Why I Bought a Tesla - Tesla Model Y Review

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When my in-laws needed a car, they chose the Tesla Model Y, but Y? (I'm sorry).
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  1. simon w

    simon w56 minutes ago

    well i dont argue most of the things u said but never did i hear someone say the audio system isnt good on a tesla. always heard its very good

  2. lopwidth

    lopwidth2 hours ago

    Conparing Tesla to Apple is really enough needed

  3. Alex Russett

    Alex Russett2 hours ago

    Maybe this is a boomer trait in me, but I would willingly choke to death on hot sand before *paying a subscription* for a feature in a car I *own*.

  4. NovaRanger

    NovaRanger2 hours ago

    16:33 Starts cheeky captions 😂🤣 (Turn it on at this timestamp to see)

  5. NovaRanger

    NovaRanger2 hours ago

    15:13 That's interesting, it's as if the wheels are rotating backwards while the car is moving forward..

  6. Damn Gamers

    Damn Gamers3 hours ago

    "Did you know i'm riding this horse backwards?"

  7. R4M_Bockwurst_ GT

    R4M_Bockwurst_ GT3 hours ago

    I walked around about 20 teslas this far and I the quality is so frikkin bad. I work at Mercedes Germany and I'm propably used to higher standards but the paintjobs are sloppy, the panel gaps are inconsistent and as you mentioned they are not the best at costomer services. So I don't think tesla is there yet. I'd rather buy a Hyundai

  8. brackpersian

    brackpersian3 hours ago

    this dude is literally making half a year of your salary in 1 day. Fuck linus.

  9. NovaRanger

    NovaRanger2 hours ago

    You might want to get permission from his wife before you do that.. 🤣

  10. Geekimus Prime

    Geekimus Prime4 hours ago

    I bought a Tesla model 3 a few months ago and I have never Loved a car so much in my life, and I have owned a lot of incredible cars.

  11. Mack Finch

    Mack Finch4 hours ago

    nice intro

  12. Nick van Zanten

    Nick van Zanten5 hours ago

    The Audi part is just flat out wrong, you can just type on the screen. The rest is a nice balance of strict but fair.

  13. Siddharth K.Sekher

    Siddharth K.Sekher5 hours ago

    Very nice review !! It put Tesla in a whole new light for me.

  14. Nino Arakawa

    Nino Arakawa5 hours ago

    That reminds me. Tyler said that he wanted to see linus riding a horse on that one honest answers episode. I'd like to ask if tyler was able to see linus riding the horse. I know it isn't much to ask but it would make me feel a bit better.

  15. Rick Sanchez C137

    Rick Sanchez C1376 hours ago

    Congrats on the tesla.

  16. muhmonsta

    muhmonsta11 hours ago

    Suddenly i dont want a tesla anymore. U smashed my illusions. The one principal stays true "made in america = trash!" But americans can do driving seats which are comfy as hell.

  17. Drew Tignor

    Drew Tignor13 hours ago

    *Insert comment about how fucking amazing the video was* ...seriously though, holy fuck guys. Excellent work here.

  18. Dmitriy Chaikovskiy

    Dmitriy Chaikovskiy13 hours ago

    Tesla is like Apple sucks

  19. Kornel Kornecki

    Kornel Kornecki13 hours ago

    It's better to take few horseriding lessons before shooting the horse videos...

  20. Rich Pryor

    Rich Pryor13 hours ago

    This is the part where Elon throws a tantrum on Twitter and calls Linus a pedo funded by oil barons and UAW

  21. tchang81

    tchang8115 hours ago

    Socks and sandals....LOL

  22. the ping

    the ping16 hours ago

    after 3:44 i stopped believing him whatever he said in this video. i mean comeon u call that responsiv.

  23. Nicholas Cisneros

    Nicholas Cisneros18 hours ago

    The husky spleen cellularly suggest because equinox chronically back off a cute ambulance. short, acid steam

  24. Nicholas Cisneros

    Nicholas Cisneros18 hours ago

    The vulgar ostrich noteworthily bore because airmail cellularly provide times a thirsty footnote. ablaze, hoc request

  25. caoYB

    caoYB22 hours ago

    Android auto sucks so bad, the Polestar 2 comes with android screen, and android auto, check carwow's video about how he get paid to say android is good, but it keeps failing during his speech

  26. Anthony Barker

    Anthony Barker22 hours ago

    I agree with everything except once you got on about Autopilot. Anyone who thinks autopilot means "set my ass in the seat and proceed to not pay any attention"... Doesn't have the slightest clue how autopilot works in all but the most advanced aircraft control systems. Now once they started calling it "Full self-drive" that becomes a whole different conversation.

  27. E M

    E M22 hours ago

    very good points around 13:15 ; Elon's gotta realize other car manufacturers are catching up quick, and if he doesn't solve those issues he's gonna lose big

  28. BtotheDtotheF

    BtotheDtotheFDay ago

    Dude.. with sandals!!? REALLY??!!!!

  29. Rade Ilioski

    Rade IlioskiDay ago

    THE BEST CAR FOR MONEY IS L A D A or other Russian cars.

  30. Ericson Bernabe

    Ericson BernabeDay ago

    was stoked about the intro!! good job linus team hahaha

  31. Lucas Mills

    Lucas MillsDay ago

    Nice job you bought Elon's garbage. I'd rather keep waitin' for Toyota to shit on them next year, you know, since they make actual cars that last.

  32. Blank Name

    Blank NameDay ago

    Someday, watch dogs car hacking is going to become real

  33. Baqoyev Og'abek

    Baqoyev Og'abekDay ago

    he makes video why I don't buy Tesla weeks later why bought one. lol

  34. Nick Loss

    Nick LossDay ago

    Tesla is the Apple of car manufacturers

  35. Com4nd3r666

    Com4nd3r666Day ago

    Mainstream brainwashed you!?

  36. IcarusTech

    IcarusTechDay ago

    Tesla is 5yrs+ behind any other tech around. Quality is on par of a Kia at best, lol... Why do people think they are the best?!

  37. Randy Peterson

    Randy PetersonDay ago

    I thought some companies low key are using the patents: insideevs.com/news/336234/chinese-startup-goes-all-out-cloning-tesla-via-open-source-patents/ And :www.teslarati.com/tesla-supercharger-support-other-evs-elon-musk/#:~:text=According%20to%20Musk%2C%20other%20carmakers,vehicles'%20usage%20of%20the%20system. And it seems they are going towards right to repair: www.teslarati.com/tesla-releases-toolbox-access-diagnostics-right-to-repair/

  38. Xavier Maximus

    Xavier MaximusDay ago

    My problem is you’re comparing apples to oranges here. Tesla is a fairly new company and having complaints and concerns is good. They do what they do to not get snuffed out by larger more established companies. Where your car is only the way it is because Tesla is so popular and needed to compete.

  39. barryschwarz

    barryschwarzDay ago

    Tyler from the LTT team passed away before this video was uploaded. In a video from 3 years ago about what it is like to work for Linus he jokingly said Linus as a leader should ride a horse.

  40. Randy Peterson

    Randy PetersonDay ago

    that horse got more horses than his volt

  41. Vision33r

    Vision33rDay ago

    The Tesla community is like a cult. If you bad mouth Tesla about something, you get cold shoulders and owners blaming you for not knowing anything about the car when in fact I do know a lot more about cars than they do. Majority of Tesla owners are non-car people.

  42. Darth Fader Productions

    Darth Fader ProductionsDay ago

    4.4k Tesla owners are pissed off at Linus lol

  43. Herman Sarkman

    Herman SarkmanDay ago

    Linus lives so close to me it’s crazy really. I know exactly where that is

  44. Marco Di Ruggiero

    Marco Di RuggieroDay ago

    Let's be honest, if It was a smartphone it would have been perfect but it's not, It just follows the poor american tradition in building cars, wolkswagen Is already pushing hard with it's ID3 and they know how to build a proper car

  45. cerhat

    cerhatDay ago

    LMAO that you think Tesla is worse than GM

  46. Jerry Berglund

    Jerry BerglundDay ago

    hmm.... seems like he never used a polestar 2 and its control screen... Most reviewers seems to higly praise that screen... :-) better than teslas they say :-)

  47. Blanco

    BlancoDay ago

    model 3 hatchback, congrats

  48. Devon LeBlanc

    Devon LeBlancDay ago

    Late to the party but ill respect it.

  49. Red Leader

    Red LeaderDay ago

    The rain's out better turn on my wipers. Tesla: FuuTTUUURrEEEE

  50. Terry Bishop

    Terry BishopDay ago

    how much money did tesla pay this guy.

  51. Alex B.

    Alex B.Day ago

    Next video: Watercooling Tesla Model Y

  52. calaphos

    calaphosDay ago

    The product is good but the company policy is openly hostile and anti consumer? Its really the apple of cars huh

  53. Daniel Chan

    Daniel ChanDay ago

    I think the more accurate title should have been “my in-laws bought a Tesla, here is the review”

  54. animandrews

    animandrewsDay ago

    Has anyone else noted that at the end, when Linus is "thanking us for watching" right after the voice reflection comment, the closed caption shows another extra content about "thanking" the staff at Tesla for not telling him about a benefit that could save him some money?. I casually had the CC on and found it as a "bonus"... hehe

  55. alireza hashemi

    alireza hashemiDay ago

    When tesla customer-services is sucks and you are a USlikes guy :)

  56. Clayton Budz

    Clayton BudzDay ago

    So you bought a car had a problem fixed it had another problem then fixed it again and then had ANOTHER problem?? 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

  57. Luis Ochoa

    Luis Ochoa2 days ago

    Biased review

  58. b3n

    b3n2 days ago


  59. Madrid Itunes

    Madrid Itunes2 days ago

    Next video I upgrade my Tesla for Mercedes... Lexus... Audi 😂😂😂

  60. wappe

    wappe2 days ago

    Anyone know what he was referencing when saying EV is without a doubt better for the future? Been trying to find a good video that showcase it

  61. Joel 223

    Joel 2232 days ago

    Oh my he rode a horse because Tyler wanted to see him on a horse, such a nice gesture. R.I.P

  62. Ortega Official

    Ortega Official2 days ago

    Everyone is just looking at the negative side. autopilot saves someone too. and its on the terms and policy to not take your hand out of the steering wheel. elon musk himself said that autopilot will never be perfect

  63. benjamin peterson

    benjamin peterson2 days ago

    I will wait for something from jlr or mercedes in future

  64. SlickStretch

    SlickStretch2 days ago

    You should have had Linus ride facing backwards and film him from behind with the horse's ass always in frame.

  65. n6B

    n6B2 days ago

    but Y

  66. Kick Starter

    Kick Starter2 days ago

    not bad

  67. Tomas Williams

    Tomas Williams2 days ago

    Really appreciated this video. You've perfectly articulated the issued I have with Tesla. Format and pace were nice. Moved along well. Appreciated a different opinion/perspective from a second driver. Loved the well researched topics about QC, business activities ect. That was awesome.

  68. THE B15

    THE B152 days ago

    Finally, someone who gets it, ugh tesla is worse than apple in this regard

  69. RadioCappy

    RadioCappy2 days ago

    When owning a Tesla was a status symbol in Norway, it probably was kinda cool to use one as a daily driver. Nowadays there's so many of them on the road that it's really not that cool anymore!

  70. SpyrosRai

    SpyrosRai2 days ago

    why im i watching this? I don't even know how to drive

  71. Michael K Williams

    Michael K Williams2 days ago

    so its not safe but you let your in laws get one lol

  72. Tonto Buzz

    Tonto Buzz2 days ago

    Yes, Tesla is a success story and a disruptor of an entire industry. But that's exactly why it's important not to fall into adulation and jump on the hypetrain. That's why I find your video all the better, because you don't chum up (but also don't hate), but simply give a critical, well-founded opinion. Thank you!

  73. kylegeldmaker

    kylegeldmaker2 days ago

    TL;DW - Because you're a millionaire and value and practicality don't mean anything!

  74. Elisha Robin

    Elisha Robin2 days ago

    I think linus did a fair review highlighting the + points of tesla . But i think he went a little hard on the criticism just not to sound like a fanboy , i dont own a tesla - i want to when i can afford it ........ having said that lets just say linus messed up big time for not doing a detailed review of the Auto pilot system , He was able to get a loaner for doing a segway for alex i imagine he could have got a loaner with FSD enabled ........ and about the forbes article i did read through the article and only thing which was mentioned very clearly was that they did not have the data , which Tesla has ...... It would also be of interest that the author of the article has a history of hating on tesla autopilot ........ my point being this was not an objective and sincere review of the autopilot system .... would have preferred some emphasis on the fact that the software is under active development and that more updates are expected to improve the system over time .

  75. AppleProGamer74

    AppleProGamer742 days ago

    Wow. I’m not much of a fan of Tesla as a Company after hearing all the info in this video

  76. Lennert Laevaert

    Lennert Laevaert2 days ago

    I fell asleep... I woke up to Linus riding a horse... Thanks USlikes autoplay

  77. MrBej

    MrBej2 days ago

    Linus Horse Tips

  78. sumukh

    sumukh2 days ago

    the cinematography is op

  79. Marty McFly

    Marty McFly2 days ago

    You can make the same argument about Tesla.

  80. Dec Fairlight

    Dec Fairlight2 days ago

    Tesla acting like Apple about right to repair *for a 40,000+ car* is a big thing that turns me off. They're the best electric car maker in the game right now but I'm not taking out a 5 year loan to buy a car that will throw a tempur tantrum and lock itself in it's room if somebody other than a tesla certified mechanic tries to fix it from a company that won't let me buy parts or trim pieces from them. I work in IT cause I like the admin experience, I'm not gonna be a user in my own damn car. If I stomp around on the gas my 90s Lexus will salute and get to work wasting fuel cause it has a manual throttle body. If I open it up and slap a new starter motor in there it'll dutifully send it power when I turn the key whether it's a genuine Lexus part, a rebuilt Camry part, or a literal pumpkin and at no point will it ask any of the parts to verify that they're genuine Lexus parts. I could replace the wheels with concrete blocks and the worst thing it'll do is turn off the traction control and light up the tire pressure light. For the amount of money a Tesla costs I want a car not an ink jet printer.

  81. Ro Fulton

    Ro Fulton2 days ago

    I know this is a tech channel but linking your phone isn't a selling point for a car really. you can get a Bluetooth headunit off amazon and stick it in a 25 year old car and you have GPS etc. I will try and probably buy a Tesla in the future but so many inexperienced mom and pop's with a car that can do 0-60 in 4.6 is dangerous.

  82. Scott Geleas

    Scott Geleas2 days ago

    short answer because you have enough money for one.

  83. TangledThorns

    TangledThorns2 days ago

    This is why the Ford Mustang Mach-e appeals to me!

  84. RecoilzRiot

    RecoilzRiot3 days ago

    I was expecting graphs , like cinebench, etc

  85. Vulvotron 009

    Vulvotron 0093 days ago

    Wait what ? they never shared anything? no patents nothing ? i literally told some friends years ago "Elon's not that bad guys, he's actually putting it all out in the open to help the industry bla bla bla" That's very unfortunate... you made a liar out of me, shame on you Musk.

  86. Patrick Sky

    Patrick Sky3 days ago

    Me on the intro: Am I really watching Linus Tech Tips? after the intro: yeah! it's Linus!

  87. T R

    T R3 days ago

    are you also paid by a German car company? I think so

  88. T R

    T R3 days ago

    Tesla is the best carmaker in the World! Ther German Tests you are referring to are crap. This tests are sponsored by German car manufacurer!!! So you are telling lies and crap!!!

  89. Lumed7

    Lumed73 days ago

    teslas are overpriced pieces of crap. Enjoy paying tesla to unlock your heated seats and don't do anything to piss them off otherwise you'll get kicked out of most features and chargers. What a great car

  90. Patrick O

    Patrick O3 days ago

    Tesla does everything with the touchscreen, because its cheaper. Adding a menu for the wipers is a lot cheaper than adding a psysical button. Thats also the reason why premium cars dont go for touchscreen only, but have often a lot more buttons. They are better than touchscreen, but also more expensive.

  91. madhan rj

    madhan rj3 days ago

    it feel weird to see linus out of his workspace and on the road driving tesla

  92. Luka Garvanović

    Luka Garvanović3 days ago

    No car person will ever go for an electric car

  93. Bregylais

    Bregylais3 days ago

    Its a wonder the horse didn't bite Linus when it saw him come along wearing these sandals & socks.

  94. Blooded Taurean

    Blooded Taurean3 days ago

    And I will also never buy a car that somehow has apples level of stupidity embedded inside of it

  95. Lee Wallace

    Lee Wallace3 days ago

    The car would be hacked and stolen with android auto

  96. Blooded Taurean

    Blooded Taurean3 days ago

    I'm not going to buy an electric car until it can get more miles than my 2010 Altima. Electric cars are gimmicks in 2021.

  97. Jerome Del Rosario

    Jerome Del Rosario3 days ago

    Nicky V Customs of that car when?

  98. Rudraksh Chatterjee

    Rudraksh Chatterjee3 days ago

    Linus: why I brought a Tesla? Me: because you have money. It's simple.

  99. badar munir

    badar munir3 days ago

    why I borrowed a tesla and made a shitty review

  100. Skillfully Executed

    Skillfully Executed3 days ago

    Not really a big fan of the unibody style its rocking. I personally think the Model X is the most attractive of the bunch.

  101. Harshit Agrawal

    Harshit Agrawal3 days ago

    Details man, DETAILS. 🔥🖤