I can't believe how much I paid for this...

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We check out the display that took the 2008 tech world by storm. The Ostendo CRVD 43 was the worlds first curved AND ultra-wide monitor. It’s THICC and awesome and we get to unbox one. Who knew Linus running his mouth would get him a piece of history…… for $6000. Thanks to Vojox for sending us this: VojoxB & uslikes.info

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link: uslikes.info/house/gn-d3NB-tmujh74/video.html
iTunes Download Link: itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova/id936805712
Artist Link: soundcloud.com/laszlomusic
Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High uslikes.info
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE


  1. darney catimbang

    darney catimbang17 hours ago

    computer monitor with boombox at the back hahahaha

  2. Alessandro Aiezza

    Alessandro Aiezza18 hours ago

    He's wearing the shirt! I have that shirt!!

  3. francisco guerrero

    francisco guerrero19 hours ago


  4. ricead

    riceadDay ago

    I'll stick with a Samsung curved monitor thanks.

  5. Parker The Garage Door Guy

    Parker The Garage Door Guy2 days ago

    It looks like a CRT curved monitor

  6. Luka Erakovic

    Luka Erakovic2 days ago

    Never have I thought this legend will have beard at some point.

  7. Avernus

    Avernus3 days ago

    probably looks a lot better in a dark space.

  8. Adebayo David

    Adebayo David3 days ago

    More like "this is what happens when you have too much money"

  9. Suraj Arya

    Suraj Arya3 days ago

    This types of monitor were in Ghost in the shell.

  10. Jonathan Bradford

    Jonathan Bradford3 days ago

    I can............. Wish everyone had the hookup like you.

  11. The wired Watcher Loler

    The wired Watcher Loler3 days ago

    It's a curved crt?

  12. Daniel Souza

    Daniel Souza4 days ago

    That looks very nice dead center

  13. -THEKING -

    -THEKING -4 days ago

    Just curved, WTF it would be cool if there where 5k hz but thats just stupid

  14. Exotic Potato Genesis Umbrella

    Exotic Potato Genesis Umbrella4 days ago

    Streamers: *I'll take your entire stock*

  15. SilverBullet93GT

    SilverBullet93GT4 days ago

    welcome to heaviest monitor.... 19" Samsung SyncMaster: hold my cathode

  16. Zoey Bledsoe

    Zoey Bledsoe4 days ago

    6,000 on a monitor, 14min video

  17. kellsarah

    kellsarah5 days ago

    Windows 10 taskbar isn't a good example of the color difference across the display, it is partially translucent so it lets the color of the desktop wallpaper through.

  18. uzma faraz

    uzma faraz5 days ago

    This thing looks like something out of a hacker's basement in an action movie from 2004.

  19. John Stokes

    John Stokes5 days ago

    I’d like to play dig dug on this

  20. BoyarPlays

    BoyarPlays5 days ago

    rlly, like 10k$ pc and 1$ mouse xd

  21. Nagashi Satoshi

    Nagashi Satoshi5 days ago

    Why is it a crt?

  22. mrcorpz

    mrcorpz5 days ago

    ostendo.com is still live

  23. Samantha Wallin

    Samantha Wallin5 days ago

    My pic components don't hav a case

  24. Em3s0Z

    Em3s0Z5 days ago

    But... Can it run crysis

  25. drino zhao

    drino zhao6 days ago

    I want to see the holy grail of CRT vs a modern monitor

  26. MilkyPlays

    MilkyPlays6 days ago

    I would kill to have this. Even today!

  27. Mr.Hunter TO

    Mr.Hunter TO6 days ago

    Covid19 and CRVD43

  28. Leif Fellague

    Leif Fellague7 days ago

    "I can't believe how much I paid for this . . . " . . . but I'm really glad you did. Great retro-tech video, an absolutely fascinating piece o' kit I'd never heard of. I'm with other commenters who voted against a teardown of this unit. Sounds like a working one is a rarity, and a teardown could well break something that can't be fixed. Do the teardown with one of those numerous non-working examples you heard about, keep this (or sell it on) as the impressive artifact it is. As your reactions suggest, it's something of an engineering triumph given the available tech at the time. And heck, in a completely darkened room where the contrast ratio wouldn't be quite so annoying, it could even be fun to use now and then.

  29. moriusca livia

    moriusca livia7 days ago

    Does it have a vesa mount? I need something to mount my wall to.

  30. Fauzia Najam

    Fauzia Najam7 days ago

    i love the new intro

  31. Fauzia Najam

    Fauzia Najam7 days ago

    it is amazing compared to the old animation

  32. ericksan barboza

    ericksan barboza7 days ago

    How to increase my fov ingame? Google: go to game settings. Bing :

  33. A Ghost.

    A Ghost.7 days ago

    some dude that owns a pawnshop and been trying to sell that for $125 for the last 12 or so years just scammed him hardcore

  34. Gary R

    Gary R7 days ago

    A CRT couldn't scan across a screen that wide without some major convergence issues, unless the gun was set back over 3 feet. That monitor would have to be huge to be a CRT.

  35. Rohith G

    Rohith G8 days ago


  36. Brooklyn TheFurry

    Brooklyn TheFurry8 days ago

    How much would it cost to buy that off of you guys? I need a new monitor.

  37. Smith Will

    Smith Will9 days ago


  38. Olly Plays

    Olly Plays10 days ago


  39. Pow Mof

    Pow Mof10 days ago

    This thing is so frickin ugly Edit: just realised it was from 2009

  40. George Fetfatsidis

    George Fetfatsidis10 days ago

    Owned 6K us price like new 1 ;)

  41. alexandru puscarics

    alexandru puscarics11 days ago

    🤕 😂

  42. jeremiah stokes

    jeremiah stokes11 days ago

    Tair rip it down

  43. Dovidas Bracas

    Dovidas Bracas11 days ago

    this thicc as crt

  44. D I S T R I T O F E D E R A L

    D I S T R I T O F E D E R A L11 days ago

    6k? That's like 17 times the monthly minimum wage in my country, damn...

  45. Hasanga Imesh

    Hasanga Imesh11 days ago

    Literally throughout the video all I heard was "I spent ""6000$" on this so it "HAS","MUST","SHOULD" be "F***ing" "GREAT", and nothing can prove me wrong" And yes those are apostrophes inside apostrophes. lol

  46. TheGamersShack

    TheGamersShack11 days ago

    make a ok tv for the bed room, would love to find something like that .

  47. budget gamer2017

    budget gamer201712 days ago

    You should see if 2009 tech would run 2009 games on it

  48. Shittass

    Shittass12 days ago

    I literally just remember this guy was a meme

  49. Christian Ruf

    Christian Ruf12 days ago

    Really shitty for that amount of money. Not even one single panel

  50. Pinaq Sharma

    Pinaq Sharma13 days ago

    Where is the teardown @linus.

  51. Vladislavs Dovgalecs

    Vladislavs Dovgalecs13 days ago

    I want to know how many of these things have been sold.

  52. alec

    alec13 days ago

    imagine if he dropped it in the beginning

  53. Joseph Bubbles

    Joseph Bubbles13 days ago

    Part of the ship, part of the crew I was sent from the ship...

  54. DarkPotato657

    DarkPotato65713 days ago

    Ostendo CEO: “ok guys what do we do to get noticed and taken seriously” Employee: *”how about we take one of our servers, put a screen on it, and call it a monitor”*

  55. Dr. Doom

    Dr. Doom13 days ago

    That thing looks like shit

  56. Paweł Konik

    Paweł Konik14 days ago

    Guys - you know that the pink-black start menu bar was caused by the wallpaper? :P

  57. Dromedda

    Dromedda14 days ago

    and here i am complaining about the price of the g9 odyssey

  58. Mohamed Ashjau Aslam

    Mohamed Ashjau Aslam14 days ago

    bruh im watching this on a nec monitor

  59. “Skeepy 2”

    “Skeepy 2”14 days ago

    Linus: buys screen Linus bank account: WAT HAPPEND?

  60. Gianluca Gambini

    Gianluca Gambini14 days ago

    It's better than my ps4p

  61. Gábor Bálint

    Gábor Bálint16 days ago

    6k for this? If I'd sh*t money, heck yes!

  62. Josh Stoner

    Josh Stoner16 days ago

    aint no fire truck

  63. rob duncan

    rob duncan16 days ago

    i thought it was an AIO from the thumbnail

  64. Angolische Silberrücken Möwin Löwin

    Angolische Silberrücken Möwin Löwin17 days ago

    Can u turn the monitor into an aio pc?

  65. Icy

    Icy17 days ago

    linus you’re getting old.

  66. Operator 020

    Operator 02018 days ago

    I saw the back of it and i was like: Nope. . . not from today's world.

  67. Titan Relic

    Titan Relic19 days ago

    So u basically paid $6,000 for 4 mini screens combined together?

  68. pizza party man

    pizza party man19 days ago

    On the monitor box at 2:45 says "Do not start"

  69. Dead meme Dude

    Dead meme Dude19 days ago

    First ultra wide monitor

  70. Adv. Lord Voldemort

    Adv. Lord Voldemort20 days ago

    Hell you have lot of money man and I am from india even a iphone is most costier anywhare in the world . So if you have that much of money g pay me+91 7908611249 I am now in a covid hospital bed and I lost my grandparents in this pendamic and even whole my family once went to hospital for this hell pendamic and peoples can't even care about .love you take care and take care of patients and whom you know because that's is what everyone's world circulating through each other and that can be called a human of the mankind.@Linus Tech Tips .

  71. Trip Trek Life

    Trip Trek Life20 days ago

    I thought it was a monitor with a bunch of cooling

  72. Bartek Bednarski

    Bartek Bednarski20 days ago

    I am a programmer, does it have a pivot?

  73. Yorick Hunt

    Yorick Hunt20 days ago

    Original: $6K. Branded Alienware: $10K. Branded Apple: $45K.

  74. Slot1Gamer

    Slot1Gamer20 days ago

    I wonder how it looks in the dark

  75. IM0001

    IM000120 days ago

    At the local Intel Lanfest in Sacramento, there is one guy that consistently brings this exact monitor to the even (pre Covid days at least). Was one big ass screen and you can see how it appears like 3 screens sort of stuck together, but it does appear to work fine and was years before the current crop of Ultrawides for sure. I brought one of the first LG Ultrawides to the event as well to demo and the size comparison, of what you have to unbox was quite staggering, as well as visual quality.

  76. G T

    G T21 day ago

    Tear down, please.

  77. Michael Grove

    Michael Grove21 day ago

    Linus you boomer, the taskbar color is just a faded version of yoir wallpaper. Its not the displays fault :(

  78. MorallyAwkward

    MorallyAwkward21 day ago

    I bought a DLP TV when it first came out. My friends would all come to my house to game until a week later when the bulb went out. I was of course pissed because it cost a shit ton, then when I replaced the bulb it literally blew up! Moral of the story, always wait to buy new technology until it’s thoroughly tested by other consumers. Don’t be the guinea pig and lose your money!

  79. Александър Николов

    Александър Николов21 day ago

    My grandma asking about her first TV😃

  80. GE-Jp

    GE-Jp21 day ago

    It's like a bubble-gut bodybuilder

  81. DatMemeKid

    DatMemeKid21 day ago

    If you played the Skeld Map in Among Us, you could catch every single imposter by looking if vents open

  82. Cole Geary

    Cole Geary22 days ago

    Shave your beard 👇

  83. PsychoYoda

    PsychoYoda22 days ago

    Take it apart!!

  84. Enkay

    Enkay22 days ago

    Mit DHL-Tape drauf... 😂 Ein Wunder, dass der noch funktioniert. 😂

  85. Ryan D

    Ryan D22 days ago

    I see that WOrld of Warcraft icon there Linus :)

  86. Cole Dedhand

    Cole Dedhand22 days ago

    That is the most old-school cool computer/gaming thing I have ever seen.

  87. frank stanley

    frank stanley22 days ago

    i always wanted a 4k crt monitor

  88. Rudi Fleck

    Rudi Fleck22 days ago


  89. Chui Throwaway8

    Chui Throwaway822 days ago

    I would seriously love to play Forza in First Person on one of those.

  90. 妹抖喵四

    妹抖喵四22 days ago

    Can this puppy do split screen?

  91. Héctor Gomez

    Héctor Gomez22 days ago

    I had a curved LG crt monitor 10 years ago, its not that rare

  92. Joey Mormann

    Joey Mormann23 days ago

    Why wouldn’t you do this in a darker room?

  93. Oliwier 000B

    Oliwier 000B23 days ago

    Me when i see a Putin picture: 3:56

  94. Ctrot

    Ctrot23 days ago

    Pays $6k for monitor, makes ~ $20k for 4+ million views. Nice return on investment ;)

  95. Oldskool Raver

    Oldskool Raver23 days ago

    Okay, now i need one. Thanks Linus foto bankrupting me again.

  96. BullOnoob91

    BullOnoob9115 days ago

    I can sell you one, if you're serious.

  97. Sakar Jog

    Sakar Jog23 days ago

    I was constantly checking my USlikes Video Quality whenever I was watching that screen.

  98. Sisonpyh M

    Sisonpyh M23 days ago

    damn i thought this was a brand new CRT monitor and got so excited

  99. ParaBellum _

    ParaBellum _23 days ago

    Ultra flats in the 80s

  100. leslaw90

    leslaw9024 days ago

    Hey Linus. At 12:10 you talk about monitor displaying different colors where the taskbar is. THIS IS BECAUSE THE TASKBAR IN WINDOWS 10 IS SEMI TRANSPARENT AND IT IS DUE TO THE WALLPAPER YOU WERE USING AT THE TIME. GOT YA!!! ;-)

  101. aleksander Okonek

    aleksander Okonek24 days ago

    I thought the monitor was a whole pc

  102. Video Game Mystery’s

    Video Game Mystery’s24 days ago

    10,000 dollars is 1% of 1,000,000 dollars When you put it like that it sounds not that musch