What is 2nd Gen OLED??

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We're here at CES 2021 taking a closer look at what LG's "2nd Generation" OLED technology looks like.
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  1. shawn bouvier

    shawn bouvier7 hours ago

    linus works for LG we all know this!

  2. BEASTFRAG435 Pro

    BEASTFRAG435 Pro8 hours ago

    My god, I've visited after like 8 months and Linus finally hit puberty

  3. Jakob

    Jakob13 hours ago

    what is this dude talking about., as a danish shareholder in LG, find it ludicris that LG keeps paying this fool as a promotion shill. No Linus LG OLEDs have not become brighter year after year, actually, some indications they to some degree have been tone down a tad on some aspects.... not least on Scene Peak HDR and SDR brightness, and likely a precaution to circumvent perm retention. Take a look at rtings values over the years. example. CX SDR peak 321 nits. C7 (2017) SDR peak 383 nits. CX HDR scene peak 681 nits C7 (2017) HDR scene peak 720nits. and the B7 for 2017 even peaked at 822nits .on 2% window, so what the flying fxx do you talk about. 0:15 (brighter, last significant step were from 2016 to 2017 ) and same with the ABL dimmer, it is the same 140 to 150nits of full white.(not saying that is bad in OLED regi, most competing-models are even lower on ABL, like Sony's gorgeous A1 OLED line. let me paint it for you, since 2017 its mainly been features people have been getting on newer models, and it's been more or less the same WOLED panel as in 2017. actually, LG OLED 2017 line had a few things where it was better, - 2017 LG OLED line was that year were all models had the same SoC. Take pixel response-rates (quite important and something were OLED-tech shines) 2017 C7.. had unreal fast response rates, 80% 0.1ms and 100% 0.2ms /source rtings / and that has been tone down and is like 5 to 10x slower now and in the +1 ms, likely to prevent studder on content with slow framerate, Another thing where the 2017 LG line shined, is on UI interface (sockets).. the 2017 LG OLED were the last that had bonafide USB3 with high power delivery. Now it's all USB2 and that can be a problem' if you wanna see a high bitrate UHD Blu-ray-content from fx an SSD or perhaps wanna show from an SSD some of these gorgeous OLED promo videos, that are quite demanding but looks mind-blowingly good.. Same if you wanna use a mechanical. 2.5" hard drive with some TB-storage' to fx record on or play from.. here can USB2 often not supply enough power and you need to piggyback ride with extra power. So yep, a shame they have removed USB3 since it was the norm on 2017 models., but it is like you don't understand all these things when people have in mind' how many modern TVs you have your hand on these last years (many), and not even once' noted that they all now have USB2 only. you even were so blank to criticize the USB2 port on the Xiaomi see-thrue OLED and where Xiaomi was honest and actually write the standard on the USB port, and that was hilarious, as that clearly showed, that it went completely over your head that all these OLEDs you have checked in the last 3 years... in fact also only had USB2 even though LG is going very silent about it and are not putting a USB variant label on these sockets but even if LG told you or you did your homework and checked it, no chance in hell a backbone bending shill like you would inform it. According to display specifications.. the last OLED with fast bandwidth USB3 sockets was a 2017 line and with a USB3 socket, you could use it for a dock. as it had high power delivery. Same with the LAN port, which sadly also is 100Mb and been like that for more than a decade, and here USB3 would be a helping hand, even though I don't know if LGs OS will accept gigabit USB3 sockets.. Can ben seen under connectivity: 2017 OLED B7 (USB3) www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/846fad7 2018 Wallpaper W8 (only USB2 from this year 2018 and forward, USB2 is now standard) www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/01e011b5 2020 OLED CX (only USB2) www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/e4991de9 and here even the GX (only USB2) www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/bdaf1de6 Same with the insane ZX9 8K OLED (only USB2) www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/c8191d63 and here the coming 2021 EVO G-line (again only USB2) www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/5b302315 so yeah hilarious when this Linus, was shocked to realize that his Xiaomi see-thrue OLED to 6grand, only had USB2 when you have in mind all his other 30k LG OLEDs also only have USB2 these years, but he clearly don't make due diligence about these products when he hasn't even picked that up and USB2 been the norm since 2018 on these OLED TVs.. uslikes.info/house/oYSGzK6NrYeDZNQ/video.html (USB2 really??) but give it time and him or his crew will likely tale notice from an post like this)

  4. Iliya Dzhekov

    Iliya Dzhekov15 hours ago

    Linus needs extra driving lessons! 😂


    BONGONDOR15 hours ago

    Imagine that remote thrown at linus hit the tv

  6. Joey Ortiz

    Joey OrtizDay ago

    I still don't know what 1st gen oled is.. 😂😆😂

  7. Angel Hernandez

    Angel Hernandez2 days ago

    I have an Apple TV. I use my AirPods all the time

  8. EmergencyWinter

    EmergencyWinter2 days ago

    Am I the only one who doesn't get the whole "literal sun" brightness for displays now? I dont think any of my displays at home are set to maximum brightness. Why would anyone want to stare at a display that bright?

  9. Janer Sulce

    Janer Sulce2 days ago

    So nothing about burn in protection I still don't get why people buy oleds

  10. [NL] Loco vs World

    [NL] Loco vs World3 days ago

    Just got my LG CX 3 days ago :(

  11. Konnos Vatamidis

    Konnos Vatamidis3 days ago

    4:44 That technology is at least 6 years old!

  12. indiburger

    indiburger3 days ago

    wtf linus is hot

  13. Ax Cn

    Ax Cn4 days ago

    have a haircut and then wash your hair

  14. Popa2caps

    Popa2caps5 days ago

    With first generation LG OLED TV / Monitors only having a 1 year warranty, does the second generation come with a 2 year warranty?

  15. Vassil Vassilev

    Vassil Vassilev5 days ago

    Come on, why did you cut the video right before the car fell off the cliff.. :'(

  16. bratecyo

    bratecyo5 days ago

    G-series black mirror

  17. Dilip Das

    Dilip Das6 days ago

    Watching this video knowing I can never afford OLED

  18. Nkumbulo Sokanyile

    Nkumbulo Sokanyile6 days ago

    Linus showered :-D

  19. The Lazy Gamer

    The Lazy Gamer6 days ago

    Do you think that new remote will be backward compatible with slightly older OLEDs (software update)?

  20. Roger Voß

    Roger Voß6 days ago

    Did LG have a solution for its BURN IN problems? I've my OLED since 2017 and every 12 - 15 month it had serious hard burn ins. I got a replacement display and .... guess... same shit after 10 month! All proposals to avoid this were followed. It makes me angry to pay about $2000.- for this!

  21. Scyfox

    Scyfox7 days ago

    Not that much V2 to me...

  22. Emmanuel Kurek-Chomycz

    Emmanuel Kurek-Chomycz7 days ago

    I can’t bear watching Linus talk while his car slowly and sadly rolls off the road like it’s just been forgotten.

  23. michael olivieri

    michael olivieri7 days ago

    The car slowly rolling off the road through the fences was giving me anxiety

  24. RimuKora

    RimuKora7 days ago

    ah yes, i could see the difference in my crap lcd monitor

  25. ᅟᅟ

    ᅟᅟ8 days ago

    It’s like at this point it’s like they’re giving you back ur 100 nits of brightness that they took with the “ x “ series 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Sasquatch TheMighty

    Sasquatch TheMighty8 days ago

    Even in games Linus breaks everything.

  27. David

    David8 days ago

    "It has all kinds of cool stuff in it." Maybe so, but I'd rather just upgrade from my 720p T.V. to a television with a higher resolution. (Personally, a 4K T.V. with HDR10 would be cool.) If I want to do anything fancy, like streaming video, I'll just use an external device, such an the Xbox Series X.

  28. oogrooq

    oogrooq8 days ago

    I will dislike every video with a stupid, open-mouth thumbnail.

  29. Jose Lopez

    Jose Lopez8 days ago

    demo video men, must test with real movie.

  30. Pierre

    Pierre8 days ago

    Only promote video. Sad...

  31. Skeshyo

    Skeshyo8 days ago

    What the hell happened to your Hair?🤣🤣🤣

  32. BlueFox

    BlueFox8 days ago

    What about burn in

  33. DDHDTV

    DDHDTV8 days ago

    Can somebody tell me if OLEDs get dimmer over time? Like 5-10 years?

  34. Pauly CC

    Pauly CC8 days ago

    But will it have a Giant Green Blob after 9 months that LG will call totally normal...like they did for 2017-2019?

  35. Alex

    Alex8 days ago

    Just when I went and bought a 2020 Sony A8...

  36. Clinton Laundrie

    Clinton Laundrie8 days ago

    LG is perfecting their skill at taking all of my money

  37. Raging fire

    Raging fire9 days ago

    Remove the beard, keep the hair.

  38. Dan Gascoyne

    Dan Gascoyne9 days ago

    I wonder how much of this functionality is service-based and therefore will be partly abandoned in 2 years?

  39. MelodicTechno

    MelodicTechno9 days ago

    So it has twice as much burn in?

  40. Steve Coates

    Steve Coates9 days ago

    Nice vid. Tv looks nice but the horizon 4 game playing behind you looked a little like the brightness needed a boost though. I might go with mini led this year to ensure brightness levels are good.

  41. Peter Dawes

    Peter Dawes9 days ago

    Looks smaller than my iPad I’m watching this video on. Colour looks just as good too. Both features are very impressive.

  42. Karthig1987

    Karthig19879 days ago

    So there is a even more higher end series? Damn

  43. Guy Perfect

    Guy Perfect9 days ago

    So does it still burn in? Because that's the reason I haven't bought an OLED, and it will continue to be the reason for as long as it's a probem.

  44. SharkSheaker

    SharkSheaker9 days ago

    why everyone so enthusiastic about brightness? my AOC bla bla burns my eyes at 0% brightness

  45. David Gantenbein

    David Gantenbein7 days ago

    It’s about HDR. HDR is the new big thing that improves picture quality, BUT it needs high levels of peak brightness. So this increase in brightness is not to have a generally brighter picture, but to create higher differences between bright spots and dark spots. And here is where this 2nd generation comes into play. The LCD TVs can be way brighter than the OLED, that is why LG invests into making OLEDs brighter so that they don’t get outcompeted on HDR in the future.

  46. Weatheronthe8s

    Weatheronthe8s9 days ago

    Now I just recently got a 4K IPS TV for Christmas. I think that will do me for a long time. It’s quite a bit different than the 720p one it replaced.

  47. CommanderSanta

    CommanderSanta9 days ago

    @4:46 - it would've been funny if he missed and it hit the screen....

  48. TanguilleGrootaert

    TanguilleGrootaert9 days ago

    Did he saying nothing about the refresh rate?

  49. amirreza jamadi

    amirreza jamadi10 days ago

    5:18 Iran in LG tech demo, cool.

  50. Dennis Goedbloed

    Dennis Goedbloed10 days ago

    You playing star Citizen, Linus? Didn't know! Shall we participate in next year's Daymar Rally together?

  51. zil0gg

    zil0gg10 days ago

    Well we got rid of the burn in from CRT, now we pushing oled with the same issue. Let's just change TVs every 3 years ... I'm happy with my old LCD. (I know every tv has the same issue but not as susceptible, just check used mobile screens)

  52. Max Kochkin

    Max Kochkin10 days ago

    You said something about Green and stopped I was listening.

  53. IRMacGuyver

    IRMacGuyver10 days ago

    @1:24 looks like Apple has normalized selling the stand separate for $1000.

  54. IRMacGuyver

    IRMacGuyver10 days ago

    You can tell this is a sponsored video because Linus isn't ripping their ass for calling the "second gen" oled G1 instead of G2. Come on LG get your shit together.

  55. Wraith1283

    Wraith128310 days ago

    Have they been able to eliminate the risk of Burn in with v2? That’s my biggest concern with my LG CX. I hope they can eventually eliminate burn in completely

  56. Lofty Smalls

    Lofty Smalls10 days ago

    Neat. Kinda pointless if there isn't any measurement in the added brightness...

  57. That Person That Exists

    That Person That Exists10 days ago

    Me watching this on a 1080P monitor with the video downscaled to 480P “AHH YES AMAZING QUALITY”

  58. Savage Scientist

    Savage Scientist10 days ago

    what is the name of that driving game i want to play that

  59. Jordan Welty

    Jordan Welty10 days ago

    Did you just roll out of bed XD

  60. Shams Solo

    Shams Solo10 days ago

    sell out to LG... complete, love the channel but any future LG review is probably heavily influenced

  61. DiToro

    DiToro10 days ago

    The truth is that I already lost the trust I had with LG. I bought an Oled with 12 months warranty, after 13 months it stopped working, the TV was connected to a stabilizer and only accessed content from the internet. I went to 3 official services, the cost of repair was equal to 90% of the value of a new TV. When I contacted LG directly, they answered that it can simply happen in a low percentage of TVs and that they could not do anything.

  62. LiK

    LiK10 days ago

    Ready to buy this whenever it comes out.

  63. C SMITH

    C SMITH10 days ago

    I wonder how much less tv's would be if they didn't spend much time and resources making them so thin. Yea its cool but u know +/-3'‐5" ain't a deal breaker imo. :)

  64. Vedant

    Vedant10 days ago

    I have a question, who tf has time to sit around and watch TV?

  65. B R

    B R10 days ago

    Would anyone know if the Chinese brand TIEM 1440p monitors are good gaming monitors?

  66. shock7258

    shock725810 days ago

    fuckin sponsorship

  67. Chaz Knorr

    Chaz Knorr10 days ago

    Thanks Linus, I now know what it looks like when a lumberjack goes to a job interview.

  68. Wild Warg

    Wild Warg10 days ago

    fight me

  69. Jacob Powers

    Jacob Powers10 days ago

    linus really out here triggering all the forza players huh

  70. Jacob Powers

    Jacob Powers10 days ago

    how is it better than wallpaper? why would you embed it into the wall?

  71. slicster

    slicster10 days ago

    What about burn in?

  72. hansdietrich83

    hansdietrich8310 days ago

    Come back when I can buy a OLED monitor or tv unter 1000€

  73. Dirty Hairy

    Dirty Hairy11 days ago

    I've watched this video on my still fresh CX (not C ten 🙃), and it puts smile on my face. I don't regret buying it a tiny bit, as it's a marvelous piece of technology making gaming much more immersive and satisfying. I'm happy for the future C/G1 owners. I can hardly imagine significantly better screen without "reference" / "signature" in its name and a cost of a car. If/when my parents' TV breaks, I'll surely get them G1 or its successor.

  74. Mark Geuel

    Mark Geuel11 days ago

    Hello there!

  75. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss11 days ago

    I hope I wasn't the only one kinda panicking internally when the race was about to start and Linus was still talking.

  76. Luke Asz

    Luke Asz11 days ago

    What about burning Issue.Is that being fixed yet.Still got my oled from 2016 as much as I love the picture quality the vertical band drive me nuts.

  77. sed oni

    sed oni11 days ago

    The TV industry is full of marketing BS

  78. Marcello Amente

    Marcello Amente11 days ago

    V2... With 2 times the burn in and image retention

  79. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss11 days ago

    Just thinking about how much of a pain in the ass it is to change some cables

  80. zeroa69

    zeroa6911 days ago

    it blows my mind that nobody is making 50 inch gaming monitors with all the oled bells n whistles at an affordable price. the Philips momentum looks sweet but gawd damn is it overpriced. bare minimum there should be a 50 inch 1080p 144hz monitor for under 500 at this point!!

  81. Triston Line

    Triston Line11 days ago

    I knew that fkin mic wasn't connected to anything! lol

  82. tinman 001

    tinman 00111 days ago

    nice shirt lineo

  83. Chevlon MacGuin Studios

    Chevlon MacGuin Studios11 days ago

    Of what, oh LG bringing out affordable super cheap gen 1's nice, quick start speaking about gen 3 so the same product gen 1 can be even cheaper

  84. Sir Derty

    Sir Derty11 days ago

    Why not made in 60fps? ;/

  85. Michael

    Michael11 days ago

    No mention of reduced / no burn in occurring... Hopefully they're planning on using either a non-panasonic hdmi 2.1 chip or a fixed iteration of it.

  86. A_Random7

    A_Random711 days ago

    Duh, 2nd gen oled is 2nd gen oled

  87. Jeremy Tines

    Jeremy Tines11 days ago

    But will it burn In like every oled on the planet

  88. Pale O'Pterix

    Pale O'Pterix11 days ago

    What about LED burnout? And also... color filtering layer in an OLED?

  89. Kenny Laysh

    Kenny Laysh11 days ago

    My main concern I was hoping they would mention, is burn-in. Same ol', or new tech to prevent? I got rid of my last LG OLED because Windows burned in the icons over 4 years, oops. While using a screensaver more often should fix that, I just don't like anything that gets burn in. I moved back to LCD (the LG nanocell lcd whatever), just because it seems to work better with a PC hooked up.

  90. Baha'adeen Al-ees

    Baha'adeen Al-ees11 days ago

    I don't see that microphone joke coming

  91. Максим Колокольцев

    Максим Колокольцев11 days ago

    Can't wait to build my PC 2 for gaming on this OLED 2 TV

  92. V Niel

    V Niel11 days ago

    The amount of air quotes in the first 30 seconds really kept me going

  93. God Slayer

    God Slayer11 days ago

    fuck that honey looks so good its making me lick my lips

  94. Bruno Mello

    Bruno Mello11 days ago

    Just thinking about how much of a pain in the ass it is to change some cables

  95. Jormunguandr

    Jormunguandr11 days ago

    Uh, my 16 bit color display says no

  96. Bruce Fulton

    Bruce Fulton11 days ago

    No pricing yet, but I'm thinking I'm not going to regret picking up the GX65 for $2350 a few weeks ago.

  97. Dave McKewan

    Dave McKewan11 days ago

    2 items missing. A decent size (85 or more) and burn in issues. Oh well, maybe next year...

  98. Karn

    Karn11 days ago

    How's there a second gen already when I haven't even seen 1st gen on the market!?

  99. MDA Digital

    MDA Digital11 days ago

    Full RGB VR headsets please!

  100. Packet Loss Gamer

    Packet Loss Gamer11 days ago

    Man these awesome things are not for casual people like me. These are dreams.... We want something from earth not this alien thing. I don't live in space. Does they offer this thing for free? Cause I still dream in a proper gaming rig throughout 20 years of my life... Finally I got something that does high frame rates in 2017 but unable to get the job done as intended these days stutters like hell. I will live with my dam I3-8100 forever 💔 because it is now imposible for me to get a new rig that about 1/10 the cost of this alien thing

  101. Pavel

    Pavel11 days ago

    4:46 got me thinking... we should get someone to test the panel fragility. How much of a force, a panel worth $2K+ can withstand without damage?

  102. Gabriel Cortes

    Gabriel Cortes11 days ago

    fuck that oled, in my life I've seen no oled yet.