    you have all good rig.but me..far from Crysis

  21. Ashwin More

    Ashwin More13 days ago

    Try going max on GTA IV

  22. spacebaged

    spacebaged13 days ago

    I’m 2 minutes in and the fact that you have the blinds up already ruins everything.

  23. İsmail Beygirci

    İsmail Beygirci13 days ago

    my man crysis took rtx 3080 back to 2007 and treated it like its a fat ps3...

  24. Gud Boi

    Gud Boi14 days ago

    Crisis remastered has shit optimization


    NiGHTMARENiCk14 days ago

    I didn't realize it but Im waiting on a pre-built pc with the same specs to come in the mail, after watching this I'm happy I can run crisis

  26. That Tall Brendan

    That Tall Brendan14 days ago

    This thumbnail is intimidating.

  27. byVTRX†

    byVTRX†15 days ago

    I like how they completely flamed origin in the secret shopper video but still let them sponsor their videos :DD

  28. toleys rally championship

    toleys rally championship15 days ago

    remember r_displayinfo 1 , must needed with crysis no matter version!

  29. toleys rally championship

    toleys rally championship15 days ago

    im also seeing slide show again with RTX 3080!!!

  30. Mr. Vtec

    Mr. Vtec16 days ago

    They used a 3090 to develop the original Crysis

  31. Willem Bielefeld

    Willem Bielefeld16 days ago

    Maybe in the past it was "can it run crisis" but i think today it should be "can it run metro exodus"

  32. Jollyroger Hobbies

    Jollyroger Hobbies17 days ago

    Guess we need a new saying. Yes, but can it run Crysis Remastered?

  33. Still living in 2009

    Still living in 200917 days ago

    So why Linus wearing Crysis Suite?

  34. Prestige Gamer

    Prestige Gamer17 days ago

    1:56 cat playing crisis

  35. emptyforrest

    emptyforrest19 days ago

    you cant use the "cant it run crysis" meme unless you go into sandbox and blow up an obscene amount of barrels.

  36. Jeanjaques Ibrahim

    Jeanjaques Ibrahim20 days ago

    One day humanity will peak and we will be able to run crisis on ultra high settings

  37. The White Loser

    The White Loser20 days ago

    So you can't run at max set 8k

  38. Adam Fanning

    Adam Fanning22 days ago

    Why does any brand bother paying linus when he just shits all over them 5 vids later😂

  39. Alexander Moore

    Alexander Moore22 days ago

    LTT specified in a video about sponsors that they never take a sponsor who they dont think is good. Now they are sponsored by Origin PC even tho their newest video tested their service and found out that you get like a 1100 dollar pc for the price of a 2000 dollar pc. I think that’s kinda sellout ngl

  40. 煙Astaloy

    煙Astaloy22 days ago

    GTA 4 : I bet u cant run me on 60 fps

  41. Rockin the line

    Rockin the line23 days ago

    Anyone knows which keyboard is that?

  42. Fab L

    Fab L25 days ago

    What’s that keyboard table mouse thing , I neeeedd itty

  43. Robbe

    Robbe25 days ago

    wtf happened to hes face, did he forgett what razor is

  44. Parental Guardian

    Parental Guardian26 days ago

    but its a remaster fo the console version not the pc one so fuck this remaster

  45. Ben Donahue

    Ben Donahue26 days ago

    I feel like a 3080 should really have more fps than that

  46. Simon Espinosa

    Simon Espinosa26 days ago

    The next crisis crysis remastered real life graphics

  47. Mazxlol

    Mazxlol27 days ago

    i wish they remastered Far Cry 1.. man i used to absolutely love that game

  48. No One

    No One27 days ago

    just to remind you guys, they're running it on 4k with maximum settings on a 77 inch 120hz monitor! that performance chat is so dang remarkable!

  49. Bill Pojas

    Bill Pojas27 days ago

    It would be nice if you run this kind of review with amd graphics cards.

  50. Jace Jones

    Jace Jones28 days ago

    I'm watching this in 1440p and I'm not too impressed with Crysis Remastered tbh. Strange that it was only getting 55ish FPS.

  51. XerosXIII

    XerosXIII28 days ago

    wow, literal meme itself on the graphical setting, we came back in a roundabout

  52. aayush sharma

    aayush sharma28 days ago

    Think I'll have to let my godlike gtx 970 go this gen

  53. Tragic Games

    Tragic Games29 days ago

    I have 2 RTX 3080 cards for sale. Still sealed. ASUS Tuf Gaming and an Nvidia Founders Edition. $1200 CASH. PA!!

  54. GreenTeaRex

    GreenTeaRex29 days ago

    Ummm of course it can. 3080 is a top of the line GPU and Crysis is outdated. Even the remastered isn’t much more power demanding.

  55. Justus Merchant

    Justus MerchantMonth ago

    I manage to get a smooth 60 frames playing Crysis Remastered in 2k HD (1440p) on my GeForce RTX 2060 but I have to play it on medium graphics. Even on medium the graphics look breathtaking, and most importantly, the game itself has aged like a fine scotch whiskey. Not only did they excessively optimize controller support and general gameplay fluidity (while still giving you the option to use the original setup.) The game itself is still just a good game. I remember how I felt when I first played Goldeneye for N64; it was a mind shattering experience. 20 years later, it doesn't even hold a candle to some of the most bland titles in the FPS genre it helped birth. Crysis, on the other hand, still makes me feel like an absolute herculean chad beast monster when I pummel men and aliens into mulch with my augmented war fists or when I take down biomechanical Lovecraftian war squids with a nightmarish arsenal of customizable weaponry. So far everything about this game has served to remind me of what action games are meant to feel like. The pace, the linear story, the fast paced violence, the voice acting and story; it was and still is a game that knows exactly what it wanted to be and became exactly that. The classic meme "Can it run Crysis?" resulted from Crysis setting a graphical benchmark for several gaming generations, but among all of the praise regarding its graphical achievements, another question arises. Not a question about hardware, but a question about innovations in gameplay; "Can I still enjoy Crysis?" I can, because I believe it set a benchmark for action games as well.

  56. Harsh Kumar

    Harsh KumarMonth ago

    Can it run cyberpunk 2077 ?

  57. keshav Gupta

    keshav GuptaMonth ago

    2007:Can it run crysis? 2020:Can it run crysis? When will the World change?

  58. mr guderian

    mr guderianMonth ago

    But can it run solitaire in 8k?

  59. RpgBlaster

    RpgBlasterMonth ago

    Can it run Crysis Remastered ? *NO*

  60. I was forced to

    I was forced toMonth ago

    The original Crysis is a masterpiece a game that was ahead at its time but to be honest this remastered is just an unpolished game that I think they make it unoptimized on PC version on purpose maybe to keep the meme alive or something either way it's so retarded to make a game unoptimized on purpose

  61. johnmhsieh

    johnmhsiehMonth ago

    08:21 😀😀😀

  62. 小木曽雪菜

    小木曽雪菜Month ago

    Crysis Remastered just not beautiful enough

  63. Cyber Mania

    Cyber ManiaMonth ago

    Old crisis can play most of system... New remastered is too heavy...

  64. Janarthanasharma

    JanarthanasharmaMonth ago

    Oh Stop talking much just play the game.

  65. Ubhumma

    UbhummaMonth ago

    Is that a joke?

  66. Bob Mitzel Navarrete

    Bob Mitzel NavarreteMonth ago

    May i ask what is the lap table linus is using in this episode?

  67. Said Farisi

    Said FarisiMonth ago

    This will test graphics cards for the next 15 years

  68. Greg Obermiller

    Greg ObermillerMonth ago

    My 5700xt 3600x can run crisis remastered in 1440p at max settings at 25 fps lmao

  69. Andrej Milenkovic

    Andrej MilenkovicMonth ago

    and with all that remastered crysis looks worst that far cry 5

  70. Star Pixel

    Star PixelMonth ago

    ngl linus in the suit of the game for the thumbnail was genius he looks so good in it

  71. I CAT LetsPlay

    I CAT LetsPlayMonth ago

    rip my GTX 1050 Ti 😂😂😂

  72. Just Channel

    Just ChannelMonth ago

    Ofcourse it takes 4 gigs, cause you play 4k. When this game came out, most of people had 720p monitors, or 768p. You remember, yeah? That resolution takes most of vram

  73. João Henrique

    João HenriqueMonth ago

    Me: Watches in 720p. Looks good.

  74. Consural

    ConsuralMonth ago

    9:20 Wow, look at that real time ray tracing sunlight on Linus' shirt right there. Looks real.

  75. marco lau

    marco lauMonth ago

    what a crap ! on some system or vga ( like mine 980 ti ) it wont even give me full hd , the max res selectable is 1680 x 1050 .........LIKE THE ORIGINAL CRYSIS .

  76. kasevi02

    kasevi02Month ago

    i cannot believe they actually put a "can it run crysis?" setting into the game!! Genius!

  77. Fany P

    Fany PMonth ago

    How about " Can it run Assassin's Creed Valhalla (4K60)?"

  78. Crazy Chipmunk

    Crazy ChipmunkMonth ago

    They need to be hired to make call of duty maps

  79. Crazy Chipmunk

    Crazy ChipmunkMonth ago

    Linus says wedgies made me think of bully

  80. Crazy Chipmunk

    Crazy ChipmunkMonth ago

    Never played this i committed the biggest sin

  81. Julius Caesar Dumaguing

    Julius Caesar DumaguingMonth ago

    Am dying on the ""can it run crysis mode" HAHAHAHA

  82. HaveFun 37g

    HaveFun 37gMonth ago

    Honestly but the video image from corner it should be bigger and the webcam with you should be in the corner smaller 😅

  83. Khairi

    KhairiMonth ago

    crysis 2 came out when i was 23 yrs old - pc was way too slow for it. gave up half way frustrated. crysis remastered came out i'm 32 years old. graphics too much i feel like vomiting. safe to say; crysis is just too much for any age.

  84. Tinsel

    TinselMonth ago

    How the hell can the Nintendo switch run this

  85. Tim Foale

    Tim FoaleMonth ago

    Why is there no ray tracing setting in your settings? My version has rtx and the impact it has on performance is devastating, I'm guessing the game didn't have rtx at launch. I bet you won't go over 60 fps with rtx cranked up.

  86. anita saxena

    anita saxenaMonth ago

    Pls connect 4 8ks together to make 32k display like you made the 16k

  87. Jos Iturri

    Jos IturriMonth ago

    automáticamente cuando alzo el gabinete y se le cayo la antena wifi al pelotudo este no solo deje de mirar el video sino bloque ...un burro

  88. ZedKrueger

    ZedKruegerMonth ago

    how about 2 3090s in sli can it run crysis?

  89. Henry Towns

    Henry TownsMonth ago

    No game has breakable trees as far as I know. Most AAA games including Farcry, Assassins Creed, GTA V don't have better water or vegetation than the original crysis.

  90. MrPewds

    MrPewdsMonth ago


  91. Rabab omair

    Rabab omairMonth ago

    *It look amazing in 2020 n love u beared*

  92. Snuskedundret

    SnuskedundretMonth ago

    Crysis Remastered does not look good enough for that performance tbh. Plenty of games now that look much better and have way better performance.

  93. Jase Cee

    Jase CeeMonth ago

    Piss poor optimisation yet again, intentionally - all in the name of trying to ruin a GPU where other devs focus on creating games to utilise the GPU cinematically, with realism in every aspect of the game, with High FR and still most of the memory left.

  94. Alex Turčáni

    Alex TurčániMonth ago

    In short, no it can't.. lol

  95. Doom Slayer

    Doom SlayerMonth ago

    Linus joins the bearded gentlemens club!

  96. Reyn

    ReynMonth ago

    i got your honey add while watching this XD

  97. Scott Graham

    Scott GrahamMonth ago

    My R5 1600X with 16g and Zotac 1070 mini runs "Can it run Crysis" mode at 1080p and gives me 25fps. one setting level down and rtx off I get 60fps at1080p/

  98. Ancient CS

    Ancient CSMonth ago

    similiar problem here with an RTX 2070. raytracing just sucks, it even made the Quake 2 Demo run at 30fps

  99. Todd Steelman

    Todd SteelmanMonth ago


  100. Andrés González

    Andrés GonzálezMonth ago

    Does this mean we have to wait 13 years to easily run Crysis... again...?

  101. Ferdinand Hutapea

    Ferdinand HutapeaMonth ago

    Graphic option can it run crysis. Lol what a legend.

  102. Small

    SmallMonth ago

    Crisis (original)- *exsits* Modern high end graphics cards- *laugh in being able to run the game at max settings* Crisis remastered- sup bi*ches Graphics cards- *all explode*