The Gaming PC we built for him is AMAZING - ROG Rig Reboot 2020

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Another year of ROG Rig Reboot and another year of Linus "helping" the winner build a PC with him. Ethan made sure it was a memorable experience.
Check out Ethan's entry at
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
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  1. rAMEEZ on STW

    rAMEEZ on STW2 hours ago

    daam daneil

  2. fakecubed

    fakecubed6 hours ago

    Missed opportunity. What time is it? Time to rise-en.

  3. LikeABoss

    LikeABoss13 hours ago

    how the man gonna visit linus and not know anything about pcs....

  4. Lemo _NeonShadow

    Lemo _NeonShadow13 hours ago

    They never put termal paste on the cpu

  5. Clicktowinipod

    Clicktowinipod13 hours ago

    You didn't hire Madison that was your mistake Mr. Tech Tips

  6. Raccvag Gaming

    Raccvag Gaming13 hours ago

    I whish I can be tere

  7. TheNastyBAGL

    TheNastyBAGL20 hours ago

    nothing will beat the 2019 one lol

  8. muuxz

    muuxzDay ago

    Linus looks like a doctor with that blue shirt + mask + gloves lol

  9. buggerluggs

    buggerluggsDay ago

    This guy is gonna stumble through life with life equivalents of free top-spec gaming PCs landing in his lap until one day he's CEO or president and no one knows how

  10. Nicolas Berrade

    Nicolas BerradeDay ago

    Hang in there Ethan.

  11. logan13wick

    logan13wickDay ago

    This simultaneously gave me an aneurysm and so much enjoyment.

  12. SawMill Stories

    SawMill Stories2 days ago

    Linus is like the Gordon Ramsay of the pc world.


    RAFAEL GOROSPE2 days ago

    even I am not the winner, I can built it for him for free and with Linus beside me, HELL YHEA!!!! I hope Linus could reply on this, I am from Philippines big shutout. thank you

  14. Theonlydezman

    Theonlydezman2 days ago

    Linus bullies a fan for 20 minutes then apologizes with a gaming PC.

  15. Razza Tech

    Razza Tech2 days ago

    This video has legit made my day 😂😂

  16. scarVR

    scarVR2 days ago

    "night and day difference" people in antartica- :(

  17. Marcelo Calil

    Marcelo Calil2 days ago

    missed thermal paste

  18. Yuvraj Singh Sidhu

    Yuvraj Singh Sidhu3 days ago


  19. Jeffrey Twillight

    Jeffrey Twillight3 days ago

    How old is this guy hahaha

  20. Nikkoli Samonte

    Nikkoli Samonte3 days ago

    That is a terrible case imo

  21. Andries Fourie

    Andries Fourie3 days ago

    This was both too enjoyable and yet too painful to watch. lol

  22. Srinidhi chandra

    Srinidhi chandra4 days ago

    I hit my head each time he didn't know something and now my head hurts!

  23. Iceey

    Iceey4 days ago

    I'm 13 but I can definitely do better then him

  24. QueefMa Cheeks

    QueefMa Cheeks4 days ago

    Lets be honest it probably broke in the car

  25. Nyr0c

    Nyr0c4 days ago

    Lol he'll be able to play Minecraft like never before 😂

  26. Nyr0c

    Nyr0c4 days ago

    Best video ever. This guy is awesome and prescious and y'all should give him a job for a week or so, strictly too add to the already great comedic relief. Or me. I'd work for y'all and have a lot of experience doing my own computer building and repair 🙂.. anyway, this is so cool that y'all do this with and for people. I really appreciate your community and everything ya do Linus and LinusTech! Y'all are amazing ❤️

  27. Dj Auqland

    Dj Auqland4 days ago

    "Whats that?" "MMMuthrbrrrd" The way he acts makes him (or mb he is) gay

  28. Eber Anaya

    Eber Anaya5 days ago

    Loved watching this one! Ethan is a winner lol

  29. Perrin Scootering

    Perrin Scootering5 days ago

    Rip me for not entrieing

  30. Perrin Scootering

    Perrin Scootering5 days ago

    Also probably would not get in I know way too much about computers from school

  31. MrSamIAm

    MrSamIAm5 days ago

    my turn

  32. GamingGangsta YT

    GamingGangsta YT5 days ago

    You hired denis are they really a lower bar than that

  33. ProvidedDeath10

    ProvidedDeath105 days ago

    Linus looks like he is in hospital clothes crom behind

  34. itachi uchiha

    itachi uchiha5 days ago

    wifi does not suck i have the same mother board and ive never laged a day in my life

  35. William Freiwah

    William Freiwah5 days ago

    One of the most entertaining videos for quite a while....LOL

  36. gaming rig

    gaming rig5 days ago

    if i can come to built a gaming pc and i will do it thougt a screen

  37. Bball0794 _

    Bball0794 _5 days ago

    title: rog rig reboot video: tuf rig reboot

  38. Augustas Paulauskas

    Augustas Paulauskas6 days ago

    OK so there are holes there that need to be filled Linus: Well, that's what she said :DDDDDDED

  39. Kvasir

    Kvasir6 days ago


  40. kim torvs

    kim torvs6 days ago

    Damn... its one of my dreams to be in one of these....but im from PH :(

  41. Amaan Azam

    Amaan Azam6 days ago

    The best line linus said: IT MAKIE FPS GO ZOOM ZOOM

  42. The Demotivational Speaker

    The Demotivational Speaker7 days ago

    If I was on this I'd say that my dream would be to play MS flight sim at max settings on 3 240 hz 4k monitors with all the controls.

  43. Arthur Nunez

    Arthur Nunez7 days ago

    How you know you picked the right contestant 14:18

  44. SilentKnight

    SilentKnight7 days ago

    It would be interesting to see what happen to these computers over the years


    BIGSHWN7 days ago

    It's official that Madison was hired so Godspeed 12:14

  46. C- BISCUIT

    C- BISCUIT7 days ago

    Man he's a lucky guy this is a once in a lifetime experience good for him and good for doing this for people like me that could only imagine having a setup like this..10/10

  47. antonio vazquez

    antonio vazquez7 days ago

    but you did hire madison LUL

  48. DaStonerKai

    DaStonerKai8 days ago

    I Cant Wait to Upgrade my pc..... Silly prices being so dang high

  49. Lauren Kate

    Lauren Kate8 days ago

    Aww he's such a sweet guy

  50. Matin Motaghi

    Matin Motaghi8 days ago

    wait he said don't use wifi what?

  51. David Chavez

    David Chavez8 days ago

    This is the first build a pc with someone I genuinely enjoyed and wanted more of

  52. NGore-de

    NGore-de8 days ago

    It is sad for all of us that did know a little about a computers but dont have any luck to get one for free!

  53. Oliver Tobias

    Oliver Tobias8 days ago

    "if we didn't hire Madison we are not hiring this guy" that ages well...

  54. FoolSunlight

    FoolSunlight2 days ago

    @milky yeah she did

  55. milky

    milky2 days ago


  56. MJShokunin

    MJShokunin9 days ago

    got to stop watching these build vids that I will never be able to afford

  57. Tvlog

    Tvlog9 days ago

    Dang, Linus would freak if he saw my slow frankenputer lol. I'm in Washington State. Doesnt seem like a bad drive, Canada is only 3 hours north of me!

  58. Matthew Stenson

    Matthew Stenson9 days ago

    Don't know if this matters or not but I think Steve (Tech Jesus) might have a heart attack because the AIO is upside down for a front mount

  59. tank________ 1926

    tank________ 19269 days ago

    6:39 "Wha- Why'd you drop it?" He must have not watched a Linus video before

  60. matt

    matt9 days ago

    god him and Madison are perfect for each other

  61. George Jessup

    George Jessup9 days ago

    This was so painful to watch

  62. Krezic Neo

    Krezic Neo9 days ago

    Hold up, my name is Neo as the rams name

  63. Ajay Kumar

    Ajay Kumar9 days ago

    Almost everyone who comes to ROG RIG REBOOT don't know how to build a pc 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  64. TheUnderDog

    TheUnderDog9 days ago

    Watching this video actually teaches me a lot lol. I have never built a PC but I enjoy watching this stuff and because Ethan knows nothing about it, Linus has to explain everything very well and will correct Ethan on mistakes that I'd probably make as well 😂

  65. Paxsie

    Paxsie10 days ago

    Fun Fact: The CPU costs nothing, all the pricing comes from the sticker because it cost a lot to produce.

  66. audrixn

    audrixn10 days ago

    giving ethan a pc like this is like handing a child an RPG. he has no idea how much power he wields and sooner or later, due to user error, something will go unbelievably wrong

  67. Frozenavenger 287

    Frozenavenger 28710 days ago

    That made me cringe so so so so so much

  68. Egor Ivanov

    Egor Ivanov10 days ago

    Nice case, TUG Gaming, you say?

  69. Muradh

    Muradh11 days ago

    It's not rog rig it's tufffff rig 😂

  70. Muradh

    Muradh11 days ago


  71. youknowit158

    youknowit15811 days ago

    This made my day

  72. Randomness W Gaming

    Randomness W Gaming11 days ago

    hey i just realized this video was uploaded on my birthday last year

  73. Hippique

    Hippique12 days ago

    Every year I wanna compete, every year I miss it

  74. Funnydog 123

    Funnydog 12312 days ago

    Ethan deserves like five pcs

  75. Marissa Miles eShop How To

    Marissa Miles eShop How To13 days ago

    Except you DID hire Madison lmao

  76. tails9792

    tails979213 days ago

    12:14 Well in a couple of weeks Madison will now be working there so there's hope left for Ethan.

  77. 5-C1 Bagaskara Ngantung

    5-C1 Bagaskara Ngantung13 days ago

    Idk why tho but linus be looking like a nurse using the cat shirt

  78. Inservio

    Inservio14 days ago


  79. Abhinav Sharma

    Abhinav Sharma14 days ago


  80. Dolph

    Dolph14 days ago

    im 13. i know how to build a PC.

  81. der Danny

    der Danny14 days ago

    21:52 am i the only one bothered by the fact that there is a 40 in the top right of the screen that could be the fps count?

  82. Jeff Miller

    Jeff Miller14 days ago

    Title "ROG Rig Reboot"... components used are from the TUF lineup... *smh*

  83. CgmShowtime

    CgmShowtime15 days ago

    Why does he laugh so much

  84. Ben Thompson

    Ben Thompson15 days ago

    Anyone else just so jealous about the 3080

  85. That Magic Guy

    That Magic Guy15 days ago

    why does this look like so much fun

  86. Pavedog 4 life

    Pavedog 4 life15 days ago

    Ryzen shine!

  87. Leonardo Oscar Álvarez González

    Leonardo Oscar Álvarez González16 days ago

    Cookie recipe WTF🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  88. Bullgamer 720

    Bullgamer 72017 days ago

    I like this guy

  89. Ayden Devore

    Ayden Devore17 days ago

    Is it just me or do the people he builds these insane computers for will probably never use them and that's sad I use my little computer every day

  90. cond3nsdedmilk

    cond3nsdedmilk17 days ago

    what shaders r on minecraft

  91. C-C LandonLego

    C-C LandonLego17 days ago


  92. Gap Year

    Gap Year17 days ago

    "If you bend one of those pins, you're done" Me, having recieved a 5600X with 2 bent pins, using tweezers and having it work flawlessly:

  93. Joshua Nti

    Joshua Nti18 days ago

    Linus doesn't sound enthused 😂😂


    PAPR SOLUTIONS INC18 days ago

    Lol he's a good kid , and this was great to watch

  95. KrustyPickle

    KrustyPickle18 days ago

    Wholesome vibes. Tech tip: “put your fan upside down if you want it to blow”

  96. Aditya Kumar

    Aditya Kumar18 days ago

    Where is cpu cooler??

  97. Shobha Rangaswamy

    Shobha Rangaswamy19 days ago

    Lmfao Ethan lmfao

  98. Gaming Rexy

    Gaming Rexy19 days ago

    Insurance Company: "Liberty Mutual customizes your car insurance so that you only pay for what you need". Power Supply Companies: "The ____ power supply has a modular interface so that you only have the cable that you need".

  99. Gaming Rexy

    Gaming Rexy19 days ago

    Ethan: "There's holes on the thing that look like they need to be filled". Linus: "Das wat she said" :)

  100. TinkerPhoenix

    TinkerPhoenix19 days ago

    *"We didn't hire madison"*


    LOGAN_ LAWRENCE20 days ago

    This dude is so oblivious

  102. Kristibek

    Kristibek20 days ago

    12:17 "But if we didn't hire Madison, we're definitely not hiring him" It is the year 2021 and Madison has been hired. Now will you hire Ethan?

  103. MythicalSnipe

    MythicalSnipe20 days ago

    what do u want to do next.. he lists every wrong part and lists the right one in the last.

  104. NRJ_2000

    NRJ_200020 days ago

    The most funniest and enjoyable rog rig reboot ever!!!😂😂😂