Riley's SICK Minimalist Setup - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade

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Riley recently renovated his minimalist apartment, but didn't quite get to upgrade his tech setup before the arrival of his BEAUTIFUL baby boy. Now, he's got $5,000 from Intel to spend on a tech upgrade - so how does a minimalist spend it?
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. Kyle Garvey

    Kyle Garvey8 minutes ago

    The environment can save itself

  2. Razvan Suciu

    Razvan Suciu40 minutes ago

    dude... the edit where Linus adjusts the monitor height according to what Riley is saying is absolutely hilarious :)))))

  3. Mark

    Mark3 hours ago

    lmao have yall ever seen a white tv

  4. Conner Blackmon

    Conner Blackmon5 hours ago

    “I guess we could move the decorations” “NOOOOOO”

  5. Gliscorr

    Gliscorr6 hours ago


  6. Olgierd T.

    Olgierd T.7 hours ago

    So why would you go with Intel is the real question xD

  7. Tanav Shendye

    Tanav Shendye9 hours ago

    Riley: you guys got your big 79/85 inch TVs and home theater and what not. This is great for me. Me watching with a 49 inch TV using the TV speaker*y u bully me*

  8. Val Putnal

    Val Putnal11 hours ago

    Riely's cautious cringe ocd dad humor was sooo appreciated lmao

  9. Val Putnal

    Val Putnal11 hours ago

    Riely's cautious cringe ocd dad humor was sooo appreciated lmao

  10. Rosa Fields

    Rosa Fields13 hours ago

    The synergy between Riley and Linus is really impeccable.

  11. CheapSushi

    CheapSushi14 hours ago

    is that the Romanian flag?


    JONAS_ HOENAS_19 hours ago

    this guy is super annoying

  13. mark bii

    mark biiDay ago

    linus is the best employer in this world.......most bosses dont even want to know your life outside the office

  14. Mr Snrub

    Mr SnrubDay ago

    $5000 from Intel so thats like $500 from AMD wow

  15. Abhay Kalsi

    Abhay KalsiDay ago

    Intel pays 5000$ *gets ryzen* Intel: shocked Pikachu face

  16. Ryan Hunt Reacts

    Ryan Hunt ReactsDay ago

    Riley is the uncle that you don’t want in your house because he’ll never leave.

  17. Han Sheng Ler

    Han Sheng LerDay ago

    I wonder what's the speakers used for the desktop

  18. Scott McGrath

    Scott McGrathDay ago

    Sorry to tell you this riley buyt when ur kid is a toddler that keyboard is RIP :)

  19. Rojolian

    RojolianDay ago

    17:30 were you watching fuckin fnaf vr

  20. NerdiCorgi Entertainment

    NerdiCorgi EntertainmentDay ago

    I always get suspicious when they do the home visits for LTT staff... Like... Do I really own a better computer than most of the LTT team - or are they picking computers up off craigslist to be more relatable? I get that Linus can't give/sell items as soon as they arrive to the warehouse, but like... Riley's computer looks roughly 6 years behind the times. If Linus were to wholesale 5 year old stuff from the warehouse, Riley could have at least gotten a small upgrade :P

  21. Noneofyerbiz

    NoneofyerbizDay ago

    Dude claims he's a minimalist and spends first 4 minutes describing how he's going to clutter up his apartment.

  22. steve

    steveDay ago

    get's a lovely glass side paneled case 'Sticks it in a cupboard,

  23. Seth Albrightest

    Seth AlbrightestDay ago

    I love Riley’s personality

  24. Ken King

    Ken KingDay ago

    16:47 - WTF is this? Did the vaccine suddenly kick in, or is Linus that clueless/careless? Defeats the purpose of wearing a mask in that apartment in the first place.

  25. Christopher Hart

    Christopher Hart2 days ago

    Everyone goes with the core i5 because intel sucks and they want to spend the least amount money possible on it out of their 5k hahaha

  26. player 1

    player 12 days ago

    Why the masks tho ?

  27. Cooper Chan

    Cooper Chan2 days ago

    did riley go to school? Just wondering!!!!

  28. SoledOut SC

    SoledOut SC2 days ago

    "The problem is your ping, you've got 80 ping there" cries in Australian

  29. Adam Bowling

    Adam Bowling2 days ago

    Riley does have a very my little pony voice

  30. LuckyLucc420

    LuckyLucc4202 days ago

    riley is hilarious

  31. suniken

    suniken3 days ago

    i donk know, but he kinda seems like a minimalist

  32. r_ramendump

    r_ramendump3 days ago

    Sorry to say this but hus house looks like a fucking padded cell

  33. OLDPCgamer

    OLDPCgamer3 days ago

    man, he has OCD

  34. Rohit

    Rohit3 days ago

    *Receives $5000 from Intel* *Buys Ryzen*

  35. TheWolfTitan

    TheWolfTitan3 days ago

    Linus: “You’re not gonna see the mount! ‘Cause it’s behind the TV!” Riley: “I put this on upside down...”

  36. Zhuo Liu

    Zhuo Liu3 days ago

    Riely's cautious cringe ocd dad humor was sooo appreciated lmao

  37. Matthew Prince

    Matthew Prince3 days ago

    I'm happy for Riley, I'm sad that I just found out he is married.

  38. Teddy Morris

    Teddy Morris3 days ago

    "I'm a minimalist" "I just had a baby" *Have fun keeping that house minimal*

  39. Chris Høydahl

    Chris HøydahlDay ago

    Only white LEGO

  40. oliver arsenal

    oliver arsenal3 days ago

    buy this cheap tower ever all in one PC tower case

  41. Cyber Six Moon Clouds

    Cyber Six Moon Clouds4 days ago

    Did they put all that renovation work into an apartment? They don't even have equity. Waste of money.

  42. S.R.A Surapaneni

    S.R.A Surapaneni4 days ago

    5:45 Today on " Things Your MISSUS won't like hearing".

  43. Isaac Nienaber

    Isaac Nienaber4 days ago

    Reilly sounds like my grandmama.

  44. matt

    matt4 days ago

    4:21 ".. move the decorations" "NOO! 😲"

  45. Boni

    Boni4 days ago

    Damn.. half of us here had better set-ups than someone working at Linus TC

  46. Adrian Padilla

    Adrian Padilla4 days ago

    Wait isn’t a vacuumed more then MINIMALISTIC?

  47. Paul Denton

    Paul Denton4 days ago

    19:58 That's why you use octane lol

  48. Eric of The Otherworld

    Eric of The Otherworld4 days ago

    Why does he kinda look and sound like the USlikesr, Elvis The Alien?

  49. Ukiyo

    Ukiyo4 days ago

    His piano gives me The Office "it folds right into the wall" vibes

  50. Tyler Cashmore

    Tyler Cashmore4 days ago

    My Little Riley

  51. freedomdst

    freedomdst4 days ago

    uhh, thats a very lacluster piano, but well, i guess he wanted it for its size.

  52. erik nansen

    erik nansen4 days ago

    I can't wait for the next episode when Riley's kid gets a hold of a Green Crayon and goes Picasso on those pristine walls.

  53. uzma faraz

    uzma faraz4 days ago

    7:08 Linus: "Accent piece." Riley: "No, it's an accident piece."

  54. ninkey

    ninkey5 days ago

    okay hear me out what if there was a motherboard that supported dual intel i9 10900k to game on :)



    Rilley Murdock's minimalist setup

  56. scripteaze

    scripteaze5 days ago

    wow 10600k? are your employees poor? oh ....he just had a baby, i get it

  57. scripteaze

    scripteaze5 days ago

    Linus shows up with a black persons mask....I guess he listens to rap?

  58. scripteaze

    scripteaze5 days ago

    you could power his whole house with an M1, yet you chose to use Intel...ouch

  59. scripteaze

    scripteaze5 days ago

    with the help of his friends and family...I dint see Linus there....Sup?

  60. Fantastic Chaos

    Fantastic Chaos5 days ago

    Linus mentioned that Riley voice acted "my little pony", but he didnt mention his voice acting in dubs for "Beyblade Burst". WHY

  61. Emiliano Marvin

    Emiliano Marvin5 days ago

    17:10 Linus: "Uh, yeah, that is not good" Riley: "What do you mean? That sounds great!" Linus: "No it doesn't that's the TV speakers" Riley: "Ohh." Pretty much sums up the entire episode

  62. ZachX200

    ZachX2005 days ago

    imagine if he would have punched the monitor when he got scored on!

  63. Saakee Cole

    Saakee Cole5 days ago

    He (Riley) sounds so much like norm macdonald when he wears his mask.

  64. Artie Plotnikov

    Artie Plotnikov5 days ago

    we need more Riley content!

  65. Adam Honda98

    Adam Honda985 days ago

    Should have drilled that wall

  66. man18jade

    man18jade5 days ago

    I can't help but think that his kid will have more fun drawing on all the white walls and furniture than the tv.

  67. BEAR

    BEAR5 days ago

    Wait what is this “power line” that reduces ping and latency?

  68. God of Madden

    God of Madden6 days ago

    Riley is such a Canadian dad!

  69. Strategicus

    Strategicus6 days ago

    I work for a painting company; a few times a year someone contracts us to do their house in pristine minimalist white. Invariably within six months they call us back to paint the walls in color because bright white spaces like that, while visually appealing, are hell to actually live in.

  70. Rawsick

    Rawsick6 days ago

    Even a minimalist respects more pixels for a tv

  71. Masud Khan

    Masud Khan6 days ago

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  72. Yoo Bryvn

    Yoo Bryvn6 days ago

    My teacher is Riley’s brother, he teaches at Johnston Heights Secondary, shoutout to Mr. Murdock!

  73. Kenneth Sangill

    Kenneth Sangill6 days ago

    Should have taken their money and bought a Ryzen - just to say "screw you intell - but thank you"

  74. VoodooGuitar

    VoodooGuitar6 days ago

    I can't believe he didn't go with like a Samsung Frame or Samsung Serif. Would've fit his aesthetic perfectly.

  75. kristenicole2011

    kristenicole20116 days ago

    Riley: Because I just had a baby, and you know... Linus: You have to make sacrifices Riley: They take everything from you.

  76. Billy Joe T. Vermon

    Billy Joe T. Vermon6 days ago

    Rocket league messed up the vibe lmao

  77. Malice

    Malice6 days ago

    13:20 i still can get over rileys reaction

  78. Ben Shaer

    Ben Shaer6 days ago

    Linus is the guy that goes to "help" and ends up doing everything his way lmao

  79. Martin Lehoťan

    Martin Lehoťan6 days ago

    just why i5 ?

  80. The Inner Dreamer

    The Inner Dreamer6 days ago

    Are you worried your viewers will get COVID through their screens ?

  81. BustedDiamond

    BustedDiamond6 days ago

    Riley: Because I just had a baby, and you know... Linus: You have to make sacrifices Riley: They take everything from you.

  82. jacob dennis

    jacob dennis6 days ago

    We could move the decorations... noooo

  83. Matf661

    Matf6616 days ago

    I used to think Riley was annoying and forced but watching this I realise it's just how he is and he is jokes

  84. Romulous75

    Romulous756 days ago

    AMD: makes awesome CPUs people want. Intel: still flogging old cpu tech, throws kitchen sink at USlikesrs to appear realivent.

  85. Gerard Ligonde

    Gerard Ligonde6 days ago

    The synergy between Riley and Linus is really impeccable.

  86. Samantha Wallin

    Samantha Wallin7 days ago

    25 pounds that's 5 pounds from the weight limit nimrod lol

  87. Arif Haljiti

    Arif Haljiti7 days ago


  88. FishyFusion

    FishyFusion7 days ago

    No offence but I think minimalism is a bit dumb.. like you have the money to make a nice house but because some people don’t make much money you don’t make your house nice?

  89. yamaoka

    yamaoka7 days ago

    his home gives me anxiety

  90. HolyTrees

    HolyTrees7 days ago

    I know I'm a month late but not gon lie. Was kinda wishing the keyboard would linus it up and fall

  91. OG

    OG7 days ago

    2 weeks in and I'm still wondering why Linus put his pc in the closet!

  92. david

    david7 days ago

    i came for the build. I stayed for the rocket league match.

  93. theGREY JOE

    theGREY JOE7 days ago

    That is the most clean and organized house I have ever seen on this channel ever

  94. spooforbrains

    spooforbrains7 days ago

    Was Riley super high or is he just always like this?

  95. aleksander Okonek

    aleksander Okonek7 days ago

    Riley’s kid is gonna be saying this in the future “Dad you were friends with Linus Tech Tips?”

  96. Daniel Dreyer

    Daniel Dreyer7 days ago

    I love Riley, he is so uniquely funny.

  97. Jeff Sims

    Jeff Sims7 days ago

    I love the minimalistic look, but I could never do the apartment life lol. Got to have my own house and some property to explore.

  98. MochiSuu

    MochiSuu7 days ago

    Lol, complains about 70+ inch tv owners, but has a massive 65 incher hangin' there (coughs....) *looks into his tv-less livingroom* . . .

  99. Rylan Raj

    Rylan Raj7 days ago

    My teacher is Riley’s brother, he teaches at Johnston Heights Secondary, shoutout to Mr. Murdock!

  100. Rylan Raj

    Rylan Raj4 days ago

    @KK - 07BR 753679 Shaw PS Yep he’s Liam Murdock, he’s a really good sound game designer and has connections. Too bad he’s only our substitute, he’ll be gone in a week or 2 from now.

  101. KK - 07BR 753679 Shaw PS

    KK - 07BR 753679 Shaw PS4 days ago

    Are you serious

  102. Jerel Teh

    Jerel Teh7 days ago

    I think they forget to get a pair of headphones

  103. alex encarnacion

    alex encarnacion7 days ago

    Riley, get rid of the Google home, your Sonos Beam has it built-in, go minimalist!