The BEST TV on the PLANET!!

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Assume you can afford it- when does this 88" 8K OLED make sense...and when doesn't it?
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link:
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. David

    David8 days ago

    "Spousal unit"? Sounds like Linus has been working with computers for too long! Ha ha ha!!!

  2. maanas

    maanas15 days ago

    0.14 I literally thought that was ur og back ground i just realized when u said tv like this 💀 😂

  3. Mayukh Sharma

    Mayukh Sharma16 days ago

    1:10 that's a tv behind him and not an actual fireplace guys

  4. Ronald ghion Ong

    Ronald ghion Ong17 days ago

    isnt that the amount of money you spent on youre water cooled ps4

  5. SHODAN ツ

    SHODAN ツ17 days ago

    Please, can we have more completely idiotic comments about burn-in that has been eliminated on these TVs? 'Cause we definitely don't have enough of those uninformed comments in every OLED tv thread. Just say you can't afford one - there's no shame in that.

  6. 3rdHalf

    3rdHalf19 days ago

    Why is it so expensive really: *money printer goes brrrrrrrrrrr*.

  7. Michael Skywalker

    Michael Skywalker19 days ago

    Well it says LG Signature so it depends on who signs it.

  8. Hugh Man

    Hugh Man21 day ago

    The 3090 is not capable of 8k unless you want to play games under 30fps.

  9. Litlle Rock

    Litlle Rock21 day ago

    Who didn’t k ow the fireplace was the TV until 5:50

  10. Digital Doom

    Digital Doom21 day ago

    At $30k it better blow me in my seat...and make sandwichs..

  11. Trashgamer233

    Trashgamer23324 days ago

    Who else thought the TV was a real fireplace 👇🏾

  12. Trashgamer233

    Trashgamer23324 days ago


  13. Late Night Energy

    Late Night Energy25 days ago

    OMW!! Only around 5min in I realized that the background isn't a real fireplace, but the TV...

  14. Astra 060

    Astra 06026 days ago

    DLSS is more than trick, I have a laptop with 2060, and DLSS is a savior in supported titles, and as someone who works with blender, I love Nvidia, they are pushing hard. Yes they are ass when it comes to price! But I think people should give DLSS more credit

  15. big daddy Pikachu

    big daddy Pikachu26 days ago

    Welcome back to a video about a product of hat 99% of us can’t afford but we are still watching

  16. Dead End

    Dead End26 days ago

    1,2 million views... Wondering how many bought the TV. 0,001%

  17. Big Red

    Big Red26 days ago

    Fking rip off. 😠😠😠

  18. Bb1

    Bb127 days ago

    6:05 that’s a beautiful tv.

  19. Richard Adediran

    Richard Adediran27 days ago


  20. kukulkan

    kukulkan27 days ago

    lol...for 5 minutes i thought the fireplace behind you was real!

  21. LSBIAS

    LSBIAS28 days ago

    How long did it take y’all to Learn the fireplace was the tv ??

  22. NBound

    NBound28 days ago

    5:56 you mean capability?

  23. Alpha 00

    Alpha 0029 days ago

    There will be better options when 8K becomes something like 4K nowdays

  24. Ocean Sky

    Ocean SkyMonth ago

    4.2 channel? lol - havent heard anything involving 4 channel since, ever, actually. the only 4 channel ive heard is my sony apple audio station and my jvc hi fi being used in stereo mirroring mode so basically not 4 channel at all since there isnt any 4 channel media being produced anywhere and learning how to master sources yourself does not seem like a worth it time investment of an idea.

  25. Cristine Regidor

    Cristine RegidorMonth ago

    LG is the dream of screens and for a big price

  26. Cristine Regidor

    Cristine RegidorMonth ago

    I think the signature that you can wall or the 2016 one is in 800$-1000

  27. LukeyWolf

    LukeyWolfMonth ago

    For less you can get a Sony TV lmao

  28. Justice Warrior

    Justice WarriorMonth ago

    Why the gay thumbnail?

  29. hunter matthews

    hunter matthewsMonth ago

    Vantablack theater room?

  30. Taha YT614

    Taha YT614Month ago

    Is apple made a tv

  31. Irfan Kassim

    Irfan KassimMonth ago

    I am immersed in the Tv that I didn’t realised it sits behind Linus all the time.

  32. Sham Bhangal

    Sham BhangalMonth ago

    Love that the video thumbnail shows Linus accidentally kicking the screen. Well, he can't really drop it this time...

  33. SD

    SDMonth ago

    Best TV on the planet is the one which i can afford..

  34. jorge alan

    jorge alanMonth ago

    I'd love to get one of these. Though with the budget that i have a 55-65 TCL 6 Series would be suitable choice for the 4k@120 hz and a great interphase.

  35. Aaron Primus

    Aaron PrimusMonth ago

    i didnt realise the tv was behind him until the later half of the video. And that was only because i was looking at the wall with the yellow strip!

  36. Amory Green

    Amory GreenMonth ago

    Wow. Lucky Goldstar managed to make me like tech even less. Its not an advancement at that price, its a display of greed and manipulation.

  37. Jeremy R

    Jeremy RMonth ago

    This is Jeff bezozs tv

  38. Justin Sego

    Justin SegoMonth ago

    Wow just realized the fire place was a tv half way through the video

  39. Frkn_ PARADOX

    Frkn_ PARADOXMonth ago

    ok .. i don't know this but i think any person who buys this tv won't be watching this video.



    Till half of the video, i thought the background is a real burner furnace....

  41. G M

    G MMonth ago

    Or just buy an LG 77” CX OLED for ~$3500(USD). This is just plain crazy. There’s virtually no 8K content. Gaming is virtually impossible at 8K. It’s basically just a “my TV is better than your TV” TV. And for $30,000? I can see something less than $10k - it is a bleeding edge unit after all. But the price of a decent brand new vehicle? Nuts.

  42. Chhanda Sarkar

    Chhanda SarkarMonth ago

    What's your name?

  43. Cool Tech Gadgets

    Cool Tech GadgetsMonth ago

    SAMSUNG 50-inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series - 4K UHD HDR Smart TV with Alexa Built-in (UN50TU8000FXZA, 2020 Model).😱😱

  44. Keller Seah

    Keller SeahMonth ago

    0:16 i thought that was a real fire place lmao

  45. Shoopersaiyan

    ShoopersaiyanMonth ago

    Took me 3 minutes to realize the fireplace was a tv....

  46. DCZT

    DCZTMonth ago

    At the start I thought that it was actually a fireplace

  47. Shivaam

    ShivaamMonth ago

    Why did I actually think that fireplace behind Linus was real...

  48. Mike Mike

    Mike MikeMonth ago

    next month it will be $500 at BJs

  49. IN VIDEO

    IN VIDEOMonth ago

    i think the Fireplace is Real in background

  50. axelxan

    axelxanMonth ago

    This tv looks so good on my monitor :)

  51. Zachary Greenman

    Zachary GreenmanMonth ago

    Watching the fireplace scene burning in an $30,000 OLED is the kind of destruction of tech products I’ve come to expect from LTT.

  52. Cool Tech Gadgets

    Cool Tech GadgetsMonth ago

    SAMSUNG 50-inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series - 4K UHD HDR Smart TV with Alexa Built-in (UN50TU8000FXZA, 2020 Model).😱😱💗💗💗👌👌

  53. Raib Kazi

    Raib KaziMonth ago

    i'd rather get a QLED Samsung Q850DT 88" 8K TV for $4500 from costco ($4500 w/ tax)

  54. Tom Reinhardt

    Tom ReinhardtMonth ago

    i didnt even notice that the fire was actually the tv until the end

  55. Tyler McElwain

    Tyler McElwainMonth ago

    I legit thought that was a real fireplace and tree behind him and not a tv lmao

  56. Nate

    NateMonth ago

    Why is he talking to me as if I can afford the tv


    SWEET JUSTICEMonth ago

    Hmmm I rather buy as many ridge wallets with my 30k

  58. James Leonard

    James LeonardMonth ago

    @3:51 Fail. Why would someone get a $3,000 UST screen with a traditional long throw projector?

  59. SirBlack

    SirBlackMonth ago

    Way to much for me to even consider this TV 😂

  60. Luca Live

    Luca LiveMonth ago

    The best tv on planet is made by samsung not lg ;x

  61. Magnus Henry Madsen

    Magnus Henry MadsenMonth ago


  62. Karim Mohamed

    Karim MohamedMonth ago


  63. long cat

    long catMonth ago

    or instead of buying this tv, you buy a car?

  64. Frank AutiWele

    Frank AutiWeleMonth ago

    Damn he's good, at those sponsorship transitions.

  65. tlalotoani

    tlalotoaniMonth ago

    AV Rant podcast is awesome if you are interested in Home Theatre

  66. QuantumBraced

    QuantumBracedMonth ago

    Wait, it's $30K and doesn't have gigabit ethernet? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  67. Proptixz

    ProptixzMonth ago

    What about other planets

  68. 흐억흐헉

    흐억흐헉Month ago

    oh shoot. I just realized that the fireplace background isn't real

  69. Berserk Berserk

    Berserk BerserkMonth ago


  70. Dan Gee

    Dan GeeMonth ago

    Crazy that in 20 years this will only be £1000

  71. Mohammed Abdullah

    Mohammed AbdullahMonth ago

    Me: Sees video Me: I wonder why Linus keeps referring to the TV but pointing to his fireplace behind him. Me: Sees video further Me: Holy ****

  72. Matt Forbes

    Matt ForbesMonth ago

    Plex. That thing that doesn't work.

  73. Equinox

    EquinoxMonth ago

    It took me till 6:15 that I noticed, the tv is in the background

  74. E Squad

    E SquadMonth ago

    Myself I just purchased an LG 65 inch NanoCell Nano90 4K TV from Amazon. I purchased it specifically for my Xbox series X, and there was a lot of comments about LG’s OLED TVs and nano cell LG TVs. And people saying don’t go for NanoCell Gaming because OLED is the king. People on Amazon literally told me avoid NanoCell, and go with OLED i’m gonna have to disagree on that comment where people are saying that OLED is the king I’m gaming. That’s not necessary. The only advantage and disadvantage between OLED and NanoCell is OLED you get deeper blacks and NanoCell will be able to produce more true accurate colours. My personal preference I prefer NanoCell over OLED. No disrespect to the people that prefer OLED’s over Nanascell.

  75. Emanuel Ceccarini

    Emanuel CeccariniMonth ago

    All these NOT fans not immediately recognising the 8k yule log fireplace, it's just last year's stuff! Pathetic.

  76. EscortWuerger 69

    EscortWuerger 69Month ago

    I literally thought your background was real


    LA PRODUCTIONMonth ago

    Wooot... i thought that the Fire place in the BG was real until the mid of the video when someone looked close into it 😂😂

  78. João Amorim

    João AmorimMonth ago

    Buying an 8K TV nowadays is like buying a SpaceX ticket today so that you don't need to wait in line in the "future".

  79. UnstableDread

    UnstableDreadMonth ago

    Did anyone else think for almost the entire video the fireplace in the background was real? 😅


    LEGENDARY SSSMonth ago

    Price tag 300 awesome 3000 too much 30000 hell na


    LEGENDARY SSSMonth ago

    Common sense left the chat

  82. Glory Hold

    Glory HoldMonth ago

    Going from 1080 to 4K was amazing on a 50 inch but 4K to 8k is a let down at anything below 100 inches blah sucks i rather get the frames

  83. Online Shopping Jakarta

    Online Shopping JakartaMonth ago

    Most US movie is dark. Hardly can see anything.

  84. Manos Lamaniakou

    Manos LamaniakouMonth ago

    Am I the only one that didn't notice that the fire place in the background is the TV?

  85. Nathanael Chin

    Nathanael ChinMonth ago

    Ok, this may sounds dumb, I did not realize the background Linus had behind him was the actual tv.......... took me 4mins to even realize it....... this can’t just be me?

  86. DemizedEmpire

    DemizedEmpireMonth ago


  87. User C

    User CMonth ago

    But is it kick-proof?

  88. Rex Trowbridge

    Rex TrowbridgeMonth ago

    This is getting ridiculous

  89. Miroslav Houdek

    Miroslav HoudekMonth ago

    Sadly, they don't sell it in 6 packs. You just have to click six times when ordering and then you get 6 separate boxes :-(

  90. Wistbacka

    WistbackaMonth ago

    I still think it should have included a baller sound bar system for that price. Just like they do with the signature models. Oh, and this TV as a wallpaper signature model would be epic.

  91. Wistbacka

    WistbackaMonth ago

    And then Samsung enters the chat with their new 110" MicroLED TV.

  92. KhoiKO

    KhoiKOMonth ago

    tell me what guy want a hard metal wallet in their pants pocket?? TEll me .

  93. Wake

    WakeMonth ago

    I got a Samsung 82 in and it's awesome

  94. Patrick Dawson

    Patrick DawsonMonth ago

    Hello I have a question for you I’m trying to get this tv it’s a 65 inch hisense roku tv R8 series I know it’s nothing like what you show on you show’s but I don’t get much money and this would be my first big tv for I think as a Budget TV is it worth paying $700 for please respond back and let me know thank you for your time and I love watching your shows and that’s why I’m asking you

  95. Anthony Mendenhall

    Anthony MendenhallMonth ago

    Samsung got a MicroLED TV now lmaoooo we 10 years away from mass produced MicroLED replacing OLED

  96. John Fysh Iridium Liao

    John Fysh Iridium LiaoMonth ago

    I didn't realise that the fireplace was the tv xD

  97. Aiv

    AivMonth ago

    I don't think that this is the best tv, especially when Samsung's tv is $50,000 off.

  98. Sword and Keyboard

    Sword and KeyboardMonth ago

    Plex sux

  99. Lord Syntax

    Lord SyntaxMonth ago

    didn't realize that fireplace was on the tv until 4 minutes into the video :\

  100. zaid faridi

    zaid faridiMonth ago

    Honestly...I have not recognised there is a tv behind the Linus until 6:20 on video, I thought it was a fire place...God!!! amezing picture quality..

  101. MusicMan4Life68

    MusicMan4Life68Month ago

    Another impractical video from LTT which 99% of LTT viewers can't afford! I don't get it! What's the point?

  102. MusicMan4Life68

    MusicMan4Life68Month ago

    I'd still buy a 4K projector so I can have a 150" diagonal screen for < $2000 and almost 3x the viewable screen area. The experience playing video games or watching movies on a screen >= 120" is just amazing and something that can't be recreated on a TV which can only get so big before it can't fit through your door. My first projector was the Infocus X1 back in 2002 and I've never looked back. OLED and LED TVs are great for TV shows and sports but you can't beat projectors for gaming and watching movies. Maybe online gamers have an argument for projector latency but if you're not playing online, projectors are amazing; plus they're improving latency all the time. What you can get for < $1500.00 today in a 4K projector is just ridiculous! You can even get a great 1080p projector for < $700. Don't buy the cheap $150.00 1080p projectors made in China on Amazon; please! The cheapest projector I'd recommend is the Optoma HD146X for $549.00. If it's not recommended on don't buy it.

  103. kira san

    kira sanMonth ago

    It took me a while to realize that I was looking to a TV!