The KFC Console Ripped Off our Idea!! - WAN Show December 25, 2020

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Timestamps (Courtesy of Blake Rodriguez)
00:00 - Show starts
01:40 - Topic introduction
02:19 - Intro rolls
03:20 - Linus talks about twitch personalities
05:30 - Linus talks about luke's chin over lower third
06:20 - KFConsole
11:30 - Luke's pizza heating computer video
17:30 - Cat bed PC
19:00 - Simpsons politics
19:30 - "Why no WAN show VODs on floatplane?"
19:50 - Back to the KFConsole
21:30 - Linus 3D printed a stencil for his badminton racket
30:40 - Sponsors (PIA/Ridgewallet/Honey)
33:30 - Tesla/Elon announces full sell driving subscription
41:30 - General car topics (insurance, self driving, car ownership, defensive driving)
49:10 - US ISPs can no longer charge rental feese for equipment customers already own
50:30 - Intel is rumored to be taking back the gaming crown
51:40 - LTT store boxing day promotion ($5 off storewide)
52:00 - Luke formally introduces his bird Taquito
53:50 - Luke leaves and linus does superchats for the rest of stream


  1. John Smith

    John SmithDay ago

    i hope you realize how sexist it sounded when you equated "housewife" intelligence to children.

  2. John Smith

    John SmithDay ago

    you seem to be uncomfortable with sexuality in general. i feel bad for your closeted staff members

  3. Plamen Petkov

    Plamen PetkovDay ago

    6:38 Loved the Limp Bizkit reference

  4. Ben I

    Ben I7 days ago

    Clearly there is only one choice for what to put on the racket head... 🤣🤣

  5. aleksander Okonek

    aleksander Okonek10 days ago

    The well-to-do capricorn complimentarily notice because pharmacist logically tick towards a damaging pancreas. terrific, common politician

  6. VicariousReality

    VicariousReality15 days ago

    Sheesh, a Limp Bizkit reference? Haven't listened to them in over 15 years.

  7. Viktoras Andritsos

    Viktoras Andritsos16 days ago

    we need a computer pizza heater part 2

  8. Arthur Pendragon

    Arthur Pendragon16 days ago

    Why does Luke remind me of John Krasinski?

  9. Sharklops

    Sharklops17 days ago

    welcome to the Age of Memeketing

  10. Gondamar

    Gondamar18 days ago

    52:00 RIP taquito, you were the best birb. :(

  11. Eyezix

    Eyezix18 days ago

    Wait, Linus is wearing sennheisers?

  12. Santa Australia

    Santa Australia20 days ago

    Linus, whatever improvement to your chance of being to save yourself from an accident on a bike, is offset by the fact that you're on a bike. Many people didn't just change lane cause they didn't look, but rather, they were only looking for cars, and didn't notice any cars, hence they thought it's ok to just change lane. Selective awareness blindness is a real phenomenon, and is one of the most dangerous thing to a bike rider.

  13. Cobra Strike Down

    Cobra Strike Down20 days ago

    I like how you heavily implied if we want to keep cars in our name we're hicks who live in the middle of nowhere. Wow.

  14. EzBakeツ

    EzBakeツ20 days ago

    Damn I'm gonna get a chicken warmer 🙄

  15. Lord V1LE

    Lord V1LE21 day ago

    I don’t think learning to drive manual will be useful for most in the future but self driving cars won’t be viable for anything other than city and motorway traffic where there’s always an internet connection and roads are generally fairly well maintained and of a decent size. If you want to use the B and A roads to get somewhere then you’re fucked.

  16. Dan Degnan

    Dan Degnan21 day ago

    Nice to hear someone else froth about riding a motorcycle. Here in California, lane splitting is legal!! (Unlike most other US states)

  17. Emmett Rose

    Emmett Rose21 day ago

    the KFConsole is an rtx 2060 because the 3070 and 3060 ti are much bigger

  18. DxCBuG

    DxCBuG21 day ago

    I am jealous of Linus greasy hair Mine does that on day two and gets Really wild, like Einstein crazy hair. He still looks okay on day 4 😂

  19. Cypress Thunder

    Cypress Thunder22 days ago

    Its horrible you have to explain why you used the word housewife.

  20. Digger Nicks

    Digger Nicks22 days ago

    Just saying Red Bull commercials in Denmark still all say "red bull gives you wings" just in danish ofc

  21. matthew friedley

    matthew friedley23 days ago

    unfortunately it will probably be illegal to drive your own cars on the road at some point because your government will deem it unsafe for you to drive your own cars.

  22. jon yac

    jon yac23 days ago

    Someone tried buying an F16 with Pepsi Points because it said you could in a commercial. There was a huge lawsuit and I think Pepsi won because it was obviously a joke

  23. orlock20

    orlock2023 days ago

    I believe that story was based on a story where a guy sent in box tops to get a MiG fighter and he lost the lawsuit. However Pepsi has lost in at least two countries which got violent after a printing error produced more winners than was planned for.

  24. Rob Jay

    Rob Jay23 days ago

    The majority of people wont be able to afford a self driving car for decades.

  25. Kenny Laysh

    Kenny Laysh24 days ago

    For self driving cars - I would want control in rural areas, and likely in ice/snow (unless I know the car AI is VERY good with bad weather conditions). Once I hit a city like Seattle city limits, then I would LOVE to have the car take over and drive from there.

  26. Kenny Laysh

    Kenny Laysh24 days ago

    Can Linus just always do ads off the cuff like this? LOL

  27. Kismet Games

    Kismet Games25 days ago

    man if you want to make a food warmer just hook a griddle up to a FX9590 build.

  28. Brandon Sheffield

    Brandon Sheffield25 days ago

    How much more expensive will it be to do cross country travel in self driving car. If Uber or taxi service is any indicator it will be cost prohibitive. No thanks I'll keep my SUV with lane assist.

  29. Brandon Sheffield

    Brandon Sheffield25 days ago

    I would never pay for a self driving car. There is no enjoyment in driving. Besides I don't like waiting for Uber in those very few times I needed one. I hate waiting. Waiting on Flight, waiting in line, waiting for bus, waiting is a waste time. Now if my car has ability to self drive and I own it then fine. As long as I can pick the route and the car is not connected to anything including GPS/cell tower etc... A dumb self driving car if you will. I normally have location turned off on my phone. I only turn it one to sync my location when doing a map search in a new location I've never been before.

  30. Ben Beauvais

    Ben Beauvais25 days ago

    If Linus thinks the Twitch community is dramatic, he should start a beauty community drama channel. They need lawyers for their drama.

  31. Nic

    Nic25 days ago

    RE: Self driving car discussion. I only own a car for fun, because I emjoy driving. I don't need it. I'm a car/bike guy, it's a hobby. There's absolutely no way a self driving car would benefit me unless I wanna go somewhere and cba to drive. Otherwise I'll keep my 90s Japanese turbo'd metal fun machines Also lol Linus saying cage. Bike term. Means car for anyone who didn't click on.

  32. jyzoomer

    jyzoomer25 days ago

    Will @Linus wash your freaking hair more than once in a while.. makes my head itch just watching.

  33. Kai Fulci

    Kai Fulci25 days ago

    Its coupin

  34. Liquid Flames

    Liquid Flames26 days ago

    There will become a point when FSD becomes safer than a person controlling the vehicle when every vehicle is connected to every other vehicle and they can all communicate with each other.

  35. Liquid Flames

    Liquid Flames26 days ago

    Cry cut? My mom has one of these things. It's pronounced like the insect. It's a cricket. It's just spelled cricut.

  36. Phillip Mulligan

    Phillip Mulligan26 days ago

    I palm my face at just realizing this so called game console is being marketed. I would love to know the drugs these marketers are on.

  37. fetB

    fetB26 days ago

    27:45 the what cut?

  38. PLQ Photography & Tech

    PLQ Photography & Tech26 days ago

    There was an old Acorn RISC PC that someone put a pizza oven and a kitchen sink in, probs sometime in the late 1990s or early 2000s. The sink worked.

  39. Mitch

    Mitch27 days ago

    Liquid dispenser ran thru the cooling system. Nice cup of hot tea or coffee.

  40. aliensaxophone

    aliensaxophone27 days ago

    Ask your kids for a scribble or drawing and put it on ^^. Otherwise. A waterbottle image.. why? refreshing during sports zegway


    C:\DEAD\PIXEL27 days ago

    Regarding self driving, I feel like in the distant future just like IRobot people are going to question why you enabled manual driving mode and possibly insurance won't cover a manual driving accident.

  42. Trollsama

    Trollsama27 days ago

    43:00 Come on now Linus.... Every driver thinks they are a much safer driver than the average driver :P I feel like that snowflake comment you made a little earlier fits well here lmao.

  43. nike12000

    nike1200027 days ago

    Cri cut.... Cricket its like the insect...

  44. Yvon Cui

    Yvon Cui27 days ago


  45. Lex Boogie

    Lex Boogie27 days ago

    Not even a good idea? Who are these people???

  46. Killadey

    Killadey27 days ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else remember the KFC console thing months ago? People talking like it a new thing but this happened ages ago. Is there some Mandella effect thing going on, or am I missing something?

  47. Arno Modelstate

    Arno Modelstate27 days ago

    20:46 And RTX ... wauw that "All games" though with CP2077 whahaha

  48. Furry_ Glitch2017

    Furry_ Glitch201728 days ago


  49. MarkFromSales

    MarkFromSales28 days ago

    That KFConsole looks awesome!

  50. Dillon Youngquist

    Dillon Youngquist28 days ago

    Yt music is trash.. Why is the volume so low?. I use prime music

  51. Dillon Youngquist

    Dillon Youngquist28 days ago

    No. Too many people prefer to own their car. Moving kids seats,equipment, etc. It's like saying nobody will build their own custom pc and just rent from dell. Subscription cars will/do exist but they will not be the only car.

  52. Russell Smith

    Russell Smith28 days ago

    So, let's add a new heat source inside the chassis of a gaming machine. That's not going to end well.

  53. phynx2006

    phynx200628 days ago

    Cat warming PC .... That's Gold Jerry! Gold!🤣

  54. IrelandVonVicious

    IrelandVonVicious28 days ago

    KFC Console because gamers are not fat enough yet.

  55. Cris C.

    Cris C.28 days ago

    The medical profession frequently refers to motorcycle owners as "donors" because they're generally young healthy people with good organs for transplant. My friend is a respiratory therapist, they keep the helmets on to hold the skull long enough to get to a hospital patient usually dies after they saw the helmet off and the brains fall out :/ Direct quote "if I had a nickel for every time someones brains fell into my lap..." I love the idea of motorcycles but that was enough for me to pass. For bicycles, if they remove parking they can put in bike lanes with curb protection.

  56. dean Grant

    dean Grant28 days ago

    Don't worry once released people will receive George Foreman Grills

  57. T& L

    T& L28 days ago

    +1 on the Utah thing. lots of them living around here.

  58. Julian van der Merwe

    Julian van der Merwe28 days ago

    Title for the cat warming PC: "I WATERCOOLED MY CAT!!??!?"

  59. TheCloudhopper

    TheCloudhopper28 days ago

    To increase the purchase price of a product by 40% and offer a subscription for it, a product that won't work for YEARS (and not street legal to use for DECADES) is the most Tesla thing to happen in 2020.

  60. Dan Phillips

    Dan Phillips28 days ago

    I do similar things when cycling. You have to act in a different way, as you are a more vulnerable road user.

  61. JJ Smith

    JJ Smith28 days ago

    The good organ semiannually wrestle because marimba concordingly order despite a elfin emery. sore, scientific screwdriver

  62. Dan Phillips

    Dan Phillips29 days ago

    Should put a sandal on his racket.

  63. Steve Rand

    Steve Rand29 days ago

    "up to 240fps in ALL games" means it could be 1fps, it could be 10 or 240. I don't think it's false advertising, but perhaps misleading?

  64. sebastian bruscino

    sebastian bruscino29 days ago

    spotify suuuucks in the long term. theyve removed so many features of the app, and the method of shuffling large playlists sucks and unchangeable

  65. Eric Chico

    Eric Chico29 days ago


  66. Nik

    Nik29 days ago

    Cat pc please

  67. Sam I am

    Sam I am29 days ago

    Case warming a cat bed? I'll take 3 please.

  68. Greta Thunderer

    Greta Thunderer29 days ago

    TIL Linus thinks bikes brake better than cars lol.

  69. Ser Garlan Tyrell

    Ser Garlan Tyrell29 days ago

    Hey Linus... The countryside isn't the 1930s!

  70. Nonotyet

    Nonotyet29 days ago

    I winced when linus mentioned laundry and cats in the same breath.

  71. Shawn McCown

    Shawn McCown29 days ago

    I don't think vehicles that drive themselves completely and no physical driving only is going to be a thing. That was the concept of the subway and bus service in New York, yet, there is traffic everywhere by self drivers. The freedom to be in control/independence is greater than any other factor. In florida, we have a sunrail (above ground subway) and it's barely used. I know of nobody who is for complete self driving vehicles. Car sales is a huge business because the freedom it gives to the user.

  72. zdrijne

    zdrijne29 days ago

    Honey doesn't work on

  73. Derek Blakemore

    Derek Blakemore29 days ago

    As for the driving thing, it'll be way longer for my area to get to the need to learn how to drive to fall off. I'm in a very rural part of the country. This part of the country will probably have human driven vehicles for a very long time.

  74. Roland Kontson

    Roland Kontson29 days ago


  75. Hombre Heredia

    Hombre Heredia29 days ago

    47:52 Maybe the reason they didn't see you is because you were riding a motorcycle. And the average driver doesn't see motorcycles when they's just looking for cars.

  76. Clivey

    Clivey29 days ago

    No, it wasn't your idea in the first place, people have been cooking, keeping food warm in strange ways with a PC since the 80's, the pizza idea was not original.

  77. Ian Zainea

    Ian Zainea29 days ago

    you gotta bring Luke back as a guest for any "warming pc" videos


    VICTOR DESOUZA29 days ago

    Hi ltt i have been following you since you worked at ncix you have been very helpful good job happy 2021

  79. Swerik

    Swerik29 days ago

    I know that germany has a way bigger emphasis on common sense than america does, something like the "redbull gives you wings" lawsuit would never happen in germany because the judge can say something like "almost noone is stupid enough to actually take literally what they claim"

  80. Joshua Ross

    Joshua Ross29 days ago

    Linus : "Housewife friendly software" Linus' wife : "to the doghouse with you"

  81. ZTO

    ZTO29 days ago

    I could totally see self driving cars taking over cities in my life time, it makes a whole lot of sense for those people who live in big cities. I'll probably never use it though, I hate living in cities. Out in the rural areas, shared self driving cars would just not make a whole lot of sense, plus how would you have recreational things like campers and trailers for atvs and horses and stuff like that? Obviously people in the city don't have those things so it doesn't apply to them but it wouldn't work for us. Kind of glad it won't though, I like the freedom of owning my own vehicle and doing whatever I see fit to do with it. But more power to those that are into that, obviously if you live in a city you probably don't mind sharing transport anyways since thats how public transportation works

  82. Elie Morin

    Elie Morin29 days ago

    You know programmer need coffee and desktop? Try a deskot coffee brewer that use heat generated by pc to brew the coffee! This way I could code more!!!!

  83. mantis2099 Gaming

    mantis2099 Gaming29 days ago

    This guy is Amazing,. From a to z instructions on every video genius 🤙👍💯

  84. Harry Le Sueur

    Harry Le Sueur29 days ago

    Linus' cat: "I has inspectioned"

  85. BaluBrew

    BaluBrew29 days ago

    Real Fake Doors available at lttstoredotcom! XD

  86. I'm the captain now

    I'm the captain nowMonth ago

    39:45 XD damn good laugh thanks.

  87. NorfolknGood

    NorfolknGoodMonth ago

    In my experience motorcyclists are a bloody liability on the road. I'm sure loads are excellent but I've had. Oncoming near misses as they were middle of the road knee down on corners Had a neighbour kill one after he turned right in front of one doing 120mph. Had they been doing the speed limit there was plenty of time to turn, sadly because of excess speed there was no time, a crest of a hill & blink & the rider was airborne & deceased sadly. Now that rider lost his life, his family were devastated & it's ruined that neighbours life too. I had a bike rip the front off my car turned left on wrong lane of a roundabout in front of me, fortunately numerous drivers stopped &as witnesses, he wasn't hurt & was arrested & charged. His mate then came back & tried to assault me he was arrested too. Had one pile right up my bum at 70 on dual carriageway then when I moved over after overtaking I got a rude gesture as he sped off waaay over the speed limit Maybe it's due to living in a coastal holiday area but I bloody hate them every time I see them

  88. NorfolknGood

    NorfolknGoodMonth ago

    Linus if you'd been in a car the near miss wouldn't have occurred as you'd have been in a bigger vehicle & more visible. What a stupid argument.

  89. Spike20101000

    Spike20101000Month ago

    Tesla, going to be CyberPunk's Delamain. No spoilers here BTW.

  90. NorfolknGood

    NorfolknGoodMonth ago

    OMG bloody middle of the road drivers Linus you muppet. The numbers round here that do that & then DONT move over & you nearly hit them or they have to stamp on the brakes for every oncoming vehicle. People that do that should be locked up downright dangerous, grrr

  91. NorfolknGood

    NorfolknGoodMonth ago

    You'd think living somewhere as sparsely populated as Canada Linus would actually get the fact that fleets of autonomous vehicles doesn't work EVER in rural locations. Plus autonomous driving in snow & ice? Can't see that working, mind you human drivers can be terrible too there. What about disabled people like myself I NEED my car sat on my drive ready to go at a moments notice. In a village of 200 residents autonomous cars is never gonna happen here. Unless gov put billions into pushing this into these locations it WON'T CAN'T happen. Can anyone remember how much resistance people put into subsidising broadband installs into these rural areas? Urban types went BONKERS over it also BT outright refused until gov put its hand in its pocket I will put money on it

  92. NorfolknGood

    NorfolknGoodMonth ago

    Put Intel Inside logo on your racquet

  93. SodaDK

    SodaDKMonth ago

    16:00 50$ for a pizza? - That's a rather expensive pizza :O

  94. colin brandes

    colin brandes28 days ago

    Definitely a couple of pizzas, and they probably had them delivered, adding to the cost.

  95. Rick Grimes

    Rick GrimesMonth ago


  96. Arthur Dungah

    Arthur DungahMonth ago

    Just don't overcluck the console or you will burn the chicken

  97. Johnathen Bates

    Johnathen BatesMonth ago

    Linus, you don't know what your saying! You know what I'm talking about! GL!

  98. Rumple Stilskin

    Rumple StilskinMonth ago

    I'm pretty sure I saved two people in the last year by being a good driver. Well, a precognitive driver, actually. I'd like to see your computer do that.

  99. plezx29

    plezx29Month ago

    Its not the KFC console, its the KFConsole

  100. Franklin Allen

    Franklin AllenMonth ago

    So Linus doesn't understand that all computer images are RECTANGULAR. There is no such thing as a non rectangular computer graphic image.

  101. Nathan

    NathanMonth ago

    I'm working on a custom App for music libraries if you want to Beta test for me. It has free uploading of audio(so as long as you own it, you can listen to it). My goal is to make it as simple as the Google Play Music, but much smarter playlist options and customization.

  102. Ethan Danskin

    Ethan DanskinMonth ago

    30:57 so I guess it's just interdimensional cable now

  103. Leon Hostad

    Leon HostadMonth ago

    Shared vehicles is a stupid idea with COVID around, do you really trust that it has been cleaned out before you got it?