How do I choose? - PS5 vs Xbox Series X

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We compare the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 in terms of boot times, load times, and picture quality....but is it fair to mention the DualSense controller because that thing's rad!
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
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Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. DY4Y

    DY4YHour ago

    It's easy: don't buy either. They're way too overpriced and no free online play.

  2. Tabeaus

    Tabeaus11 hours ago

    glad i was able to get my ps5 pre ordered before it went out of stock

  3. Ahmed Hamid

    Ahmed Hamid13 hours ago

    I got both!

  4. iakovojackgr

    iakovojackgr17 hours ago

    Even if Xbox have better graphics. Playstation have better games. And more fun thats why i play video games

  5. Kenrick John Marquez

    Kenrick John MarquezDay ago

    Xbox bc cool games and gamersorce and faster load chat play with friends and family and I don't hate ps5 they are both good

  6. Morten Olimb

    Morten OlimbDay ago

    I really despise Sony's whole exclusive games thing. It's the reason I won't be getting a PS5.

  7. Reano Domingo

    Reano DomingoDay ago

    Ps5 is the most better at xbox

  8. Viyom Varma

    Viyom VarmaDay ago

    No mention of free online? feel that's a pretty big point

  9. duck man

    duck manDay ago

    Does console video sponsored by a pc company

  10. Lucky

    LuckyDay ago

    My Personal Comparison Specs: Xbox Series X Controller: PS5 Services/Legacy Content: Xbox Series X Innovation: PS5 Exclusive Games: PS5 Overall Winner: PS5

  11. Order_Truth_Involvement

    Order_Truth_InvolvementDay ago

    It's "mano a mano", not "mano y mano". So you still got it wrong.

  12. Rav355

    Rav3553 days ago

    I took your advice and got both

  13. Chelsea Highlights

    Chelsea Highlights3 days ago

    Xbox is better

  14. MemerMineCraft

    MemerMineCraft3 days ago

    I am going to buy the Xbox series X because PS5 is trash

  15. Rastaman _V

    Rastaman _V3 days ago

    Actually facts lol, instead of 1k $ pc I would get both of them 😂

  16. itsElonzo

    itsElonzo3 days ago

    Yes but how smooth and easy are the menus? The Xbox one was shit compared to the PS4.

  17. Chelsea Highlights

    Chelsea Highlights2 days ago

    @itsElonzo no I’m pretty sure they removed that

  18. itsElonzo

    itsElonzo2 days ago

    @Chelsea Highlights does it still do that weird thing that when you accept a friend request they still have to accept you also? They made it like social media where we have to follow each other

  19. Chelsea Highlights

    Chelsea Highlights3 days ago

    Yeah last gen Xbox was ass. This gen Xbox edges it, it’s insanely smooth on series s/x.

  20. Shoxxy

    Shoxxy4 days ago

    Fast loading screens GTA: Hello there

  21. Qyzah

    Qyzah4 days ago

    Get Xbox if u have more friends on Xbox Get ps5 if u have more friends on ps5 Get pc if u have more friends on pc Trust me it gets very boring when u have no friends to play with All my friends were on ps4/5 I bought a pc and switched as soon as I got my ps5 because it was pretty boring

  22. inloq

    inloq5 days ago

    A PS5????? DID I hear that right? A LITTLE PS4??????? And YOU think you are not even CLOSE being a "GAMER". GAMERS, RISE UP, YOU CAN SEE WHAT IS HAPPING HERE. People think they are gamers and playing on a CONSOLE? A CONSOLE!!! We, Real Gamers, We play on PC:s, CUSTOM BUILT! And YOU think you can come WITH US with your little CONSOLE, REAL GAMERS HAVE BUILT THEIR OWN PC. AND ALSO ONLY 300 HOURS??? We have ATLEAST 1000 HOURS on EACH GAME, AND WE have ATLEAST 200 games in JUST STEAM. THEN YOU GUYS COME AND CALL YOURSELF A "GAMER", YOU WILL NOT ONLY GET PUNISHED BUT YOU WILL ALSO NEVER BE A REAL GAMER! REMEMBER THAT!

  23. Mikey Estrada

    Mikey Estrada5 days ago

    You don’t choose you just buy both

  24. ChrisRob24

    ChrisRob245 days ago

    Ps5 duel sense copied Nintendo Switch Hd Rumble

  25. Timothy Ross

    Timothy Ross5 days ago

    Easy.. I can't find either one so I am force to choose nothing. 😪 😆

  26. Baby Sonic GT

    Baby Sonic GT6 days ago

    If it wasn’t for the good ps5 exclusive games I would of gotten an xbox

  27. Apollo Fikz

    Apollo Fikz6 days ago

    Came here looking for reference which should I buy, cause my wife doesn't allow me to buy both. Well, I'm still confuse

  28. Liam Featherstone

    Liam Featherstone6 days ago

    You don't have to you have both your just making more video content for on here to make more cash stupid people watching really woth a title like that the guy has everything doesn't look like he wants for nothing so why oh why would he have to choose

  29. Mehdi

    Mehdi6 days ago

    I want them to both team up 1 time and make a PS Controller like and a Xbox controller and the same for the other

  30. Mr.Conky

    Mr.Conky6 days ago

    For anyone looking for a ps5 at a reasonable price look to facebook marketplace, they will be marked up but it's not scalpers selling them so you'll see some for relatively cheap considering how hard they are to find and how much most people charge

  31. Progressh

    Progressh7 days ago

    2:36 they use zen 2

  32. Death Awaits

    Death Awaits7 days ago

    I would buy an Xbox series x, but I know another console will probably come out from Microsoft in 2 to 3 years, so I’d probs get ps5 because it will take a while for ps6 to come out

  33. Joseph Stalin JoeStar

    Joseph Stalin JoeStar7 days ago

    Only getting xbox series X to play space engineers with my friends.

  34. Bunyongc Chawalitrujiwong

    Bunyongc Chawalitrujiwong7 days ago

    xbox is better

  35. Munib Halim

    Munib Halim8 days ago

    Can I buy games that are on PS NOW through the PS store like Sonic Adventure 2 cuz I'm thinking about switching from Xbox to PS.Since PS has more exclusive games and Xbox doesn't.But Xbox has more backwards compatible games while PS doesn' I'm a lil confused.(Reply would be highly appreciated 😊)

  36. Soroush N

    Soroush N8 days ago

    me:laughs with my PS1😐

  37. Samarth Pawae

    Samarth Pawae3 days ago

    Get a job

  38. Gamer Boy

    Gamer Boy8 days ago

    mydikus hard

  39. Vale

    Vale8 days ago

    I think you should choose tho one with your favorite games

  40. Daniel Gerami

    Daniel Gerami8 days ago

    if u need more help with this there u go

  41. xDezlo

    xDezlo8 days ago

    “Just get both” Me: cries in space for just 1

  42. Vazzaroth

    Vazzaroth8 days ago

    Wow, this is interesting to be here for a launch now that I'm in my (early) 30's. Man, I just can't make myself care about depth of field differences any more... I mean, I never did, but I'm sure there were other inane meaningless technical differences I used to argue about online in 2007 or whatever with PS3 vs Xbawks.

  43. Money Williams

    Money Williams9 days ago

    They’re pretty much the same, but the ps5 controller is something special

  44. Terraria Toy Terror

    Terraria Toy Terror9 days ago

    PC master race

  45. Gaming Pahuljica

    Gaming Pahuljica9 days ago

    Xbox and ps are equal better! I love both of them! And i dont care if xbox is better or ps! Where are ps and xbox gang? 🤜🤛

  46. IntenseMK

    IntenseMK9 days ago

    What would you recommend if this is my first console since xbox 360 and I can only get 1. Should I go for ps5 because Ive never played classics like god of war and last of us or should I go for series X(Becuase I really like the game pass)?

  47. y p

    y p10 days ago

    None of them, Stadia is cheaper and beat the PS5 in computation.

  48. Samarth Pawae

    Samarth Pawae3 days ago

    @y p trash

  49. y p

    y p7 days ago

    @Trolli The Troll cloud gaming is the future wether you like it or not.

  50. Trolli The Troll

    Trolli The Troll7 days ago

    No one plays that trash

  51. Jānis Klodāns

    Jānis Klodāns10 days ago

    Game pause is useless for most people 🤣🤣🤣

  52. Abdullahi Beir

    Abdullahi Beir10 days ago

    choose both

  53. Eldad Yatron

    Eldad Yatron11 days ago

    Xbox RULES 👊🏻💪🏻☝🏻

  54. Blank

    Blank11 days ago

    Idk but in my opinion i think xbox might be the tiniest but better

  55. Memes-150

    Memes-15010 days ago

    I'm an xbox guy but Ik they have better stuff but there games are absolute hot *GARBAGE*

  56. Peeled fish Ratatouille

    Peeled fish Ratatouille11 days ago

    my ps4 pro takes 15 minutes to load Minecraft (I've timed it before)

  57. joe gaming

    joe gaming11 days ago

    you don't choose, because you won't be finding one

  58. rightseated

    rightseated12 days ago

    just get a gaming pc and an xbox elite controller

  59. Potato Man3

    Potato Man312 days ago

    I wish I had anything let alone a next gen consul

  60. Andi o3i

    Andi o3i12 days ago

    But will they run Cyberpunk?^^

  61. Memes-150

    Memes-15010 days ago

    Now that heaven cant provide This is a joke for you religios ppl

  62. Andries Lategan

    Andries Lategan13 days ago

    One thing is sure, Linus’ intro is one of the best out there

  63. Zes

    Zes13 days ago

    Audun wrg,idts, leader not followerx

  64. Zes

    Zes13 days ago


  65. GMApplemonkey

    GMApplemonkey13 days ago

    i have a xbox 1 and gaming pc's .still trying to decide if i should get a ps5 or new xbox.what should i get?

  66. GMApplemonkey

    GMApplemonkey7 days ago

    @Lucid Pulse skyrim..... lol

  67. Lucid Pulse

    Lucid Pulse10 days ago

    Ps5 because the Xbox has no good games

  68. Silver Phoenix

    Silver Phoenix13 days ago

    So Sony is paying you not to spill the beans, you got good choices of words =) & don't drink so much at times so the lack of. Alcohol can help you out with eyebright

  69. Silver Phoenix

    Silver Phoenix13 days ago

    This message will now self-destruct in 5 4 3 2 1..

  70. William Mora

    William Mora13 days ago

    Gamepass is ok, ps now is better personally

  71. Luchiz

    Luchiz12 days ago

    Ps now and plus is good for singleplayer, gamepass for multiplayer

  72. Hayden Lau

    Hayden Lau13 days ago

    Henry Cavill: *scoffs* PC

  73. Joninator

    Joninator14 days ago

    Nice video. I might go for the Xbox series x. I have a ps4 right now but because of the fact that I'm sick of the horrible customer support, I might switch to Xbox.

  74. Chelsea Highlights

    Chelsea Highlights3 days ago

    Good decision, I’ve actually done the same. I’ve switched from ps2,PS3,ps4, to a Xbox one s over a year ago and Xbox is fantastic, both Sony and Microsoft are top notch with consoles now. I’m looking to sell my One S and save up for a Series X tho

  75. • XAlyaxSuxX •

    • XAlyaxSuxX •14 days ago

    I'd buy the PS5 since i'm a fan of Spider-Man and you get those exclusives and also almost every USlikesr has the PS5 LOL.

  76. Neon Shores

    Neon Shores14 days ago

    The biggest mistake MS did was making the S weaker. It just creates confusion for consumers. They should've just done what Sony did but try to undercut them by $50.

  77. John Mcmahon

    John Mcmahon14 days ago

    thanks a lot - few difference are also being discussed on this article.

  78. The L&K Network

    The L&K Network14 days ago

    You forgot to mention VR!

  79. The L&K Network

    The L&K Network14 days ago

    I love how this is sponsored by origin pc...

  80. Rafael Marques

    Rafael Marques14 days ago

    I think you should get an EEE Pee CEE instead

  81. XD Isreal

    XD Isreal15 days ago

    I’m just gonna get the series s because it’s small and I can play with my brothers on it

  82. Clash scrabby

    Clash scrabby15 days ago

    Let's be realistic 90 percent of playstation exclusives are finished in one week then there nothing to do anymore

  83. Anthony Hart

    Anthony Hart15 days ago

    Get the New Xbox Series X! New For 2021

  84. MileHighGamer 8

    MileHighGamer 816 days ago

    U for got about halo infinite😑

  85. Memes-150

    Memes-15010 days ago

    Halo is pretty shit ngl

  86. mayembringer

    mayembringer16 days ago

    What I think people should do is get the ps5 if they like PlayStation and if they want to get a Xbox then they should just get a pc if they don’t have Xbox games they want to use because Xbox exclusives are on pc

  87. Joninator

    Joninator14 days ago

    a pc can be twice as expensive tho.

  88. Everyday Bushcraft

    Everyday Bushcraft16 days ago

    I did cyberpunk at 60 fps i will never play it or any other game at 30 fps on these next gen consoles

  89. Peacemaker

    Peacemaker16 days ago

    I hate the PlayStation 5 controllers too big for my hands

  90. Peacemaker

    Peacemaker15 days ago

    @Fa thoni I haven't got dwarf hands

  91. Fa thoni

    Fa thoni15 days ago

    ur hands is just too small

  92. Thicc Brass

    Thicc Brass16 days ago

    Xbox do be reusing there controllers 🤦‍♂️

  93. Chelsea Highlights

    Chelsea Highlights3 days ago

    If it’s perfect, don’t change it

  94. KanekiAtOtaku

    KanekiAtOtaku16 days ago

    It's the same as always: If you own a PC, buy a ps4. Almost every xbox game, you can play on PC. PS5 is very good if you're there for exclusives. Also the ps5 controller is better. Though I'll be honest, consoles are getting closer and closer to PC territory. So if you can only afford a console, it's still a super good choice, you'll be fine for 5+ years anyways.

  95. SomeLoser

    SomeLoser17 days ago

    Dont decide!! Just get a PC lol

  96. moose185

    moose18517 days ago

    I have a PS4 but leaning towards an Xbox series x just for all the back catalog games I haven’t played.

  97. Bree Innit

    Bree Innit17 days ago

    Ya know these consoles are good and all but Ill stick to my psp 1000 thanks

  98. D tyagi

    D tyagi18 days ago

    Both ರ_ರ. ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯ ರ╭╮ರ

  99. LaGreatness

    LaGreatness18 days ago

    I got Xbox s for now later I’ll buy ps5 digital Pd; first time I use an xbox I’m not gonna lie I do love the Xbox s

  100. Goliathstale

    Goliathstale18 days ago

    Isn't even a question just get the chicken warmer😂

  101. skipxe

    skipxe17 days ago

    It's 2k

  102. DildoSnuggie

    DildoSnuggie18 days ago

    mano doesn't mean human

  103. Klixx_Yt

    Klixx_Yt18 days ago

    Just get a pc and a ps5. You don't really need an xbox if you have a pc

  104. swavezmartin

    swavezmartin19 days ago

    I love my series x and ps5 two amazing systems worth every penny 💯

  105. Inxstyy

    Inxstyy19 days ago

    Either do what your friends have or just upgrade your console you have now For Example: PS4 the PS5 or Xbox One to Xbox Series X

  106. Larry Royovitz

    Larry Royovitz19 days ago

    I was just finally able to afford a used 360 and ps3. I guess I'll get both in 2 more generations. #poor

  107. LilPlays

    LilPlays19 days ago

    Ok I like how they saying it’s better to have the vibration but ask any pro call of duty player, if they play call of duty, vibration slightly messes up the gameplau

  108. Sebastian

    Sebastian19 days ago

    I don't think the consoles exists. They are just a conspiracy theory to make us spam the selling websites. There are major powers at play here.

  109. Neo S.

    Neo S.19 days ago

    I have 400 friends on Playstation and I swear to god FIVE of them have a Ps5. 2 of them must be working at Sony and the rest of them are famous streamers.

  110. Aakash Naskar

    Aakash Naskar19 days ago

    This year Xbox made great job !

  111. Luckless

    Luckless20 days ago

    series x has a optimized version of forza horizon 4 and Fortnite

  112. MyFenceBroke

    MyFenceBroke19 days ago

    Fortnite PogU

  113. EMP Lox

    EMP Lox20 days ago

    kfconsole is the best you xbox series x and ps5 noobs

  114. Michael A

    Michael A20 days ago

    ps exclusives > xbox exclusives except forza

  115. Luchiz

    Luchiz12 days ago

    Gran Turismo is better than Forza

  116. MyFenceBroke

    MyFenceBroke19 days ago

    Like genshin

  117. President Meh

    President Meh20 days ago


  118. BE the champ

    BE the champ20 days ago

    Both consoles are op

  119. President Meh

    President Meh20 days ago

    kfconsole on top


    INFINITIVE GAMING20 days ago

    X box sieries x

  121. President Meh

    President Meh20 days ago


  122. chef goldblum

    chef goldblum20 days ago

    xbox series x was the obvious choice for me. i'd rather play warzone at 120 fps rather than be locked at 60 fps on the ps5.

  123. chef goldblum

    chef goldblum18 days ago

    @Neo S. So are you betting there will be a remastered PS5 version of MW?

  124. chef goldblum

    chef goldblum18 days ago

    @Neo S. I doubt there will be a XBX version but I could see there being a PS5 version just based on the fact I believe Sony has an exclusive deal with activision. I actually hope there will be

  125. chef goldblum

    chef goldblum18 days ago

    @Neo S. No offense taken because I never said it gives me a competitive advantage, I just like the smoother experience is all.

  126. Neo S.

    Neo S.18 days ago

    @chef goldblum Also no offense but having higher FPS doesnt mean you slaughter everbody because you know the things that dont matter in a battle royal. Yes of course it is an advantage but ur argument is the weakest shit I ever saw for deciding what console to buy. ONE GAME is the reason for you. Not even that because the real reason is you not being able to wait some months.

  127. Neo S.

    Neo S.18 days ago

    @chef goldblum "it's pure speculation" Yeah thats what leaks are.....speculation.....pls never listen to leaks because they are ALWAYS wrong. No leaks ever told the truth and CoD will NEVER make a Ps5 Warzone for profit. Cod never remastered anything or drops a title every year. Sry my "theory" is just really insane. Real life has shown I am wrong so many times right? Lets bet a $100 I can play Warzone with 120 fps before August. Deal? Bro you say you buy a Xbox because you dont have the chill to wait some months until there is a Ps5 version of warzone. Spoiler: You cant buy Xbox series X or Ps5 anyway right now and I bet as soon as you can there will be Warzone for Ps5. The argument is just childish "I want it RIGH NOW" attitude.

  128. Gd Waffled

    Gd Waffled20 days ago

    Easy KFConsole

  129. Neil Wilson

    Neil Wilson20 days ago

    Game pass.

  130. Owen Moores

    Owen Moores20 days ago

    “Xbox doesn’t have any exclusives” Microsoft just bought Zenimax?

  131. Joel Rivera

    Joel Rivera19 days ago

    He meant day one exclusives. Xbox will release those exclusives later on and then some.

  132. President Meh

    President Meh20 days ago


  133. Ali Jamal

    Ali Jamal20 days ago

    Ps5 is better than x box

  134. SpudGunnion

    SpudGunnion12 days ago

    @Luchiz well...

  135. Luchiz

    Luchiz12 days ago

    @SpudGunnion Microsoft don't lie? Ahahahahhah

  136. SpudGunnion

    SpudGunnion20 days ago

    Right heres y xbox is better They don't lie They can support high resolution unlike the ps5 wich supports 2k even though it says on the box 4k and 8k There isn't any rlly good 2k TVs at all And who wants to have there thumbs at the bottom of there controller movin it about Where to fuck did triangle square circle and all that shit come from The menu of the ps is confusing and long and I bet u haven't even seen the whole of it U have to pay for everything ps5 example u have to pay to get ur old games on it And finally ps don't use Adobe vision makin it a peice of crap

  137. President Meh

    President Meh20 days ago


  138. Dylan Collins

    Dylan Collins20 days ago