How Could They Mess Up This Bad... Again - $1500 PC Secret Shopper 2 Part 1

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It's finally time again for PC Secret Shopper - where we document the entire experience of ordering a gaming system from your favourite PC system integrators. Let's see how they did.
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  1. Braden Arnold

    Braden Arnold38 seconds ago

    Anyone else find her to be adorable and very attractive? If so ... 18:48.

  2. gamebuster800

    gamebuster80023 minutes ago

    Dell... oh dell... Dell is just showing the worst way to do anything. I haven’t seen the rest but it can’t get worse than that. ...right?

  3. Mohammed Abdul Muthakabbir

    Mohammed Abdul Muthakabbir26 minutes ago

    Lol 006.9

  4. Noscire Designs

    Noscire Designs58 minutes ago

    Oooooohhh! I think that guy from HP must be a filipino working at home haha hence the rooster. He sounds like a filipino and that's very common in the philippines to have a rooster cooing haha!

  5. Yi Qiao

    Yi QiaoHour ago

    10:33 a spy fly landed.

  6. Sammich

    SammichHour ago

    Not to sound racist at all, but I know it will, if your dealing with someone with an Indian accent, I'd be scared its a scam, specially with anything "tech" related. I'm assuming this is legit Dell/Dell Support, but I still. It's sad that we as human beings automatically assume such things, when dealing with people who have accents.

  7. 2005RavenR6

    2005RavenR6Hour ago

    "How do you keep your business open".... That's why 100s of 1000s of businesses are gone for good thanks to democrats and the Chinese communists.

  8. jvc11211

    jvc11211Hour ago

    dear god it's just painful to listen to ...freakin dell

  9. nedavine

    nedavine2 hours ago

    but who buy's a PC via phone?

  10. rsanjur

    rsanjur2 hours ago

    23:03 what was it?

  11. Zantetsuken’s Dao

    Zantetsuken’s Dao2 hours ago

    Maybe next time, you could use someone who knows computers a little more so they won't get upsold on the parts that have little to no impact on performance for gaming and avoid getting extended warranties as well as the antivirus. Hopefully, that way we could get a min/max bang for your buck analysis for what customers grudgingly or ungrudgingly should be buying.

  12. Liam.T

    Liam.T3 hours ago

    DELL was HARD to watch. I juat made a higher spec for £900 or $1556.89 Canadian. I imagine this is how currys treated my mum when she got me a packard bell for xmas 1999, worth £750 at best & charged her £1500!

  13. SimonTek

    SimonTek3 hours ago

    Who calls for buying a computer?

  14. 我不是空笑夢

    我不是空笑夢3 hours ago


  15. Mustache Samurai

    Mustache Samurai3 hours ago

    Just noticed the Tank! Cover playing in the background during the Orgin call. Love it.

  16. Naman Gadia

    Naman Gadia4 hours ago

    Dell hire me. You need it.

  17. Chris Tilson

    Chris Tilson4 hours ago

    this was the best sponsor on a youtube video. period

  18. Shawn G K

    Shawn G K4 hours ago

    I wonder how many customers Dell has lost after this video lol and rightly so. I'll never trust a company that uses these shady tactics.

  19. Onamayo

    Onamayo4 hours ago

    Okay, so here's how the tech support system works. Since it's so damn costly to get tech peeps to answer random non-tech calls almost 24/7, they will hire external companies to provide their manpower for the calls/tickets. Mainly, English support is covered by India and Philippines, while other languages have their own dedicated teams. If they don't have that distinct Indian accent, 90% of the time, you're talking to someone from Philippines. These companies sometimes hire people who are only good at communication and knows jack about the product, so they just follow a checklist of things to say. So when you get a dumb support agent, chances are, they just got reassigned to that company's support.

  20. Last Dollie

    Last Dollie5 hours ago

    Why does the picture become very jittery around halfway through the video?

  21. Gerpir Feilan

    Gerpir Feilan5 hours ago

    Don't get it... it's like they don't wanna sell or even work... like wtf...

  22. celewign

    celewign5 hours ago

    i would actually be more frustrated by corsair than all the others. Dell is a rip off but at least you recieved a product. I dont feel "honored" to wait on hold to give companies money.

  23. MarshallRawR

    MarshallRawR5 hours ago

    Wasn't LTT sponsored by Origin before? That's a lot of shit talking for a product you once proudly showed your audience. I know I sound a bit harsh but while I don't agree with Origin prices this is a bit.. you know, double-sided. Or perhaps I remember wrong and they never sponsored

  24. Wei Ming

    Wei Ming5 hours ago

    When I heard about GeForce GTX 1660 Ti in a $1500 budget, the first thing I did is to exit full screen and check the time for the upload

  25. Victor Lindvall

    Victor Lindvall5 hours ago

    Bro calling Dell is like actually being harassed. I just love the Origin guy, he's just so upbeat and makes you smile.

  26. PotatoRynn

    PotatoRynn6 hours ago


  27. Chico Veinte Minutos

    Chico Veinte Minutos6 hours ago

    My friend who knows about PC's>My cousin who knows about PC's>Me after searching in internet by two weeks>Maingear>Origin>HP>dell >I buy>CyberPower>Corsair>NZXT.

  28. Linh Nguyen si

    Linh Nguyen si6 hours ago

    Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

  29. Liew Cheng Yeh

    Liew Cheng Yeh6 hours ago

    that sound so like some Indian lady trying so hard to imitate a Canadian/American accent..... *i can literally hear the "L" and "R" mixed up.... very common for asian......

  30. Z Ye

    Z Ye6 hours ago

    Dell screwing both the customer and untrained minimum wage contractors in India lol

  31. Simon Habjanič

    Simon Habjanič6 hours ago

    Would be nice to see her in more videos.

  32. toastbrot97

    toastbrot976 hours ago

    Ouch, these prices are brutal. I just built a pc with a friend. We got an 2700x with b450 mobo, rx 5700xt, 16gb ddr4 3600mhz dual channel, 500gb ssd , 3 tb hdd and we spent 800€ flat.

  33. j. feld

    j. feld7 hours ago

    Thank you for doing this! I will never even consider Dell products from now on.

  34. Jack Ryan

    Jack Ryan7 hours ago

    Am in the wrong believing most people don't use call centers anymore? At least personally and with people I know, call centers are literally the last option. Email and live chat are good options. Prehaps tho I'm biased by my pc background. Are call centers that popular with non tech savvy people?

  35. RobBroderick44

    RobBroderick447 hours ago

    Downright terrible perf at Cyberpower. Could've sold her a pc in 10 min max. They don't even bother.

  36. Denys Ruchkin

    Denys Ruchkin7 hours ago

    did anyone notice the fly at 10:34?

  37. Stefan Press

    Stefan Press7 hours ago

    whats wrong there? r they seller? or didn't they wants to make money? 30+ minutes on hold? rlly? 5times asking for finance upsell and 3times warranty?

  38. Jacob Allen

    Jacob Allen7 hours ago

    Cmon, a 1660ti, and a 350w psu in a $2000 pc, at that price i could slap in a i9 and a 3080, and even maybe a 1000w psu

  39. Cruising the Waterways

    Cruising the Waterways7 hours ago

    Dell needs to stop using call centres in Calcutta who haven't a breeze on how to string a sentence together nevermind having a clue with what they're selling. I'm actually shouting at my screen right now when she asked about finance for the 4th time. Are your fuckin deaf woman !!!

  40. T10 Titan

    T10 Titan7 hours ago

    They forgot to add a rooster to the positives.

  41. Anton Goykhman

    Anton Goykhman7 hours ago

    If your home network connection is low, a better wifi card is not going to do anything. Dell sunk so low. They're pathetic.

  42. X Razorsz X

    X Razorsz X7 hours ago

    Who else came back to re-watch the appalling experience of Dell trying to baby feed you a warranty..

  43. Dosidicus Gigas

    Dosidicus Gigas7 hours ago

    Legend has it those roosters were reccomending the extended warranty

  44. Edgar Zarate

    Edgar Zarate7 hours ago

    Is that Tank! playing at 24:26?

  45. Duarte Monteiro

    Duarte Monteiro8 hours ago

    My Ryzen 7 2700X with a GTX 1650 Super 16 GB 3000 MHz CL15 with an M.2 SSD 250 GB + 500 GB SATA SSD and an overkill PSU of 650W only costed me 600€. Wtf are these robberies

  46. Aaron Phillips

    Aaron Phillips8 hours ago takes you to dbrands website where you are then directed to the MKBHD line of dbrand skins hahahahaha I love it!

  47. vagvll

    vagvll8 hours ago

    Do people actually buy pcs like that, using a telephone?

  48. AndersonJackies RandallFernando

    AndersonJackies RandallFernando8 hours ago

    The most Linus thing I've ever seen, insulting your previous sponsors merchandise.

  49. Sirius Kappa

    Sirius Kappa8 hours ago

    That rooster tho lmao

  50. Advil Lobotomite

    Advil Lobotomite8 hours ago

    I am so happy they did this again

  51. Nelson Yeung

    Nelson Yeung8 hours ago

    I didn’t know that LTT does scam baiting videos. Oh wait...

  52. My TwoCents

    My TwoCents8 hours ago

    I am watching this again so dont know if i said this already but WTF Dell!!! i used to recommend Dell to noods as one of the easiest and best help for noobs to buy a comp from, and now its like wow , ou have got to be joking. Oh ya btw i would hang up after the 3 time trying to sell me a warranty before i even know what computer i am getting Dell you suck omg

  53. Sevein23

    Sevein238 hours ago

    I am sure that the guy with the rooster is working at the Philippines. We have roosters for days here.

  54. Konrad Żuk

    Konrad Żuk9 hours ago

    No composing music I have i5 9600K, ADATA NVME SX8200PRO 3500MB/S (read) 16GB Ram and it is the killler.... It is nonsense to spend more money if your WIN10 starts in 2 seconds(+1seconds Bios) and debate about the specs as the highschool teenagers....

  55. killbunny

    killbunny9 hours ago

    wait where is nzxt and corsair?

  56. Xialax

    Xialax9 hours ago

    And linus never received another sponsorship after this video RIP

  57. Chosen Seb

    Chosen Seb9 hours ago

    I like how he says yazi but they are playing poker or something

  58. sijonda

    sijonda9 hours ago

    How about next time, if there is one, there is a completely failure if the support simply isn't good enough. Like if they can't make sure there is a sale that fits what is asked they just kicked out of the running.

  59. sijonda

    sijonda9 hours ago

    Is nobody going to point out Dell went over budget by $200?

  60. CNazario Vizcaino

    CNazario Vizcaino9 hours ago

    They do all while outsourcing. How cheap of them

  61. Monolize

    Monolize9 hours ago

    honestly DELL is dead. they have shitty hardware that is mostly not compatible with the rest of the generel hardware, its overprived AF and just a scam for what you get. change my mind

  62. Rover

    Rover9 hours ago


  63. Jonathan

    Jonathan9 hours ago

    The dell rep was so cringe.

  64. Chilidog18

    Chilidog189 hours ago

    Damn yo they got a baddie to handle mercy👀

  65. Mason Hair

    Mason Hair9 hours ago


  66. Shayan Sharif Ahmed

    Shayan Sharif Ahmed9 hours ago


  67. Mackenzie McIntyre

    Mackenzie McIntyre9 hours ago

    i just bought a optiplex...... it was way better online

  68. Gavin Seim

    Gavin Seim10 hours ago

    Came here for the orphans and total babes in Cambodia at 0:55

  69. Gunnar Guðvarðarson

    Gunnar Guðvarðarson10 hours ago

    I call all software that comes with a computer, other than windows, vendor malware. Every time I help a friend with a new computer, it gets nuked with a clean windows install and only the uefi and mandatory drivers installed.

  70. John von Horn

    John von Horn10 hours ago

    I bought a Dell Dimension 8300 and broke a proprietary cable that cost me over £20 to replace. As I was talking to the sales rep, based in Ireland I asked him if Dell uses Dell Computers in house. He laughed and admitted that they did not. Even Dell doesn't use Dell computers.

  71. Sahil P

    Sahil P10 hours ago

    006.9 lmao

  72. Check Your Closet

    Check Your Closet10 hours ago

    Pls try SkyTech Gaming Lol Need to show it to my friend so I can tell him to let me build it next time

  73. august

    august10 hours ago

    I love roosters

  74. guardian1102

    guardian110210 hours ago

    To the HP farmhouse HQ, very cool!

  75. Finn

    Finn10 hours ago

    That's a really great DELL!

  76. Not Tired of Winning

    Not Tired of Winning10 hours ago

    Dell is running a straight scam

  77. John Park

    John Park10 hours ago


  78. Eyes had I

    Eyes had I10 hours ago

    I guess they forgave dell halfway through the video

  79. Mikke Mus

    Mikke Mus10 hours ago

    R.I.P Dell

  80. Huge Act Man

    Huge Act Man10 hours ago

    How is no one talking about the intro and set and costumes they put together for this. Really impressive and good looing stuff!

  81. Andrewgyny

    Andrewgyny10 hours ago

    Dell is awful for Sales, upselling, and tech support. I do appreciate the value they provide on black friday and cyber monday. The propietary case, psu, and motherboard annoy me. I’m not sure why I’m trying to defend Dell, kill me.

  82. iamZmuffin YT

    iamZmuffin YT11 hours ago

    idk why I decided not to watch this when it came out but now that I watch it, I regret it and I love it

  83. joshentertainment 2

    joshentertainment 211 hours ago

    2000 for 1660 ti are you crazy

  84. Eyes had I

    Eyes had I11 hours ago

    Dell g5 10/10 the best prebuilt I ever got

  85. Alex R E

    Alex R E11 hours ago

    Holy crap. I would have hung up on Dell, that was absolutely terrible. How can they be so horrible?

  86. Adam Yasin

    Adam Yasin11 hours ago

    seems dell is a training ground for aspiring scammers if the indian variety.

  87. Jordan Smith

    Jordan Smith11 hours ago

    Now that part 4 is FINALLY out I can watch this series

  88. Family of Four Cats

    Family of Four Cats11 hours ago

    Thank you Linus, thank you so much! I thought it was just me! Why the flippin crap did I give the computer on the phone all my info, just to be asked for the same info from a real person?? Edit* Nice dig at Dell. They deserve every bit of criticism after that transaction. I honestly thought I was listening to a scam call half of the time during the Dell phone call.

  89. Faseio Lasec

    Faseio Lasec11 hours ago

    Moist music, a genre.

  90. juruewonf aurbewkis

    juruewonf aurbewkis12 hours ago

    Sowwy everyone....

  91. sgt Voro

    sgt Voro21 hour ago

    At first glance, the thumbnail fooled me, and I thought, it was a Lindybiege video. Lol.

  92. DestruxandExploze

    DestruxandExplozeDay ago

    Ibuypower is better on the website anyway.

  93. joe gamarro

    joe gamarroDay ago

    Ahh... outsourcing.

  94. Josh H

    Josh HDay ago

    When did Paul Davids start doing tech videos?

  95. Grogz40

    Grogz40Day ago


  96. Jeff Wayne

    Jeff WayneDay ago

    Dell make great hardware, but their phone reps are all seriously under qualified.

  97. Mark Bailey

    Mark Bailey4 hours ago

    @Jeff Wayne not really

  98. Jeff Wayne

    Jeff Wayne4 hours ago

    @Mark Bailey With all due respect... you argue like a child.

  99. Mark Bailey

    Mark Bailey5 hours ago

    @Jeff Wayne nah

  100. Jeff Wayne

    Jeff Wayne5 hours ago

    @Mark Bailey Their systems, especially the Optiplex line, are some of the most reliable systems made in the last 10 years. Fact.

  101. Mark Bailey

    Mark Bailey5 hours ago

    No they don't lol

  102. Arclight Gaming

    Arclight GamingDay ago

    Bro if I was a Dell owner or representative watching this, id be shitting myself. That is bad on ANOTHER LEVEL

  103. evildude109

    evildude109Day ago

    I miss Ivan...

  104. Makoy Marcos

    Makoy MarcosDay ago

    The one from HP, was working from home. Hahaha. Rooster in the background. Welcome to the Philippines! 🇵🇭 😂

  105. Seb

    SebDay ago

    @Linus Tech Tips I bought two computers from CyberPowerPC and they have been great. Sure, their customer service is more on the lacking side, especially when it comes to recommendations, but that's where your channel comes in - I never had to ask them for recommendations! Most people would not need your channel if the websites mentioned in this video actually did a decent job (so you should thank them!! :D ) LTT's advice is second to none and allows most of us (me included) to go in there and pick the right parts according to our needs. Going back to CyberPowerPC: You just have to click on the "FPS" button and a list of 25-30 games will appear, allowing you to observe the expected FPS at 1080p and 1440p. Furthermore, this FPS will be adjusted based on the customization options you choose. P.S.: In no way am I working for or gaining anything from CyberPowerPC with this comment. I just felt the review wasn't complete.