Apple made a BIG mistake - M1 MacBooks Review

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Apple’s new M1-equipped MacBooks have been out for a while now, but there are still many lingering questions.. First among them: Can they really live up to Apple’s promises in real-world use?
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  1. Fil Ipe

    Fil Ipe22 hours ago

    So what was the problem for Apple? I didn't get it! Could anyone enlighten me, please? Thanks.

  2. fiv3

    fiv3Day ago

    Imagine m series chips with a beefy gpu that could compete with the 3090!

  3. eric k

    eric kDay ago

    I really like the content, and the way you explained everything in the video. But for some reason, when you mentioned that "Though it's strange, there are those out there that get upset over this", I have to include myself among those people and for the last 5 minutes or so, I've been trying to figure out why. I suppose I have a soft spot for x86 architecture as well as Intel & AMD. I'm afraid that if Apple becomes dominant in these areas, other computer manufacturers will fade away due to the major contrast between value vs performance components. I'm worried that consumers searching for high-end performance will be forced to turn towards ultra-restrictive (Apple) machines that will lack the ability to upgrade over time thus making it a recurring investment every few years rather than a system wherein new GPU & RAM addons can keep the machine highly suitable for most of a decade. I wouldn't mind if AMD and Intel lost their edge to any other manufacturer, but Apple who's shady labor practices is bolstering the Chinese economy over the Country they call home. It doesn't sit right with me. That and their complicity in banning the Parlor App from their store for political reasons. I may not be the most informed on this topic, just wanted to share my thoughts.

  4. Henrich Romanovich

    Henrich RomanovichDay ago

    dont use honey, never !!!!!!!

  5. David Benjamin

    David Benjamin23 hours ago

    I use it and it's pretty good

  6. Jonah Ravi

    Jonah RaviDay ago

    Might I add, I've made a video on the M1 MacBook too, just really, really, really, unprofessional.

  7. Nick Outram

    Nick Outram2 days ago

    Apple with some nVidia Silicon would be an absolute Beast...

  8. Gio Vanni

    Gio Vanni2 days ago

    6.000 mb/s how tha f**k is even possible man?

  9. Jordan Fetherolf

    Jordan Fetherolf2 days ago

    Very curious who decides how you lay out your graphs... lowest to highest? By chip manufacturer? Nah, just put em wherever...

  10. The Game Enthusiast

    The Game Enthusiast2 days ago

    Never thought I'd see it *sniffles* sniffles* It's beautiful....

  11. Mahamud Munna

    Mahamud Munna2 days ago

    Well i am a appel fanboy for now

  12. niklas davind

    niklas davind2 days ago

    imagine if intel had done any type of innovation since 2009, this difference would more or less be nonexistent. The laziness from intel is gonna stab them in the back when apple chips take over the pc market.

  13. Gabriel Brodersen

    Gabriel Brodersen2 days ago

    Candidate for most misleading title 2020

  14. David Papanagis

    David Papanagis2 days ago

    You are boring bro

  15. Angus Gluck

    Angus Gluck3 days ago

    Linus tells it how it is, I love that he loves PCs so much but he never gives us BS if he sees something is actually better. Thanks Linus, this is why I will always watch your videos

  16. Vedant Sapra

    Vedant Sapra3 days ago

    I died after seeing the 6000 mbps speed.

  17. Tony Lam

    Tony Lam3 days ago

    And guaranteed to break on you within a year. Something on the board will fry.

  18. Jorel Reyes

    Jorel Reyes3 days ago

    We're approaching laptops that can approach multi-day use, but our phones still barely last a day. :(

  19. Fikret Halimic

    Fikret Halimic3 days ago

    I really love performance of those new Macs but MacOS only is a big letdown to me.

  20. H C

    H C4 days ago

    Where’s the negative. I really hate clickbait. It treats viewers as stupid. Oh, but if you’re saying the M1 is better than Intel...well, yea Apple believes in cannibalizing itself. This video is quite dramatic.

  21. Peter Ripuli

    Peter Ripuli4 days ago

    apple is the future but cant say their service is as quality as their product. their service is a SCAM ✅

  22. Niemand

    Niemand4 days ago

    Apple does not have a problem.. they juat remove a port call it a feature and say its for the enviorment and call it a day and sheeps will pay the rent

  23. Joachim Sölva

    Joachim Sölva4 days ago

    Nice bait linus

  24. Avinash Shankar

    Avinash Shankar4 days ago

    Linus, will you switch to MacBooks fo your daily use or Windows still keeps you in its clutches? Edit: This is for your ultrabook thing. In place of XPS 13 and Razor Blade Stealth.

  25. Alexis Antonio

    Alexis Antonio4 days ago

    I don't know Apple, I know AMD, Windows 10 or linux. Apple is excellent, but not perfect to be too expensive. With you from the Dominican Republic.

  26. DevyanshBahri

    DevyanshBahri5 days ago

    You first said that it’s gonna be tough for Apple to one up these laptops but then at the end said that they are just transitionary

  27. Linh Pham

    Linh Pham5 days ago

    You know my normal 2020 MacBook Air can actually be my lap heat pack during 8 am school day? It’s heaven!

  28. MΛX

    MΛX5 days ago

    The leaks on performance are looking good so far. If they also redesign next MacBooks I think it won’t be disappointment.

  29. angus

    angus5 days ago

    These seem pretty promising

  30. WIll Hoo

    WIll Hoo5 days ago

    The erratic support contradictorily yell because cyclone astonishingly pop as a needy daffodil. imported, godly offence

  31. Mustafa Ihsan

    Mustafa Ihsan5 days ago

    I have a question regarding the M1 processor, so if you know something I don't then please feel free to reply. So the M1 SOC has an 8-core CPU and an 8 core-GPU according to their website. I was wondering if that totals to 16 cores or does the CPU and GPU share the same cores instead. Also, one more thing: Currently I have a HP Spectre X360 with the Intel i7-1065g7 which is a 4-Core processor for about the same price as the base Macbook Pro. I was wondering how did Apple fit an 8-core CPU in one SOC? Based on the benchmarks that LMG did, it is safe to say that those are not weak CPU cores. I just found this interesting and hopefully someone in this community has an answer. Thanks again!

  32. TopNotch Programmer

    TopNotch Programmer5 days ago

    Title of this video is wrong

  33. DatBoi

    DatBoi6 days ago

    Linus is peeking at us through that big sir wallpaper

  34. Barenaked Tech

    Barenaked Tech6 days ago

    Apple has been competitive for quite a while now, when you consider the premium market product they exist in - I'd say no more expensive than their Microsoft counterparts! Even their phone lineup has become competitive. Shock!

  35. John van de Ven

    John van de Ven6 days ago

    You obviously haven't seen the 21 hours using an AMD 5800U which runs from 10w to15w. It is the arguably the absolutely best low power high performance laptop cpu.

  36. Sam

    Sam3 days ago

    M1 has a lower TDP and outperforms the 5800U

  37. MrDasebasto

    MrDasebasto6 days ago

    Ridiculous clickbait title...

  38. Jackson Walker

    Jackson Walker6 days ago

    Apple does have a problem... They are using slave labor in China to build their products thereby avoiding higher wages here. They are also squelching free speech and screwing over app developers. I am removing myself from the Apple ECO system.

  39. Pro720HyperMaster720

    Pro720HyperMaster7206 days ago

    Fun fact: the Apple M1 is not a lot more powerful than the Snapdragon 8cx in fact the Adreno 680gpu is better, the thing is that Windows 10 ARM is seriously underdeveloped, it’s emulation layer is not even near ready to take enough advantage of the chip, we could simply say that is an optimization issue, but that would be oversimplify, an 8cx have performance enough to give perfect usability, if it was inside a MacBook regular users wouldn’t even notice the difference unless they compared rendered time in video edition, or used CPU benchmarks

  40. Pro720HyperMaster720

    Pro720HyperMaster7206 days ago

    Would have be cool if you also put a U 8 core Ryzen for example one with an 4800U or 4700U P.S to me see what the M1 has done is really funny, I was saying for years that ARM would or could have a place in laptop and desktop PCs was always simple to see for me, if you increase the power and add a good translation layer you could get a good performance and if popular enough popular games/programs would begin to port to ARM additionally to x86 which would only improve popularity for making it a seamless alternative which in the long term would leave us in a place where basically everything would have a port to ARM and the CPUs would be that much more powerful by then that the performance obtain in emulated apps would exceed high end x86 CPUs of the past. I’m not saying that it will replace x86 I think what should happen is that ARM should became viable in PC to in the end get to the point that instead only have two companies to choose CPUs have 4 or more to some it could not be important which architecture their CPUs use because behave the same, it would simply gives more choices in PC. And btw to get that we need that Microsoft put itself to work seriously in Windows 10 ARM I hope Apple with the M1 has serve them as a touch of attention and at least improve the emulation to get on par with Rosetta 2, I usually would not praise Apple but in Microsoft must be some stupid managers, and as Windows 10 ARM didn’t receive an overwhelming support they almost abandon it, when what they should done is first fully prepared the OS, for me its biggest fault if not the only one is the emulation layer, a lot of graphic API issues, GPU memory management issues, only 32 bits support, I wouldn’t matter if it was released with only 32 bit support what drove me mad is that they not only took a lot of time to confirm that they would work on bring 64 bit support, to the point that I saw multiple people allegate that maybe was impossible to do it with 64 bit apps, but above all that they announce that it would take them 2 YEARS to release the 64 bit support, I mean it’s better than nothing but why so slow development. I think was due not good initial reception so Microsoft lost interest and didn’t allocate enough resources, when should have been a priority. Now thanks to Apple I hope they get down to work seriously on it

  41. Notsogoodguitarguy

    Notsogoodguitarguy6 days ago

    Politics warning - Apple can do way better. Imagine them doing the same, but without sweatshops and slavery!

  42. ReaverOfDoom

    ReaverOfDoom6 days ago

    How do the 13 inch macbook pros go from 1,299 to a 16 inch over 1000 more 1000 for 3 inches hmmm

  43. avenged110

    avenged1107 days ago

    16:18 Eight hour difference? My 2013 MBP is rated at 8 hours...lasts about 3 on its elderly battery.

  44. Piotr Dudała

    Piotr Dudała5 days ago

    These battery ratings are garbage anyway.

  45. Trillykins

    Trillykins7 days ago

    Really bad laptops to compare against. Two of the three are 2--in-1s and cost significantly less than any of the Macs.

  46. Ken Inthonpradith

    Ken Inthonpradith7 days ago

    I scammed myself and bought an Intel MacBook Pro for 2000$ just a month before the M1 MacBook pros released 😖😭😭😭

  47. janmesh mathur

    janmesh mathur6 days ago


  48. annam chandana naga subramanyam

    annam chandana naga subramanyam7 days ago

    10:47 where is this video of the 100-hour test link, please.

  49. iwilitu

    iwilitu7 days ago

    I think Apple knows it can do better otherwise they would have lower performances for the first gen, I don’t think they have a problem at all

  50. Rite Way Repair LLC

    Rite Way Repair LLC8 days ago

    The dashing catamaran anaerobically pretend because robin prudently crash throughout a coordinated height. dirty, fluttering food

  51. dat Pianoguy

    dat Pianoguy8 days ago

    i was getting ready to listen to linus shit on my new laptop lol

  52. kakawachi

    kakawachi8 days ago

    So Apple haters are eating it’s apples?

  53. Thien Tran

    Thien Tran8 days ago

    I feel bad for whoever buys the Intel Macbook Pro 2019 or 2020. It's exactly how RTX 2080 Ti owners feel when Nvidia announced the RTX 30 series lol

  54. Old Revolver

    Old Revolver8 days ago

    When you realize the Apple tax is actually worth it🤯 Apple has ruled the phone space for 10 years with their chips, so I guess it's now time for the to rule the super-thin, everyday laptop space now...(even more than before)

  55. Demetri Papanicolaou

    Demetri Papanicolaou8 days ago

    Great overall video minus the unnecessary clickbait title

  56. Progressh

    Progressh8 days ago

    Now apple has defeated “the best Gaming processor in the world”

  57. Teddy

    Teddy8 days ago

    The first macbook I actually want

  58. Teddy

    Teddy8 days ago

    3 grand for a 16in laptop is still kind of insane

  59. VegasGamesDE

    VegasGamesDE9 days ago

    In this Video: Apple has no problem

  60. Mike Zof

    Mike Zof9 days ago

    Can't you connect a second display??

  61. Անթերի Համակարգիչ

    Անթերի Համակարգիչ9 days ago

    So what was the Apple Problem?

  62. Vim Vitae Media

    Vim Vitae Media9 days ago

    Such an Apple fanboy gen z clickbait video.. the results are already coming in and unless you just do stuff like edit documents, play low tech games, and surf the internet, it underperforms. There is nothing "pro" about it and when all the power users chime in and find it simply unusable, then we'll remember this dishonest review. :)

  63. NotDream

    NotDream9 days ago

    linus in the background of one of the macbooks: *heloooo*

  64. Ilknur Demiröz

    Ilknur Demiröz9 days ago

    First Time i Opened the Package my Macbook Pro m1 stinks to the hell.. Anyone else the same Problem??

  65. Puzzled_Problem

    Puzzled_Problem10 days ago

    Stupid misleading click bait title and then straight to the ads . I

  66. montex66

    montex6610 days ago

    Touch screen? Yeah that would be a no.

  67. 주유미

    주유미10 days ago

    The shallow shirt dfly dream because downtown unlikely balance below a grubby gruesome vise. many, caring freeze

  68. vincenttkl930911

    vincenttkl93091110 days ago

    I would hope a comeback for 12" single port MacBook could have a comeback as extreme portablity choice…

  69. Praveen K

    Praveen K10 days ago

    i had my xps refunded for this

  70. Blue Nation

    Blue Nation10 days ago

    14:10 Only the OG's know what's going on

  71. zmcnabb

    zmcnabb10 days ago

    If anyone reads this message, how does a 13 inch MacBook feel compared to a 15 inch windows machine? I’ve been using a 15 inch asus gaming laptop for school and at 1080p it’s pretty tiny. I’m wondering how 13 inch at 1440 would let things fit on the screen better, as well as overall viewability if that’s a word? Like is it hard to focus on only 13 inches?

  72. deadbeef

    deadbeef6 days ago

    Try display scaling.

  73. asadawan27

    asadawan2711 days ago

    The shits you do for views is ridiculous.

  74. Ashanna Ramkerath

    Ashanna Ramkerath11 days ago

    Can you put a keyboard cover? A lot of yes or no all over the internet. & should we get apple coverage? Opinion anyone

  75. Eessaa Abrahams

    Eessaa Abrahams11 days ago

    Gotta say Linus was really made for this beard😭😂

  76. Aditya Patel

    Aditya Patel11 days ago

    When Linus says MacBook are as good as his Segways to sponsor, Apple did an amazing job.

  77. Matbiang Shadap

    Matbiang Shadap11 days ago

    Thank you 😊

  78. Symmetry

    Symmetry11 days ago

    am i one of the few people who saw the cpu pillow before he introduced it btw

  79. JunJun Mulleda

    JunJun Mulleda12 days ago

    I cant wait until Apple gets into the graphics card game. With ARM chip architecture and the ARM cpu, it be lights out for Intel.

  80. Wasup Sam

    Wasup Sam12 days ago

    I'm still waiting to hear the BIG mistake Linus

  81. nivashan ram

    nivashan ram12 days ago

    end of intel chip era

  82. Tech with Bolow

    Tech with Bolow12 days ago

    I have Macbook Pro 13 Late 2013, before the M1 chip my plan was to buy DELL XPS, but now no question, I'm going to buy the M1 Macbook Pro.

  83. Lex Luthor

    Lex Luthor12 days ago

    7:06 Wait, the Iris Plus(1068) on the intel MacBook is beating the XE96(1165g7) on XPS? Optimization?

  84. SuperMax0707

    SuperMax070713 days ago

    Its one of the worst laptop i have ever used. It crashes every 5 mins

  85. SuperMax0707

    SuperMax070712 days ago

    @guys its Gacha pro 13 inch

  86. guys its Gacha

    guys its Gacha12 days ago

    which pro or air?

  87. michael andrews

    michael andrews13 days ago

    Let the comments excusing Apples terrible behavior and poor value flow while claiming wrongly all of the thousands of other brands and types of pc laptops will only last 2-3 years

  88. Mr J

    Mr J13 days ago

    Last charged the macbook pro was 8th January 2021 it's now 14th Jan 2021 and left with 37% while watching this video

  89. TheBandicoot

    TheBandicoot13 days ago

    I wonder how much of a difference quality thermal paste would make to the Air?

  90. Alejandro Rivera

    Alejandro Rivera13 days ago

    9:27 lol

  91. Paul Mathanarajah

    Paul Mathanarajah13 days ago

    It will be interesting when the AMD Zen4 CPUs are released. As it will be built on 5nm nodes as the M1 it will be apples to apples comparison - pardon the pun ;-)

  92. Thomas Chadwick

    Thomas Chadwick13 days ago

    Apple sells the MacBook Air for $899 for active military and veterans : for students and educators as well. Hard to convince yourself to buy one, or two. Throw in a trade-in and it gets even sweeter. I got mine for $609 direct from Apple.

  93. Mo Mostafa

    Mo Mostafa14 days ago

    NOT TRUE. Please check how many people have problems including me. it keeps crashing and frozen and you cant use it for 30 mins without making hard rest. Hope that you really do a fair review

  94. John Capehart

    John Capehart14 days ago

    Wait until eGPU support, it will be game over!

  95. John Capehart

    John Capehart14 days ago

    Can someone give me the short version. What was Apple's BIG MISTAKE, cuz I'm loving my M1. Beautiful device, extreme value.

  96. Jason Chamberlain

    Jason Chamberlain14 days ago

    man i was resisting clicking on your clickbait thumbnail for days but i’m here now and of course it’s not what it sounded like

  97. PMR

    PMR14 days ago

    Linus approved ! 👍

  98. eyyop

    eyyop14 days ago

    More clickbait. Some things never change.

  99. Jay Squad

    Jay Squad14 days ago

    When are they coming out the the 16in m1 MacBook pro REEEEEEE 😡

  100. Guillermo Criscuolo

    Guillermo Criscuolo14 days ago

    can't wait for a brand new level of "If it broke 1000$ or GTFO" :^)

  101. Jebrem Ocampo

    Jebrem Ocampo15 days ago

    So was this a click bait by Linus?

  102. J.A Stevenson

    J.A Stevenson15 days ago

    Wait. Someone explain to a noob. Didn't Windows try to move to arm back in the day?

  103. Majestros

    Majestros15 days ago

    If you buy Apple you are supporting Uygher slavery in China

  104. Sihan kun

    Sihan kun15 days ago

    The thumbnail is so bad lol 😂

  105. Rajiv Coonghe

    Rajiv Coonghe15 days ago

    But can it play Minecraft

  106. NullSleep

    NullSleep15 days ago

    Not only the M1 has stunning performance, it absolutely destroys the competition and it's cheaper than them. Apple has been killing it lately.

  107. Nobody

    Nobody15 days ago

    linus: if you considering buying macbook buy one with 16 gigs of ram if you want it to last more than a couple years me, owning 8gb sony vaio for 6 years already: