Wait THIS is a GAMING PC??

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link: uslikes.info/house/gn-d3NB-tmujh74/video.html
iTunes Download Link: itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova/id936805712
Artist Link: soundcloud.com/laszlomusic
Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High uslikes.info
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE


  1. Thor’s Thunder

    Thor’s ThunderDay ago

    Me: *presses link to buy* Amazon: best I can do is mics

  2. SkyPirate

    SkyPirateDay ago

    Hi Linus, I have bought a Minisforum Elite UM700 Mini PC, with Ryzen 7 CPU in it. Could you do a review on this one, as I want to see how this does against other PC’s. Thanks.

  3. Mehdi Tlili

    Mehdi Tlili3 days ago

    Would a 4tb 15mm thick hdd fit?

  4. b ydr

    b ydr5 days ago

    I overclock my thumb every time he starts the sponsor ad

  5. ForbiddenFateGaming

    ForbiddenFateGaming5 days ago

    Love that they made their own benchmark program just as a dad joke

  6. Brandon Bennett

    Brandon Bennett9 days ago

    Asrock should take some notes for their desk mini

  7. LifeIsAPerson

    LifeIsAPerson9 days ago

    Eh i am getting flexed on with a pc that is a fraction as big as my pc.

  8. Pork Chop

    Pork Chop10 days ago

    does the x400 have a dedicated gpu?

  9. qOvob

    qOvob12 days ago

    I think these are meant for TV streaming your games on steam?

  10. Ryan Schmid

    Ryan Schmid13 days ago

    So it’s basically a ps5?

  11. Samuel Tejeda Iglesias

    Samuel Tejeda Iglesias13 days ago

    Is it possibel to put AMD istead of Intel?

  12. Sina Madani

    Sina Madani14 days ago

    9th gen Intel, Pascal GPU. That's very outdated.

  13. 4AsidToneMusic [4ATMTV]

    4AsidToneMusic [4ATMTV]16 days ago

    Who brought up Apple?? haha

  14. Runyang Wang

    Runyang Wang17 days ago

    The amd version at the end is X400 and it's for APU's, aka without discrete GPU. I send an email about that and minisforum replys currently no plan for ryzen+GPU version like h31g yet. That's all I know.

  15. S0dfish

    S0dfish17 days ago

    Sat here looking at my HAF-X case like, WTF have you done for me lately.

  16. Pango

    Pango17 days ago

    This is practically a laptop that requires a monitor

  17. Einhander49

    Einhander4919 days ago

    You can get a slim laptop with an i5 and 2060 for a lot less. This mini pc is pointless.

  18. i Raxaas

    i Raxaas19 days ago

    Linus: “6x6 inches„ Also Linus: this tiny thing I feel backstabbed somehow

  19. Absolute Longplay

    Absolute Longplay19 days ago

    You can't call this a gaming pc without a dedicated GPU such as an Nvidia inside.


    JUST THAT19 days ago

    Might get one of these cuz for price and power. It could portable With the right setup. Plus if get one without cpu i can just put one in and SSD right?

  21. Gabe

    Gabe20 days ago

    Hey linus, quick question. Im watching this and seeing how the 1050ti runs. Im about to build a pc and the only graphics card that remains within my budget is a 1050ti. How long do you think until the 1050ti is to outdated for modern gaming

  22. Harley Gonzalez

    Harley Gonzalez21 day ago

    So is that a full size gpu or a smaller one like a laptop one?

  23. Francis Opoku

    Francis Opoku22 days ago

    Can someone confirm the speed of the ram? I'm getting conflicting information. It states 2666Mhz on the specs sheet online but from their forums page it's stated 2400Mhz

  24. Francis Opoku

    Francis Opoku22 days ago

    Can someone confirm the speed of the ram? I'm getting conflicting information. It states 2666Mhz on the specs sheet online but from their forums page it's stated 2400Mhz

  25. György Bereg

    György Bereg23 days ago

    HTMI cable? :D

  26. mysteri0

    mysteri024 days ago

    Asrock X300 with AMD Ryzen GPU is a good alternative budget platform. www.asrock.com/nettop/AMD/DeskMini%20X300%20Series/index.asp

  27. KB7

    KB724 days ago

    consoles suxx hard. why did you suggest ones?...

  28. OnliGamesCreation

    OnliGamesCreation24 days ago

    Hey guys what if he is not the real lynus ? 😂

  29. noob growing

    noob growing24 days ago

    0:22 small but more powerful then my rig

  30. overbuilt automotive

    overbuilt automotive24 days ago

    why any one buy an apple is beyond me

  31. Some DUED

    Some DUED25 days ago

    I wonder what's the best cpu you could put on the board without catching it on fire?

  32. applesause

    applesause25 days ago

    Why is this better than my 1000 dollar pc

  33. kennysandhoj

    kennysandhoj26 days ago

    This would probably be a REALLY neat PC for Zwift. Just mounted behind the monitor in the paincave, or bedroom in my case where i do my Zwifting :)

  34. trezrex

    trezrex27 days ago

    Bruh my power supply is bigger😳

  35. dawson gamblin

    dawson gamblin27 days ago

    the 3090 build: 3090: look at me. i'm the pc now

  36. Castle

    Castle28 days ago

    4:06 *you know, i can't deny it, i get pretty jazzed when i see shiny heat pipes like that*

  37. Eclectic Traveler

    Eclectic Traveler28 days ago

    Question, would that slot for 2.5 hdd fit an 15mm or only 7mm?

  38. John Maksym

    John Maksym28 days ago

    If you are doing 1440p or 1080p editing, that PC would be the perfect lite to midrange pc for a portable editing station.

  39. Bareedo Boy

    Bareedo Boy28 days ago

    Can you try reviewing the Asus chrome-box 3 mini pc

  40. Agheel Ahmed

    Agheel Ahmed29 days ago

    how mushc is it ?

  41. Cody

    Cody29 days ago

    Am I the only one that wants to throw this into a bigger retro PC case and call it done lol

  42. devi1ish

    devi1ish29 days ago

    Stop blooding scratching your screwdriver on the PC!

  43. AGene

    AGene29 days ago

    nice tshirt! i want one!

  44. Norlion Haha

    Norlion Haha29 days ago

    Always has been.

  45. G4menight

    G4menight29 days ago

    So you said any cpu. Watch me put in a ryzen cpu!

  46. Jeffrey

    Jeffrey29 days ago

    What do you think of this "€1000,-" Build; - Intel core i5-10400F Boxed - ASRock B460M Pro4 - Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060 Ti - Fractal Design Meshify C mini - Cooler Master Hyper 212 (black edition) - HyperX Predator HX426C13PB3K2/32 - Corsair TX550M V2 - Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1Tb

  47. Bepperino

    Bepperino29 days ago

    How to is this little box better than my pc

  48. cray DOG

    cray DOGMonth ago

    Mention me when you hit 13k i have been here for so long!! 😊

  49. Bruce Crossan

    Bruce CrossanMonth ago

    A CPU and GPU that are 3 generations out of date...

  50. Thomas A

    Thomas AMonth ago

    Blows me away that the only moving parts in these things is the fan

  51. Nick Sparrow Studios

    Nick Sparrow StudiosMonth ago

    1:35 Sounds like a Tie Fighter on crack

  52. Mad Willie Jackson

    Mad Willie JacksonMonth ago

    dude 你留胡子要比干净的脸好看很多,至少好看176.5761973%

  53. Sludgy

    SludgyMonth ago


  54. Jerry Dodge

    Jerry DodgeMonth ago

    $669... Nice.

  55. C 137

    C 137Month ago

    Cringe with all that screwdriver touching

  56. James B

    James BMonth ago

    You missed the second NVME M.2 slot.

  57. Reece Elkins

    Reece ElkinsMonth ago

    5:51 why would you deliberately give your self a headache like that

  58. Malohdek

    MalohdekMonth ago

    Your Mac Mini shitting itself in the corner: "was I a good son papi?"

  59. Balazs Kajtar

    Balazs KajtarMonth ago


  60. ArticParadox

    ArticParadoxMonth ago

    please review the MSI 1660 super it says it has raytracing in gpu-z and offers it in games i know its not an rtx card but it works and i would love a review on why :/

  61. ChocoSixBeans

    ChocoSixBeansMonth ago

    so I want to see the hobo change cup again...

  62. DoctorBalanced

    DoctorBalancedMonth ago

    7:38 wow almost like Apple actually makes good computers, imagine that

  63. SAN SHA

    SAN SHAMonth ago

    this is what i need

  64. kiloneie

    kiloneieMonth ago

    Stores are still trying to sell 1050 tis which are so much worse than 1650 at literally the same price... some are even trying to sell at 200€ or more like... good luck with that lol xD...(although based on "top selling gpus" the 1050 ti's are being sold quite a bit for some reason when 1650 exists and both are in stock)

  65. Diadras

    DiadrasMonth ago


  66. Akira1364

    Akira1364Month ago

    The 1050 Ti is awful though, and from 2016. It's super weird that they've put all that effort into the custom design only to fill it with really outdated parts.

  67. Steve Von

    Steve VonMonth ago

    You need to get your hands on the KFConsole aka PC that keeps your fried chicken warm.

  68. Simple Health

    Simple HealthMonth ago

    someone 1v1 me in rust!

  69. Digital Simulacrum

    Digital SimulacrumMonth ago

    Acting is a little interior here even compared to normal. We all know all the mistakes and dropping stuff are staged, but they seem real enough. "places plant on table and pushes it back ion purpose to unplug the cord" "OOPSIE" lol

  70. MrBizaaro

    MrBizaaroMonth ago

    I don't see the point .. For that price one can just buy a Hp or Lenovo Laptop

  71. ZachX

    ZachXMonth ago

    This thing is more powerful than my pc 😢

  72. Norse Viking Æsir

    Norse Viking ÆsirMonth ago

    So it's a laptop without a monitor and keyboard

  73. Norse Viking Æsir

    Norse Viking ÆsirMonth ago

    Who else was cringing when he was scraping the metal screwdriver all over the chips and boards pcb?? 😬 😬 😬

  74. Nobbie

    NobbieMonth ago


  75. Runner 4714

    Runner 4714Month ago

    Mini PC's in a few years : I9 13400k RTX 4080

  76. lx Video Stuff

    lx Video StuffMonth ago

    more junk for the fools

  77. Kira

    KiraMonth ago

    I need 10G SFP cage. I don't get why they don't put thous on mini PCs. Until zen, there is no other option for me other than big old atx changas.

  78. Mikołaj Bajkowski

    Mikołaj BajkowskiMonth ago

    Was the LTT intro in mono instead of stereo this time?

  79. *Triggered Doge*

    *Triggered Doge*Month ago

    >:( doge have seen too much bullshit today.

  80. TheClearSight

    TheClearSightMonth ago

    if money is not such a big problem you are far better off with a MAGNUS EN72080V by zotac. rtx2080 in similar form factor. to even suggest people a gtx 1050ti is just silly. you even should wait for intels new line up with new ipg who has bigger performance as combo cpu gpu... i have no idea what linus thought this video could tell people of any value...

  81. RamblingDude

    RamblingDudeMonth ago


  82. Remian

    RemianMonth ago

    you might be able to stab an exp gdc beast in that free m.2 slot

  83. Simon Nagy

    Simon NagyMonth ago

    Lmao this pc is smaller than nvidia 3090😂

  84. Alex

    AlexMonth ago

    so basicly its a perfect machine for standart users, im pretty sure that less than 3% of comuter owners edit videos, and for gamers, this is not a system you would buy.

  85. dorumy

    dorumyMonth ago

    its a prebuilt trash

  86. Quacktics are Go

    Quacktics are GoMonth ago

    Why is the Aorus logo on the monitor blanked out?

  87. Loop

    LoopMonth ago

    I really want this doubled the size and has RTX with a probably Intel Tiger lake or AMD ryzen 5 3rd gen

  88. Booldt

    BooldtMonth ago

    Would it work with vr?

  89. Thanooj Khan

    Thanooj KhanMonth ago

    Lithle thiny cable😂

  90. Equinox

    EquinoxMonth ago

    That pc is more better than my 15K Philippines money (Pesos) pc bruh

  91. Equinox

    EquinoxMonth ago

    I mean, That pc is more better than my 7,47$ US dollar pc

  92. nebyneb

    nebynebMonth ago

    Schools: I'll take ur entire stock!

  93. Liam Dawber

    Liam DawberMonth ago

    Can’t wait for the KFConsole review and benchmarks

  94. Corey Hickman

    Corey HickmanMonth ago

    Or you dismantled it right out of the box and didn’t go back the same and that’s why something isn’t working not a manufacturing problem

  95. Terry Wilson

    Terry WilsonMonth ago

    Perfect for a Home theater pc solution, 100% better than a roku & firestick.

  96. V.M

    V.MMonth ago

    11:10 That s what my girlfriend said to me

  97. Epic Cloud

    Epic CloudMonth ago

    is there a gtx 1650 variant

  98. Jac ReviewsStuff

    Jac ReviewsStuffMonth ago

    So much potential! Why not stick an i7 with 32gb or 64 gb ram?

  99. Shane Bovell

    Shane BovellMonth ago

    1050Ti? Not a great product imo, better to get a cheap gaming laptop that would have much better tech and portability.

  100. Mark Vormair

    Mark VormairMonth ago

    how can that tiny cube be stronger than my laptop

  101. Harish Viswak

    Harish ViswakMonth ago

    Woah your beard 😍🔥

  102. Abdullah Muti

    Abdullah MutiMonth ago

    I just want a pc, can anyone hook me up so i can play Minecraft