The ALL MSI Gaming PC!

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We're giving the people what they want, with a fresh build featuring MSI's new RTX 3080 Gaming Trio X alongside a TON of MSI's gaming components.
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
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  1. Brian Chapman

    Brian ChapmanMonth ago

    One guy at a subsidiary got his hands on 4 cards and scalped em on ebay. Everyone: OMG MSI IS A GARBAGE COMPANY HOW COULD YOU RELEASE A SPONSORED VIDEO HOW MUCH DID THEY PAY YOU?!?!?!

  2. Aarron Offer

    Aarron Offer5 days ago

    @Linus Tech Tips they only refunded people because they got caught with the hand in the cookie jar there’s no way that they didn’t know that it wasn’t happening with 3080s in such short supply to the point where they’re literally tracking every serial number I find it hard to believe

  3. daffa

    daffa10 days ago

    @Linus Tech Tips

  4. ifrenchy

    ifrenchy20 days ago

    MSI isn't that bad

  5. Sqeaky

    Sqeaky27 days ago

    Let's just ignore their history of other shady shit and outright lies about features and performance.

  6. Hyuk

    HyukMonth ago

    Money is everything for Linus Tech Tips.

  7. Adnand Basumatari

    Adnand Basumatari9 hours ago

    yes we like watching pc builds that we can't even afford in our dreams

  8. Cleezy

    Cleezy12 hours ago

    BRO U SAY PROWCESSORS????? im unsubbing wtf its PRÁÜSCESORS im joking i swear if anyone takes this srsly im gonna E

  9. Ziyad Alqahtani

    Ziyad Alqahtani14 hours ago

    Tbh I love their motherboards but anything else I don't like

  10. Infinity 12

    Infinity 1216 hours ago

    Did anyone else see the rear chassis fan stop turning and then twitched when it tried to start up again.

  11. VoidDoctor0100

    VoidDoctor010018 hours ago

    0:55 “So let’s get kraken and build this sweet rig........ wait no wrong brand”

  12. Vedant Bhopi

    Vedant Bhopi20 hours ago

    After few month he will upgrade the psu

  13. Dimitri Christakis

    Dimitri ChristakisDay ago

    its a 3.5K pc btw

  14. GameBroy

    GameBroyDay ago

    you forgot to add the link for graphics card

  15. ShamanMafia

    ShamanMafiaDay ago

    flip the fans for the top radiator and case, push air out, you're washing the entire mobo with warm air..... not efficient right?

  16. Suchisthebest

    SuchisthebestDay ago

    msimsimsimsimsimsimsimsimsimsimsimsimsimsimsimsimsimsimsimsi **sound of my cat approaching**

  17. Plake Plays

    Plake PlaysDay ago

    Honestly,though I think that gigabyte is the only brand that can have every single pc part. because they have cases mobos gpus memory psus ssds only thing is the cpu

  18. Eissa Sa'doon

    Eissa Sa'doonDay ago

    3:24 a classic linus

  19. S. A

    S. ADay ago

    12:27 Yikes.

  20. Derek Hu

    Derek HuDay ago

    When will Linus be nominated for the award of the most metaphors used?



    intel da bedt

  22. Moop Meep

    Moop MeepDay ago

    Can i hv that pc .

  23. Romain Ratel

    Romain Ratel2 days ago

    "Fastest CPU for gaming" *laugh in 5600x*

  24. bert 2.0

    bert 2.02 days ago

    What do you guys do with all these builds?

  25. The Boyz Reaction

    The Boyz Reaction2 days ago

    Child 1: daddy i'm thirsty Child 2: daddy i'm cold Linus:

  26. Alunarey

    Alunarey2 days ago

    Despite this video,i bought this case because it looks sick. The thermals were okay after flippimg the top fans to be exhaust,but under heavy load the fans start making a clicking noise. Going to return it on monday,terrible case.

  27. Umberto Ameli

    Umberto Ameli2 days ago

    7:55 It bugs me that he even puts his finger on the other slit, while he's complaining about it not being there... Ah, classic Linus i guess

  28. Cesar DI

    Cesar DI2 days ago

    goodness how can they make a beautiful case like this with shitty airflow smh!! As soon as linus was concerned with how hot the side glass was, I already knew how shit the airflow is lol

  29. Merionix

    Merionix2 days ago

    like if MPG gang

  30. Flojoe

    Flojoe3 days ago

    Linus: all MSI gaming pc build Corsair Ram: am i a joke to you?

  31. Krystina

    Krystina3 days ago

    I mean... Why people are saying that MSI sucks after watching this video? The only thing that is truly bad is the case, but the rest? The comment about the motherboard was very specific because of the case rather than anything else and pump in the radiator isn't bad in particular or anything.

  32. iJemsy

    iJemsy3 days ago

    If you think that’s warm should check my build out😂i9-9900k at 5.1ghz with h100i platinum, rtx 3080 msi ventus oc in a corsair 400c mid tower

  33. gagongflip389

    gagongflip3894 days ago

    Well g. skill has the royal line which pretty damn beautiful for rgb ram lol!

  34. Raphael Anastassiou

    Raphael Anastassiou4 days ago

    i just like the beard

  35. TechDozer2B Benchmark & Hardware testing

    TechDozer2B Benchmark & Hardware testing4 days ago

    That beard is just magnificent :D

  36. Kevin Junior

    Kevin Junior4 days ago

    that case has bad reviews.. like... really bad. All that other hardware is great. But the case is bad enough Steve over at gamer nexus would have a Coronary

  37. Cleru Zinek

    Cleru Zinek5 days ago

    I wanted this case but it's loud and has no airflow so who cares if it looks nice?

  38. prank town

    prank town6 days ago

    Please give me a pc

  39. Jobanvir Singh

    Jobanvir Singh6 days ago

    What do you guys do with those PC just give to some broke people like us

  40. Paxman 245

    Paxman 2456 days ago

    This thing be like $2,600 Canadian

  41. Matthieu Turnup

    Matthieu Turnup7 days ago

    Can I plzzz have this pc for $899

  42. ZX GAMEZ

    ZX GAMEZ7 days ago

    5:10..... 😳😳

  43. Juu Tuubi

    Juu Tuubi7 days ago

    If games nexus comments, i facepalm.


    QWERTY is AWESOME7 days ago

    It's the sponsorer when you see this transition at the start


    PRO GAMER8 days ago

    where you get a muny

  46. Anurag Mishra

    Anurag Mishra8 days ago

    MSI is my favourite company and its my dream PC !!Thanks Linux for filming my dream❤❤

  47. pingu

    pingu8 days ago

    Noot noot

  48. Swordonator

    Swordonator8 days ago

    Bro a cpu is a cpu, that's that, y'all need to stop flaming for benchmarking with amd or intel

  49. vizion YT

    vizion YT9 days ago

    Leser haha

  50. Joewastaken

    Joewastaken9 days ago

    I really like how the cpu is more expensive than my whole pc

  51. S. Jacob Katz

    S. Jacob Katz9 days ago

    3:23 i think there is one comapny that outdoes corsair with RGB. Razer intensifies

  52. daffa

    daffa10 days ago

    Hey linus, i click this video because of the dragon in the thumbnail. Where is the Dragon??

  53. Connor Dodson

    Connor Dodson11 days ago

    i need an all nzxt build

  54. Connor Dodson

    Connor Dodson10 days ago

    @rigbyme oh ok well thet he needs to use the kraken z in one of his builds

  55. rigbyme

    rigbyme10 days ago

    @Connor Dodson nzxt stopped making motherboards

  56. Connor Dodson

    Connor Dodson10 days ago

    @rigbyme yeah and the motherboard

  57. rigbyme

    rigbyme10 days ago

    Like the case and aio, fan?

  58. BlackMageZeraf

    BlackMageZeraf11 days ago

    it kinda triggered me when Linus said Fastest gaming CPU is Intel i9 10th gen '-' am I the only one who felt like that ?

  59. Muhammetnur Gulberdiyev

    Muhammetnur Gulberdiyev11 days ago

    There is no difference from 1440p and 4k lol.

  60. Flipflopz Threeonethree

    Flipflopz Threeonethree11 days ago

    I know this is totally not relevant to the video, but I couldn't help but notice Linus's shoe situation at 6:16

  61. Cait Sidhe

    Cait Sidhe12 days ago

    Thats great...given my xp with you can RMA whole desktop at once :D

  62. umeng2002

    umeng200212 days ago

    "And this video's sponsor: ASUS." Jesus Christ, really Linus?

  63. Kristoffer Navarrete

    Kristoffer Navarrete13 days ago

    what would happen if you can put an aircon inside a pc?

  64. Ethan Finley

    Ethan Finley13 days ago

    What does he do with all of his pc builds

  65. ShinobI

    ShinobI13 days ago

    3:26 My heart beat stopped for a millisecond :O

  66. Kamel Fardi

    Kamel Fardi13 days ago

    red eyes !!! get some rest bro

  67. Pitbull Gamer81

    Pitbull Gamer8113 days ago

    Its nice but the all asus pc was way better looking to me that why I'm going to be building the all asus pc next month

  68. Precious Dan-Dukor

    Precious Dan-Dukor13 days ago

    Is ryzen 5 3600 with a gtx 1660 ti with 16 gb of ram a good build for 900 dollars

  69. YNW Melvin

    YNW Melvin12 days ago

    Yes id even maybe upgrade the GPU slightly if possible because there are a lot of AMD sales right now but thats solid

  70. linus karsten

    linus karsten14 days ago

    15:07 Linus: the fans are defently going right now. exhaust fan: NAH

  71. Jay Noble

    Jay Noble14 days ago

    No-one: linus: Imma quote Madison from the ROG rig reboot 2019 - LONGBOI

  72. HyperFinnX

    HyperFinnX14 days ago

    you get what for good packing materials.

  73. Klaus Larsen

    Klaus Larsen14 days ago

    I get so much a boner for good packing materials. Just let this comment stand upright, for a moment....

  74. Amro

    Amro14 days ago

    But msi got their own PSU ???

  75. The Q

    The Q15 days ago

    Thumbs up for not killing the spider

  76. ItzCookie

    ItzCookie15 days ago

    He looked better without a beard...

  77. S.m.D

    S.m.D15 days ago

    What's with these thumbnails ? ! :/

  78. N3NE

    N3NE15 days ago

    Let me have that lul

  79. Dean No

    Dean No15 days ago

    Linus mentions 3080 4k gaming. Strokes 3080 FE.

  80. ahmad umar

    ahmad umar15 days ago

    Waiting for all Aorus build...

  81. Cade Johnson

    Cade Johnson15 days ago

    Screw MSI. Unscrupulous, shady bastards leaning on reviewers and bribing and threatening.

  82. Polarbear Frost S

    Polarbear Frost S15 days ago

    I would love to build a pc with Linus but I also don’t want to make a fool of myself. I also don’t live in Canada.


    RHYS KIESTER15 days ago

    I have that case

  84. Cryopinacle

    Cryopinacle15 days ago

    Misleading title, it doesn't have a MSI processor

  85. xxxcloser amv gacha i inne gry

    xxxcloser amv gacha i inne gry16 days ago

    why intel please AMD AMD better than intel and that is true in benchmark

  86. Tamás Gulyás

    Tamás Gulyás16 days ago

    This could be an interesting series, picking only MSI, Asrock, asus, etc components but on the same level (e.g. same AMD cpu 3600, same graphics card like RTX3070), RAM. And run the tests see what difference drivers and components will make.

  87. Xristos Xristou

    Xristos Xristou16 days ago

    Trio What?

  88. Rannon

    Rannon16 days ago

    I approve of the amount of front ports, one extra USB C and it'd be perfect (for now, at least)! I love the fans, I've wanted to see (the option to have) 200mm fans everywhere since forever! I don't like the amount of glass nor that it looks like there might be some problems with airflow (or at least it not being optimal) - And Linus commented on it! :D Thanks for clearing up the abbreviations, Linus - I still have no idea what it really means (having a Optix MAG321CQR), they, apparently, have 4 series of monitors and what does even CQR even mean? o.O Just to clarify your point! ;) I'd also like to see a place for a blue-ray drive (I'd also like some new blue-ray drives that feel like they're actually meant to play anything and everything blue-ray), yes I know I'm probably a part of a very small minority.

  89. frogo baggings

    frogo baggings17 days ago

    6:17 what are those

  90. TheBoostedBass52

    TheBoostedBass5217 days ago

    3:49 me for sure, USBs are very nice to have and the more i have the better

  91. Lance Julian Acoba

    Lance Julian Acoba17 days ago

    Can you guys do another all ASUS ROG pc build with the new asus rtx 3090

  92. hoerejong1234567890

    hoerejong123456789017 days ago

    I don’t get why cool air comes in from the top... heat goes up, so you’re fighting against the natural airflow. Or did I miss something?

  93. FlameLogo

    FlameLogo17 days ago

    why don't you add a lazy Susan on your table to you can easily rotate your PC when you are putting things together

  94. FireBomb

    FireBomb19 days ago

    Got a 2060 RTX from them. Very dissatisfied. Buggy, software looks like a virus, and just frustrating....

  95. Bill Stelling

    Bill Stelling19 days ago

    I'll stick with my all Gigabyte setup...

  96. giacob500

    giacob50019 days ago

    How is it called the benchmark software he uses? The one with the CPU temperature

  97. Izo Exe

    Izo Exe19 days ago

    Title: everything is msi Me:bUt tHe cPu iS iNtEl

  98. prasadh pram

    prasadh pram19 days ago

    Hey Linus i love all of your vids but the only thing is i can only watch these vids and satisfy myself for the fact I could not afford such pc can you build one for me to game

  99. Andrew Brady

    Andrew Brady19 days ago

    will this work with 3d modeling animation, etc?

  100. Jason Newton

    Jason Newton19 days ago

    Don't do socks and sandals!

  101. Dr. Phil

    Dr. Phil20 days ago


  102. Gamer Hub

    Gamer Hub20 days ago

    Linus: (with 10900k): Right now this is the fastest pc for gaming. Well that didn't age well

  103. Carry Me Anego

    Carry Me Anego20 days ago

    what a bad case. no air intake hole at all. This case is only use for all water cooling .

  104. H.B.L.A Entertainment

    H.B.L.A Entertainment20 days ago

    i want to buy this keyboard,,,,,,,,but there is no good review in youtube ,,,,,,,,can you pls give me any review about this msi gk50 elite (kahil blue)

  105. Ahmad Shahzad

    Ahmad Shahzad20 days ago

    can i get a gaming pc as i have seen you have millions of pcs pls :(

  106. SMB8003A Productions

    SMB8003A Productions20 days ago

    there is the 11th gen core i7

  107. Dave Crudo

    Dave Crudo20 days ago

    remove the fan to cancel the noise linus

  108. zack shannon

    zack shannon20 days ago

    That case is so disappointing. Once I saw it I wanted it so much I was just about to go find and buy one, but glad I finished the video. Why the hell would someone build a case that'll kill all the components inside? It's not just MSI, but so many other case makers have the same issue.

  109. DumbMarka

    DumbMarka20 days ago

    wait u said u recorded this on the 6th but it published it on the second 🤔

  110. Intercontinental

    Intercontinental20 days ago

    For the price of the monitor you could build quite a nice PC. Damn, that thing is so expensive...