I dropped his new CPU....

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  1. Sonny Uploads

    Sonny Uploads18 hours ago

    I'm sweating

  2. הראל אלמליח

    הראל אלמליח2 days ago

    Hi..... I'm from Israel and I watched a lot of your videos and I was wondering... what's the chances you can give me a pc? or even just a screen? my computer is from 2010 and I really need an upgrade but I don't have enough money so if you can help I would really appreciate it

  3. Gaming with YH

    Gaming with YH2 days ago

    shall i buy razer blade 2020 or this desktop like for razer coment for desktop

  4. Hannya Gaming

    Hannya Gaming2 days ago


  5. Yaboi Destructions

    Yaboi Destructions3 days ago


  6. Gaming Gardevoir

    Gaming Gardevoir4 days ago

    what is the aspect ratio of this video? it gets letterboxed for me in fullscreen mode

  7. Bobby M

    Bobby M4 days ago

    10:05 that's what she said.

  8. under gamer2.0

    under gamer2.05 days ago

    This is funny

  9. TheRedGamerFPV

    TheRedGamerFPV5 days ago

    "you don't have to fist it y'know"

  10. Aquaintence Buddy

    Aquaintence Buddy6 days ago

    I like this guy

  11. Abu Hasifm

    Abu Hasifm6 days ago

    damn..he is one lucky communist 😂

  12. Carmela Vinarao

    Carmela Vinarao7 days ago


  13. Juli gamer1

    Juli gamer18 days ago

    15:55 Task Failed Sucessfully!

  14. Marty -Man

    Marty -Man8 days ago

    i got anxiety from watching linus bashing the bottom of the cpu on the cover and punching the ram sticks in the slots.

  15. Ricky Peterson

    Ricky Peterson9 days ago

    Me whos computer is so old i thought intel had pins lol

  16. TEN 10

    TEN 1010 days ago

    how to participate in the competition

  17. Wolfgamer120

    Wolfgamer12010 days ago

    I wish they could do this to me I own a laptop and a pc (no gpu and only 4 gb of ram) /:

  18. Franco Giardino

    Franco Giardino10 days ago

    OMG LINUS! 🤣

  19. Dibbstar

    Dibbstar10 days ago


  20. Not Jack

    Not Jack10 days ago

    He looks like a Mexican tech support scammer.

  21. Jared Champagne

    Jared Champagne10 days ago

    I’ve never seen Linus be this much of a dick to someone before 😂

  22. Bad Alpha

    Bad Alpha10 days ago

    Linus ain't building my pc🙄

  23. Kymatok

    Kymatok11 days ago

    Wonder why this vid is taking a long time to hit 1 Million

  24. Craig Bainton

    Craig Bainton11 days ago

    What happened to not using clickbait titles at LTT anymore?

  25. Tavian Scharf

    Tavian Scharf12 days ago

    *no one noticed the USSR flag in the back?*

  26. Anonymous Aquarist

    Anonymous Aquarist13 days ago

    Dude... You almost seem bored... Are you tired of making videos?

  27. NightLight MLG

    NightLight MLG13 days ago

    What headphones are those

  28. Rocket Moose

    Rocket Moose13 days ago

    Can’t forget your live strong anti-static bracelet lmao

  29. jelly Peach

    jelly Peach13 days ago

    17:19 sick burn!

  30. Tweeky

    Tweeky14 days ago

    this guy is an amd lover

  31. Koa Cundall

    Koa Cundall14 days ago

    "...installing a C.P.U is totally different from installing a C.U.P..." 4:57 UMM LINUS 0_0

  32. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt15 days ago

    I feel so bad that he wanted cyberpunk because of that game being a flop

  33. Blake Olinger

    Blake Olinger15 days ago

    The harmonica part is great. I need that tech

  34. Lil Skely

    Lil Skely15 days ago

    But can it run crysis remastered in HDR?

  35. Spencer White

    Spencer White15 days ago

    You can't spell Slaughter without laughter 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  36. Cig Bear

    Cig Bear16 days ago

    Oh look, an american college student that likes communism....... this is my shocked face.

  37. Felix Berg

    Felix Berg16 days ago

    I feel kinda bad for Madison - she got a 2070 Super. Meanwhile, all these new contestants get 3080's.

  38. vax

    vax16 days ago

    Is it just me or did Alberto seem a bit of a jerk

  39. BigRooker

    BigRooker16 days ago

    Linus was a lil extra rude to the guy

  40. HINDUSTANI Rajat

    HINDUSTANI Rajat16 days ago


  41. ryan bourget

    ryan bourget16 days ago

    give that ddr a ddt

  42. ryan bourget

    ryan bourget16 days ago

    XD DUDE you punched the ram in X'D

  43. Ayy Lmao

    Ayy Lmao17 days ago

    It’s absolutely painful seeing him beat the crap out of all the components, he went HARD on this build, there has to be some damage somewhere.

  44. Gupil Sharma

    Gupil Sharma17 days ago

    Unlike the previous ROG RIG REBOOTs' contestants, Alberto's way smarter than them. No offense old ROG RIG REBOOT winners, but Alberto's good at this. PLZ don't take this seriously ;-;

  45. zekrom jr

    zekrom jr8 days ago

    I knew a video editing PC is way more powerful than a gaming PC. And now I can render my friends 6k blackmail raw video.Only need that 1k blackmail editing keyboard, which will take a long while XD

  46. zekrom jr

    zekrom jr8 days ago

    I did my homework way ahead of time(I think)

  47. MrKZdemos

    MrKZdemos17 days ago


  48. zeid nouri

    zeid nouri17 days ago

    why does he have a soviet union flag in the background

  49. Anshuman Sen

    Anshuman Sen17 days ago

    11:56 Its called ROG LONGBOI

  50. V.Y.B.Z

    V.Y.B.Z18 days ago

    Linus making me cringe when he started fisting the ram

  51. Dirty Bit

    Dirty Bit18 days ago

    Is this the indian guy that helped me configuring the correct commands onto the managed cisco switch?

  52. W.D. Stevens

    W.D. Stevens18 days ago

    "And then I shot it." Definitely from Texas.

  53. zekrom jr

    zekrom jr8 days ago

    It was with a 9mm

  54. Xix

    Xix18 days ago

    he does know that ryzen cpu's have pins right????

  55. Robin Karlsson

    Robin Karlsson18 days ago

    17:00 I thought Linus was canadian..

  56. jung lee

    jung lee19 days ago

    The capricious television bailly count because lathe inspiringly slip beneath a selective transmission. political, intelligent rabbi

  57. Martin Rios-Ayala

    Martin Rios-Ayala19 days ago

    Idk how I feel about this guy 😬

  58. p51mustang24

    p51mustang2419 days ago

    Is the glass on the black 011 tinted? It's really hard to tell.

  59. p51mustang24

    p51mustang2419 days ago

    Communist Mexican. I feel like this point was not properly addressed.

  60. Alex Ortiz

    Alex Ortiz19 days ago

    Dude the way Linus smash the ram...cmon if you dont want to do giveaway just dont...but i guess money make you do anything. Bet he wont take a computer that is been theat like that.

  61. Jadyn Syu

    Jadyn Syu19 days ago

    Something is telling me Linus feels like the contestants doesn't deserve the price.....


    HIHITO K. SHOHE19 days ago

    Come on man linus dont treat others pc like that dispointed:(

  63. Mythic gamer

    Mythic gamer19 days ago

    If this was a ryzen 9 5950x...welp GG's bois

  64. Kyle Sebring

    Kyle Sebring20 days ago

    Linus: *drops cpu* Him: "are the pins bent?" Me: "normally I'd call someone who says that about modern intel processors dumb, but in this case, he's the smartest person to win so far"

  65. Timo

    Timo17 days ago

    Yes, someone that isn't familiar with modern intel processors is dumb, for not knowing something they won't find out otherwise, until dealing with said tech ... Dear lord, wake up.

  66. morex

    morex20 days ago

    Disability found out they owed me money this month so I did my own ROG Reboot from a asrock fatal1ty z77 with 3770k and G.Skill Sniper Series 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3-1866Mhz RAM Memory to a ASUS ROG Strix Z490-G with 10700k and G.Skill Trident Z Neo Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin SDRAM PC4-28800 DDR4 3600MHz also from a Corsair Carbide 540 to a thermaltake V21 (should've got the Level 20 VT but I forgot about it by the time I went to buy parts lol)

  67. Miklós Belházy

    Miklós Belházy20 days ago

    Linus are wrong in the ESD protection! You should never attach yourself to the ground! It increases your chances to kill yourself in case of an electric shock! The proper solution is to put high resistance between your strap and the grounding.

  68. Patricktan

    Patricktan20 days ago

    If this pc works i am impresed

  69. jocke jocketovic

    jocke jocketovic20 days ago

    That's some nex gen computing, too bad i missed the contest itself. Should have subscribed.....

  70. Bar Geffen

    Bar Geffen20 days ago

    I love your vid and I don't really have a pc

  71. Hassaan asif khan

    Hassaan asif khan21 day ago

    How do we participate in this ROG thingy....????🤔

  72. G

    G21 day ago

    yeah texas!

  73. Cypher Official

    Cypher Official21 day ago

    how can i be the winner

  74. James Birbas

    James Birbas21 day ago

    0:33 *asks* "is the pins bent?" about an intel processor XD

  75. ArticParadox

    ArticParadox21 day ago

    please review the MSI 1660 super it says it has raytracing in gpu-z and offers it in games i know its not an rtx card but it works and i would love a review on why :/

  76. Refluent

    Refluent21 day ago

    how to i apply im from Canada, Ontario

  77. Navtaj Pelia

    Navtaj Pelia21 day ago

    It does not make sense to use an intel cpu on everything ROG cuz intel = blue and ROG = red nope N amd = red n arr ohh gee = red right

  78. Kyle Haines

    Kyle Haines22 days ago

    Linus: "You got it all right for all the wrong reasons" Windows: "Task Failed Successfully"

  79. Nick Sparrow Studios

    Nick Sparrow Studios22 days ago

    Can we just show some respect.... My man salvaged air hockey fans to cool his pc

  80. Bojan Rodic

    Bojan Rodic22 days ago

    Is someone at LTT doing the captions, or are they outsourcing? Why is Radeon captioned as radio?


    MGTOW ANONYMOUS22 days ago


  82. Sam my

    Sam my22 days ago

    How do i enter to the ROG rig reboot

  83. Phooey

    Phooey22 days ago

    Dude knows surprisingly more about computers than the other contestants

  84. Bhuvan Kumar Gunessee

    Bhuvan Kumar Gunessee22 days ago

    Is Linus jealous of Madison or just fed up of how many times people bring her up? XD

  85. blocki

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  86. ooliver

    ooliver14 days ago

    It was a great video though

  87. Cris Oswin

    Cris Oswin22 days ago

    He saw Verge's pc build didn't he

  88. Vibhav Bharti

    Vibhav Bharti23 days ago

    This guy is way too serious!

  89. Akash Verma

    Akash Verma23 days ago

    queue the linus drop tips memes


    MGTOW ANONYMOUS23 days ago


  91. Command Buster

    Command Buster23 days ago

    This is the second time he uploaded today.

  92. Arga メ

    Arga メ23 days ago

    Sorry, this is so cringe :'(

  93. mick muller

    mick muller23 days ago

    I leave this under every video I watched, it helps the algorithm .

  94. Jonathan Wright

    Jonathan Wright23 days ago

    Th0se headphones l0ok like p0000p on you heaad

  95. Mostafa TU

    Mostafa TU23 days ago


  96. Mistaken「改革された」

    Mistaken「改革された」23 days ago

    Did anyone just got notification right now?

  97. NyctoPhile

    NyctoPhile23 days ago

    so happy even from watching videos like this.there in GEORGIA it`s not easy to get good Pc and i guess i had never have brand new components for my pc :(

  98. dotsubmission

    dotsubmission23 days ago

    strangely enough, i clicked on this video because of the title. linus dropping shit will never get old. lol

  99. Stood Castle2256

    Stood Castle225623 days ago

    Hire madison

  100. Venus Dark side

    Venus Dark side24 days ago

    15:56 the guy: my goals are beyond your understanding

  101. Autodidactus

    Autodidactus24 days ago

    Come on Linus... Don't give commies free shit. That only reinforces their delusions.

  102. L X

    L X19 days ago

    Lmao wtf

  103. PraY0sAy

    PraY0sAy24 days ago

    Are you ever going to do a ROG reboot to another country like Sweden or Germany and ship it

  104. PandyDimpy

    PandyDimpy24 days ago

    linus is making him angry, btw this is the best reboot ever

  105. Jay Hardy

    Jay Hardy24 days ago

    Can't help but feel Linus has built so many PCs that he has become bored of it 😂 it was painful to watch at some points. Yes the guy is getting a free pcs so gets no say how it's built but still it was hard to watch 😂😂

  106. Taylor Kendrick

    Taylor Kendrick24 days ago

    Im crying

  107. TeslaInvestah

    TeslaInvestah24 days ago

    in this challenge, Linus won't do anything you don't tell him to do... unless it's to _punch ram._