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And if you're wondering, the sleeper's name is Ted
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
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Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. Joshua Baker

    Joshua Baker2 hours ago

    So deeply disappointed you didn't bust out a CRT monitor and some yellowed keyboard/mouse action to complete the look.

  2. Loudvic Palamara

    Loudvic Palamara2 hours ago

    its the first time I see a brown Noctua fan look appropriate for a build

  3. biscuitninja

    biscuitninja3 hours ago

    So disappointed you didn't know anything about old computers... 🤣😅 Enjoy the archiving!

  4. Mayank Jariya

    Mayank Jariya10 hours ago

    a difference between enjoyable content and just sponsor licking is just not there. the sleeper build series just got washed,wasted here.

  5. philip maroun

    philip maroun15 hours ago

    The aggressive ornament intermittently land because congo socioeconomically relax about a shrill tulip. satisfying, brawny yam

  6. みおずMisael

    みおずMisael16 hours ago

    i actually want this pc just for the secret souvenier case in the cd-rom

  7. US Gaming

    US Gaming17 hours ago

    It's the pc that a quiet kid would have

  8. Akhil Shankar

    Akhil Shankar17 hours ago

    linus, could you please repair my c2d pc like this?😬😬😬😎

  9. Velvet Thunder

    Velvet ThunderDay ago

    I just built my first pc, and i decided to pull it all out the fancy new case and put it all in a case my dad had from a custom pc he built in 99. Looks way more subtle and understated. I love it. Plus everyone who see's it is shocked when I boot up run games at 140 fps at 1440. Not the best i know but better than the case lets on.

  10. DalekSupreme

    DalekSupremeDay ago

    I... Use almost that exact keyboard, mines a Vaio, but...

  11. Exo Velocity

    Exo VelocityDay ago

    i love how linus gets in trouble in his own channel lmao

  12. bigPeenCarl

    bigPeenCarlDay ago


  13. Shaco le fou, L'incurvé

    Shaco le fou, L'incurvéDay ago

    i fkin love it ! so sexy !! this is actually so cool !! now i must buy an old case, half destroy to give it a ww2 survivor look and put a damn gaming config in !

  14. Quadraptor 94

    Quadraptor 94Day ago

    This is what Australian pc’s are like, or that’s what Americans think, LMAO

  15. CD V

    CD VDay ago

    but can it run crysis?

  16. SONO

    SONODay ago

    anyone got this wallpaper? thanksss

  17. Ark Venom

    Ark Venom2 days ago

    yo how everyone liking the new gtx 6090ti

  18. Ark Venom

    Ark Venom2 days ago

    oh shit wrong year need to get to 2028 by

  19. I am Cringe

    I am Cringe2 days ago

    I swear whenever I watch Linus to get bored I never do (being bored helps me with sleep)

  20. AleOnline

    AleOnline2 days ago

    Computer is Awesome im a Huge fan of sleepers and the old-school Exterior look. I Also Love how these 3080`s keep poppin up in Videos for Builds and Advertisements But cant produce enough for the public to actually get some lol...

  21. 정영준

    정영준2 days ago

    Literally ran down to my basement because I thought Linus stole my tower! Pentium MMX ftw!

  22. DeclanGamesOrbit

    DeclanGamesOrbit2 days ago

    "They've already PEAKED... in the mid nineties..." Bet you've heard that before Linus xd

  23. Corben Matevousian

    Corben Matevousian2 days ago

    It’s called a sleeper not undercover get it right.

  24. Simeon Cole Jackson

    Simeon Cole Jackson2 days ago

    give me it now.

  25. A Turtle

    A Turtle2 days ago

    Turtle Approved.

  26. Kyler Clarke

    Kyler Clarke2 days ago

    Man, this is awesome. Linus feeling out over old hardware warms my heart

  27. Mark Madi

    Mark Madi2 days ago

    0:34 Linus Drop Tips 😞

  28. Brim Fyshin

    Brim Fyshin3 days ago

    In the beforefor time? In the longlong ago?

  29. BandoBaby24s

    BandoBaby24s3 days ago

    6:34 LOOL

  30. Langsames W-lan

    Langsames W-lan3 days ago

    Can you try to cool a i9 10900k with the Original cooler? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  31. All about technology 24x7

    All about technology 24x73 days ago

    @ 1:26 just one fan for entire cooling ... Me who don't evn have got one on my pc 🙄

  32. Jay

    Jay3 days ago

    AGP? nonono that's ISA, haven't seen an ISA card since the 90s, ah memories...

  33. astos1244

    astos12443 days ago

    Damn, that case looks like my first PC back in 1999.

  34. astos1244

    astos12443 days ago

    ... holy shit, that modernize insides

  35. Daniel Edwards

    Daniel Edwards3 days ago

    LGR would cry watching you drop that old tech 😅

  36. Joseph D'Souza

    Joseph D'Souza3 days ago

    I really don't know y people dislike this video's

  37. Jackson Auclair

    Jackson Auclair3 days ago

    When Linus stabbed himself on the board, his voice got deeper.

  38. n0obhAcker00

    n0obhAcker003 days ago

    Incognito? More like incocktitto

  39. chevytrucker88

    chevytrucker883 days ago

    I think this is what Dell used in that era. I have an XPS T450 that looks like the same case with a different front faceplate.

  40. ItzYow

    ItzYow4 days ago

    I love how the colors of the noctua fans blend in with the case

  41. Jeffrey Walters

    Jeffrey Walters4 days ago

    I think I’m staring to prefer him saying every minute than having a half the video a sponsor and having to watch 4 ads

  42. Cory Thomas

    Cory Thomas4 days ago

    Where can I get one of the where useing it looks amazing

  43. Cory Thomas

    Cory Thomas4 days ago

    Ngl I love this concept of an old as dirt case with modern interior

  44. Vladimir Fajardo

    Vladimir Fajardo4 days ago

    Linus: 😬😬😬10mb🤮 Me with only 5mb internet 😪

  45. Luis Serrano

    Luis Serrano4 days ago

    The ABCs of gaming. LOL

  46. Daniel Cruells

    Daniel Cruells4 days ago

    Best part was the hidden candy tray.

  47. James Kaufman

    James Kaufman4 days ago

    Linus is just phoning it in at the expense of his team lol

  48. Sasageyo Mc Bricc

    Sasageyo Mc Bricc5 days ago

    bUt CaN It RuN DoOm

  49. Melvin Künzle

    Melvin Künzle5 days ago

    Did they mount the AIO radiator lower than the pump? The Verge would be proud xp

  50. B

    B5 days ago

    3:49 Imagine telling your boss to stand in the corner. I'd definetly be fired xD

  51. Syp

    Syp4 days ago

    copied comment

  52. Blindshootist

    Blindshootist5 days ago

    Steve @GamersNexus is going to roast your radiator mounting skills...LOL Air to the PUMP!!!!

  53. jedrula77

    jedrula775 days ago

    Why U Linus so bad treat this sweet S7 Motherboard...

  54. Derek Souter

    Derek Souter5 days ago

    wow, I remember those cases - they were actually pretty good for the time.

  55. Pufferfish

    Pufferfish5 days ago

    Me watching this vid: "Why don't they use a founders edition, to dump more hot air out the back?" Linus: Installs 3090 FE. Me: There we go!

  56. Daniel Kerber

    Daniel Kerber5 days ago

    Was going to say Micron was an excellent pc manufacturer way back in the day. Also that card on the computer might be for cache depending what kind of processor it had.

  57. SomeonExisting

    SomeonExisting5 days ago

    Yes I use incognito for games

  58. XDarqness

    XDarqness6 days ago

    Wallet go like brrrr

  59. luke oneill

    luke oneill6 days ago

    over here the ps4 is still $630 and the ps5 is $650

  60. John Wayne

    John Wayne6 days ago

    Smh...Linus I can't believe you thought that was an AGP card

  61. kirito _4kirigaya

    kirito _4kirigaya6 days ago

    Pulled a sneaky on ya

  62. Gabe R.

    Gabe R.6 days ago

    why does Linus remind me of Adam savage?

  63. Clark Harris

    Clark Harris6 days ago

    new title: WTF am i doing with my videos now

  64. Nick Collinge-Cubberley

    Nick Collinge-Cubberley6 days ago

    Does the zip drive still work?

  65. --

    --6 days ago

    I'm mad why'd you tear down beautiful vintage systems like this

  66. SMG345 FNAF

    SMG345 FNAF6 days ago

    Imagine my dad have this PC. Imagine this PC is from the office.

  67. Margaret Elkins

    Margaret Elkins6 days ago

    Shoutout to the werther's drawer, didn't realize that was a feature I needed in my next build until now.

  68. David Portnoy

    David Portnoy6 days ago

    Dood this was my idea. Always wanted to do dis

  69. Buddy Boy

    Buddy Boy6 days ago


  70. Baggy Trousers

    Baggy Trousers7 days ago

    You can usually tell an AGP card by the contacts looking like cartoon teeth and being divided into three.

  71. matthew skullblood

    matthew skullblood7 days ago

    I wonder why some company hasn't made a case in an old style like this with atleast a proper modern layout

  72. LordOfTheAbyss

    LordOfTheAbyss7 days ago

    Make a sleeper using a RTX 3090 and a ryzen 5950X

  73. aistancill gregoria

    aistancill gregoria7 days ago

    Ah yes, the perfect PC for my nightly “activities”.

  74. Sidhireddy Aneesh

    Sidhireddy Aneesh7 days ago

    Linus please do a video with a budget of 1000-1200 USD gaming PC with desktop CPU and all and no streaming

  75. F. Chris

    F. Chris8 days ago

    Another road side case find ! ! !

  76. Matt White

    Matt White8 days ago

    I recognize that side panel design. Dell used to use that case for their desktops in the late 90's. Rebranded of course.

  77. 陈北宗

    陈北宗8 days ago

    You guys could have got one of those PCIe add-in cards to restore the functionality of the CD-ROM and the floppy drive. This way you can even show off that A drive to "prove" its "originalness".

  78. Mr. Been there

    Mr. Been there8 days ago

    every time i play linus tech tips videos on speaker, there is always a GRAPHIC PARTTT!!!!!

  79. Trip Dapperson Jr.

    Trip Dapperson Jr.8 days ago

    I have a windows 2000 micron pc. Still works. Actually just re-installed windows 2000 on it.

  80. Tom Baglee

    Tom Baglee9 days ago

    Everyone: God I wish I had an RTX 3000 series. Me: I need a snack tray, I need one now.

  81. carwashgaming

    carwashgaming9 days ago

    Do an all blowie matron fan gaming pc if possible

  82. Eric S

    Eric S9 days ago

    I feel like my dad's got the incognito gaming PC here. I give him my stuff when I upgrade. He still has his old beige case from like 2002, and it's gone from a P4 chip to a dual core AMD, to a quad core AMD, to an eight core AMD 8320, and the GPU has gone from something without a heatsink (lol), to an 8800GT, to a 250GTS, to a 560GT, to a 960GT. All the man does is play Bejeweled and Sins of a Solar Empire, and C&C Generals. He's pretty happy. Every time I retire a component from my nonsense, it goes into his case to enjoy its old age. When it dies, I have a replacement by that time. It's a good system.

  83. jonki leshi

    jonki leshi9 days ago

    God bless this man, in 2020 having minimal amount of ads, and dont spend a full minute talking about the sponsor. Thank you linus.

  84. jnrG

    jnrG9 days ago

    please if you've got spare pc parts and want to give them to me, i'll be happy to take them off your hands

  85. Nethiuz

    Nethiuz9 days ago

    DUDE S3 Virge? it was like the first ever 3D card, worth a mint now! Also that isn't AGP dude, its ISA. Fuck do you even PC? Also just throwing those cards and mobo on the floor is poor form, you might be rich but people try hard to source those as they are rare and expensive. First ever dislike to a Linus video!

  86. Arnav Panigrahi

    Arnav Panigrahi9 days ago

    now this is a no RGB bullshit case I'm interested in

  87. Quikplay FN

    Quikplay FN9 days ago

    Can we have another sleeper build

  88. aistancill gregoria

    aistancill gregoria10 days ago

    Some grandpa out there drooling over those old pc parts for their xp pcs lmao

  89. Listening noob

    Listening noob10 days ago

    They put a fan at the bottom when heat rises 0-0...

  90. Codeman_87

    Codeman_8710 days ago

    If I knew this was a sleeper PC build I would have watched it a long time ago

  91. William Jones

    William Jones10 days ago

    bro id buy that off you tho XD

  92. Adam Sadowski

    Adam Sadowski10 days ago

    Why not a R9-5900X?

  93. devoker666

    devoker66610 days ago

    That's an ISA modem. It might be 33.6Kbp/s or 56K Kbp/s.

  94. Emleimar

    Emleimar10 days ago

    2:30 Anthony!! In the reflection on the door!

  95. Gamen4Bros

    Gamen4Bros11 days ago

    The candy drawer😂😂

  96. Gamen4Bros

    Gamen4Bros11 days ago

    Linus stop breaking their hard work💀

  97. Gamen4Bros

    Gamen4Bros11 days ago

    Me when I get a budget for a work PC:

  98. Gideon Opsahl

    Gideon Opsahl11 days ago

    he did not plug the merch whhhhhaaaattt

  99. BuLLeTShoWeR 369

    BuLLeTShoWeR 36911 days ago

    8:26 what is the music?

  100. Noxy_Ryze

    Noxy_Ryze11 days ago

    The thumbnail 👌

  101. Bruh L

    Bruh L11 days ago

    That grin at 0:39 is like that smile you give your mom when you just shat on the carpet right in front of her

  102. Chetan Sah

    Chetan Sah11 days ago

    That pc is lot lot and lot faster than my pc

  103. Jacaré de Lacoste

    Jacaré de Lacoste11 days ago

    I'm gonna ask my mother a PC like this for school work, you know... Just the basic stuff