The Fastest Gaming PC is now AMD!

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With AMD's release of the 5000 series of CPUs, it was only a matter of time our cryo cooled Intel system would be dwarfed. But we WERE NOT expecting this system From Digital Storm to grace us. It is glorious.
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  1. Darkman229

    Darkman22935 minutes ago

    would love to see some endurance testing, and by that i mean seeing how it would hold up with some long hours of VR gameplay

  2. Johnny blana

    Johnny blana41 minute ago

    don't you give me a better computer through Amazon? that we don't have 💶 or dollars, in our country a euro is 5 times bigger

  3. QrewOW

    QrewOW46 minutes ago

    i wish i had enough money to get a good gaming PC let alone the stuff that linus gets

  4. AssaultBrother TV

    AssaultBrother TVHour ago

    He sounded like a 40 year old Eastern European dad 11:38

  5. Regular Person

    Regular PersonHour ago

    2:12 don't eat soy kids

  6. Sal's TakeOn Tech

    Sal's TakeOn TechHour ago

    Fastest laptop? Exploding Razer Blade

  7. Parsh Mehta

    Parsh MehtaHour ago

    Me with my 8 gigs of ram ;(

  8. Angel_71

    Angel_712 hours ago

    Whoa, caveman linus???🗿


    BAD NOOBY2 hours ago

    You play MineCraft with Max setting and The Most Realistic Shaders.

  10. Vickay Enesi

    Vickay Enesi2 hours ago

    How many people are still cringing seeing Linus tip and shift that thing on the table? The nerve!!! Left to me it ain't leaving the floor....

  11. Adam Youmans Jr.

    Adam Youmans Jr.2 hours ago

    Nobody: Minecraft USlikesrs:

  12. AnAverageGuy

    AnAverageGuy2 hours ago

    What is that curved screen?

  13. Lucifer

    Lucifer2 hours ago

    you might as well invest into a dgx station if you getting something like that bruh.

  14. Rayan Gaming

    Rayan Gaming2 hours ago

    Linus:Another one

  15. Jan Havel

    Jan Havel3 hours ago

    You looks quite tired...

  16. Russell Morgan

    Russell Morgan3 hours ago

    You don't lift!

  17. zexedearth89

    zexedearth893 hours ago

    MSI bios...ugh..

  18. Foxy

    Foxy3 hours ago

    “heavy boi”

  19. Zorro9129

    Zorro91294 hours ago

    If you go to the website and select all the options he has, it comes to around $16k.

  20. MoT0R He4D

    MoT0R He4D4 hours ago

    A man that wears socks with sandals can't lift heavy things??? Who would have thunk it lol

  21. Shandi Widiansyah

    Shandi Widiansyah4 hours ago

    just watching linus video again and damn since when linus have a beard? he looks so handsome now

  22. Hunting Dragon

    Hunting Dragon5 hours ago

    Amazing video

  23. Ashur

    Ashur5 hours ago

    Nice shirt.

  24. david

    david5 hours ago

    Bruh 9:25 Lenny what you doing here

  25. Jerreau Driessen

    Jerreau Driessen5 hours ago

    looks fun to play among us on

  26. Croky666

    Croky6665 hours ago

    but can it run pitfall?

  27. Nerdy Scotsman

    Nerdy Scotsman5 hours ago

    thousands of pounds just to get 100 fps :P

  28. Caleb Games

    Caleb Games5 hours ago

    Why am i watching im too broke for this Ok imma put this pc on my future list

  29. Galf506

    Galf5065 hours ago

    Linus : this screen is for a client Also Linus : smears his fingers all over it god damnit

  30. vega 12345

    vega 123456 hours ago

    This will be worth $500 in about 2 years

  31. Ivan Nicolas Orden

    Ivan Nicolas Orden6 hours ago

    sana all nalang ta ani

  32. Galf506

    Galf5066 hours ago


  33. Cody T

    Cody T6 hours ago

    Listen, I'm just as excited as the next guy for cool hardware, but it gets old watching people do the same benchmarks of the same yesteryear games we've seen a thousand times. How about we actually take a deep look into the "new" features and actually learn something for once 🤷‍♂️ watching Linus Oogle over PC parts is like watching a drunk guy in a strip club who's about to get the boot 🤣

  34. J S

    J S6 hours ago

    Linus skips leg day...

  35. Paulo games

    Paulo games6 hours ago

    Anomaly’s PC runs csgo around 700-900 fps, you should get in contact with him about his build, it’s insane

  36. Madhur Bharadwaj

    Madhur Bharadwaj7 hours ago

    You have a lot of pc. Can I buy 1for low price?🙄

  37. Szu S1mon

    Szu S1mon7 hours ago

    2:11 south park stan marsh... trying to... dump the largest shit.. that episode.. his sound reminded me of that.. xD

  38. Northeast Mainiac

    Northeast Mainiac7 hours ago

    What monitor is this please? I did not see it in the description

  39. Melhem El Hayek

    Melhem El Hayek7 hours ago


  40. Dark King Tube

    Dark King Tube8 hours ago

    damn it, i was watching a tech video peacefully then suddenly a rant started, gonna disable auto play


    TOXIC GAMErS8 hours ago

    Fastest Gaming PC and still cost 2x cheaper than Intel


    TOXIC GAMErS9 hours ago

    you need powerplant to tun just coolers

  43. mea bea

    mea bea9 hours ago

    Give me some

  44. Random Guy

    Random Guy10 hours ago

    780 MB/s download speed HOLY BANANA GRANDMA

  45. wasya

    wasya10 hours ago

    What is the name of a game after witcher?

  46. Rafsun _

    Rafsun _10 hours ago

    Me watching this from an Intell HD3000 laptop

  47. Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Girl

    Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Girl10 hours ago

    AMD can't do deep machine learning

  48. Hrag Krikorian

    Hrag Krikorian11 hours ago

    minimum 400

  49. Hrag Krikorian

    Hrag Krikorian11 hours ago


  50. Rajveer singh Chaudhary

    Rajveer singh Chaudhary12 hours ago

    Bijli ka bill tera baap bhrega

  51. Christopher Fuentes

    Christopher Fuentes12 hours ago

    I was interested but when you said amd is the best now i had to thumbs down and leave. sorry not sorry. AMD is not the best. kinda close but no. sorry. its almost like amd paid you to say this

  52. Elisa Seliku

    Elisa Seliku12 hours ago

    he say fast pc on univers :D wtf is some where are created life and people are more smart wich call ufo, we dont know about univers :D maybe is not fastest on univers :P

  53. MurphyCrazy3454

    MurphyCrazy345413 hours ago

    that pc can install gta faster than my pc launching it

  54. 芹沢くん

    芹沢くん13 hours ago

    I will Working in LTT XD

  55. kobodey Pearson

    kobodey Pearson13 hours ago

    yeah 2 years later, RDR2 still sucks on PC and is the worst on Epic Games Stores

  56. Joshua Thao

    Joshua Thao13 hours ago

    Title should be called “fastest way to raise your house bills”

  57. aaron Thalla

    aaron Thalla14 hours ago

    Which phone does Linus use ?

  58. No this is Patrick

    No this is Patrick14 hours ago

    How much did that PC cost tho? 🤔

  59. Athren Gantuangco

    Athren Gantuangco14 hours ago

    What game is that @ 14:00

  60. kirito kirigaya

    kirito kirigaya15 hours ago

    Linus is it possible to connect a webcan in pcie slot and rampup the quality to maximum like mobile devices

  61. Jager Powell

    Jager Powell15 hours ago

    "No mortal box" got me like 😂

  62. ntedla6

    ntedla615 hours ago

    lol anyone know what he’s saying?

  63. laveenr

    laveenr16 hours ago

    I remember this guy making fun of amd, now see how tables have turned.

  64. qifeng jia

    qifeng jia16 hours ago

    Teach you to Get ultimate windows 10 all for free

  65. Rickbearcat

    Rickbearcat16 hours ago

    This is such a sellout video.

  66. Yeet MC

    Yeet MC17 hours ago

    At 11:44 why is he sitting on a trash can lol did anyone notice this

  67. Cleo Oliver

    Cleo Oliver18 hours ago

    Linus - " I weight 160 pounds." My 16 year old niece - " I weight that as well"

  68. Kiran vc

    Kiran vc19 hours ago

    Playing this video on gt 710 2gb ddr3 💔

  69. Jerry P.

    Jerry P.19 hours ago

    I had the 2005 version of this. Built it just before there were operating systems for it. Think 939 ! I think will wait a little while and work on something besides x86 next.

  70. Malicos

    Malicos19 hours ago

    I was on digital storm and I found that there was multiple different models to choose from before you can customize the parts, what model is yours

  71. FourFame

    FourFame19 hours ago

    Dude ur all techy and stuff but when are u ever going to discover 60fps on video for USlikes

  72. Google User

    Google User20 hours ago

    This video should have been your biggest payday to date. 6 figures?

  73. Thomas Corrigan

    Thomas Corrigan20 hours ago

    At least he stopped touching his mic controls

  74. Arno

    Arno20 hours ago

    Hey, it’s like 1.3 M1s!

  75. Jaimmv

    Jaimmv20 hours ago

    I watch things i could never afford...

  76. xisco hernandez biibloni

    xisco hernandez biibloni20 hours ago

    where can i bought his internet?

  77. Jaysn VX

    Jaysn VX20 hours ago

    wheres are the fortnite benchmarks

  78. mynameisray

    mynameisray21 hour ago

    Doom isn't a benchmark for anything.. christ..

  79. mynameisray

    mynameisray21 hour ago

    And 2.5 minutes is still too long for a download..

  80. mynameisray

    mynameisray21 hour ago

    Why does Linus always look like he's on a week long coke bender..

  81. Lil Indian

    Lil Indian21 hour ago

    Free Pc giveaway? lmao

  82. mynameisray

    mynameisray21 hour ago

    probably a 10,000+ dollar PC and something is rattling around immediately.. Shows what garbage Digital Storm is


    SpAz_YOURABOT21 hour ago

    i was watching a linus video and then got one of his honey adds

  84. mynameisray

    mynameisray21 hour ago

    And it got better a week later. LOL

  85. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin21 hour ago

    My two issues are: one is that there is no optical drive in it and the second are the crappy unstable 3090 video cards.

  86. Aluino dos Anjos

    Aluino dos Anjos21 hour ago


  87. thomas bates

    thomas bates21 hour ago

    Very Informative video Linus! I look forward to watching more of your content in the future.

  88. ᥅ꪖ᥊ꪀ

    ᥅ꪖ᥊ꪀ21 hour ago

    I spent 3 days downloading gta 5 on my shitty 200 dollar laptop just to find out I didn’t meet the basic requirements 😐 but no linus 5 mins is toooooo slow (I’m joking btw)

  89. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin21 hour ago

    This would be nice if it wouldn't cost 3 million dollars xD

  90. andy lindberg

    andy lindberg21 hour ago

    Is Linus always this baked?


    ON.THE.FRITTZ22 hours ago

    it went over 750 not just 600 MB/s lol

  92. tolik owens

    tolik owens22 hours ago

    What you guys need to understand when you start a windows 10 there is a glitch that shows 100 percent usage of CPU and over next few minutes it will go down. I can't believe they don't know that.

  93. Rodrigor Muniz

    Rodrigor Muniz23 hours ago

    Great video, and nice piece of tech is amazing what you can do if money is not an issue. I would have tried 4K or 8K display to test the performance. As for ultrawide, I would have loved to see something "more realistic" like the LG 38GN950-B, I feel the Samsung display although impresive (and very good looking) it will be a very, very niche device.

  94. Daniel Vincent De Los Santos

    Daniel Vincent De Los Santos23 hours ago

    How much does this whole thing cost and where can I buy one

  95. Vikas V

    Vikas VDay ago

    14:15 which game is this ? Plz someone ?

  96. Exalted Fires

    Exalted FiresDay ago

    me watching this on a i5 and radeon 6700m

  97. OneGreatPancake

    OneGreatPancakeDay ago

    CPU user benchmark disagrees with the video title...



    Please sir donat me a gpu anykind of gpu if you want I am so poor i am from Bangladesh

  99. The Cool Club

    The Cool ClubDay ago

    Nobody: How big my mom thinks all desktop PCs are: 6:25

  100. Magma xd

    Magma xdDay ago

    Well, I don't even have a pc, and I never saw a pc with my naked eyes.And even no gaming console but luckily I've got this phone back from 2016.

  101. Michael Dalais

    Michael DalaisDay ago

    yo if you have any old ryzen 7 pc available, please could you hit up a budget gamer ♥ :)