Our Craziest PC Yet - Pyramid PC Pt. 3

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Nearly a year in the making... we finally give you the Pyramid PC. But it has a couple quirks.
Pt. 1: uslikes.info/house/hneEr9R5lKR6esw/video.html
Pt. 2: uslikes.info/house/pHqmyrybmGhpfcw/video.html
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link: uslikes.info/house/gn-d3NB-tmujh74/video.html
iTunes Download Link: itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova/id936805712
Artist Link: soundcloud.com/laszlomusic
Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High uslikes.info
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE


  1. gammaraider

    gammaraider57 minutes ago

    Only trouble is that it refuses to boot until you grow a pharaoh beard and have a scale Nile river flowing through your room

  2. David Gilbreath

    David Gilbreath2 hours ago

    So this machine is built for motor City casino hotel in detroit?

  3. Themtendo

    Themtendo3 hours ago

    Somethings really bugging me,How are they gonna keep the lights up since they "only" last for 20hrs how is the client gonna charge them and will he have to always turn them on and off with the app ? Seems pretty inconvenient

  4. Puggy

    Puggy3 hours ago

    my god i can play minecraft with high settings with that :)

  5. skt_yasen

    skt_yasen4 hours ago

    bro when i saw the rtx fall i was like 😱😱

  6. Stuart Fowler

    Stuart Fowler5 hours ago

    I love the Freemason design on the covers, but I really hope the customer is a mason like myself if not I’ll be very upset, Love Bro MMM Fowler

  7. seth lamar

    seth lamar6 hours ago

    6:48 The 96 upside down is still 96 lmao

  8. Eric

    Eric7 hours ago

    You just won the Red Dot Award for the most non space saving design.

  9. ForbiddenFateGaming

    ForbiddenFateGaming8 hours ago

    Takes like 5 minutes to move your mouse from one side of the screen array to the other

  10. SenseiGichinFunakoshi

    SenseiGichinFunakoshi10 hours ago

    But...... can it run Tetris?

  11. RabidChasebot

    RabidChasebot11 hours ago

    This looks like a battlebot

  12. David Bar

    David Bar11 hours ago

    how did alex afford this?

  13. Allen Blumhägen

    Allen Blumhägen11 hours ago

    Whispers, "By the power of greyskull" 🥺

  14. Pete Nielsen

    Pete Nielsen12 hours ago

    I knew I would develop vertigo watching this and am watching it 3 weeks later!

  15. TorQueMoD

    TorQueMoD12 hours ago

    "What a moron", oh god Linus, I hope your client doesn't watch your show :P

  16. Walnut Coffee

    Walnut Coffee13 hours ago

    Imagine if the final request was for Linus to install Mac OS on it.

  17. xRIOTx

    xRIOTx16 hours ago

    6:46 nice

  18. Tony Zhu

    Tony Zhu17 hours ago

    Overclock = Clear CMOS

  19. CrazyDave652

    CrazyDave65217 hours ago


  20. jensen

    jensen18 hours ago

    i wont that

  21. Sari Vanhanen

    Sari Vanhanen20 hours ago

    A PC like this is necessary to run Cyberpunk 2077 properly, such as prevent you from falling through the map

  22. leaders js

    leaders js21 hour ago

    Illuminiti PC which is able to monitor all of the world around the clock?

  23. Maahir Khanna

    Maahir Khanna21 hour ago

    Imagine asking 4 3090's. im here cant even find 1 in stock and also the client is an ass. like who asks for sli in 2021

  24. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne22 hours ago

    peak r/ATBE

  25. Peterson 024

    Peterson 02423 hours ago

    How much did it all cost in total

  26. Lyrixc

    Lyrixc23 hours ago

    It would be so sick if they put hinges on the panels and they could like flap open

  27. Joe Moore

    Joe MooreDay ago

    I hate you linus, my rx580 is watching and I am in pain

  28. Rihards V.

    Rihards V.Day ago

    2b2t on top

  29. 12XFactor

    12XFactorDay ago

    22:33 32:3 format and still no 4K.

  30. 12XFactor

    12XFactorDay ago

    6:30 I have 124GB RAM and it's more than I will probably need in the next 10 years (most usage so far was 50GB). But what is the client doing with 248GB? Is it going to be a render farm for 3D?

  31. AirBornFalcon

    AirBornFalconDay ago

    This is WAY to overkill just because who have money doesn't mean your computer needs to be a million bucks just because the price tag is big on the pc part doesn't mean its worth all the money

  32. FireMegaDragon

    FireMegaDragonDay ago

    Damn i was really think it was going to be twomad lmao

  33. Hridansh

    HridanshDay ago

    nice video linus!!

  34. ninja nyan

    ninja nyanDay ago

    For my fellow americans, it's just under 3 football fields.

  35. Sam

    SamDay ago

    I don't know why they acted like the gpu modification was so sketchy. All they did was cut a bit of metal off a bracket

  36. Scooter Rust

    Scooter RustDay ago

    No offense the guy who asked for 3 f**king monitors that long is just getting spoiled

  37. XSquibX

    XSquibXDay ago

    The client is dbrand..? O.o

  38. Caspar Jørgensen

    Caspar JørgensenDay ago

    man even i got motion sick by watching this video

  39. Mlgspring Trap19

    Mlgspring Trap19Day ago

    its going to get to the point where pc's like this wont even be that intresting because there will be one the size of a rocket ship powered by nuclear energy with 16 5090 navidia "Overkillers" in 2030

  40. Elliot Williams

    Elliot WilliamsDay ago

    Face diapers again jesus it's a cold

  41. Flow TFF

    Flow TFFDay ago

    How was this guy in mr.beast rewind

  42. Xavier Francis

    Xavier FrancisDay ago

    You can TOTALLY hear the snark in Alex's replies.....he clearly has spent WAY too much time on this build.....it got to him.

  43. Josh Jess

    Josh JessDay ago

    "Literally have to hike to go see the UI" hahahahahah

  44. Michael Antonio

    Michael AntonioDay ago

    15:31 Americans use The Imperial System, which has Yards. Next time you're going to berate a nation for its choice in measurement system, make sure it doesn't have a nearly identical unit. K? K.

  45. Michael Antonio

    Michael AntonioDay ago

    View Who Annoying Client Is. It's Lil Wayne (For real) I'm hoping being lower in the comment they might not click Read More. (They deleted my comment twice so far) A person who works at LMG has been talking within earshot of me in regards to the client Lil Wayne. And said, "he even sends Illuminati quotes with his emails".

  46. Nathan Rumph

    Nathan RumphDay ago

    I'm not going to lie, I was starting to get a little motion sickness just watching that.

  47. Alhossien LEEN

    Alhossien LEENDay ago

    Illuminate isn't a joke stop doing this

  48. smek 0879

    smek 08792 days ago

    pc straight outta star wars

  49. Samhith Rao

    Samhith Rao2 days ago

    holy monstor

  50. Alex M

    Alex M2 days ago

    I feel like monitors that size go above one another not across!

  51. Meatballs for life

    Meatballs for life2 days ago

    me: happy with my brand new £1500 rig i treated myself to linux: yo these lights costed more than your entire rig me: cries in mild jealousy

  52. Meatballs for life

    Meatballs for life2 days ago

    on todays episode of "just because you can definitely means you should" something that is never gonna pay itself off with use but hey it runs minecraft ray tracing so worth

  53. Inservio

    Inservio2 days ago

    Does the D stand for douche? Watch them use this monstrosity to play minesweeper.

  54. WickedGit

    WickedGit2 days ago

    Looks like something you'd find in the Tower, Destiny 2.

  55. Nobodytoyou !

    Nobodytoyou !2 days ago

    Wow someone with a Pc that can watch my 5760x1080 twitch streams :O (if i was still uploading them or near my rig....)

  56. Contempt

    Contempt2 days ago

    17:41 ha you thought you were going to see the back

  57. Shawn Daniels

    Shawn Daniels2 days ago

    SO-someone help me- was the pc just marketing? Is someone actually using it? Is it like having an aquarium-it'll just be sitting in the middle of the d-brand facility?

  58. YE Chicken

    YE Chicken2 days ago

    its sad that the motherboard costs the same as my entire pc

  59. climax

    climax2 days ago

    honestly im surprised the pc only cost that much

  60. climax

    climax2 days ago

    now I know where all the gpu's went

  61. Aatman Singh

    Aatman Singh2 days ago

    The client asks for 3 Odyssey Monitors. and now he has 4 of them Linus: Good God! TOO MUCH MONITOR, WHERE THE HELL IS THE CURSOR!

  62. enrj man

    enrj man2 days ago

    و اذا شقلح الماسونية

  63. Im2slick4u YT

    Im2slick4u YT2 days ago

    The funniest part is my granddad is a free mason

  64. Dev

    Dev2 days ago

    Cant wait till all the youtuber have their fun with the new tech so NORMAL PEOPLE CAN BUY THEM! i waited 5 years to upgrade my 1070 and now i wanted to buy a 2070 super for 500$ and now its 1.5k.......

  65. Saemi Kaynak

    Saemi Kaynak2 days ago

    I love how Linus is acting lilke the gap is necessaryin case the 'rich asshole' end up seeing this

  66. JoshyyNoor

    JoshyyNoor2 days ago

    you might say that it caught my eye.

  67. Re Shader

    Re Shader2 days ago

    Dave's Powder Coating is of course just Dave, just as Linus Tech Tips is just Linus. It's in the name!

  68. Sicks 6

    Sicks 62 days ago

    Im sitting here with my 5600 xt not even comprehending the girth of those cards.

  69. mikufan animations

    mikufan animations2 days ago

    "what can't it do?" well, it can't make you a sandwich....

  70. OneTen-99

    OneTen-992 days ago

    زين يشغل بوورجي

  71. BigFatKittyKat11

    BigFatKittyKat112 days ago


  72. abdullah bu abbas

    abdullah bu abbas3 days ago

    Go to hell

  73. nibbless spelledwrong

    nibbless spelledwrong3 days ago

    linus you are the reason i cant get any 30 series cards you already have half of the whole 30 series stock

  74. luckyclappz

    luckyclappz3 days ago

    can you review the msi gt80

  75. Jurrassic Couch

    Jurrassic Couch3 days ago

    Linus: It's only $300! Me who only gets about $20 in 4 months: Oh, good to know.

  76. BinaryKiller

    BinaryKiller3 days ago

    I would say one of those monitors while having 2 smaller variants at the same height would be perfectly fine..... that just looked too stupid..... And I guess, the reason you got dizzy was because of your brain constantly trying to watch all 3 monitors at all times :P

  77. The Royal Potato Yeeter

    The Royal Potato Yeeter3 days ago


  78. Nate Church

    Nate Church3 days ago

    "The client is... dbrand." WHY?! WHAT PURPOSE?! HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU HAVE TO JUST... THROW AWAY?! EDIT: I just remembered that I bought a Switch teardown skin. I sent money to these guys. Jesus...

  79. HowDoIPlayMC707

    HowDoIPlayMC7073 days ago

    1:06 when no one commented this:

  80. Pedro Figueiredo

    Pedro Figueiredo3 days ago

    This is were the $7k transparent TV would trully shine... you could get all that screen space and still see the machine behind :D

  81. Oblivian Saiyan

    Oblivian Saiyan3 days ago

    that client mustev been sad for all of the bad things linus said to him

  82. TheRedScourge

    TheRedScourge3 days ago

    The client? Epstein, who didn't kill himself. Goes great with his creepy island artwork.

  83. FerliteGaming Prime

    FerliteGaming Prime3 days ago


  84. Mr. Shibes

    Mr. Shibes3 days ago

    I live in USA but when you said 900ft I didn’t know how long that was, but I did understand 300m because we use meters instead of feet during track.

  85. Rory Caracciolo

    Rory Caracciolo3 days ago

    400 Canadian dollars? so like $23 USD

  86. Nick Hanson

    Nick Hanson3 days ago

    Multiple monitors, multiple apps, you can game and work at the same time. You could work extensively with that much screen real estate, multitasking at it's finest. All depends on what their setup is being used for to determine what size monitor they should want. What if they monitor a security system on one of the monitors, all day? What if they watch movies / shows while they game / work? Curious what they use the monitors for now lol

  87. Aaron Gregg

    Aaron Gregg3 days ago

    I thought that I wanted a super big monitors, but no just no

  88. Rizki Ramadhan

    Rizki Ramadhan3 days ago

    thats actually ELITE GLOBAL PC

  89. Jëf PLåÿS

    Jëf PLåÿS3 days ago

    Cheat for you masons

  90. Valorie Simpelo

    Valorie Simpelo3 days ago

    Illuminati confirmed did he watch the memes

  91. JPARP Pimenta

    JPARP Pimenta3 days ago

    alien computer

  92. JPARP Pimenta

    JPARP Pimenta3 days ago

    amazing work

  93. mian awess

    mian awess3 days ago

    hide yo cables

  94. ZemikianUchiha

    ZemikianUchiha3 days ago

    Am I the only one who gets annoyed out of my mind at Alex's arrogance and negativity?

  95. Spot Check News

    Spot Check News3 days ago

    Well damn. I can actually fit these 3 monitors on my desk. Info I should not be armed with.

  96. E

    E3 days ago

    ima buy one of those minus the monitors if i ever get ritch

  97. Lion King138

    Lion King1383 days ago

    Those monitors should be on top of their eacother, or vertically side by side

  98. Jarno Reitsma

    Jarno Reitsma4 days ago

    Them you go watch your videos in 480p lmao

  99. Demonlord Official

    Demonlord Official4 days ago


  100. Demonlord Official

    Demonlord Official4 days ago